Kevin Hart Leads 2018 NBA All-Star Game Introductions | Team LeBron & Team Stephen

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Kevin Hart pulls out all the jokes during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game Introductions, featuring Team LeBron & Team Stephen!!!
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Feb 18, 2018




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Comments 80
MAMA_YA _TOP 2 days ago
LeBron is picking the great players he always pick kd
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 days ago
*Kevin Hart is so annoying* 😂
Sidi SC
Sidi SC 3 days ago
The only bad thing in this video is the cheerleaders
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer 3 days ago
Hoops Finals 2020 Game 2 Live At Staples Center (Tomorrow 1:30 PM ET)
XavierJules Kapunan
Prince Nereus
Prince Nereus 4 days ago
Giannis "I can't say it"
GMC Mc 4 days ago
I love Kevin hart 🤣
Jigme g
Jigme g 4 days ago
10:10 🤣🤣🤣
kaidon cline
kaidon cline 5 days ago
Props to Kevin hart for remembering all those stats
brian hopkins
brian hopkins 7 days ago
La Lakers cheerleaders are so sexy like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders
Ariel Muya
Ariel Muya 7 days ago
LMAO..... This Sounds Like Gym Rats Vs Lab Rats
SON_OF_ YAH 7 days ago
Those dancers look ridiculous
Marc Louie M. Pasion
Kyle Bautista
Kyle Bautista 11 days ago
Kevin Hart should just do every All-Star introductions every year
Cheese J
Cheese J 13 days ago
The way he says the names. Just makes me die
Cheese J
Cheese J 13 days ago
He is funny
jeremiah griffith
jeremiah griffith 13 days ago
Who watchin this in 2020
Yoshiro Senpai
Yoshiro Senpai 15 days ago
A lot of people are saying that Dragic was just a random pic for this all star game but personally I think he deserves it cause he is a pretty good player
Garrypaul Faminiano
Kevin hart was better than common introduction
Oscar Harrison
Oscar Harrison 17 days ago
Why were there girls dressed in clippers logo
Aya Hashem
Aya Hashem 17 days ago
Yanis 18 days ago
what the name of music for Klay please ?
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale 20 days ago
He also makes everybody on his team wear name tags coz they all are new 😂😂😂 I'm talking bout LeBron James 😂😂 Damn Kevin you know about LeGM
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 22 days ago
Kyrie Irving is the softest cry baby in the world. Was about to have a fit wit his whack ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 needs to go see somebody or journal or something
Cian Torio
Cian Torio 22 days ago
I freaking love Kevin Hart 🤣😂😂😂
Alena Herandez
Alena Herandez 23 days ago
Team Stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team stephen curry team
Dau Cagialau
Dau Cagialau 23 days ago
Ok hi iam watching this and on 1:25 you can see a girl wearing yellow and purple on the back she ripped her dress .but you need to look closely , i came back to see if i was right and there..
Reflexzz 69
Reflexzz 69 24 days ago
Demarcus cousins looked si sad
cenigma45 26 days ago
Kevin Durant look like Jody I'm hollin
Gwen 26 days ago
That cheerleading clapping dance thing is a mess lmao
Sean Sean Master
Sean Sean Master 27 days ago
who fells bad for demarcus cousins like if you do
Jamal Jimenez
Jamal Jimenez 28 days ago
Kevin be on they ass, and the players be like:😐
Dilip Thakuria
Dilip Thakuria 29 days ago
Fuck NBA bunch of idiots
Sean Sean Master
Sean Sean Master 27 days ago
f*ck you to
kuaze yin
kuaze yin Month ago
4:28 that grew old
Amat Doucoure
Amat Doucoure Month ago
What up chubaka
Myles Hill-Scott
AJHLL 123 Month ago
Seeing Kd and Russ togeather
Mark Oliver Villanueva
This introduction was way more better than this year's all star
jonny Month ago
Mike D’antoni : 🗿
Curry 27
Curry 27 Month ago
look at curry man
poini tongotea
poini tongotea Month ago
he should always do the intro for every game. he funny as hell
Tim Ouyang
Tim Ouyang Month ago
John wall's fit is fire asf
Peyton Pierce
Peyton Pierce Month ago
Give me alerts for the head coach from the Toronto Rappers
Bot Kong
Bot Kong Month ago
Klay got lost so he stood there😂😂
Jade Jonathan
Jade Jonathan Month ago
the earth is not flat kyrie 😂🤣
Not_Sweaty Month ago
When Kevin was naming the people unable to play because of their injuries they looked mad worried. 😂
AndrewLifts Month ago
We have yet to see it... Kevin Hart Vs. The Rock 1on1! 👍
Sebastian Rodriguez
I bet MY LIFE that all the players mentioned jumped Kevin after this
just darche
just darche Month ago
On the Curry intro i know that the song is Dr. Dre - The next episode, but can you help me find it remix with the dj scratching ... please
Ori Elia
Ori Elia Month ago
Klay didnt want to get down from the stage😂
Francis Gabriel
Francis Gabriel Month ago
Best introduction than 2020
It's me Manalili
What up Chewbacca 😂
It's me Manalili
Put some lotion on those vocal chords 😂
Jay Kim
Jay Kim Month ago
Kevin Durant's little baby brother
MrTvela Month ago
Whys it look like McDonald's sponsoring this event with the fries in the background lmao
Mick Month ago
Those cheerleaders clapping made me cringe so hard
Mirmonxyy Month ago
Just Giannis 😭😭
Mirmonxyy Month ago
I started dying When He Introduced Westbrook and Kd
Mirmonxyy Month ago
He said The only Player Of Waxing His Shoulders 😂😭
loneKoper Month ago
Fuck nba,those chics are hot.
rica yen
rica yen Month ago
The man with two first name Paul George 😂
the most rewatchable video of all time
Nashon Niromal
Nashon Niromal Month ago
"Lot of teeth in his mouth !" 😅😅
Tim D
Tim D Month ago
I feel dad 4 cheerleaders
RaymondPlayz Month ago
Kevin Hart: *make voice for introduction* Me:Dam Bout To Get Kevin Hart In 50 All Star Introductions
Shaggy Dy
Shaggy Dy Month ago
Kevin Hart with Big Balls out there. Roasting every NBA All Star.
Awit Month ago
The best intro
TBAWWS Month ago
What was the name that the west came out to
Christian Gabriel
ILike the background music...
Curtis Kim
Curtis Kim Month ago
Also why Kevin’s strings so long?
Curtis Kim
Curtis Kim Month ago
Being able to roast 20+ grown ass men that are bigger than you is a true talent
Adrian 2 months ago
He roasted everyone except Kemba cause they're both short
Ethan Does Vlog
Ethan Does Vlog 2 months ago
Man he talks alot
Mirasey Isa
Mirasey Isa 2 months ago
OMG Kevin will make you pee in yourself
sXwaDe 2 months ago
Nigga be out here roastin' dudes comin' out of the stage
Madison_ x
Madison_ x 2 months ago
Lmaooo Klay Thompson *The Guy With No Voices*
Cris_is_asian N
Cris_is_asian N 2 months ago
Is it to late to say that AD is gonna play with Lebron in the 2019-2020 season
Daniel Maluchnik
Daniel Maluchnik 2 months ago
Songs for the reserves?
Ass Juice
Ass Juice 2 months ago
Americans are so cringey with everything they do
Mr. Chel
Mr. Chel 2 months ago
Because like a dragon his breath will kill you, I’m dead 😂😂
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