KFC Made A Sexy Lifetime Movie For No Reason

Jarvis Johnson
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KFC made a movie that is sexy for no reason

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Dec 22, 2020




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Comments 4 472
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 9 months ago
Last video of the year I think! Thank you all for a great year. btw dont forget to nordvpn.com/jarvis and use our coupon jarvis at checkout :)
Marisol Watkins
Marisol Watkins Month ago
Just so you know this thumbnail is my laptops new wallpaper
Vivian Billan
Vivian Billan 3 months ago
How are you doing
Vivian Billan
Vivian Billan 3 months ago
Sewak Singh
Sewak Singh 4 months ago
@Your local bush ਐ
Surya Das
Surya Das 4 months ago
@neveen xxxwom
Oberyn Viper of Dorne
all the jokes Jarvis makes land, man. "it jumped another shark. it jumped a WHALE"
aj soltero
aj soltero 4 hours ago
It's a lily's garden game irl
princess in mittens
princess in mittens 14 hours ago
You look and seem so excited to tell us about this crazy KFC porno.
nessa 20 hours ago
every time i watch this video (which is more than i'd care to admit) i'm left with the question, why didn't bunny just marry billy? like if her goal was to remain rich and she and billy already had a (very gross) relationship, the obvious solution would be for them to marry. they really made it more complicated than it needed to be imo.
The KFC- Kevin’s Film Commentary
“KFC made a sexy lifetime movie for no reason” Me: Woah I never knew that I made this and for no reason too
Billy Kraola
Billy Kraola 2 days ago
Why wouldn't bunny and Billy get married everybody wins
Zia Ray
Zia Ray 3 days ago
Love Jarvis' face when he was playing the sunglasses dude.
Paine 4 days ago
Loreta Rosiñol Parra
8:46 He said it better than Bunny
Plusmin cares
Plusmin cares 5 days ago
If they are already fucking, why doesn't the rich guy just marry the girl's mom?
Plusmin cares
Plusmin cares 5 days ago
Damn! Slater's taking some rough roles ever since Saved By The Bell!
Jadesmock259 5 days ago
In defense of the mom's name my grandma's name was Bunny. My grandma wasn't evil, she is dead tho.
Refr1gerat0r 6 days ago
they took down the movie and now im sad :(
seulcity 9 days ago
the tumbnail I'm crying
The mum looks younger than the daughter
Rylee 11 days ago
"Beat it, crouton!" is my new favorite comeback.
Froguto 16 days ago
Ad Jarvis = Glasses, Editing Jarvis = Beanie, Video Jarvis = no glasses no beanie
Eulavmaballs 16 days ago
Ewwwww Harland Sanders
Lucca B
Lucca B 17 days ago
Wow people were not kidding, it is exactly like a soap opera. The evil mom in a mental institution is a telenovela touchstone if I've ever seen one. Only if this was produced in Latin America, it would cut to Bunny looking like shit either physically struggling with staff or locked in a straitjacket.
savana gaming
savana gaming 17 days ago
If she married Billy and leaves him a few weeks later she can just get all his money problem solved
Hannah Landkammer
Hannah Landkammer 20 days ago
20:15 I feel like that conversation should have gone like: J: "I can't marry Billy." B: "Great, then I will." Double wedding, roll credits.
Xity 21 day ago
Hallmark really missed the opportunity to make "Unapologetically Christmas 24/7" their bio instead lmao
Mpencett 21 day ago
why was that guy in sunglasses just the alien from american dad
Perfect Protagonist
11:54 Somebody threatened to kill himself if my mom didn't marry him.
Perfect Protagonist
3:57 This is a movie by Jean, the ender dragon.
Galactic admin space sarah
He was referring to finding the herbs and spices for the secret recipe
hashbrown 411
hashbrown 411 27 days ago
This video did make me hungry so i ordered Red Rooster. I'm not gonna be a pawn in KFC's game. Their food is trash.
Superfluous Greg
Superfluous Greg 29 days ago
Secrets out chicken man
Gabby Abbott
Gabby Abbott Month ago
Didn’t someone make a Colonel Sanders dating sim? Or was that just another weird dream I had?
Lillian Peters
Lillian Peters Month ago
THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE TOPGIRLS.UNO 4 IN 1 RUvid: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. RUvid: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I love that they left it on cliff hanger so they can make a sequel
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
@Aoi Idk if a sequel was made. Of course, I wasn’t aware of the first one til I watched this video. There’s no way in hell I cld sit through this movie let alone a sequel so I didn’t even look for it. However, if there is a sequel and someone created a commentary video abt it, i’ll be there to watch!
Aoi Month ago
Hehe, did it ever happen. I never knew they made a movie based on KFC--a fast food restaurant, not on my list.
