Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money

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“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O'Leary takes a look at how real estate investor and RUvid star Graham Stephan handles his money. The 30-year-old earned more than $1.6 million last year and saved about 99% of it.
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Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money

Published on


May 21, 2020




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CNBC Make It.
CNBC Make It. 4 months ago
Will Kevin smash the like button on Graham’s finances? Let us know what you think below.
Quinn Christopher
Quinn Christopher 22 days ago
Love Mr Wonderful and love Graham Stephan. Great Content made me smile. I am grateful. Enjoy the day everyone!! Love Susan Bardaro
Florence Connor
Florence Connor Month ago
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AB_015 Month ago
SMASHED! Thank you for showing your support to these RUvid creators and entrepreneurs.
frank simba
frank simba Month ago
lol touché
THEMaNIsWOrTHit 2 months ago
abdirahman AB
abdirahman AB 22 hours ago
Great video
abdirahman AB
abdirahman AB 22 hours ago
Why does he he look fake it looks like he was animated
Diary of Prudence
This is very inspiring
Diary of Prudence
This video is real
Pooper Trooper
fycj yiy ghiwo cna oyu not buyh mcdonlads when you have a lot of momeny???
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 2 days ago
Propaganda at its finest
TrickyPLAYS 2 days ago
thats kool that Graham works with The Oppenheim Group, anyone else watches Selling Sunset???
L. L.
L. L. 2 days ago
As Italian I need to tell you, pasta were over cooked for at lest 100%. So sad 😭😭😭😆
Tales toTell
Tales toTell 3 days ago
I agree about the clothes except that for women especially your weight can fluctuate. Of i was ever fortunate enough to be that rich i would splurge on staple pieces and be thrifty with trendy pieces because fashion is like art and entertainment to me.
JJV 4 days ago
2:14 "I love this guy" - almost made me wee
Marie Walker
Marie Walker 4 days ago
Investing in digital currencies will be a way of safe guarding a future of financial freedom.
David Krueger
David Krueger 3 days ago
Carolyn Hamilton true but that’s when you work with the right expert
Carolyn Hamilton
Carolyn Hamilton 3 days ago
The competition is on and every trader wants to be the best and successful but the truth is not everyone can be successful in trading. But I still think forex trading and crypto currency especially bitcoin investment still remains the best.
Jerry Bruce
Jerry Bruce 3 days ago
Bitcoin is a technological tour de force
William Wrate
William Wrate 3 days ago
I’m giving it a shot this time
Derrick Wayne
Derrick Wayne 3 days ago
I enjoy the forex market because it’s timeless you can start with $2000 some experts take lower than that for start up, I promise you just can’t stop investing in the forex market because it’s very profitable and like a lifetime investment the best so far
uroprop 4 days ago
hes not making +80k a month on a 1mill sub youtube sry thats bs
Andre williams
Andre williams 4 days ago
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Andre williams
Andre williams 4 days ago
@Benjamin Bailey At EarnWithKebira
Andre williams
Andre williams 4 days ago
@Benjamin Bailey Connect Them On TeIegram
Mike Arleen
Mike Arleen 4 days ago
I have seen many recommendation on this same Company, Please what's the minimum for investing and How can i get connected with Them please?
Mary Arleana
Mary Arleana 4 days ago
wow, I’m from be the United States , I’m currently working with this Fx Company and I have 2 of my family involved with Them. Their strategies makes it look easy haha. Im glad They’re getting more recognition, good name speaks for itself.
Austinscott Miller
WOW!! Cool profits, Can i get Their Telegram name please i'd like to get across to any of there managements.
Google made me do it
I'm very glad a rich guy says owning a car is just a waste of money. Renting a Poppy should be good enough.
Waw ZtZtA
Waw ZtZtA 4 days ago
this video makes my guillotine hand tremble
Mrs WYME 5 days ago
Heyyyy graham
Lukas D
Lukas D 6 days ago
Actually hope Graham Can be a Shark one Day
Michael Jayden Anderson
this guy is solid. i like how he thinks.
Jaden Williams
Jaden Williams 6 days ago
RECESSION !! closer bitcoin not really stable same with stock market really Forex trading has been the best Investment of the decades
Krack Agnes
Krack Agnes 6 days ago
people fails to understand that the rich stay rich by spending like the poor and Investing without stopping then the poor fails to do so.
