Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Kendall Jenner chats about being a picky eater and breaking her chocolate ban, plus she shares details about the elaborate first birthday party her sister Kylie threw for daughter Stormi.
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Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party




15 фев 2019




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Комментарии 1 733
hazel sam
hazel sam 12 часов назад
Finally someone who doesn't like bananas and actually gets headaches from it!! I always told my mom this and she thought I was fussy eater and if I showed this to her, she'll say I'm trynna be like Kenny 😂😭😢
Lind3sbecca День назад
Omg I'm with him on the mayo...EW
snow white
snow white 2 дня назад
What a dumb interview
Mirella Alvarez
Mirella Alvarez 2 дня назад
wow!! lots of bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Kristine Jane
Kristine Jane 3 дня назад
on stormi bday they will go to space😂
Queen J Mist
Queen J Mist 4 дня назад
Ohshit I think im kendall with bananas
Duh Bruhh
Duh Bruhh 5 дней назад
Shes so chill and funny
Alieza 5 дней назад
why do hosts invite celebrities to talk shows just to ask questions about other people or pointless types of things? idk kind of irrelevant lol
Bee 6 дней назад
she finally got surgery
Hawraa Beyza Muhammad
Hawraa Beyza Muhammad 8 дней назад
Aww she's pretty
sweetsecretshayaty 8 дней назад
She looks so much like Kim here - I liked her way more when she was more natural
Eevee 8 дней назад
Like, like, like, like, like... um grilllll
Taylor Jamoh
Taylor Jamoh 8 дней назад
I wonder how many times she must have said 'Like'.. !!😅😅
A e
A e 9 дней назад
Indo watcher Premium
Indo watcher Premium 9 дней назад
Who is she?
Karen Aguirre
Karen Aguirre 9 дней назад
I love Kendall but she's so boring and normal that all the people ends asking about one of her sisters. 😂
Masuma Sajjad
Masuma Sajjad 9 дней назад
kendal doesnt like bananas but harry loves them and hates mayyonise
Rahman Elisa
Rahman Elisa 9 дней назад
I love Kendal Jenner
Jorge Hernández
Jorge Hernández 9 дней назад
Fazz _
Fazz _ 7 дней назад
Jorge Hernández wtf bro
Geyeebbebe Wbbwhwhw
Geyeebbebe Wbbwhwhw 9 дней назад
She called her daddy "He"
Ishita J
Ishita J 9 дней назад
Girl your nose contour sucks
Trolly Slimes
Trolly Slimes 9 дней назад
I also cant do bananas. they gross me out. so i thought i would put one 🍌 for each like starting with mine: 🍌
malisamiesudsduds 9 дней назад
Sorry to say, but I found Jimmy so obviously just acting with his response to everything. I honestly like him before.
Dre S
Dre S 9 дней назад
Ben Simmons broke up with her lol
susan j
susan j 10 дней назад
why is jimmy kimmel so in your face??? so annoying! lol
Carmen Alaniz
Carmen Alaniz 10 дней назад
I like how she looks at the audience for a few seconds when she is talking.
MrBiG 10 дней назад
Kendall, u are one freaking hot chick! But u need to do leg press workout for those legs girl.. Just saying..
ABCD12345 11 дней назад
Kendall has been wearing these shiny gold and silver earrings lately, I want them.
milkygoddess 11 дней назад
is anyone else bothered by her nose contour
Nadine AE
Nadine AE 11 дней назад
I wonder how Harry feels abut her hatred for bananas
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz 11 дней назад
Mayonnaise and bananas together is good. Like on a sandwich.
Ana Clara Bentes
Ana Clara Bentes 11 дней назад
She looks like Kuzco from the Emperor's New Groove with this outfit
Z AG 12 дней назад
I hate mayonnaise and my mom claims to be allergic to bananas. Funny stuff
Aisha 2804
Aisha 2804 13 дней назад
Kendall even me I hate bananas and it's smell it's freaking out
Abhi Noor
Abhi Noor 13 дней назад
I only love her from her sisters
GMS Ahmawan Ibad
GMS Ahmawan Ibad 14 дней назад
This is a man. You can’t convince me otherwise.
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ
_kendull_ ... *_you_* *_bland_* ?!?! _Never_ !!
Anjushree Verma
Anjushree Verma 14 дней назад
How can one not like chocolate!
V 234
V 234 15 дней назад
Omg just stop saying “like”
Julia Hall
Julia Hall 15 дней назад
I don’t understand how you can get your head stuck in railings but you can’t get your head out
Yugali Gullapalli
Yugali Gullapalli 16 дней назад
What happened to her nose?
Abel Kabigting
Abel Kabigting 16 дней назад
Same. I can’t do salads
azis azis
azis azis 16 дней назад
Ohhh my gosh kendall sooooo beautiful ..im freaking obssess about her
Michael Ross
Michael Ross 16 дней назад
Kendall: I never really liked Chocolate for most of my life Jimmy: Hm. Bit odd. Kendall: I hate bananas Jimmy: WHAT THE FUCK BANANAS ARE INCREDIBLEWOIHDOIHWIUF:IUPISUPFIU:SOEHODIHOFH?!?!?"?"?"
