KFC $5 Fill Up Challenge

Matt Stonie
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The KFC Five $5 Fill-Up Menu Challenge! All 5 of KFC's $5 Fill-Up Meals as fast as possible. 3 Biscuits, 3 Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, 3 Different Fried Chicken Dishes, a Chicken Pot Pie, a KFC Famous Bowl, 5 Cookies, and 5 Medium Diet Cokes!
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Nov 7, 2016




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Comments 7 856
BlueFusion YT
BlueFusion YT 23 hours ago
That could of been a family of chickens R.I.P chickens
Satanic Nerd
Satanic Nerd Day ago
*Food Consumed* Drumstick Thigh Breast 6pc Extra Crispy Tenders Pot Pie Famous Bowl 3 Biscuits 3 Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy 5 Cookies 5 Diet Pepsi's
Terastic Day ago
Hes so slow tho
christ andelus
Everytime i skip 10 sec,he done eat some food,is he have a tiny black hole inside his mouth?
Aryah Phiakeo
Aryah Phiakeo 2 days ago
So this is the guy I get stuck behind in the drive thru
vGrimm 2 days ago
Tf is Morgan's laugh
Guhmpy 2 days ago
This nigga just chugged 4 cokes in 30 seconds
DashDestroyer 4 days ago
My grandma makes more food than this and tries to bribe me to shove it down my gullet....
The Joker
The Joker 5 days ago
I dont know how the cameraman watch his frd devouring his FAVOURITE FOOD!
R3fug33 6 days ago
There was still mashed potatoes left on the lids. Smh my head.
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen 6 days ago
Those crispy tenders look amazing
Md Bilhaj
Md Bilhaj 8 days ago
He eat too much but still skinny 😂
Brent Orate
Brent Orate 8 days ago
What if he set a world record on eating junk foods
RECO NIC 9 days ago
Toilet :why do I hear boss music?
Lucas Greenwald
Lucas Greenwald 10 days ago
I love how at 0:20 he just spun the box like nobody's business.
Elite_Rift 10 days ago
fast eater goddaym
patricia0966 11 days ago
I like to wat food Nom nom nom
Peakhen Viola6615
Peakhen Viola6615 12 days ago
Is it me or can anyone else not watch Matt eat at night because they become so hungry
MKX mobile
MKX mobile 13 days ago
Matt: it totals out at about 4200 calories Also matt: as you can see it's not that much food
Noir 14 days ago
He has more subs than Deji from eating food
Noisy Knuckles Archive
why did i actually smell the chicken
Damani Herod
Damani Herod 12 days ago
Noisy Knuckles bro what you be sniffing
Christopher Dragneel
I challenge you to a food eating competition.
IdiOT BoX TV 16 days ago
3:36 lmao dude sound like a sounding up car
Extreme USK
Extreme USK 16 days ago
Honestly eating that much mashed potatoes sounds disgusting
ENRAG3ED OOF 16 days ago
That was one THICC CHICKEN
Gina Glisson
Gina Glisson 16 days ago
Shut up and eat
Aclinix 18 days ago
No-one: Literally Anyone Who Loves Fastfood: 1:39 (his expression) Also this is just a joke, love u Matt, keep being the best at food challenges!
Artiz Artiz Artiz Artiz Artiz
Hello diabetes my old friend
K I N G Khadishmal
K I N G Khadishmal 18 days ago
The biscuits tho
moustache men
moustache men 18 days ago
When you're late for schill matt stonie way😂😂
Ambipomber167 17 days ago
moustache men wanna try that one again bud?
Frick daniles2
Frick daniles2 20 days ago
the music is like chase scene music
NevanP 20 days ago
Is it just me or do all chicken places have dry ass chalky biscuits
Ture O
Ture O 21 day ago
In England it’s £2 😎
Olivia  Ramirez
Olivia Ramirez 21 day ago
Does KFC have chicken wings
Game Hacker
Game Hacker 10 days ago
major boi :
major boi : 22 days ago
He probably still finished before Morgan.
shaznay massey
shaznay massey 22 days ago
Your kinda pretty
TheGamingMaster 666
Was there any weed? Get it? (4420 cals)
Sevanic 23 days ago
Look at his eyes at 1:41. He looks like he was possessed lmao.
andoツ 24 days ago
3:42 his eating was in sync with the music😂
Spidey Batsy
Spidey Batsy 24 days ago
I only wish for eternal healthy life with an infinite hunger.
Just some guy
Just some guy 24 days ago
I wonder if the same music plays when he takes a dump...
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 25 days ago
Does he just throw it all up after how else can he be so skinny
Thomas Pena
Thomas Pena 25 days ago
I ate those food
lol boss
lol boss 27 days ago
This is the first vid i watch of u loved u ever since
cater 27 days ago
blaze it
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Flynn 28 days ago
Yo matt...how much food can you eat ? Matt : yes
Ricky_Marsh Month ago
Does this guy hyper ventilate when he laughs
Baller Shot Caller
Ricky_Marsh 3:37
David AharoN
David AharoN Month ago
4:29 look at the KFC glass (left corner) wtffff
Diana S.M
Diana S.M Month ago
Imagine inviting him to dinner
Karlie Saintlot
Karlie Saintlot Month ago
So nobody is gonna talk about how all of that costed 5 dollars?
Mutant Max
Mutant Max Month ago
matt has the best job in the world. eating for money
Oshi Came
Oshi Came Month ago
1:40 Me everytime i try to eat fast like matt stonie
Bryan Chadwick
Bryan Chadwick Month ago
How does this nigga not get fat?
ConTrol Month ago
Thats a great deal
taz ramzy
taz ramzy Month ago
Diabetes: I fear no man Matt stonie: bet
Mohak Bopche
Mohak Bopche Month ago
Why he is not fat
Michelle Grace
Michelle Grace Month ago
Matt: eats over 4,000 calories stays perfect weight Me: even daydreams about a chicken tender gains 10lbs
Raquel Navas
Raquel Navas Month ago
The famous bowl is my favorite.
NineTailsGaming Month ago
Hey dude why don’t you ever just dump the biscuits into water? Let them dissolve?
Plasma -
Plasma - Month ago
4k calories not alot Meanwhile I think 400 is alr alot
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