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I’d take the money! Idc how hot he is and how many sparks are flying between us. Shit, I’ve known the person 24hrs! I was fine before I met the person and I’ll be Hella better without the person bc I’d be half million richer
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I think they shldv named the Not Fiancé- Gary Garibaldi 3. Why don’t mom marry billy?
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
They wanted a gay character and a black character so they could show how woke and inclusive they are. Then they think, “you know what would be better than 2 characters would be 1 character that fills both purposes - tada! A gay black character!! What! Chef Mario Lopez! 😱 AC Slater changed his name and became a chef. That’s so cool
Madison Lewe
Madison Lewe Month ago
This just proves that they’ll make a movie about ANYTHING
Aoi Month ago
Waiting on one about random Lego piece. Apparently it would be about the buildup of the Lego figurines, lmao!
robman789 Month ago
maybe it's bc i had an indequate breakfast, but maybe this ad is successful cause i'm thinking hard about driving to the nearest KFC
Seigi_37 Month ago
Actually, here in Japan for Christmas it's tradition to eat KFC as your Christmas meal! People start pre-ordering and reserving buckets way in advance and they dress up all the Colonel Sanders statues as Santa.
wingnut Month ago
r/bossfights bunny, goddess of the doorways
Hesiris Month ago
I think "broom/mallet" is a polo mallet. In the sport, the players hit a ball from horseback (there's also a bike version) with the instrument, hence the shape
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 Month ago
14:42 So, why don’t they just get married themselves!!?
Sunday Mourning
Sunday Mourning Month ago
Why doesnt Bunny just marry rich-dude herself (I already forgot his name... All I can think of Geridelli chocolate. And yes Im sure I butchered the spelling) ? She's widowed, free to marry again, she wants his money and he's obviously into her if he's being blackmailed into marrying Jessica w/ bribes of sex in the vineyard w/ mommy-dearest...
NGTN 6 days ago
I have a whole theory about this mini movie and the 7 deadly sins, but to cut it short to just Bunny, here. Bunny represents greed. She want’s Jessica to marry Billy so that they can get the money. Now, she is in an affair with Billy, why don’t they get married? Probably because of the rush she gets from the affair, a rush wasted if it’s official. Also, she might want to avoid the scandal of marrying her daughters suitor. To put it simply: She wants to eat a cake, or however that phrase goes.
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
Why couldn't Billy and Bunny just gotten together?
Mochi 餅
Mochi 餅 Month ago
No bullshit, I got an ad for KFC while watching this.
Daffier Python7
Daffier Python7 Month ago
Can't wait for Jarvis to play the anime KFC dating game because that exists for some reason
MultiMaya2002 Month ago
10:24 This vid is almost a year old by this point but this bothers me everytime I watch it. The name "Harlon Sanders" really sounds like a baseball team. "Tomorrow: The Harlon Sanders against the Chicago Cubs in the game of the year!!"
Lance Elliott
Lance Elliott Month ago
This is the hardest I've laughed in months
Sharon Ramirez
Sharon Ramirez Month ago
So... Ummm have you played the KFC dating sim: finger licking good? LMAO this version has nothing to in the hotness of the 2-D version ,🤩😁
Diba Rm
Diba Rm Month ago
Well colonel sanders is rolling in his grave
Death Ray
Death Ray Month ago
Why doesn’t Bunny marry Billy? Why didn’t they just fire Harland? Why did they hire a famous chef WEEKS before there house was getting taken away? Am I on a golf course? Because thats a plot hole in one!
I can't watch this for the acting alone. Worse than soap opera acting. The story is a horrible bonus. AND Mario's hair looks ridiculous. Like they combed toothpaste in his hair and mustache. Who approved any of this?! 🤣
Mr X
Mr X Month ago
Wait.. is jarvis Jake from state farm?
Mr X
Mr X Month ago
I lkw how always wears a bandana around the neck....and i didnt know the cornell was latin
Mr X
Mr X Month ago
Looks like it'll be finger licking good
Mr X
Mr X Month ago
Lifetime classics lime ....i want to keep my baby..... Not with my baby.... A dingo ate my baby... who stole my baby ..
SSG Live
SSG Live Month ago
Mario Lopez!!?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
anna nicole
anna nicole Month ago
Since im hungry i actually want KFC lol. Thats prolly the point watch it only if youre hungry lmao for a weird story and them mentioning story, plus knowing its a KFC movie igz qill make.you wait it i have. No idea .😅😂
Yeet Yeetson
Yeet Yeetson Month ago
why didn’t bunny just marry billy lmfao
Dangan-Gacha Month ago
… why is her name bunny 😕
KirtBean Month ago
Funny enough, this review of the movie is longer than the actual movie 🤣🤣
Giovanny Baez
Giovanny Baez Month ago
WTF just cash the check I take the chick lol
Rhiannon Fisher
Rhiannon Fisher Month ago
The colonel should’ve cashed that check and then they could’ve run away together.
