Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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Comedy Central 6 months ago
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Deelicious Grapes
In the description box it's says "her" instead of HIM.
Doz Clan
Doz Clan 25 days ago
Comedy Central h
Marcos trejo
Marcos trejo Month ago
Drew Goddamn Dffnv
Marcos trejo
Marcos trejo Month ago
Vistalla 3 months ago
NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal NOT illegal
Futaba Rio
Futaba Rio 3 minutes ago
Its a Roller Coaster Airplane HAHAHAHAHAHA
Isaac ISRAEL Hour ago
They got a hell of a budget for skits
WhateverNevermind 3 hours ago
Andre before his boxing career took off
Lowlsqwid 4 hours ago
i mean i know its the joke but it's against company policy and would just get you outright banned from the plane and probably ejected the first opportunity they get.
Zinebham 5 hours ago
Luigi Tolentino
Luigi Tolentino 9 hours ago
So This is where Call of Duty got its inspiration from...🤔
Masai Roberson
Masai Roberson 9 hours ago
“ Iam the turbulence “
yes 12 hours ago
that poor girl stuck between them the whole time
Aaron Castro
Aaron Castro 12 hours ago
I never knew turbulence is dangerous HAHAHAHA
StephenHeart 15 hours ago
Gays have power over turbulence. He should have listened.
Chane Coulbourn
Chane Coulbourn 19 hours ago
When two self appointed alphas meet
Arthur De Oliveira Martins
*Shit's about to go down*
Zaheer Kader
Zaheer Kader 20 hours ago
The best skit they have made.. Substitute teacher maybe better ok... 🙈
Whitney Woods
Whitney Woods 23 hours ago
And the pilot said nothing
Prut Profiel
Prut Profiel 23 hours ago
Mark: Sir, if you would like to... Passenger: I would not like to sit down, I would like to take a shit in the bathroom. Mark: *_YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL?_*
Yul Witherspoon
3:10 🤣🤣🤣
j Day ago
I have to piss and I have to shit
Jerzey F Babii
...........in a toilet. Lmfaoo
Kingsingh Squad
That was some high budget Skit !
Jimmy Neesham
Sir sir sir
Matt A
Matt A Day ago
I liked to think the flight attendant had mind powers just to make turbulence for people like that.
Rhewin Day ago
I'm, like, 80% certain the flight attendant is somehow doing this with his mind
Lukas Bubliauskas
Plot twist... Mark is the captain.
Kleeborp The Retard
Mark definitely got some stranger things powers lol
Eating Healthy
It should be play in every airport. 😂
johnathan stith
Aaqib Mustaffa
“Sir, if you would like to” “I would not like to” 😁
Petq Panayotova
When you're in the wrong but you have to prove a point. Comedy gold!
Its Illegal to kidnap children but its done almost everytime R.I.P. Everyone on the plane Mark is ruthless Asian man moaning yey Mark might be gay I will kidnap Mark :)
ClassicRook 2 days ago
It's funny when you focus on the people are shaking themselves and not the plane and some of them do it so badly xd
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 2 days ago
Is this an argument or asmr
Dominic Hall
Dominic Hall 2 days ago
Watch this at 0.5X
Chris Heckert
Chris Heckert 2 days ago
I expected him to come out of that bathroom covered head to toe in feces
Sayed Ismail
Sayed Ismail 2 days ago
The bald dude looks like dwayne johnson's younger brother
Egg Magic
Egg Magic 2 days ago
me: Im never taking off this seatbelt. NEVERRR Mom: but we landed...
Cool Dope
Cool Dope 2 days ago
Well i pissed myself...
I tough this was the rock and Kevin hart 😂😂
Nizar Seas
Nizar Seas 2 days ago
Its so crazy
Rahul kumar
Rahul kumar 2 days ago
Was it an airplane turbulence or the plane entered the war zone...
Just-in K.
Just-in K. 2 days ago
Chi Lee
Chi Lee 2 days ago
actually if you think about it if the attendant didnt interupt he couldve peed and went back right away
Seventh Mamba
Seventh Mamba 2 days ago
Not obeying the crew is illegal.
Jaccisue 2 days ago
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
IceQueen 13
IceQueen 13 2 days ago
It is against the law SIR!!
maciekomis 2 days ago
this might be the funniest thing I've seen :D
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley 2 days ago
"Llllllllllegal... I have to piss and I have to shit"
Ze Beaver
Ze Beaver 2 days ago
that lady between them looks so uncomfortable
Nipixel 2 days ago
I have to piss i have to shit in the toilet
Jessica Bradeen
Jessica Bradeen 2 days ago
bUt iS it aGaInSt tHe lAw
Skitgrurd Battlestompah
Airplanes are privately owned businesses that people fly on and you have to obey them, it may not be against the law but it’s against that airplanes rules and they can have the police show up and pick you up at an airport when they land, but this is pretty funny
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