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A visit to Mama Sugarback's Soul Food Shack leads two men to try to out-order each other.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Feb 1, 2012




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Comments 100
darkman14563 12 hours ago
Did he just say "can I get a plate of chicken fried steak"
sylvain arnoux
sylvain arnoux 23 hours ago
a little thought to those who are not totally fluent in english... aaaarghh my brain burnt.
Noah Dye
Noah Dye 2 days ago
fuck racism
Milli Macro
Milli Macro 2 days ago
White people googling most of this
Nana Addo
Nana Addo 2 days ago
Daniel Perkins
Daniel Perkins 3 days ago
4lbs of grits lmao damn!!!
Galbalechee 3 days ago
Moral of the story: Friends should never one up each other 😄
dan r
dan r 7 days ago
....stork ankles Bahahahaha
Ivan梦夫 7 days ago
I couldn't understand a word they said except for human foot 😂😂
Just Saying
Just Saying 8 days ago
Never gets old! An order of those Large Mosquitoes 🦟 🤙🏼
Miss M
Miss M 9 days ago
This is just wrong 😂
Dante Deloden
Dante Deloden 9 days ago
Nicole Moone
Nicole Moone 10 days ago
When it went from actual food to MOSQUITOS and other shit, i was like "oh no here it goes"
Christof Chrstoferson
Who tf is eating lard a cup of pure grease wtf dayummmmm Americans eat some mad stuff mind you when ya look at China it normalises this shit😂🤷🏻‍♂️💯🙏🏼🇬🇧🇺🇸
Don Lemon
Don Lemon 11 days ago
Sławek Ramon
Sławek Ramon 11 days ago
It's look pretty similar to Polish cuisine.
OkBoomer 12 days ago
It got me dead when he said stork ankles.😂
t_grizz 12 days ago
should've tried the back bottom gristle lumps
soulassassin0g 13 days ago
Fun fact: Donkey Teeth is a real person. He's a college football player out of Boise State University.
MostlyPonies 13 days ago
Chitlins are apparently cut up hog intestines originating from medieval England as a peasant's meal for when there was nothing better to eat. They're supposed to be thoroughly cleaned and washed because if not there's a risk of bacterial infection from eating them.
Aphyrius 13 days ago
We serve no foot dog
Ronnie Civella
Ronnie Civella 15 days ago
*Stork ankles and a opossum spine*
cookie crumbs
cookie crumbs 17 days ago
1:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zane Hovey
Zane Hovey 18 days ago
Grits are awesome. Not sure about the possum spine though.
Prince Moses
Prince Moses 18 days ago
Poly Grip
Poly Grip 19 days ago
Real good cellar doors
drali jnh
drali jnh 19 days ago
I remember being in the states. I order a bowl full of pig feet. Oh my I will neve forget how delicious tht was.
Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas 20 days ago
All it needed was a lil Louisiana...🤷🏾‍♂️
Gabriel Ferraz
Gabriel Ferraz 20 days ago
Now here's a challenge for binging with babish
iiishimmyiii 21 day ago
That lady blaming trump for her obesity, She’s the one really fighting hard to outdo her dining partner. Finishes her meal with... “.....and a human foot!” Waitress- “uhhhhh lemme ax you jus on question....you want gravy on that cellar door?” “Haiiiiiiillllll yea wouldn’t fill me up without the gravy, unless dat some trump gravy then nahhhhh I’ll just take the cellar door!”
Nero Onoxus
Nero Onoxus 22 days ago
A platter of stork ankles Lol
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 23 days ago
Cow hip💀 human foot😭
LGG QUON 23 days ago
Give me some yams, black eyed peas with fat back and some ribs💪🏾
Victor g.
Victor g. 26 days ago
...HUMAN...FOOT...with gravy 💁🏻‍♂️
Al Apone
Al Apone 26 days ago
Where do we find this place?
Lucidic Dreams
Lucidic Dreams 26 days ago
It had to been the cornbread. Soul food isn't soul food without cornbread. I love me cornbread, especially when I bake it! 😁
Boo Sweets
Boo Sweets 26 days ago
I’m surprised her notepad hasn’t run out yet
Dominick Ruiz
Dominick Ruiz 26 days ago
They predicted the donkey teeth football player.
Brittany Roberts
Brittany Roberts 26 days ago
Chitterlings was the worse thing stated in this entire diatribe.
Josiah Archangel
Josiah Archangel 27 days ago
These nigga ain’t black, they forgot the *hot sauce*
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek 27 days ago
Donkey teeth 😂 isn’t he a football player?
myvictorianow 27 days ago
stork ankles tho...good nite sir
ok 237
ok 237 28 days ago
RushCap 29 days ago
stork ankles
SpringFoxyApple AutumnLeaves
I love how Key starts yelling
Arthur Guerra
Arthur Guerra Month ago
Half-breeds I love them
I love how she asked them "I got just one question. You want gravy on your cellar door?"
Kristian Wilson
Kristian Wilson Month ago
This nigga said 4 pounds of grits lol
6_792 Month ago
china be like
L Reid
L Reid Month ago
pig feet and four pounds of grits lol
Starr Dom
Starr Dom Month ago
Im.. really attracted to mama sugarback
Matt Sharpe
Matt Sharpe Month ago
A cow hip ... I’m dead
אני תומך בישראל Ani’ mi Elohim, ve
I don’t understand okra.