Evelyn Chamberland
Evelyn Chamberland 16 дней назад
I’m the same with bananas as Kendall
StephKarian 16 дней назад
She looks like Rebecca Gillies from Bridget Jones in the thumbnail
Controversy Queen
Controversy Queen 16 дней назад
She says “like” a lot
Catrin Tollerfield
Catrin Tollerfield 16 дней назад
Haha I’ve always been a dry cereal girl - still haven’t ventured into combining it with milk.
margaux 17 дней назад
I love kendall
Gemma Belle
Gemma Belle 17 дней назад
They say mayonnaise in such a weird way
Karen Willis
Karen Willis 17 дней назад
Aunty Kendall stay strong
enlightened queen
enlightened queen 17 дней назад
Makes sense that Kaitlyn Jenner always had BANANAS.... It was the only thing that was missing in her life 😉
Zenia Colleen
Zenia Colleen 11 дней назад
yooo dawgyy
yooo dawgyy 18 дней назад
Kendall is babeeeeee Shout to her mom haa
I'LL KILL YOU 18 дней назад
she looks so different... something's different about her face... she also acts different... wonder what's going on with her lately... isn't she the most irrelevant kardashian
FonzoBall 17
FonzoBall 17 18 дней назад
Hey already said this story like a year ago
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis 18 дней назад
Why do people give any attention to the Kardashians? What really do they have to give the world on an intelligent level?
이준범 18 дней назад
🤗🤗🤗Real First!
Saharah Lakwatsera
Saharah Lakwatsera 18 дней назад
Any small youtubers? Let's support each other ♥
Vianca Diaz
Vianca Diaz 19 дней назад
i cant do onions
Hawa Ibrahim
Hawa Ibrahim 19 дней назад
OMG kendall i hate bananas so much. if i smell them i’ll puke
Controversy Queen
Controversy Queen 19 дней назад
She’s the prettiest sister out of all of them
Jenna Marie
Jenna Marie 19 дней назад
Funny how she used to hate on Kylie for her lip fillers but now her lips are balloons
Layla’s Lame11
Layla’s Lame11 19 дней назад
I love how she’s the only one of the kardashians that hasn’t had plastic surgery and she’s the prettiest out of all of the Kardashian’s
LaserKatzDimension 19 дней назад
i kinda loved that kendall wasn't the only person thinking the birthday was ridiculous for a one year old
Changes 19 дней назад
She’s beautiful
How To Play
How To Play 19 дней назад
kendall is crazy as always and jimmy is laughing without a reason all the time
Hoodxo Calum
Hoodxo Calum 19 дней назад
I hate lasagna like don't even try to say your mom makes it best. It's gross 😨🤢🤮
She'Myia Malone
She'Myia Malone 20 дней назад
I can't do watermelon.
Muqaddas Fatima
Muqaddas Fatima 20 дней назад
I don't know why but I'm so obsessed by ksrfashians
Elle Desperado
Elle Desperado 21 день назад
Imagine your job is being a part of your family
Raheem 21 день назад
I hate garlic
Makenzie Hill
Makenzie Hill 21 день назад
It’s just sad that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a birthday party for a one year old that won’t even remember it when the money could be going to people who can’t even eat dinner. Idk it’s a lil upsetting
Alistair Hynes
Alistair Hynes 21 день назад
RUvid is telling me there's no comments on this thing, so I'm gonna go and guess my screens glitched
frantasticbaby 21 день назад
she's pretty. and seem like a chill personality i dont get the hate tbh
JlinaT 21 день назад
I looooooove the charms. Im a fan of cereal without milk
seito hojoin
seito hojoin 21 день назад
I'm actually shocked she is like me when I smell bananas i would totally throw up🤢
maryam pitnava
maryam pitnava 21 день назад
It was stormy for stormis birthday
Needing Less
Needing Less 21 день назад
I can't do okra! The sight of all that slime disgusts me! Gag!
Betty Boo's Sister
Betty Boo's Sister 22 дня назад
She called her dad he....isn't this against what her dad wants to be referred as
Quinn Henson
Quinn Henson 19 дней назад
I thought the same thing, I have such a hard time staying up on whats PC. lol.
ChunLISA 22 дня назад
Her outfit omg I love it 🔥❤️
Jordan Castillo
Jordan Castillo 22 дня назад
I couldn't stop looking at her nose contour
Violeta 22 дня назад
You guys are famous...don’t worry about putting ur pictures in folders or never seeing the pics again, they will be all over the internet for y’all lmao. #CelebrityPerks
hailey peters
hailey peters 22 дня назад
she’s so beautiful i can’t
Rachel 22 дня назад
I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s weird about mayonnaise 😷
Julissa DC
Julissa DC 22 дня назад
she is so pretty
Mariyeen Acheege
Mariyeen Acheege 22 дня назад
INANE, BORING SHIT. She has no personality, so she has to talk about what Kim did. They all ride on the coattails of Kim.
oh sorry I was just chOking _
oh sorry I was just chOking _ 22 дня назад
Since all the Jenners and Kardashian’s are screw ups I feel like Kendall is probably has the best potential
Bryan Silver
Bryan Silver 22 дня назад
I wonder how does it feel like to be skinny and rich
StandardCandle 22 дня назад
Twix chocolate sales 🆙💯 percent
sana padha
sana padha 22 дня назад
Kenny baby💋
Kiki 22 дня назад
oh my gosh! me too! i cant stand banna!
Axel 22 дня назад
I don't see her describing anything are you fucking kidding me
Johnny Tribble
Johnny Tribble 22 дня назад
I Love her
yea sick
yea sick 22 дня назад
oh my god she's so boring
dcnova2008 22 дня назад
Sph yang
Sph yang 22 дня назад
Ilove twiiiiixxx too
gualeri1 23 дня назад
She is painfully boring
the kidd0s
the kidd0s 23 дня назад
Did she just get interviewed for Kylie 😲
josiah gill
josiah gill 23 дня назад
Most authentic from Kardashians Love her to pieces
# Shadows Of Souls #
# Shadows Of Souls # 23 дня назад
I hate watermelon!
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