Khabib: ' I listen to Mom more than Dad'

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Khabib Nurmagomedov opens up about the impact his mom had on his upbringing
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 100
RT Sport
RT Sport 10 months ago
Khabib's Q&A with kids Pt1: ruvid.net/video/video-BAFbKc8MZHM.html
Hafiz Ameti
Hafiz Ameti Month ago
@ROCKYZ ROCKYX pure idiot 😂😂😂
Hafiz Ameti
Hafiz Ameti Month ago
@ROCKYZ ROCKYX are u done pure idiot 😂😂😂
Hafiz Ameti
Hafiz Ameti Month ago
@ROCKYZ ROCKYX hey idiot 😂😂😂
@Hafiz Ameti Godless Muslim, Islam is not a religion - Islam is a lie. Any Abrahamic Jewish or Abrahamic Christian clergy member - anywhere in the world - can easily verify this for you. Islam's Muhammad was a FALSE Abrahamic Prophet of God. Islam's Allah is not the Abrahamic God Yahweh. Islam's Quran is a forged copy of the Torah and Holy Bible. Proof below: www.muslimhope.com/TestTheSpirit.htm www.bibleprobe.com/islam.htm www.answering-islam.org/Muhammad/index.html
Hafiz Ameti
Hafiz Ameti Month ago
@ROCKYZ ROCKYX pure idiot😂😂😂
lucky luke
lucky luke 12 days ago
This is a person to have a rolemodel such influencer. these other bikini influcenrs aint for anybody
Y Tt
Y Tt 14 days ago
Funny hahahaha
Leo Mezba
Leo Mezba Month ago
watch how nice is justin ruvid.net/video/video-MV7X3xtuH74.html
leech Month ago
I don't like how the conservative commenters here be like "yeah it's either that women obey their husband/religion and don't leave their houses" or "women become strippers and lose their virginity in middle school" like please chill, there is an inbetween option, it's not a black and white issue. You can be free but live a normal life and have a partner without giving up your freedom completely.
Vova C
Vova C Month ago
I hope he won't have two wives like his father.
McCheater Rat
McCheater Rat 26 days ago
What if he does why do you care. Women in the west marry 5 to 6 times still lonely at the end🤣🤣🤣🤣 btw he won't have a second wife.
Yemel Mimoun
Yemel Mimoun Month ago
Tez Month ago
Mam ❤️
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 2 months ago
Once Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was asked by a man " whom is no 1 we must filial is?" The Prophet say "your mother" the man ask again " and then hwo ?" Prophet say " your mother" So on the man ask for the third time " and then hwo?" Prophet still say " your mother" And then for the fourth time the man ask " then hwo o Rasulullah (prophet)" Then the prophet say " your father" Prophet Muhammad pbuh say it three Times for mom and then your dad🥰 Note: sorry to write it in a long sentence, just try to make it Clear🙏😊
architect suhail
architect suhail 2 months ago
The reply is Simple & Honest! Even little kids understand him clearly! Khabib is a real Champ at Heart!
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin 2 months ago
The Moes
The Moes 2 months ago
abdirahim abdullahi
abdirahim abdullahi 2 months ago
R.I.P Khabibs father! May Allah have mercy on him! Ameen
Pavlos Berd.
Pavlos Berd. 2 months ago
All the mama's boys are good boys...We know that...Because a Mama's boy doesn't want to disappoint he's precious mother, so he most likely will make good choices in life.
first name last name
this didnt age well
Emal Nottz
Emal Nottz 2 months ago
The greatest MMA fighter on earth. A incredible role model and a champion.
G8 Beast
G8 Beast 2 months ago
This generation has created many heroes; Ironman, Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc... And this generation looks up to them. Unfortunately, all are fake. Here, my friends is a REAL HERO.
Sharmake Abees
Sharmake Abees 2 months ago
The most important person in life is a mother in the Muslim religion i agree 100%
Sander Van der Valk
Sander Van der Valk 2 months ago
In Islam parents are the most valuable, what they did to you raise you, feed you ect we can never repay then with money !
