Key & Peele - Soul Food

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A visit to Mama Sugarback's Soul Food Shack leads two men to try to out-order each other.


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Feb 1, 2012




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Comments 7 826
Bay Bee
Bay Bee 2 hours ago
Them dandelion greens them broke broke good food tho
James Daniels
James Daniels 9 hours ago
I just realized that this is essentially the black "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch🙂 That's not a criticism, it's a compliment: always steal from the best❤️
Yougotit Boss
Yougotit Boss 9 hours ago
Boy say he want some pig feet and four Pounds of grits lmao .
Zaierre Herd
Zaierre Herd Day ago
A Cow Hip And A Dogs Face 😂
Omar Padilla
Omar Padilla Day ago
Who exactly is this poking fun at? Part black, borderline, but not quite, grew up in the hood politicians? I dunno. Only black buddys I had who reeeally liked to throw down like these two talking was cuuntry or Caribbean. City boys don't know sheeeeit.
Funkmaster Red
Funkmaster Red 2 days ago
Y’all got Ham hocks!? 😂
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris 2 days ago
LOL!!! Am I the only one who lost their fucking mind when The waitress said “ welcome to mama sugar backs” 😂😂😂😂😂... I’m deadl💀😂😂😂
FroggoLoggo 2 days ago
I'm so hungry for some human foot right now.
Nyhna Law
Nyhna Law 2 days ago
I died laughing at the name of the restaurant in the before I even clicked the video.
Solidwater Slayer
I dont get it
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! 4 days ago
I never really watched the show but I started watching some skits this morning and it's now 6:00 p.m. and I'm still binging on them
I-10 Veteran
I-10 Veteran 4 days ago
These niggas bru 🤣🤣🤣🤣
My Blessed/Cursed Life
Human *fooott*
Abdulrahman Alrashdi
What's going on here?? I started watching a video from my suggestion list now 6 hours later im still watching key and peele. Somebody please help
J One
J One 5 days ago
Who else was eating a human foot while watching this?
Trantor The Troll
Id rather eat The Possum Spine ANY DAY than a big bowl of Mosquitoes.
Jazzo Vogel
Jazzo Vogel 5 days ago
WTF you gonna do with 4 POUNDS of grits? 😂😂😂
Andy Tokes
Andy Tokes 6 days ago
The “stork ankles” got me 😂😂
ryūk 6 days ago
This mf said donkey teeth 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ms Mac
Ms Mac 7 days ago
They had the cellar door and a white foot on the menu! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ms Mac
Ms Mac 7 days ago
Dog face????
Pinkfluffy Starlight
Lmao he eating the wood
Rishujeet Rai
Rishujeet Rai 8 days ago
Jon 8 days ago
You can see Keegan start to break at @1:32 while he reads that line. Lol
Andrea 8 days ago
That escalated so quickly
victoria petrov
victoria petrov 8 days ago
don't juul kids, stay in school and do your work. Graduate with good grades YECK with a scholarship. Go be a pot head not a juuler man. weed is better then juul. goodbye thank you.
Emmy Nem
Emmy Nem 9 days ago
Is “soul food” a weird mix of ingredients?
Lady Miss
Lady Miss 7 days ago
Kind of🤔. African slaves in America were not allowed to have any of the prized meats and veggies, so they ate greens (which grew wild like a weed), pig intestines, pig feet...all of the stuff that White slave masters wouldn't eat.
Ronni S.
Ronni S. 9 days ago
Dog face and possum spine lol
The Impressionist Gaming
I want to memorize all their orders and do this skit with a friend at a local diner.
damon19751 10 days ago
I'm from Southwest Louisiana, Soo...
Maineiac fishing
Maineiac fishing 10 days ago
Guys please just eat real food stop with this
Passion Gap
Passion Gap 11 days ago
I really want cornbread now
The Qoheleth Foundation
These brothers is sick.
Tania 11 days ago
Not a cow 🐄 hip😂😂😂
De Ath Met Al Hell
De Ath Met Al Hell 11 days ago
tarun akumalla
tarun akumalla 11 days ago
*PETA leaves the chat*
Rob Lenaol
Rob Lenaol 11 days ago
That's my kind of restaurant ..where the Waitress doesn't get rude after asking her for a straw ..after ordering the human foot donkey teeth spare rib sprinkled with some delicious mosquito egg larvae ...I mean ..its just a stupid straw...how hard is it to get one ?
TSS 12 days ago
How black are you... GO!😂
BrokeCarFan 12 days ago
Kel Mitchell: Hey Jordan, where am I gonna find a cellar door? A human foot?! Hey Jordan?! Awww, here it gooooes!
Terri T.
Terri T. 12 days ago
Soulfood at its best! They forgot the Hot Sauce!! Lol
holly falloooken hool
"Whats a cellar door without gravy?"
Rupa Pun
Rupa Pun 12 days ago
I would like to visit this restaurant
ramengames 13 days ago
when you try to plagiarize rhett and link
Talisa's World
Talisa's World 13 days ago
Lmao it’s always funny and then gets weird asf....everytime
Roger Babson
Roger Babson 13 days ago
The old "Donkeyteeth" callback. Anyone else see East-West Bowl?
Heath Wells
Heath Wells 13 days ago
“Donkey teeth”. Lol. I have donkeys and this cracked me up
G O D 14 days ago
I'm fascinating on this guys even I don't understand everything me being from Eastern Europe and not seeing black guys maybe 1 in 10 years
Larry Hill
Larry Hill 14 days ago
Denis Escobar
Denis Escobar 14 days ago
1:07 this is going down this is really crack me up a lot of mosquitoes
Joe B
Joe B 14 days ago
YOU realize most Key/peels skits are based on outdoing each other comedy
Mark Read
Mark Read 14 days ago
A human foot is SOLE food (That's right...I went there)...
Stone Trellis
Stone Trellis 14 days ago
"Stork ankles" oh Jesus help me!
Dice Flawless
Dice Flawless 14 days ago
Donkey teeth! Donkey teeth!?
Michael G 7 Angeles
I'm a tell you something right now these guys think of the craziest skits I would have never thought about that, amazing
Ashley Norwood
Ashley Norwood 15 days ago
Stork ankles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sha Robb
Sha Robb 15 days ago
A bowl of mosquitoes lol
Instead of gagging, they should've said, "just like momma used to make." 🤣😂
Big John Steel
Big John Steel 15 days ago
Oh god, I’m dead, “and, a human foot” 🤦🏽‍♂️😳
Andre Sparrow
Andre Sparrow 15 days ago
🙄 yeah, soul food...as the skit goes on becomes landfill finds...it lost its humor once it got to eating trash for me🤷🏾‍♂️
Cayden Hart
Cayden Hart 16 days ago
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