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A pawn shop costumer inquires after supplies for a mysterious and dangerous activity.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Jan 10, 2019

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Comments 4 397
Key & Peele
Key & Peele 5 months ago
Welcome to the Key & Peele RUvid channel! Subscribe for more exclusive Key & Peele content: ruvid.net/show-UCdN4aXTrHAtfgbVG9HjBmxQ
jer1014t2th 4 hours ago
I just kept wishing the pawn store owner would just go with it. I really, really wanted Darwin to take the win on this one. 😂
Jesse Ford
Jesse Ford 13 days ago
fang bone
fang bone 28 days ago
U guys r funny
The Truth
The Truth 2 months ago
Chappelle still the best than you both
pancake muffin
pancake muffin 3 months ago
Is that the "Theoretically" Criminal Guy from Reno 911?
jer1014t2th 4 hours ago
I just kept wishing the pawn store owner would just go with it. I really, really wanted Darwin to take the win on this one. 😂
Mousse Tache
Mousse Tache 8 hours ago
They're both awesome as usual but I msut say that somehow Key really impressed me there. he's so on point.
Hovhannes Sargsyan
Hovhannes Sargsyan 10 hours ago
No! I donno, yeah. Yeah!?
Linsquip 12 hours ago
You can always trust your local pawn shop guy to listen intently to everything you say.
I_Like_It_Here 14 hours ago
Are those paper cutouts of guitars...
Nina Gambino
Nina Gambino 20 hours ago
😆 It’s funny because this shit really happens at work. I have my own creepy customer stories where I figured out their master plan in my head and was done 😑 with customer service.
Dancing Panda
thwarted terrorist attack indeed
Chrisso Reynolds
Funny enough I've met a man like this before. I was leaving the bakery and saw this homeless man so I decided to talk to him while I was parked. Apparently he was homeless for like 25 years. I was gonna give him some money so I asked him if he was gonna buy drugs or liquor with it and he acted exactly how this character was, although not with all the questions about stuff like that. Anyway, I still gave him some change I had in my car and he went about his business and so did I. Crazy world filled with crazy people..
David Lewis
David Lewis Day ago
This is Kodak Black 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Øystein A.
Øystein A. Day ago
But now I want to see that...
UndeadGaming Day ago
Just sell him the shit and shut up
Brother John
Brother John Day ago
Hayden J
Hayden J Day ago
This ones funny as too 😂 ruvid.net/video/video-skUgegwkX9I.html
Maniac Grinding
That's the lil homey cop after he retires
ellow maboiii
ellow maboiii 2 days ago
Zipline for my grandma 😂😂😂
KillSwitch Kenny
KillSwitch Kenny 2 days ago
"Twarted terrorist attack "
XChronicDeathX3 Official
I can confirm this is payday 2
blade _runnerZ l
blade _runnerZ l 2 days ago
This is golden
Willem DaFuckedUp
Peele was definitely using Prop Joe as a reference here.
Cyrus Rogers
Cyrus Rogers 2 days ago
This is just ghetto Batman and Lucius
xXTurtleneckXx YT
34 he just described the boombow in Fortnite
Raymond Palacios
Raymond Palacios 3 days ago
Sounds like a good plan to me.
amaizel 3 days ago
human coyote
Saaduddin Ansari
Saaduddin Ansari 3 days ago
Zipline for grandma....... Yup..
Chris Burns
Chris Burns 3 days ago
Zoned lout attem twelvans NFSW Doom com.I5,?
Evi1M4chine 3 days ago
Where was the punch line? Something like it being an actually working plan or the vendor wanting to do it himself or something.
Murlok Abram
Murlok Abram 3 days ago
"Suit of armor wont deflect bullets" Tell that to Ned Kelly
jay thosonmp
jay thosonmp 3 days ago
so this is how hawkeye shops huh?
White Manta
White Manta 3 days ago
Isn't anyone talking about how this is Green Arrow?
DR toast
DR toast 3 days ago
Keegan Michael key for payday 3 everybody
Imperial Watch
Imperial Watch 4 days ago
I'd like to see how that beardguy's masterplan worked out.
Laykan M
Laykan M 4 days ago
Lol how have I never seen this??
Mr Team
Mr Team 4 days ago
Kitty Rich
Kitty Rich 4 days ago
Thwarted terrorist attack on the newspaper headline lol.
The Masoko
The Masoko 4 days ago
I feel like this man is from Florida
simon jonson
simon jonson 4 days ago
Pawaaof Negativaty
It all sounds like a good plan till someone explains your plan.
Kayla Robinson
Kayla Robinson 4 days ago
*etcetera and whatnot*
Seng Design Tutorials
rutger5000 5 days ago
This has a very strong "Door monster" vibe, maybe Key & Peele are fans.
MeekoSoup 5 days ago
Good lord... r/customerservice ftw
YVNGMXRRET 5 days ago
1:12 kinda sounds like something you can do in the new tomb raider games lmao
I make memes
I make memes 5 days ago
He sounds like the green arrow.