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq 3 months ago
Such an adorable kid i swear, SubhanAllah, good little guy
Md Farhad
Md Farhad 3 months ago
খাবিব মুসলিম
Zahin Shahazad
Zahin Shahazad 2 months ago
Антон Антонов
Красавцы оба, что Хаба, что Конор!!! Здоровья отцу Хабиба.
Maryam Mohd
Maryam Mohd 3 months ago
In Islam women have high status but unfortunately Muslims follow more culture then Islam or religion
Yasin Rencber
Yasin Rencber 3 months ago
Hasancan Kirac
Hasancan Kirac 3 months ago
Lowest form of journalism, you love turning everything into a political statement don't you?
Henare Tibble
Henare Tibble 3 months ago
The caption should be "Now I listen to my mom more then my dad"
FlyBoy 3 months ago
God bless all our mothers 😇😇
DADDY ROCKY 3 months ago
Why did khabib turn down a Conor rematch, I wanna see him humble Conor AGAIN
Ko Koo
Ko Koo 3 months ago
I wish you all the best bro 💟 from 🇷🇴
Real Waaris
Real Waaris 3 months ago
Mashaallah Allah bless you always inshallah Ameen
MrLerrab 3 months ago
She twisted his ear too hard :/
Mo Mastafa
Mo Mastafa 3 months ago
Such a humble guy. Real inspiration.
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist 3 months ago
He is a very good person
The golden Boy
The golden Boy 3 months ago
Always listen to your mum yours dad sees you as an opponent it's in their genes remember that Show respect. Believing in God is good for you . Don't take drugs
Mominate Peerzada
Mominate Peerzada 3 months ago
This is Russian language?
Madina Akhmatov
Madina Akhmatov 2 months ago
Mominate Peerzada hahahahah no problem
Mominate Peerzada
Mominate Peerzada 2 months ago
@Madina Akhmatov thanks someone replied
Madina Akhmatov
Madina Akhmatov 2 months ago
Aleli Reds
Aleli Reds 3 months ago
aweee khabib
Mithun G
Mithun G 3 months ago
Really he respects women😄😄
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 months ago
I'm not really a fan of Khabib's, but this is a really respectable quality of his
mac andrews
mac andrews 3 months ago
If his mom was homeless he would make her do push ups for money while he laughs at her.
mac andrews
mac andrews 3 months ago
@Mr. epic please stop being a turd burgler.
Mr. epic
Mr. epic 3 months ago
Plz stop hating Get a life, I pity you
Adis Nukic
Adis Nukic 3 months ago
Nothing but respect for him
My Note
My Note 3 months ago
May Allah bless you, your mother and everybody in your family.
TheJoshuatree321 3 months ago
Could this whole thing BE and LOOK anymore staged?! Especially from RT YT channel/site. Sooooo transparent
Tagträumer 3 months ago
Mom is nr.1!!!
khalid sultan
khalid sultan 3 months ago
Muslims culture teach us how to live with their parents
NiluVa GaMing
NiluVa GaMing 3 months ago
IM Buddhist But Im Really Love This Guy Attitudes ❤️
Hey Lo
Hey Lo 3 months ago
A man who loves his parents more than anything else can never be a bad guy.
Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 3 months ago
Not every mother is good 🙄
Respect parents
Аль Фараби
Аль Фараби 3 months ago
Абдулманап Нурмагомедов вошел в чат
highplayer highway
highplayer highway 3 months ago
He is liar cuz he still fights. There is no mother that wants her son to fight with titans.
S 3 months ago
I didn't have a mother growing up. She didn't die just unfortunate and I haven't spoken to her in 15 years. Not everyone has a mother☹
Nuh Hassan
Nuh Hassan 3 months ago
What a good guy how can anybody hate him
Cory Trevorson
Cory Trevorson 3 months ago
Not everyone has a good mother unfortunately
McCheater Rat
McCheater Rat 26 days ago
You mean people in West ? Where everyone marries atleast 4 to 5 times.
