Deep Frying 50 Pens... What Could Go Wrong?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking a bunch of pens and tossing them into the deep fryer. How will the ink react? What about the entire pen?
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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 80
The King of Random
The King of Random 2 months ago
Download Monster Legends for FREE today: spons.org/TKORMonster
Quantum Radiation
Lol no
Claude Barnum
Claude Barnum Month ago
Played it and multiple others like it.
Jacob Goerzen
Jacob Goerzen 2 months ago
try taping the cap and vent of a pen and put it in a deep fryer and see if it explodes!
Reaper3283 DG
Reaper3283 DG 2 months ago
The 🤴🏻of Random
Reaper3283 DG
Reaper3283 DG 2 months ago
🤴🏻of Random
Why not
Why not 4 days ago
OK America calm down you don’t need to deep fry everything... Who am I kidding I’m American...
Vladyslav Rehan
Vladyslav Rehan 8 days ago
*_ ** 00:00 ** Perfect starting)))*_
Laci Brooks
Laci Brooks 13 days ago
I didn't know I needed this question answered lol
ACID Joseph 576
ACID Joseph 576 13 days ago
Should deep fry hand soap
Daniel Orlic
Daniel Orlic 14 days ago
Callie: WE MADE LITTLE, WORMY INKY DUDES!!! Me: do you mean an octopus?
Daniel Orlic
Daniel Orlic 14 days ago
Nate: I got a couple of pens... Me: Again Amazon: really now they get a bunch of pens! Whats next?
maariya ajmal
maariya ajmal 14 days ago
What if you light a match and then put it in the deep fryer 🤔
Rylea Pollock
Rylea Pollock 15 days ago
The ink cartridges put into it looks like Medusa’s snakes
Travis Huynh
Travis Huynh 19 days ago
Deep fry a deep fryer
Gtpwr 20 days ago
You know how may squids had to die from this video 😡😡😡
Wolf Morgan
Wolf Morgan 20 days ago
Does Raid: Shadow Legends know you’re cheating on them?
Morgan McCollum
Morgan McCollum 21 day ago
try deep frying a plasma ball
George Foley
George Foley 21 day ago
I love Calli no affense Nate
Caitlin Declue-wasem
Am I the only one curious to know if they're together? Because I'd ship it.
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez 25 days ago
"we made little living wormy inky dudes" callie 2020
jay jay
jay jay 25 days ago
Princesskitty Lover4ever
Nobody: Callie in literly EVERY vid: I wAnNa EaT iT
xDizzle04 Month ago
ngl i thought that said 50 peens
MegaReddevil91 Month ago
Take the clump and coat it in epoxy ....ART! sell it.
Have they deep fried various types of gum yet?
Loretta Posey
Loretta Posey Month ago
I love watching you two cause you're like kids doing something 😂 that you know you shouldn't be doing. So thank you
Kryptonic_Icee Month ago
Just why? KEKW
Rogosi with a gun
7:44 Everything is a buttplug if you’re brave
Metroplex Month ago
do pencils now (normal and plastic)
Andrew Lovell
Andrew Lovell Month ago
RIP all deep fryers that TKOR touches
whitewalker mike
@ 4:15 I'll try that next time I get ink on my fingers
Russell Thompson
Deep fry highlighters
Hook Mighty724
Hook Mighty724 Month ago
Can you use pen ink as a fuel
Wheres the flour?
Madog Player
Madog Player Month ago
You guys should put Crayola makers or glow sticks in the deep fryer
ManChild Incorporated
"Curl like a flower" Man now I want to see them deep fry a flower
My student soul is crying
Xinjie Yang
Xinjie Yang Month ago
The amount of pens in this video could of lasted the whole semester in high school 😂
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Month ago
I'm wondering what would happen when you toss some glow sticks into a deep fryer. 🤔
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Month ago
dont think ive ever laughed at pens before.
