Kesha - Raising Hell (Official Video) ft. Big Freedia

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Director: Luke Gilford
Creative Director: Brian Roettinger
Executive Producer: Heather Heller
Commissioners: Camille Yorrick, Sam Houston
Prod. Supervisor: Cesar Villasenor
Prod. Coordinator: Lizzy Walker

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Oct 24, 2019




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Comments 14 523
keshaVEVO 9 months ago
I’m so excited to share my new music with y’all. I feel like this time around I’ve reclaimed my love of life. And I’ve decided to ‘fight for my right to party’...on my own terms!! I hope you all love it as much as I loved making it, and know I always have y’all in mind.
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen Month ago
@Love Lion King Kesha is amazing but you deaerve bigger dreams. Try to see that. 💕
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen Month ago
Never do ANYTHING not on your own terms, please! 🙏💕 You're so fucking ridiculiusly talented, it hurts. And thinking CEOs have ever had the balls to bully your ass, makes me want to puke! You have what they'll never have--a soul. Which btw is why your fans love you the way they do! 💯 Love you, love!
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen Month ago
KESHAAAAA. YOU MUST BE SHADOWBANNED!! I an 5 months late!!! And I am living for every song!! Thank you, ma'am!! 😍💕💕💕
Chloe Cunningham
Have always loved you Kesha
Ozzie Abaza
Ozzie Abaza Month ago
enes kans
enes kans 4 hours ago
Love it
Mia Greenly
Mia Greenly 5 hours ago
It's sad that she was a huge 2010 singer, and now you rarely hear her music. SHE HAD TO CHANGE HER NAME FROM Ke$ha to kesha! IT'S SOOO UPSETTING. This is my favorite song of hers.
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen 10 hours ago
Ah, dang, this my shit! Beat like this make me feel that POWAAAAAA! 🙏💕my We can always find the trouble we don't need no help. 💯
Candace D
Candace D 21 hour ago
It happens :)
Nart Ali
Nart Ali 22 hours ago
But I don't want go to heaven without raising hell
Nart Ali
Nart Ali 22 hours ago
Bitch I'm blessed
Nart Ali
Nart Ali 22 hours ago
Ooooh if you couldn't tell we can always find the trouble we dont need help
Ometochtli Pipiltin
Yeeess puta get it I love the both of y'all!!! WELCOME BACK KESHA!!
Brenda D
Brenda D Day ago
Holy shit! I love this song! Why is this not in the radio?
Eu amo a nova Kesha. I love this music
Omar Robinson
Omar Robinson 2 days ago
This song shouldn’t have flopped but I already know it’s going to be a hard road for Ke$ha because the men with power in the industry don’t like her all that much!!! That’s ok! Keep pushing love! Your fans still got you!
kenneth fiel
kenneth fiel 2 days ago
Mainstream or not I don't really care. I'm just glad she's making music that's true to her heart this time. Fan since tik tok
Stephen Key
Stephen Key 2 days ago
This has to be a subliminal dig at Dr Luke and his abuse of her....its no coincidence it didn't do that well....or as well as she used to enjoy....she's exposed him and he's no doubt got an army of cliquey minions as Weinstein did...but he still got what was coming to him
Ezenwa Ekpendu
Ezenwa Ekpendu 3 days ago
Love you kesha
77- Pain
77- Pain 3 days ago
It's me
Earl James
Earl James 3 days ago
Kesha is underrated now
Anna Rehbinder
Anna Rehbinder 4 days ago
Been there! Not there anymore! Glad for both of us... getting out is GOOD!
shUgo 4 days ago
omar 4 days ago
okay but why is this so underrated? i though it’s gonna be a hit but... disappointed
xxKEVZxx 4 days ago
i'm so happy she's making music again and i'm only discovering it now! i can see that she's happy and having fun! 😍🥰
ghoul biz
ghoul biz 4 days ago
here’s big freedia da queen diva
ghoul biz
ghoul biz 4 days ago
she looked INCREDIBLE here
Aldo Nuñez
Aldo Nuñez 5 days ago
I'm kesha's fan since 2010 and I still love her
jack taylor
jack taylor 5 days ago
I actually think this is my favourite music video from Kesha :)
Persival __109
Persival __109 5 days ago
Wher do end ke$ha because in this latest vidoe i see onli kesha but is like 9 years that ke$ha desapear
Megan Xo
Megan Xo 6 days ago
I love this woman
‘ Bior
‘ Bior 6 days ago
Name a song that can top this, ill wait
Lia 6 days ago
i don't wanna go to heaven without raising hell.
