KFC $5 Fill Up Challenge

Matt Stonie
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The KFC Five $5 Fill-Up Menu Challenge! All 5 of KFC's $5 Fill-Up Meals as fast as possible. 3 Biscuits, 3 Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, 3 Different Fried Chicken Dishes, a Chicken Pot Pie, a KFC Famous Bowl, 5 Cookies, and 5 Medium Diet Cokes!
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Nov 7, 2016

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Comments 7 634
Игорь Борцов
4:30 Coca cup rotating into camera
Right Hand Man
Right Hand Man 12 hours ago
Lmao I got a KFC ad
Jennifer David
Jennifer David 14 hours ago
Heaven up top hell down bottom
_Sh/\dow_ Day ago
Camera mans laugh tho...
Ace Duo
Ace Duo Day ago
1:23 on beat matt stonie I see u boi
Såklart Karl
Såklart Karl 2 days ago
His laugh doe
Moya Stanbury
Moya Stanbury 2 days ago
Do another please !!!
muhid Arslan
muhid Arslan 3 days ago
Dude u are the best u do that far for us if there is any problem I say sorry bro😢😢👍👍
Kinggclutch _
Kinggclutch _ 3 days ago
10 gallon red bull chug
The Badguy
The Badguy 3 days ago
Mmm I love the famous bowl and chicken strips and biscuits
baizid umar
baizid umar 3 days ago
Tanz 6 days ago
Nobody: Morgan: _huh huh huh huh huhhhh_
Heather Tenorio
Heather Tenorio 6 days ago
As soon as the video started a KFC commercial came on TV
RedTony 6 days ago
Well I think eating two boxes is pretty normal for the three-piece tender, I'm currently eating one right now
zl Ecstasy lz
zl Ecstasy lz 6 days ago
"Is it normal to feel a tightness in your chest"-Morgan
Juju 6 days ago
See why his ass not fat
COMIC Strip Roy
COMIC Strip Roy 6 days ago
I got to say he ate the food pretty good, and did it at 8:22 , got to say great job!
Doot 7 days ago
"4,420" Nice
Illin Aryaan
Illin Aryaan 8 days ago
Hey! U forgot to eat the table!
Shameer Malik
Shameer Malik 8 days ago
It's like watching goku eat a snack while watching a RUvid video.
CORE deathshot
CORE deathshot 8 days ago
Who is watching in 2019 👇👇👇👇
Riley McCallister
Me sir
mobile game master
Those who disliked were in the sane line as matt stonie at KFC
Tron Avenger
Tron Avenger 9 days ago
Bruh I blinked and the biscuit was gone
Mansur 9 days ago
Just that 4:43
Crayon Man
Crayon Man 9 days ago
jumpower 10 days ago
Banana: Am I decorate to you?
Biol0gical 10 days ago
He didn’t eat the bananas
Taran Williamson
Taran Williamson 10 days ago
3:47 look at the cup on the left.. it's moving on it's own...
mitch lewis
mitch lewis 10 days ago
Morgan plays too much with those annoying sounds and his hyperventilating
Alicia Flores
Alicia Flores 10 days ago
At 4:31 the cup the the left side moves
NanoJKAStar Yang
NanoJKAStar Yang 10 days ago
Nice video
Rensumi YT
Rensumi YT 11 days ago
Why is this video have McDo ad on it lmao
クピド心の 12 days ago
omg he become demon 1:41
Connor Erhart
Connor Erhart 12 days ago
How aren’t you diabetic, Matt?
ツAaron 12 days ago
One time I think I got a 5 for 5 at KFC and they have me a chocolate cup cookie in a Taco Bell bag.
sportsfaan 12 days ago
Most impressive was the biscuits. Those things are like cement pucks.
DEVIK SONI 12 days ago
I saw Black Hole in his mouth is realty saw
xZenkaiDragon 12 days ago
Ok he can definitely beat badlands chugs in a chugging contest
TheVelociGaming 13 days ago
Still waiting for that burp!