Karrie Langley
Karrie Langley Month ago
What does liquid nitrogen/dry ice do in a vacuum camber
Sierra Tastet
Sierra Tastet Month ago
We made......a thing. -Calli 2020
Lowhead Varney
Lowhead Varney Month ago
Omygosh we made noodles
Jaka Kolman
Jaka Kolman Month ago
I love hove in the intro they disobeyed everything we were taught in chemistry class: never ever do experiments with fire with your gloves on.
Nicolas M
Nicolas M Month ago
you shoud deep fry Lithum metal
Suja Madhu
Suja Madhu Month ago
Deep fry a phone
Jason JPL
Jason JPL Month ago
DIY slingshot for lockdown
Donut West
Donut West Month ago
Spaghetti is never gonna look the same ever again! 😉 ❤ you King of Random!
Mark Klaus
Mark Klaus Month ago
Yoy really should have dipped them in batter lol
pradeeban rockx
pradeeban rockx Month ago
Deep fry water balloon and liter
krishna reddy aenugu
Did anyone notice the clip when they pour oil in the deep fryer it looked liked luminious flow
Amanda Henson
Amanda Henson Month ago
All the stuff you guys melt or make you should take a mounting screw and hang it in the studio
bm1967mm66 Month ago
The ink is a vegetable oil base
bm1967mm66 Month ago
The ink is oil based
Selma Roth
Selma Roth Month ago
You should deep fry a deep fryer
Itsyoboiboi 0_0
Itsyoboiboi 0_0 Month ago
Deep frying pens what could go wrong All pens blow up
Simon G.
Simon G. Month ago
Next time try to fry food in engine oil !
Mason Peacock
Mason Peacock Month ago
Please make a self salving Rubincube
Jhitt Fuego
Jhitt Fuego Month ago
What’s Next Deep Frying A Deep Fryer?
Honey Bear
Honey Bear Month ago
deep fry gummies!!!
Indian Wolf Girl
Try to vacuum chamber a pen with the hole in the side taped up as those are supposed to help any pens that a businessman might have on him, from exploding at a certain altitude... Idk if it'll work. I'm just a curious Wolfie
bridget cato
bridget cato Month ago
Why does Nate always seem like Calli is irritating him? -. -
Dj NIKS Month ago
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Month ago
Oooo oo ooo microwave galium
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Month ago
Deep fry gallium
boogidy mongordiana
Are they a couple ??
Le Chicken
Le Chicken Month ago
I see nobody talking about how Nate in ML Has Vannos, Moo, and I forgot the other one
Tunewar K.
Tunewar K. Month ago
Try freeze drying the ink
VIPER410 Month ago
You should try deep frying different light bulbs
Brent Haymon
Brent Haymon Month ago
They should deep fry, freeze dry and microwave bubble gum.
Ioan Agavriloaei
Try to make banana chips by freeze drying banana slices
John Reuschlein
John Reuschlein Month ago
The beginning is a mood...
sama gut
sama gut Month ago
You should deep fry a soccer ball or put dry ice in it
Aubrey Lowery
Aubrey Lowery Month ago
You should deep fry some
Mayank S
Mayank S Month ago
Bro I played this game in 2018 this is a awesome game
Larry1980s Month ago
can you deep fry play duo??
Honda Rider 37
Honda Rider 37 Month ago
Mom I want pens! Mom: We already have pens at home The pens at home:
Honda Rider 37
Honda Rider 37 Month ago
0:01 - 0:02 play 2X speed
Michael Good
Michael Good Month ago
Why da flip u do dis?
i love explosions
That was so stupidly entertaining
TheAquabears Month ago
If you make a thing and you don't know what it is, it's an art. You have made one art.
Mr_ Frible
Mr_ Frible Month ago
Are u 2 a couple?
Little Loner
Little Loner Month ago
We wanna sponsor u what you up to? Oh just deep-frying a bunch of pens We down
Evelyn Rojas
Evelyn Rojas Month ago
When Calli said “Lookkit!” at the end, she sounded so much like R2D2 😂👍💖
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