Nico Martínez
Nico Martínez 6 days ago
this didn't deserved to flop :(
sisouza ira
sisouza ira 7 days ago
Será que e um easter egg de scream quenn
Franklin Leite
Franklin Leite 7 days ago
love thisssss
Lab PlayList
Lab PlayList 7 days ago
sempre venho ver esse ícone vídeo kkkkkk 💚🌈
Hayden Hawkins
Hayden Hawkins 7 days ago
This is such a freeing song 👍
Ney Nuevo
Ney Nuevo 7 days ago
Warning to those sinful churches! This is what happens when u play church! Don't play with God or u will be raising Hell in Hell for playing with Jesus the Lord God price for sin.
JK Lee
JK Lee 8 days ago
mind control video for the masses
Noahide 8 days ago
It must be exciting being firmly established in the second tier of pop divas, huh Kesha? Great work baby.
T Vannatter
T Vannatter 9 days ago
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Andrew V
Andrew V 9 days ago
I can't believe this is only appraoching 10M views after almost ten months...this should have gotten 10M in 48 hours, such a bop
anthony moura
anthony moura 9 days ago
i am here streaming everyday bc i love her sm 🖤
Nicolás 6 days ago
rishabhchawla 9 days ago
Even though song is bad here she is actually singing. Not just reciting words in auto tune.
Brit ,Bree And nacho
Love this 💕
Juan Aldaz
Juan Aldaz 9 days ago
Denelle Lovelace
Denelle Lovelace 9 days ago
Well the end should not be for kids
Denelle Lovelace
Denelle Lovelace 9 days ago
I love this song but it should not be for kids lol jk
emma 10 days ago
Lucas Lorthens
Lucas Lorthens 10 days ago
Um Shade aos falsos profetas e crentes q usam o nome de Deus pra o mal kkkkk
Eliran Yadgarove
Eliran Yadgarove 10 days ago
To this day i still dosen't now what this video had to do with the music inside of it . One of the worst tracks and the most wickess lead singles ever she droped to this date . High road its kesha worst album in my opinion . Im not a hater am a true fan that now what she is capeble to as an artist ! After an epic recored like rainbow you cant say this is her best album ever ! I wished she explored the country pop more , bluess and indie pop even cus thats her type of music that her voice suit for me . She is a beast as a songwriter !!! Dont forgot that !! I really wished for kesha5th to be more expirimental !!
Ocean Cleaner
Ocean Cleaner 11 days ago
Why is this a remake of the Paparazzi video though? I really love this song btw
Zedd Ortiz
Zedd Ortiz 11 days ago
carijd11 11 days ago
We don’t count this as a Christian song. Because there’s no Jesus,lord,any healing miracles,Holy Spirit or anything Christianity related.
Toby Moreno
Toby Moreno 12 days ago
Armando sebertdi
Armando sebertdi 12 days ago
July 2020?
Abu Sopyan
Abu Sopyan 12 days ago
Im here because American drama : shameless ^_^
CeeGee Riel
CeeGee Riel 13 days ago
Idk why she's now underrated. The song is really good actually.. For me this deserved to be high rated and not flopped
JEI Dee 13 days ago
You're still one of the amazing artists I've known throughout the years. Love ya.
Quimer oliv
Quimer oliv 13 days ago
I hope people stop sleeping on her. She is unique. ✨
Shadawn FinCannon Sell
Raf S un
Raf S un 14 days ago
Kesha deserves way more attention !!!
Mandi W
Mandi W 14 days ago
This is so good.
Valentino Way
Valentino Way 16 days ago
👏 ♥ 👏 ♥
EdgarNaboznyVEVO 16 days ago
She’s so underrated
Emily Loves Trolls
Emily Loves Trolls 16 days ago
Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver 17 days ago
This deserved better
Love the song not the vid
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips 17 days ago
Every woman speaking in tongues is like this 😉be therefore silent in churches xD
Samantha The Girl
Samantha The Girl 17 days ago
i mean she looks like adele's face and adele's voice
Samantha The Girl
Samantha The Girl 17 days ago
she looks like adele's face she sings like iggy azalea combined with her voice H E L L O if you read this dont be angry i just want to comment
Mariah Braxton
Mariah Braxton 18 days ago
This should’ve been her biggest hit since Tik Tok.