Adoria claudia
Adoria claudia 6 days ago
You're right sir
Patrick bob Roundpants
They really played an uno reverse
Semi Nooblex
Semi Nooblex 6 days ago
Now he's says a car isnt needed, tell this man to get a normal job lol
Semi Nooblex
Semi Nooblex 6 days ago
He could accept sponsors and make an extra 30grand a month
sebasromang 6 days ago
Man that green screen was mess up
kommisar 7 days ago
Buying clothes is a mixed bag in terms of getting value for your money. Some clothes you can buy cheap, like with t-shirts or underwear. I find when it comes to nicer clothes though, like dress shoes or sports jackets, you do have to spring for the more expensive stuff. You can tell when someone's wearing a cheap suit, but you can pinch your pennies on sneakers.
Jay Karli
Jay Karli 8 days ago
The thing I like about Graham is definitely his honesty about how much he makes from RUvid
I control you
Sterling 8 days ago
0:57 😂😂
sethers775 8 days ago
rich get richer by acting poor. poor get poorer by acting rich
Wade Morgan
Wade Morgan 8 days ago
O’ Leary “ I don’t believe anyone needs a car now a days” ***laughs in northern Nevada”
Saad Khan
Saad Khan 8 days ago
These millionaires make millions from the fast food industry but never eat it for themselves
Real Approved
Real Approved 9 days ago
Graham is a super nice guy. Met him at a Matt Mckeever Jeff Wybo thing is Las Vegas. Always Enjoy his Videos. .
ryan tabb
ryan tabb 10 days ago
You can ship frugally but still by investment and statement pieces that are timeless
varun sharma
varun sharma 10 days ago
He’s the one who did the review of Million dollar credit card
Klyde- 10 days ago
kevin o' leary looks like leonard hofstadter when he grew up
Txx Rxxx
Txx Rxxx 10 days ago
I started to watch this video and stopped once I knew who it was about. I used to Watch Graham Stephan but his videos are too long, filled with irrelevant content, he rambles, and he has way too many commercials. There is much better content for my time elsewhere in RUvid. He makes his money because he has lots of subscribers. Well he worked hard getting there but adds no value to me. He’s a waste of time. Good for him. He makes the money preachers look like amateurs. He’s just found that selling snake oil is lucrative because of the amount of suckers out there that give him there time. We’ll see if this is sustainable. I have no respect for him. And yes I have written to him telling him he has too many ads in his videos.
Ian Allen
Ian Allen 11 days ago
I feel hope for the future
Syed Ghazi
Syed Ghazi 11 days ago
Tesla was a stupid you have to wait for charging I rather go for a Toyota or Mazda 3 85 takes 5 minutes to fill up for 500 Kilometres for 40 dollars.
Zachary Comstock
Zachary Comstock 11 days ago
I don't waste money on coffee, but I just bought a slice of pizza after already having dinner and it feels just as bad.
Jd Mathys
Jd Mathys 11 days ago
...aaaaaand how's that California market looking as of September 8th 2020?
Jose Peixoto
Jose Peixoto 11 days ago
all that money can't buy you even *one* hair, that's ironic.
Info Series
Info Series 12 days ago
i thinks pewdiepie is way richer than him by considering the fact that he is 30 year old
pomerade gbr2
pomerade gbr2 12 days ago
mr wonderful aka kevin oleary
I like this angle from Mr. Wonderful. More personal less jerk. Thx
charlesschirripa 12 days ago
$200/month on groceries? I spend that per week.
m Johnson
m Johnson 13 days ago
Smart millionaires don't broadcast their wealth, they live under the radar.
Spam Mail
Spam Mail 14 days ago
If Trump did something like this with the tax write-offs, there were be an uproar
Susie Blanco
Susie Blanco 14 days ago
Kevin was ready to get outta there 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Almighty Binx
Almighty Binx 15 days ago
COll video, very inspiring! I'll get there one day. That's my goal.
Mikhail Nasa
Mikhail Nasa 15 days ago
pipimp100 16 days ago
YOLO!!! Enjoy your hard work...you can't take money with you when you die!!!!
Next Level Entertainment
Of course Kevin's going to say what he did at the end, otherwise he would have no workers!
account 17 days ago
cnbc, you almost caught this dislike because of your incredibly persistent ads
Shahabuddin Khan
Shahabuddin Khan 17 days ago
I can make a million in two days from the greatest source of financial advice, WSBs.
Kennis Dees
Kennis Dees 17 days ago
Wait he works for the Oppenheim group?? When he gonna be on Selling Sunset??