Big Gay Dinosaur
8:41 that looks so fake, awkward, and stupid,
Sasorithecat Month ago
There's also a KFC game... and it's anime so thats nice...
Lemon Cardboard
Lemon Cardboard Month ago
Why doesn’t the mom marry billy? Then they could have money, the mon and billy and bang, and Jessica could have the chicken chef crouton man and it’ll be fine
Lemon Cardboard
Lemon Cardboard Month ago
Why doesn’t the mom marry billy? Then they could have money, the mon and billy and bang, and Jessica could have the chicken chef crouton man and it’ll be fine
Maso Trumoi
Maso Trumoi Month ago
Why didn't the mom just marry Billy?
Ava 2 months ago
Billy's the "nice guy" if you know what I mean.
Amadeo Bordiga
Amadeo Bordiga 2 months ago
Where's trotsky???? I don't see him in this film; they got the glasses all wrong
Meghan F
Meghan F 2 months ago
Why is nobody talking about how Billy is literally Stewart from ICarly
Project Flowersong
Project Flowersong 2 months ago
I have so many questions, but mainly why the thumbnail makes me think that Jarvis has something going on with Colonel Sanders that he isn't telling us
D Generic
D Generic 2 months ago
I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for watching this so I didn't have to. And the review is basically what I'd expect from this KFC fusion Xmas love story. And EWWWWW Mario Lopez. I can't be the only human who finds him absolutely disgusting. I can't even explain why. He's just gross. Also: I have a secret recipe for lumpia, which is a Filipino food, similar to a Chinese egg roll, but this recipe was taught by a Japanese woman to my American mother. I'll take $500,000, if anybody wants the recipe.
Idk why the mom doesn’t just marry Billy herself
Hanna Nagy-Leranth
Hanna Nagy-Leranth 2 months ago
Bunny is Wendy and Billy is Ronald McDonald. Colonel Sanders is the only good one... And KFC is the only good chain..
Mhmm._ 2 months ago
Black gay befriend?? 2 birds one stone
lessdanthree 2 months ago
... if they needed him to make the money.... why didnt the mom just marry him if her dad is dead
MOOZIE B 2 months ago
Is nobody gonna point out the fact that Billy ISNT in jail for attempted murder?? I mean, bunny is in a mental institute, but he seems just fine! Other than the deranged look in his eyes.
adam Brown
adam Brown 2 months ago
Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm..............punchline,question face?
Muffin Button
Muffin Button 2 months ago
I could understand a KFC movie(documentary, some sort of historical fiction, or something), but why this???
Luke Matthews
Luke Matthews 2 months ago
Lifetime should do their own cinematic universe of fast food restaurants. KFC v Subway would be lit!
Cherri_ Søuji
Cherri_ Søuji 2 months ago
KFC- lets make a movie Employee 1- ok Employee 2- we don't have enough money for the script Employee 1- don't worry we still have my 13 yr old's wattpad fanfic
Neekon Saadat
Neekon Saadat 2 months ago
Has no one considered that Bunny and Billy could have just married instead wtf
2 months ago
its giving very..... ✨minecraft✨
Purplepakstar 2 months ago
Do👏 his 👏kisses 👏taste👏 like 👏chicken 👏 ?
Kerrie Grant
Kerrie Grant 2 months ago
Rhoda Hart
Rhoda Hart 2 months ago
Nothing 2 months ago
14:35 literally anime be like
Music Is life
Music Is life 2 months ago
For the people that don’t understand the ending He got the recipe from the chicken guy
Speed Art And More
Speed Art And More 2 months ago
For those who don't know, kfc and burger king are in this weird chicken sandwich fight and I've been getting ads from both sides back to back and it's so surreal.
C Wonton
C Wonton 3 months ago
In the end, the mom and Billy both have rapidly aged gray hair, seemingly due to having breakdowns… Harland also has rapidly aged gray hair and never explained his backstory… coincidence?…
Katie Tree
Katie Tree 3 months ago
So, according to KFC, its now canon that Sanders turned into a southern white man in his future
lee mii
lee mii 3 months ago
They know that if the mom and the garibaldi married they could deal with the debt + have long weekends.
Golden Starter Pack
Golden Starter Pack 3 months ago
What does "crying my best" mean?
GlitterButt 3 months ago
”Beloved chickenman” i can’t
Rin Pink
Rin Pink 3 months ago
Lmao a horrible attempt on making a Disney princess type movie
Krabs_11 3 months ago
This is your best video
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith 3 months ago
Can you make a shirt with always be plugging on it?
Abby S
Abby S 3 months ago
It’s weird that a character in the movie is named Bunny because I have a bunny
robynwithay 3 months ago
EWWWWW “long weekends”.this is literally food
Lael 3 months ago
"The door is a jar..........and I'm a Jarvis!" What? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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