Eliran Yadgarove
Eliran Yadgarove 10 days ago
Praying . This is her worst track ever . Tik tok is even better than this generic song .
Salwa Aini
Salwa Aini 18 days ago
kind gives me katy perry vibes
Augusto 18 days ago
Paulo Torres
Paulo Torres 18 days ago
Matias Danilo
Matias Danilo 18 days ago
Alguém mostra esse vídeo p Cassiane? 😂😂😂 aprende MK
Shane Hill
Shane Hill 19 days ago
This song will ALWAYS be a tune now I play it constant on repeat LOVE IT
Brian McHaney
Brian McHaney 19 days ago
I can't help but imagine after a dark episode of Hazbin Hotel, when Charlie gets a second wind and decides to put her foot down to unite the cast, she comes out singing this song in the street.
iTz HAZEN` 19 days ago
I randomly thought of kesha...and found out she has new songs
Sabrina Wyatt
Sabrina Wyatt 20 days ago
Queen kesha yay
Julia Alyssandra
Julia Alyssandra 20 days ago
can we take a minute and appreciate the great satire in this video 👏🏻 our obsession with fame, TV, religion, all wrapped up in beautiful lies and being sold to us
shUgo 20 days ago
La única mierda q habla spanish
Annalisa Moretti
Annalisa Moretti 21 day ago
I’m a little sad I didn’t know about this until now this is the best
Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly 22 days ago
She looks great! And I love her hair dark! Awesome song!!
Lorraine coburn
Lorraine coburn 22 days ago
Adore and love her fantastic music videos devoted fan
I Identify as an Attack Helicopter
Ok that dude was definitely in the closet. No WAY Kesha mounts you and you refuse or get mad!
J J 23 days ago
Lol I'm here from Mickey and Ian's wedding
Ekt01Lbt 24 days ago
Listening to this on the radio I thought she sung. "I'm just tryna be a good girl without praising hell." I thought "Oh wow. A nice song kinda about god that is up beat and modern." Then I come here and watch the video and let's just say.. I don't like the song anymore.
Ekt01Lbt 23 days ago
@Raf S un I don't know really. I just wanted to show my opinion. Sorry if it bothered or annoyed you.
Raf S un
Raf S un 23 days ago
Who cares ?
Joelson Cardozo
Joelson Cardozo 24 days ago
T Vannatter
T Vannatter 24 days ago
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Patrick Cosmo
Patrick Cosmo 25 days ago
This is one of the best 😍
Caroline Xavier
Caroline Xavier 25 days ago
Kesha me manque de l'ère TikTok. sale avec des paillettes, amusant, gai est en même temps sarcastique
Fuckeaable bitch but shit music
Rose Milkkk
Rose Milkkk 13 days ago
Her music is amazing but ur opinion
Salem Abadon
Salem Abadon 22 days ago
Please don't hate or sexulise her.....
I'm a Sinner
I'm a Sinner 24 days ago
shut the fuck up
Kaylee D
Kaylee D 25 days ago
i cant listen to this without crying even though its so upbeat. Kesha is such a huge inspiration to people who have survived sexual abuse. Much love
Fatih Alp
Fatih Alp 25 days ago
Omg kesha face so bed
Frederic Cheung
Frederic Cheung 25 days ago
Kesha. I love your music! Stay strong and be happy! I love you! I'm a loyal animal!!!
Lu Lawrence
Lu Lawrence 26 days ago
So happy your still fighting to make music. Your a strong woman and sometimes it takes breaking us to see how strong we really are. Your beautiful and deserve happiness. Out of your new songs this one is my favourite. Better lyrics 😏👍
Brayden Fraser
Brayden Fraser 26 days ago
Kesha and Marina need their Lizzo moment. ❤️
Alicia Danielle
Alicia Danielle 26 days ago
I’m a domestic violence survivor and was a trophy wife - this really needs a trigger warning. That said - Kesha, you rock!
Jessie C.
Jessie C. 5 days ago
I kinda felt this same way. Good song but the video hit home.. Ina bad way. Still love Kesha with all muh ❤
RAT 27 days ago
i hate yall sm for letting this TANK
Nitesh Maj
Nitesh Maj 28 days ago
People are fucking bitch if they donnot like this masterpiece ....❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌
Saint Perth
Saint Perth 29 days ago
Is this the same mantion on Britney (SLUMBER PARTY)???
Austin Louis
Austin Louis 29 days ago
Why do y'all think the song flopped her album didn't perform half bad. And especially to be launched like a week before covid lockdown
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