Sevgi Cakici
Sevgi Cakici 3 months ago
ZAMI7R 3 months ago
Muhammad Ali is the greatest, here is another greatest! The greatest Khabib.
Сабыржан Жүнүсбек
Hillmen Trade & Services
When an adult treat a child like an adult
bad boy GaminG
bad boy GaminG 3 months ago
Kabib big fan
ComedyBuddies 3 months ago
religion is daft
GUČI SNEJK 3 months ago
Now I know why Khabib has a “broken” ears :) ... May Allah give Jannah to our parents!
Rajjak Ali
Rajjak Ali 3 months ago
Khabib bro i am very big fan for you. You are great
mihajlo525 3 months ago
**Dad gets sick** Khabib: "I always listened to my mom"
Mogaaj Fghgf
Mogaaj Fghgf 3 months ago
I mean how don't listen to his mother than father?
Joe Barron
Joe Barron 3 months ago
I agree with everything except "everyone has a good mother" this is not true. 0:28
Malso88 Month ago
@Joe Barron I liked your conversion guys emotional and truthful. Good luck in life and after to both of you.
Joe Barron
Joe Barron 2 months ago
@Undertaker ُ 🙏❤💪
Undertaker ُ
Undertaker ُ 2 months ago
@Joe Barron thank you .. you're a very kind soul to accept my opinions even though i didn't know how its feels.. i pray to allah to make it up for you and your brother .. i can't imagine how its like to grow up without a mother around you .. but your father did a very good job may allah bless him and you all and gave you the best life and guide you heaven ❤ much love and respect to you and your father
Joe Barron
Joe Barron 2 months ago
@Undertaker ُ No need to apologize brother, American culture is different. I understand your position. Im glad you had a good mother who raised a respectful man who can talk decent online. Hats off to you and your mother. American culture could learn from the Islam culture thats for sure.
Undertaker ُ
Undertaker ُ 2 months ago
@Joe Barron you might be right about it ... im sorry if seemed like i don't understand what you've been through... i have a very good mother who did everything for me and my brothers and sisters and even when shes old she still try to take care of us all .. so i always have good opinion on mothers and respect them i never believed there's a bad mother by nature .. plus usually in our culture mothers always the best and rarely (more like never ) you hear about bad mothers.. maybe because islam teachings.. here women can't cheat on their men with others and go with them leaving their children behind...because they dont want to and even if they want they cant lol punishment is death for cheating goes for cheating men too .. and divorce is in the mans hand not the woman unless she has good reasons she can't leave her husband and if she has good reasons like that he is mistreating her or beat her or something .. her children is another matter she cant leave them no matter what ... and of course smoking shit and drugs and alcohol all forbidden
Pro Learners
Pro Learners 3 months ago
Khabib my brother
Mabz 3 months ago
I love how he responds to a little kid like an adult, he even has respect for the child!! I'm sure when that kid grows up he will appreciate that he spoke to him like that and not like a baby, even though that wouldn't have been wrong but still there's something special about he talks to people with respect and good manners
Dem Man
Dem Man 3 months ago
Khabib is a really good guy, you cant hate him, you just can't unless your a chicken like McGregor.
Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar 3 months ago
The real champ khabib, I am from india
Glyn Caldecott
Glyn Caldecott 3 months ago
What an absolute legend!!!
muniba malik
muniba malik 3 months ago
The eagle
alwarah nah
alwarah nah 3 months ago
Best UFC people..
Best of CSGO
Best of CSGO 3 months ago
My elder brother almost hit my mother in an argument.. Don't know why i got such a piece of shit as a brother... Life would have been a lot easier if he was dead..
Adonis Blake
Adonis Blake 3 months ago
Yeah mums good you know, she’s got a dishwasher, washing machine and hot water. She’s good.
raichan abdikar
raichan abdikar 3 months ago
khabib teach us to respect older and apreciate younger....