Scott Heigl-Yates
"It’s April. "
deidra warren
deidra warren 5 days ago
I'm I wrong to want the both of them at the same time... sexually?
inko zola
inko zola 5 days ago
Peele is soo great actor! LOVE him
This Really Ain't Me
...saw a few guitars and a Marshall amp I would like to have...
madeniran is the Best
This is where fortnite got the idea of the boombow
Evi1M4chine 3 days ago
You moron seriously haven't seen/heard of Rambo 3?
Ayan Shem
Ayan Shem 6 days ago
this is my favorite one.. period.. key is brilliant in this usually peele takes the win
Laween Haji
Laween Haji 6 days ago
The bow with the shotgun shells attached to the end of the arrow is the Boom Bow
icyy luke
icyy luke 6 days ago
YOOOO I kid you not this is my first time seeing this one and when he said he’s doing Christmas shopping I thought to myself him saying “sir it’s April” and he said it at the end wtf 😂
Zay romello
Zay romello 6 days ago
This screams tweaker
0:40 he literally just predicted the boom bow
Jacob Benden
Jacob Benden 6 days ago
This is one of my favorite sketches you've done. It rivals the anger translator. Both of you are incredible!
Release us from the Matrix
The way he says "Damn!" after being told there were no M80's is SO hilarious!
T Holli
T Holli 6 days ago
If there were 2 Dave Chappelles and they were both cuckolds...
Rod Powers
Rod Powers 7 days ago
Funny A F!!!!!
PRPL Clan 7 days ago
Did fortntie use this “bow” idea and added it to there game?!?!
mohammed imran
mohammed imran 7 days ago
The force is strong with this Floridian
kutulucu lucu
kutulucu lucu 7 days ago
721k follower? What happened?
Computers 7 days ago
Kaoss134 7 days ago
The American version of "Do you do poison?"
ColicoVis 7 days ago
Give me strong “do you sell poison” vibes. The British sketch
DragonAurora 7 days ago
The zip line is for...uh...my grandmother. LMFAO!
Cesar Leo
Cesar Leo 7 days ago
This ones not funny
SilentBob420BMFJ 8 days ago
They need to bring the show back.
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
Why bro sound like Randy Savage at first😂😂
Travis 8 days ago
I hope this is the inspiration for the Boom Bow in Fortnite.
Tony Oldman
Tony Oldman 8 days ago
I'll take my business elsewhere Mery Christmas. Its April!
Jimmy 9 days ago
hmmm.. i was waiting for a punchline and it never came
2nd Airborne Productions
The TV show Arrow if it were set in an area with a pawn shop.
Salomo den Otter
Salomo den Otter 9 days ago
This entire situation is hilarious lmaooooo🤣🤣 now i actually want to see him do it.
Meatwad 9 days ago
He sounded like Triple H.
CafeNightster 9 days ago
Damn, I was hoping he'd pull out a bank robbing kit with a bow and arrow w/explosive heads, zipline equipment ,a bulletproof vest, skates and a safe cracking hardware all in a bag with a dollal sign on it.
PoopusWoopus 9 days ago
This skit is stolen and it ain't even got credits for the orginal
i give PTSD
i give PTSD 9 days ago
Didnt even bother watching the video. Im just here to say candyman, candyman,candyman, candyman ....... Candy lol cant even say it in text 5 times
Playboi Carti2
Playboi Carti2 9 days ago
GTA 5 be like
Mb City
Mb City 10 days ago
U guys is damn good funny😂😂
Extreme Yumnam
Extreme Yumnam 10 days ago
Do you guys have roller skates 😂
High Soldier
High Soldier 10 days ago
Best of one
abelkommie 10 days ago
Do you do poison! Florida style
james burnham
james burnham 10 days ago
As a pawnshop owner I can literally tell you this is 90% accurate
Jaden Korr
Jaden Korr 11 days ago
Peele: It's April. Hahaha! Fooking cracked me up.
ChhuanomA Airawn
ChhuanomA Airawn 11 days ago
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 11 days ago
peeles skeptic look. MY GOD😂😂
TigerMan1 andonly
TigerMan1 andonly 11 days ago
I must Tell you a suit of armor won’t deflect bullets I’ll take my chances🤣
Public Toaster
Public Toaster 3 days ago
TigerMan1 andonly ... with Christmas lol
John Goldston
John Goldston 11 days ago
yall see the Mesa Boogie iic+ in the back
Tengku Aliff
Tengku Aliff 11 days ago
Hypothetically speaking!
Sentionaut 11 days ago
This looks like the pawn shop from true detective s2.
Glurbschnurb 12 days ago
I miss this show so much!
Will Ives
Will Ives 12 days ago
I died at it's April
TTV. LyRz 12 days ago
Wait thats the guy that "anger translated" barack obama! Neat
João 12 days ago
Peele is looking like a mix between Stringer Bell and Prop Joe.
zombie600killer 12 days ago
Exactly how green arrow paid for his equipment
Joyson Wildhart
Joyson Wildhart 13 days ago
would have been funny if his nephew and grandma were in the car and were disappointed when he came back empty handed
Lord Gooseberry
Lord Gooseberry 13 days ago
This is actual footage of a Florida man .
Justin Bilyj
Justin Bilyj 13 days ago
Nathan Cloud
Nathan Cloud 13 days ago
This is an older version of the hypothetical criminal from reno 911
Notfor Theclout
Notfor Theclout 14 days ago
White face. This is racist.
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