Mr. Polar
Mr. Polar 13 days ago
I love Morgan's laugh
Ery fathi
Ery fathi 13 days ago
4:29 the glass moves on its own
sadie johnson
sadie johnson 13 days ago
CAn we see u 2 hours later
Phúc Phạm
Phúc Phạm 14 days ago
Kuad 14 days ago
So close to 10 million!!!
itsBoltz 15 days ago
Popeyes is better Change my mind
Rahad 15 days ago
I can not eat my KFC chicken without Finger-Lickin sauce
Isaac Neequaye
Isaac Neequaye 15 days ago
That camera man was dying for some of the food.PLEASE 🇬🇮🇻🇪 HIM SOME
Breeanna 13 days ago
Isaac Neequaye he did have some
Ching Chong My Ding Dong
3:36 when you start up your car
Benjamin Webb
Benjamin Webb 15 days ago
I eat kfc 20$ double deep fried challenge
InertPlutonium 16 days ago
"I have never seen a thin person drink diet coke" -Donald Drumpf Checkmate, Donald
VS-WAZOR 16 days ago
You cant beat me matt I can eat 1 chicken leg in 30 mins
Captain Benipal
Captain Benipal 16 days ago
What’s the background music?
canine_emerald 16 days ago
Hiw does chicken pot pie taste
Raad ThunderYT
Raad ThunderYT 17 days ago
Buffet:looking outside Matt:going to the buffet Buffet:goes code red
Cedanio Canty
Cedanio Canty 17 days ago
Fat fuck
The gamers D
The gamers D 17 days ago
Whenever he goes to washroom the food will come out same as he has eaten
Deeptha kumar
Deeptha kumar 18 days ago
Matt....You left the bananas....
Turtlemaster 18 days ago
What is Morgan’s laugh though lol Love them both
Santiago Perez
Santiago Perez 18 days ago
2019 anyone
Qrow 18 days ago
*Matt enters KFC* Employees:"why i hear the boss fight music here?"
Tanz 6 days ago
*why do I hear boss music?
Patrick Eid
Patrick Eid 11 days ago
and at the end a screen saying back to title will pop up
Patrick Eid
Patrick Eid 11 days ago
Nataz O’Brien
Nataz O’Brien 18 days ago
I’m curious if he ever gets full.
KHAOS_BOLT_YT 20 days ago
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 20 days ago
420 calories
Lucky Expert
Lucky Expert 20 days ago
I just ate 4 giant meat sandwiches and now I feel this guys pain.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤒
PERISHED GalaxY! 11 days ago
Me too had a bowl full noodles soup
Godly gamers 14
Godly gamers 14 20 days ago
Large biscuit is Matt’s bite size
King Dan
King Dan 20 days ago
I sit on nearly every episode of matt like...........🤤
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 21 day ago
Those were *all* _diet cokes_
kingJR Kid silly
kingJR Kid silly 21 day ago
Black people: aww shit here we go again
Orion Moreno
Orion Moreno 21 day ago
R.I.P Kentucky Fried Chicken...
R. Ansary
R. Ansary 22 days ago
Anybody here who can eat like him?
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson 22 days ago
Do a boiled egg challenge
Doane Ponder
Doane Ponder 22 days ago
This guy can outeat a school of thirsty pirhanas,King Kong and Godzilla,he can even outeat Thanos with the infinity gauntlet ON!!! Lol
Hamza Chawla
Hamza Chawla 23 days ago
Is Morgan Matt’s boyfriend no hate I love Matt but I was just wondering
Silnoręki 23 days ago
Moroni Douglas
Moroni Douglas 23 days ago
Desafia o corbucci aí eu quero ver
Popping Rix
Popping Rix 23 days ago
No matter how much this man eat Matt stonie stays fit
Ben Jacques
Ben Jacques 23 days ago
You didnt eat the bananas 🍌
threwlight 88
threwlight 88 23 days ago
How I drink my beer when I get off work 4:30 haha
Jayden Amigon
Jayden Amigon 23 days ago
Morgan’s laugh sounds like a person cleaning a windshield (no offense)
ZxOp 24 days ago
We dont have any of those item in indian menu I guess
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