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Me and my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis Gifted FaZe H1ghSky1 The Ghoul Trooper in Fortnite then Kicked Him From FaZe as a Prank! He is going to Prank me Back for Revenge I can Feel It!
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Comments 80
Adam McGuinness
Adam McGuinness 5 hours ago
His T-shirt is back to front🤨
Supreme GAming
Supreme GAming 8 hours ago
I almost cried
JN & AN 10 hours ago
he knows that it was a prank you saw the smile on his face at 11:44
Ignite YT
Ignite YT 12 hours ago
This wasent even funny
Highskys face when he saw yousef went from 😆 to 😑
Highskys face when he saw yousef went from 😆 to 😑
Sun Kid 1
Sun Kid 1 13 hours ago
But the second I join faze I got a kicks I met Fais on Mario kart 9 and he kicked me and he said no you shut up you trash right
Adianne Singh
Adianne Singh 13 hours ago
its_ JoelyBoi
its_ JoelyBoi 13 hours ago
They're giving him "the talk"
Mineblox Cortes
Mineblox Cortes 14 hours ago
12:31 is that a stripping pole?
#Loewen7 Seven
#Loewen7 Seven 15 hours ago
if you are on pc go on your keybord and press 0 well the vid is playing and just press it a bunch of times and you will lol
Gavin Breneman
Gavin Breneman 16 hours ago
Your mean
Shane Boyer
Shane Boyer 16 hours ago
Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited and so did you.
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer 18 hours ago
hello kay
naruto sauska
naruto sauska 23 hours ago
In the house
naruto sauska
naruto sauska 23 hours ago
Anyone know there's a pole
MYNBA NEWS 23 hours ago
9:57 highsky laugh
KlPLSO bli
KlPLSO bli Day ago
Bro Highsky y u wearing yo shirt backeards man.
GG Clan
GG Clan Day ago
7:56 dog in the camera
Fade shade playz
my epic is: irsoo12
Hugo Villalobos
Honestly these “skits” are getting tiring
Yazidi 123
Yazidi 123 Day ago
He always smiling
Erich Rivera
Erich Rivera Day ago
Ghoul trooper came back out bro im mad
Jett Palmer
Jett Palmer Day ago
Smile is great
Brayden Bent
Brayden Bent Day ago
Yo let me join FaZe clan I’m beter than Jarvis and sway
Fishy Boy
Fishy Boy Day ago
When he calls jarvis a bot lol
true Day ago
That's just mean it's a kid I could see tears in his eyes forming
rayyan Patel
rayyan Patel Day ago
i thought Tfue was the leader of FaZe
Ahyan Motin
Ahyan Motin Day ago
What did highsky do
Gaming With lewis
Urmm whats that pole fore lol
rahim_x .gaming
rahim_x .gaming 2 days ago
Can I join faze I’m insane
is highsky wearing his shirt backwards
TY_TOXIC_BOT34 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice that highsky’s shirt is on backwards
Shadi Gang1
Shadi Gang1 2 days ago
Jarvis mashrom head
Mrs A Hartley
Mrs A Hartley 2 days ago
This is a prank for high sky go onto each everyone laptop and every day take off one of the keys and hide them till they have none
Sonny Herkt-Slater
uh stp saying bro like no one says it enymore.
TBK-SCOPE X 2 days ago
Can i try out for faze
Macy Tilley
Macy Tilley 2 days ago
he is smiling
The SWTZ clan
The SWTZ clan 2 days ago
Highsky shirt is backwards I think
Innerwest Rap Soldier34
12:04 is that a strippers pole in the theatre
Brand0n B100
Brand0n B100 2 days ago
Who else realizes highsky shirt is backwards
Darren Conlon
Darren Conlon 2 days ago
Faze Kay is not a bot he’s a good person not gonna lie tho
Anthony Goodman
Anthony Goodman 2 days ago
Amulya Miry
Amulya Miry 2 days ago
In 4:02 Jarvis face be like
Amulya Miry
Amulya Miry 2 days ago
In- 8:49 Jarvis face bro
Kevin Landaverde
Kevin Landaverde 2 days ago
yo u r amazing
Jay Greenhough
Jay Greenhough 2 days ago
What did he do
Septic_eon 2 days ago
MrFlopperGaming 2 days ago
0:42 ho ho
Josh Cantwell
Josh Cantwell 2 days ago
I wish I could play with yall like if you want Faze to play with you
EmeraldCrush80 3 days ago
I think I am even BETTER than high sky
Brighton Gastelum
FaZe is a cool clan
Bryan Partida
Bryan Partida 3 days ago
Bro Kay just bought the ghoul trooper for himself h1ghsky1 was on his account
Simulatorgamimg Roblox
How does his parents think about him leaving them
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar 3 days ago
Lmao high sky is laughing
Somya sriram Videos
Jack and Steven And we’re called You-masters
That’s just peak bro don’t do that
Xak Xak
Xak Xak 4 days ago
Look at him trying not to laugh when he says what did I do to deserve this
VolkMafia 14 hours ago
Fl3x sweat
Fl3x sweat 4 days ago
Jarvis:bro u know what u did Me:jarvis were u talking to urself
Brad Stevenson
Brad Stevenson 4 days ago
I want to be in the faze crew fortnite name xvanillagorilla8 add me and we can do a challenge I'm good at building and gaming I hit a lot of trick shots and I can crank 90s
wolfman10k G
wolfman10k G 3 days ago
Brad Stevenson lol your not joining faze, not only that Kay is not going to see it at all
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran 4 days ago
TRN James
TRN James 4 days ago
Blaze 9000
Blaze 9000 4 days ago
Why is jarves not kicked he does not play Fortnite
ELITE SALAD 4 days ago
Bro you can this is a play high sky was smiling
ELITE SALAD 4 days ago
I feel like the only team that trick people in kicking or kicks people is faze
Skylar Stoltz
Skylar Stoltz 4 days ago
i just love how is shirt is backwards, his pants are too big and his shoes are untied😂😂💕 i actually love highsky💕😂
Bloxy 4 days ago
plz watch one of my vids im new to yt
wolfman10k G
wolfman10k G 3 days ago
Bloxy no
I have done things
Luv how Kay just shoved a camera in his face while he was on phone to apex
king and king
king and king 4 days ago
Godly Mystical
Godly Mystical 4 days ago
If this happen to me I would cry
Donkey Mage
Donkey Mage 4 days ago
Aaron Munoz-Martinez
My g he was smiling when he was kicked bro
Curren Johnson
Curren Johnson 4 days ago
Can I join faze
Ivan Zubrinic
Ivan Zubrinic 4 days ago
jojo and dodo world
I feel sad
Fgteev Lex
Fgteev Lex 5 days ago
You guys almost made me cry
Rubicon687 _
Rubicon687 _ 5 days ago
H1GH SKY’s shirt is backwards lol
Ez pez
Ez pez 5 days ago
2:28 this kid said I dont really know how to count
Justino Mata
Justino Mata 5 days ago
not highsky
Brody Reed
Brody Reed 5 days ago
anyone see his gucci shoes
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