Lucia Casucci
Lucia Casucci 17 days ago
I don't get how he found a duplex that is so affordable in LA... I guess it is part of his job in the end
Laurens 17 days ago
Superficial people talking about non-important things.
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson 18 days ago
Can I be a RUvid star? . . Uhhh.. . Probably not. But I'll still entertain yall.
uBenji1234 18 days ago
Graham does indexfunds...
Taylor Dean Wilson
Taylor Dean Wilson 19 days ago
Kevin says you don't need cars, but how does he get to his lake house on Lake Joseph...there is like no public service to Mactier...😂😂
Alexandre Sansouci
Alexandre Sansouci 19 days ago
It is uncertain when this pandemic will finally be over, so I'm tryna improvise by focusing on investing, an investor i saw on business insider spoke about making over $650,000 in 4 months as a beginner i would really appreciate any tips or guidelines on how to become a successful trader.
꧁ LXVE ꧂
꧁ LXVE ꧂ 2 days ago
Anyone who tells you something like "I can make $650k for you in 4 months" is bullshitting. No one is going to go out of their way to make money for you (unless they get a fat cut) or reveal strategies that work. Also, those kinds of huge gains in a short time span don't come from investing, they're from trading options which is basically gambling, but more along the lines of Texas Hold Em where having lots of intelligence and information can give you a long term expected earnings that is net positive. You won't win 100% of your options, but you'll win the majority. Options are high risk high reward and you need a lot of technical knowledge to make lots of money off of options. Later you can diversify in ETFs and other financial instruments to have steadily growing wealth. You can also avoid management fees doing everything yourself but most people won't have the time to do that.
Colin Herman
Colin Herman 7 days ago
Andre Jason are advisers expensive? Also what is a good starting amount of money to at least start breaking even moving towards actually profiting?
Big Sam
Big Sam 11 days ago
wire me your saving account and ill do all the investing for you, pinky promise?
9nar 18 days ago
Maria Lopez as a 15 year old i dream of those numbers could i ask how you start investing in terms of where the 270k cane from ?
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 19 days ago
@Andre Jason I invest with Lorna Rose Sabbia, I came across her on a CNBC Interview and her contact details were highlighted, You could reach her on Telegram or IG at tradewith_lorna
cityofLAzy 20 days ago
Mr krabs lol
Joshua Schilling
Joshua Schilling 20 days ago
Graham “you don’t have to work 12hours a day” Kevin “yes you have to work 15 hours a day”
Molly Jones
Molly Jones 20 days ago
Graham should react to Kevin reacting to him😂
Dr Vincent2030
Dr Vincent2030 20 days ago
Trading is very profitable with the help of a professional broker managing your trading account
Emily Danna
Emily Danna 19 days ago
To be honest I invested as low as $500 because I was skeptical 🤨 initially. Receiving my profit gave me more confidence to reinvest
Anne Staal
Anne Staal 19 days ago
That shouldn’t be a regret... I and my wife started up trading less than 40mins we chatted him up.
Franklin Johnson
Franklin Johnson 19 days ago
Trading with him has been the best decision I’ve made this year.... can’t wait to cash out today and reinvest.
Rebecca Josie
Rebecca Josie 19 days ago
Wow can’t believe you guys also know expert Mr Richard
IRENE Dorins
IRENE Dorins 19 days ago
Investment is the tiny line that keeps differentiating the poor from the rich. Mr Richard has brought these to our door 🚪 steps I guess
028Jacy 20 days ago
Kevin looks like he could be Graham’s father.
GunnSmith 21 day ago
Everyone can't stay home until 21...
Sole Gonz
Sole Gonz 19 days ago
You're right. Family support is huge. Not paying rent & saving is important. I know someone who lived at home until 25 (fought alot with her folks) never paid any rent or the mortgage but by age 24 had over $30k in her savings & had her college degree. It was her stepping stone to buying her house young.
BigBudde & BooBoo
8.234 LOL
David .M
David .M 21 day ago
When he was talking about clothes i think he meant he doesnt buy overpriced crap luke supreme or gucci, he buys good quality generaly cheap cloths
Si Señor
Si Señor 20 days ago
Agree. Why buy suits if you’re not going to use them? I seen a lot of cashiers wearing suits. He’s self employed, doesn’t need them.
Wei Zhang
Wei Zhang 21 day ago
Honestly I don’t like this guy smh. He’s a Speculator with no education. His lifestyle is way too cheap and no fun....No offense tho
Alex Digro
Alex Digro 22 days ago
Is it about how Stingy a person can be or what. The guy has no clue that he lives once and this age will never return. Over spending is dumb but what he do is way more dumb.