Nathan Leach
Nathan Leach 3 months ago
Khabib flexing the dishwasher and washing machine is the hardest flex
Tomato Gab
Tomato Gab 3 months ago
I dont giva a fuck about my parents anymore.
Moray Falconer
Moray Falconer 3 months ago
A king. An inspiration to men everywhere.
Rebel Shinobi
Rebel Shinobi 3 months ago
All the asshole hating on him just because he is a muslim they should just go and fuck thier self.
The Crow
The Crow 3 months ago
Salaam alikoum brother khabib from all Algerian, what a humble man you are , may Allah protect you and protect us incha Allah
KS TV world
KS TV world 3 months ago
Khabib his humble and down to earth person .. he is now a mega super star still he is so humble.... This makes this man different fighter then the rest . Love from India to khabib and to his whole family
William Freeze
William Freeze 3 months ago
What a great person!
Mister Murphy
Mister Murphy 3 months ago
Russia PROPAGANDA..fuck khabib
Mister Murphy
Mister Murphy 26 days ago
We all know who the pussy is☝☝☝ Russia PROPAGANDA
McCheater Rat
McCheater Rat 26 days ago
Mctapper clown ruvid.net/video/video-uHsml-vNtEw.html Lol. Do mctapper fans have brain?
Darian Krieger
Darian Krieger 3 months ago
Funny how this soft spoken man can turn into a mauling bear and then into a eagle flying over fences.🤣
Bazooka50 Avatar
Bazooka50 Avatar 3 months ago
My question to every Muslim. Muhammad married Khadija after she had intoned her father. He stayed with her for more than twenty years. After her death, Khadija hated Muhammad's rosary by marrying a child to Ahaz and even married him to his son's son-in-law. As a reminder, all of this is in your books and nobody can deny it. But the important question. Why Muhammad did not marry the life of his wife Khadija? I hope that the answer and justification will not be constructive words. Thank you
Ahamed M.H.A
Ahamed M.H.A 3 months ago
This guy is amazing.
O'uile Jemi Martin
O'uile Jemi Martin 3 months ago
Yes I always listened to my dishwasher and laundry machine. LMAO
trailokya mukherjee
trailokya mukherjee 3 months ago
Respect..pure respect
David Kapelnikov
David Kapelnikov 3 months ago
Only Khabib would turn an interview into explaining how dishwashers work
Mr Peel
Mr Peel 3 months ago
320speed 3 months ago
Mother first. Love Khabib.
Abdullah Shaikh
Abdullah Shaikh 3 months ago
If it would have been asked to McTapper he would have advertised Proper 12
Kh Hamza
Kh Hamza 3 months ago
Abdullah Jamal
Abdullah Jamal 3 months ago
He is already a legend. Bigger than life...!!! ✌
Bassam Alasker
Bassam Alasker 3 months ago
You are Mohammed Aliesqui across the board brother. May Allah keep that Noor shinning out of you. ALHAMDULILAH
Tayyeb Shabir
Tayyeb Shabir 3 months ago
khabib Bhai zindabad
Tyu Siz
Tyu Siz 3 months ago
Fathers are so fucking under rated in society. No one gives two shits about Father's Day anywhere.
Mr Feast
Mr Feast 3 months ago
Who would believe that this humble genuine man is the most dominant lightweight fighter in the history of the UFC , I guess in the end what is really important is our morals not money
United We Speak Smith
Much love
S. K.
S. K. 4 months ago
Он непросто чемпион ещё умний очень хорошо отвечает на вопросы спасибо большое Хабиб ты просто молодец супер
Halima Sumayya
Halima Sumayya 4 months ago
This is beautiful 😍😘
Garrincha 4 months ago
A good example of a Muslim man. He speak with humility and respect and answers a child's quesiton and politely and even has a lesson in there for the child.
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