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As his history-making comedy special What Now? hits theaters, the biggest comedian in the game joins the biggest Internet wings show in the game for an extra-hot interview. Kevin Hart damn near loses his mind on the hot sauce, but that doesn't stop him from peppering in some motivational speeches, cracking jokes about DJ Khaled, and regaling Sean with some hilarious anecdotes about working at a male strip club. In Hart's own words, "We out here!"
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Season 2
Episode 31
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings

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Oct 11, 2016




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Comments 15 677
First We Feast
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awoken V
awoken V 2 days ago
Get practical jokes on your show !!!! The 4 of them @firstwefeast
Serotonin MDMA
Serotonin MDMA 29 days ago
First We Feast get korn on there
Brendan Peery
Brendan Peery Month ago
are you aware of a channel named complex? it looks like they're hosting your content. ruvid.net/video/video-NkqNNctIffA.html
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 2 months ago
Yo you've gotta get Katt Williams, T.I.P. , Ice Cube, or at least Will Ferrell on here...hell maybe even Obama he's black and he's from Chicago....speaking of which where's Kanyeezy...??
Jet Black
Jet Black 8 hours ago
We need Betty White on here.
Jet Black
Jet Black 8 hours ago
@Love Jones totally
Love Jones
Love Jones 8 hours ago
Jet Black I think she’ll be hilarious
Jet Black
Jet Black 8 hours ago
Everyone complaining about how he's looking off he do this in everything even movies yall don't watch him enough clearly. He's a freaking comedian duh yea the glasses was a bit much but whatever.
Kingsley 14 hours ago
Kevin Hart is the best. Everywhere he goes. Humble and proud in perfect balance. His brain is by far his best muscle.
MerchantMonk 20 hours ago
Hes so arrogant... I liked seeing him humbled by the peppers :)
Jim carrey will talk outta his ass if he does this
Plz bring jim carrey !
mohammad reza zahedi
Petition for The Rock to be on the show with Kevin Hart
Oriana Schroeder
Omg kevin heart is such a sweet soul
ImPvEspec Day ago
8.5k people downvoted this lol what the hell..Nazi Vegans is the only thought that comes to mind.
John Ran
John Ran Day ago
In the category of hugely famous comedians that aren't funny, he's in good company with Jeff Dunham.
Trixy2x Day ago
50 subscribers giveaway
Papyrus 22
Papyrus 22 Day ago
Kim Jefferson
He was probably trying to impress the female that was sitting off camera...
Phillip Clark
The biggest insult is to not look at the person when you’re being asked questions. Stop looking at your friends and be respectful.
Neha Mohan
Neha Mohan 2 days ago
Kevin is too much 🤣
sugarlette86 2 days ago
I love this episode he cracks me up he literally looks drunk ha ha ha 🥴
Dwaine Smith
Dwaine Smith 3 days ago
Lmfao kevin funny guy
Afrin khan
Afrin khan 3 days ago
Spooni 3 days ago
he aint even funny bruh
Stinson Music
Stinson Music 3 days ago
For everyone who thinks Kevin heart was intentionally being disrespectful: 21:40
Big Motor
Big Motor 3 days ago
The interviewer seemed kind of white bread in this one. Nothing negative, but just did not seem to flow like other interviews
Heather B
Heather B 3 days ago
Omg I laughed so hard to this 😂😂😂 Kevin Heart is the best
Jo Hail
Jo Hail 3 days ago
"What yall got here is genius" then he stole the idea. Damn kevin i liked you
jkl jkl
jkl jkl Day ago
@Jo Hail I'll check it out!
Jo Hail
Jo Hail Day ago
@jkl jkl he's doing some sort of ice bath interciew thing where every question, more ice is dumped into the bath to make the interviewee more uncomfortable and thus less able to think about how they normally give the standard answers. Just like hot ones.
jkl jkl
jkl jkl Day ago
He stole it?
Katherine Moss
Katherine Moss 4 days ago
I think it would be hilarious to see markiplier on here
LETS BE FRIENDS 4 days ago
We need will ferell, jim carrey, steve carell !!
Gary H
Gary H 4 days ago
Sean, It would be awesome to see the comedian Catfish Coolie on he eats some pretty hot stuff on his You Tube channel .
Black Tyger
Black Tyger 5 days ago
Reign Of Bang Cranks - Kingdom Of Dragon Might
Black Tyger
Black Tyger 5 days ago
Raid King!
Michelle Pense
Michelle Pense 5 days ago
Titanic hits the iceberg at 11:14.
michael mcmillan
michael mcmillan 5 days ago
Yall do know its a crowd back there right?
its a brazy vlog
its a brazy vlog 5 days ago
kevin hart burining his ass off then other dude keeeppp talkingg!!
allstars617 5 days ago
Why does he have sunglasses on... pretty lame move
Sheerow Houdini
Sheerow Houdini 5 days ago
We need cody ko and noel miller on hot ones....for like an hour long show...it’d be the funniest shit ever😂😂😂😂
youtubing182 6 days ago
This midget is quite the douche bag.
B Martin
B Martin 6 days ago
who wears sunglasses inside vampires. and douchebags. just kidding, we love you Kevin!!!!
Justin Chiu
Justin Chiu 6 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hWKbZpwvhcc.html check it out parody version
William A Noble
William A Noble 6 days ago
Only Sean Evan's can make Kev look tiny
Nicole Massey
Nicole Massey 7 days ago
David Chappell
millie payton
millie payton 7 days ago
16:17 ( why you gotta start talking right after man) 😂
STRAP DADDY 7 days ago
Kevin Hart is funny as hell😂😂😂😂
Mariako Gamer
Mariako Gamer 7 days ago
I ate the hottest buffalo chicken wing it burn my mouth it was no joke is was soooo spicy but I dipped it in ranch and I took and towel and drooled on it because it helps
Riley Davila
Riley Davila 7 days ago
He says little dabs with the last one Me: come on man empty the bottle on the wing
BlackMuddyRiver 7 days ago
Mama used to say shit fire and save matches, when food was spicy.
Marko Ivanovic
Marko Ivanovic 7 days ago
Why is Shawn pissed when people don't respond to his question, it's his fault for making a flawed concept of a show, Joe rogan is right, can't interview people when they're eating the hottest spice in the world
Jenna girl
Jenna girl 7 days ago
Who’s else clicked fast as hell on this video when they saw Kevin hart cause they knew it was gonna be funny as hell 🙋🏻‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂
Seamus McKenna
Seamus McKenna 7 days ago
Not spicy enough
Zuauhn Thee Director
Bruuuuh, when he said “I feel like my teeth coming out” I lost it. 😂😂😂😂
Evo Ikoh Magi
Evo Ikoh Magi 8 days ago
Kuruption Is Dead ☠️
Moses Francis
Moses Francis 8 days ago
Watching this again in 2020 haha
Marie Tri
Marie Tri 8 days ago
We need jenna and Julien!
Captain Sox
Captain Sox 8 days ago
This should be renamed “hot as balls”
ivette canchola
ivette canchola 8 days ago
Kevin sounds high😂 High on wings i swear 😂😂.
ZΔCK GRΞYHΔT 8 days ago
13:03 Da Bomb
19:33 Funny
F B E TV 9 days ago
You should have Bloveslife on here!
Christopher Drummond
He’s high as fuck. I love him.
Leidora p Hooper
Leidora p Hooper 9 days ago
Kevin high frfr
Buddha Tv
Buddha Tv 9 days ago
That host ain’t taste nun of that chicken🤣
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