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo 22 days ago
I hardly ever splurge on expensive clothes, I felt bad buying 2 pairs of RayBans lol the one thing I do not spending my money on are suits. I don't care how I look at Target or the beach but I do want to give a good first impression for business. Funny story I worked for a stupid rich health insurance company owner and we are standing next to each other and a vendor for a catering company walked in. Walked right pass my boss came up to me thinking I was the boss and I never seen my boss so mad lol... To this day (I no longer work there) he wears nice suits now (tho he still doesn't know how to tie a tie) but I had everyone in my office thinking I was loaded. I usually wouldn't care but I definitely got better treatment because of it. People giving me tips, wanting to be around me etc.... sounds stupid and shallow but then again most people are.
Life Coach Jesse
Life Coach Jesse 23 days ago
I want to see Kevin and Grant Cardone. Or Grant Cardone on Shark Tank next to Mark Cuban
Krisha Joshi
Krisha Joshi 23 days ago
I have been thinking whole time where I have seen him, I live n India lol, its on Jubilee, it Graham from jubilee eps, omg
Gavin Njoroge
Gavin Njoroge 23 days ago
I know this guy
This guy
Elizabeth Burke
Elizabeth Burke 25 days ago
James Buckey
James Buckey 25 days ago
Does Kevin know what an algorithm is; really?
Xavier Cox
Xavier Cox 25 days ago
Come on you can have a better green-screen that that CNBC
prpr hrhe
prpr hrhe 25 days ago
What is the point of working hard to get money if you are not going to spend any. Save them then get old and die and leave them behind. Yes people should save and spend in relative ratio. If you are making a 1.6 millions a year, you don't need to save on your food. If you can't even enjoy a nice cup of coffee or nice meals which will cost you over the whole year maybe like 1 percent of your income? Yes if you make 2 k a month then you shouldn't be buying coffee because accumulated purchases will be significant in relation to your income. Because at this point you would need that money to invest it and raise your income. Spending is relative being frugal is as stupid as being a reckless spender. You will only live once and you won't be taking any with you.
Christopher McMickle
He's wearing a nice Zenith el primero watch.
Joe Black
Joe Black 25 days ago
Thanks for the video...it time for me to eliminate the things that stop me from getting to the million dollar.
Kartika Bayu
Kartika Bayu 25 days ago
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K Lo
K Lo 26 days ago
Vivek Kapur
Vivek Kapur 27 days ago
Wait how did he get the Tesla for under $100 a month?
Sebastian Samper
Sebastian Samper 27 days ago
Kevin O'Leary says 3.5 billion people living in poverty is 'fantastic news'. Just saying...
Koble Tora
Koble Tora 28 days ago
dude's been making 1.6m/year and eats pasta without sauce. maybe I need to cut down my sauces....
Aruesx 28 days ago
Jeff Bezos watching this: I like how Kevin thinks but why save money? Just spend it or you wont be alive to spend it ....
Shermineh .salehiesmati
Linda S
Linda S 28 days ago
Not a fan of people who profit on someone else's misfortune. But we all don't have the same morals.
Nick B
Nick B 29 days ago
Wait I don’t understand the title. Is $1.6 million supposed to be not much for LA?
Nick B
Nick B 29 days ago
Because he’s really living on like less than $50k per year kinda a confusing title
Josh F-w
Josh F-w 29 days ago
And that's how rich people become and stay rich
Eman namE
Eman namE 29 days ago
Graham is cheap , Kevin is not. In all Kevin, as life is too short.
tracy Star
tracy Star 29 days ago
So basically he’s a glorified RUvidr trying to tell us normies how to spend our money.
tracy Star
tracy Star 22 days ago
Lucas Morris Literally yes
Lucas Morris
Lucas Morris 28 days ago
Basically no
Brad West
Brad West 29 days ago
Eighty Five percent of his income is through youtube. @janetreno ___ This guy is the true cult you were chasing. Hopefully this one turns out little bit better
Shay Longino
Shay Longino 29 days ago
Mr. Wonderful!!!
Evan Moorman
Evan Moorman Month ago
The guy seems like he has made fairly strong investments; however, other suggestions like don’t buy coffee seem unnecessary and a bit cliche. Look if you are making that much money, limiting coffee consumption is pretty immaterial, as is saving 99 percent of income.
Bachelorette Cook-in
Zycho Month ago
rent is theft, millionaires shouldnt exist.
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