Lyn_ From_618
Lyn_ From_618 Month ago
Stork ankles do be hittin tho
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez Month ago
Shit always kills me when keagan says “pig feet” lol
Ákos Szilágyi
Ákos Szilágyi Month ago
it is actually a dish here in Europe, PORK NAIL STEW, no, for real... it is.
william camick
william camick Month ago
Yum, old cellar door with gravy now that's good eatin!
jahaziel bute
jahaziel bute Month ago
I laughed like I had a seizure 😂😂😂😂
rick davis
rick davis Month ago
I've noticed recently in skits where key and peele are fighting/competing against each other, Peele always goes to the extreme and wins lol
Mike Park
Mike Park Month ago
I think they forgot the dog face on his order
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen Month ago
We used to dream of a corridor.......oh wrong one
Ace B.
Ace B. Month ago
4 lbs of grits and a cup of lard 😂😭.... Nawl mosquitos
sheepcreeper Month ago
Y'all making me hungry!
Jay Bisky
Jay Bisky Month ago
Pig feet!! And 4lbs of grits
Jack Wicked Risi
" Whats a cellar door without Gravy "
George Manea
George Manea Month ago
I think this could be a Key&Peele Sketch: A gentleman returns from Europe after 30 years in his hometown and he sees that his favorite restaurant is still opened. The man enters and sits down at the table. The waiter comes and gives him the menu. The man politely refuses the menu, takes the spoon from his right and starts smelling it. After 2 minutes he says: "I feel like you have belly soup, meatball soup, bean soup and noodle soup, and the house specialty is belly soup." The waiter is perplexed. "So how do you know, sir?" "There is a stronger smell of belly soup on the spoon, that's why it is served more often, it turns out that it is your specialty. I would like a portion .. !! ” Second course follows, the waiter tells the man what he can choose but he stops him again and takes the fork and smells it. After 2 minutes he says: "Serve pork tenderloin, roast chicken breast and roast duck, but your specialty is pork tenderloin .. !!". The waiter, again perplexed, goes to the kitchen and takes a teaspoon, calls Mary, the old cook, and puts the teaspoon in her panties. He returns to the table with a teaspoon and asks the customer: "Let's see, sir, if you know what dessert we have." The client takes the teaspoon, smells it for 5 seconds and shouts: - „What ?? Mary is still working here .. ???? ”
Zion Chavarria
Zion Chavarria Month ago
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥👋🏿 SLAP ASS
Braddah Leeks
Braddah Leeks Month ago
For some reason my dad can’t wrap his head around the concept of a chicken-fried steak 😆
Chenggong Lee
Chenggong Lee Month ago
The ReCap Show
The ReCap Show Month ago
Ok, scratch everythang. I want a platter of stork ankles.....🤣
Super One
Super One Month ago
Mamma Sugarback got some tittys on her.
Angelina Dash
Angelina Dash Month ago
pig snout sounds really good right now ;( DON'T FORGET THE GODDAMN TONGUE! THAT'S THE BEST PART OF A PIG'S HEAD! X'D
Cap1n_nasty Month ago
Cant believe this was 8 years ago...
Ort Ort
Ort Ort Month ago
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Month ago
Also applies to Mexican and Filipino food.
Ike Okpobiri
Ike Okpobiri Month ago
2020 in a nutshell... everyone trying to outdo each other! more woke than you, more oppressed than you, more privileged than you..
Brittany Evans
Brittany Evans Month ago
They had me until he mentioned chitterlings😷
FGKing1029 Month ago
That meal looks sad asf lmfao 😂😂
L a r s
L a r s Month ago
This scetch made me hungy
WillMac RealTalk
You can't go wrong with a human foot. Had one at chilli's last night
Donovan Dillard
Donovan Dillard Month ago
Donkey teeth. DONKEY TEETH
babybat479 Month ago
Its the "Four the Yorkshiremen sketch" all over again
George Prchal
George Prchal Month ago
Key and Peele: Food Wars edition.
Nehru Rampersad
Nehru Rampersad Month ago
We server food here sir 👁👁
-Gemberkoekje- Month ago
KUAROO Month ago
Someone who’s smart: “Just gimmi everything.”
semmy sem
semmy sem Month ago
I’ve eaten all of this
Christine Ferreira
What’s a cellar door without gravy?
KBuckets98 Month ago
But she was triggered but donkey teeth
Jarred Morris
Jarred Morris Month ago
4 pounds of grits
Zack Cross
Zack Cross Month ago
I’ll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.
Galvatron1117 Month ago
look I don't know what that means, but I gotta admit it sounds pretty good.
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez Month ago
It would’ve been hella funny if she said “so that’ll be one family meal?”
MastaSmack Month ago
Don't forget the grisslelocks!
MastaSmack Month ago
Would you ever get a discover card? How bout...NO!
A Lapsed Fan
A Lapsed Fan Month ago
Since watching this for the first time in like 2012 I never realized he said, "cellar door."
SIM0N 1225
SIM0N 1225 Month ago
Gimme them biiigg motherf*ckers 😂🤣
Zack holmes
Zack holmes Month ago
Coronavirus like this👍
Wetwilly87 Month ago
They didn’t order any drinks after that the first order, how were they going to wash down those stork ankles and dog face then?
MostlyPonies 13 days ago
That's what the gravy's for.
Pinky Month ago
Pigfeet and grits actually sounds good...
Señor Hilter
Señor Hilter Month ago
All that soul food gonna turn them into ghosts
Synester Gates
Synester Gates Month ago
Did he just reference the Football player Donkey Teeth groom the East West Bowl skit?
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