Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Kendall Jenner chats about being a picky eater and breaking her chocolate ban, plus she shares details about the elaborate first birthday party her sister Kylie threw for daughter Stormi.
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Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party


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Feb 15, 2019

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Comments 1 857
Melissa Smith
It seems that Kendall misses out on all of kylie events
Melissa Smith
He was clearly so wanting to talk about kylie cause he made the tweet
Melissa Smith
Kendall was in mid conversation but then he completely changes the subject to kylie
Melissa Smith
He is so strange
Mariyeen Acheege
Mariyeen Acheege 3 days ago
She has no depth, they have to talk about dumb shit to fill the time.
Neena Singh
Neena Singh 4 days ago
Ugh she was so gorgeous and is ruining her face with cheek fillers and lip fillers and Botox. If you’re already gorgeous that shit will make you look worse not better, Kylie looks wayyyy better now but Kendall was already gorgeous and now she looks weird
Brandi Salmon
Brandi Salmon 4 days ago
That nose contour tho 😫
garyfallia Pro
garyfallia Pro 6 hours ago
At last, somebody noticed
Kali Lane
Kali Lane 6 days ago
Bananas: Kendall Rest of Interview: Kylie
SabinaB 1990
SabinaB 1990 8 days ago
And they say bananas help with growth 😏🤷‍♀️ lol
Airoria 8 days ago
all i saw was brown eyes muffins
va2x 9 days ago
Love her! But all I can see is a line on her nose?
petq petrova
petq petrova 9 days ago
the mix armenian american is very annoying
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse 10 days ago
damm shes boring asf
Christopher.A.B 10 days ago
Please next time you want to interview a stale piece of bread can you not anr put it in a salad or something more exciting then letting it talk for 5 minutes.
D G 10 days ago
She’s bland.
Vanessa Berberi
Vanessa Berberi 11 days ago
Ffs why is jimmy such an enormous kiss-ass
Kiran Riar
Kiran Riar 11 days ago
Kendall is very pretty and tall
Chris Schelstraete
Chris Schelstraete 12 days ago
I hate Mayo. I would rather put nothing on bread they mayo
Annette Arellano
Annette Arellano 12 days ago
The peanut butter twix are 🔥she should try them
Annette Arellano
Annette Arellano 12 days ago
I'm completely weird but the smell of egg mcmuffins from McDonald's makes me sick to this day I have never had one
Puipuii Pachuau
Puipuii Pachuau 12 days ago
Same I really dont like banana
Gary is going to die by having her throat slashed
valerie Murray
valerie Murray 13 days ago
I hate mayo too!!
Navdeep Jagpal
Navdeep Jagpal 14 days ago
I don’t like chocolate too
Faizeh Javed
Faizeh Javed 14 days ago
Nobody cares.
Emah Goldmann
Emah Goldmann 15 days ago
Another lip implant an rhinoplasty in d family chin filler. Their faces kept changing and transforming. She is already cute why have to be super sexy look.
JoshEntertainment 11 days ago
But her lips aren't big
Bijoyata Reang
Bijoyata Reang 15 days ago
I also can't Do with Mayonnaise. Its just smells like Glue and Tastes like Glue 😫😫😫😫
joohyun bae
joohyun bae 15 days ago
same 😷
Adi 24
Adi 24 16 days ago
aaaaaaaanddddddd.... Twix just paid her $300,000 for the name drop.
Salimata Seck
Salimata Seck 16 days ago
I can't believe they spent two minutes talking about mayonnaise and bananas I can't believe I spent two minutes listening to them talk about mayonnaise and bananas
Sicri De La O
Sicri De La O 17 days ago
those hoes are very smart and they know how to take advantage of pathetic loosers in order to get richer by the hour. however they know how to make a buck instead of just sitting down on there fat asses and play video games like lot of ppl do.
Sicri De La O
Sicri De La O 17 days ago
alot of worthless,pathetic ass kissers on here.
Michael Studnicka
Michael Studnicka 18 days ago
She looks ill.
Boia Hmar
Boia Hmar 20 days ago
Wow..she looks different...
Shibajee Saha
Shibajee Saha 24 days ago
I actually like 'yolk' though
SEAN HAYRUP 24 days ago
bubu is far from manhattan
R L 24 days ago
She is so pretty 😍
Marina Lee
Marina Lee 24 days ago
Can anyone tell me what’s the lipstick (number, color) she wears on the show?
Flower 25 days ago
The only "normal" Kardashian left.
Stephanie Barnett
Stephanie Barnett 26 days ago
Can we stop interviewing these people? Like please just fucking stop?
april68 27 days ago
When is she coming out? I can't believe she still pretends to be straight.
Zidane ZiZu
Zidane ZiZu 27 days ago
Gawd she's simply gorgeous and so normal .... She's nothing like the rest of her family !
Ty 27 days ago
Everyone’s saying Kendall’s too boring but I think it’s just her anxiety, she can’t fully open up
Xx xX
Xx xX 27 days ago
Kim is sweet, sitting at her laptop for hours.
Business XX
Business XX 27 days ago
Doesn't like chocolate? That's how she can be so tall and skinny and gorgeous!
trevizolga 27 days ago
Jimmy Fallon always makes it about him.
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez 28 days ago
"shout out twix" =🤑
Tanaz Afsharian
Tanaz Afsharian 28 days ago
Her earrings is hurting me
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 29 days ago
زوجتي كيندال
Chris Farley
Chris Farley Month ago
Anorexic 😳
Alis Moran
Alis Moran Month ago
Chocolate? Really?
The Queen
The Queen Month ago
Dude this interview was so boring.
Shanahan Nagendran
This felt like two friends talking 😂😂 like it felt so casual like Kendall wasn’t hiding nothin jimmy wasn’t trying to get something out her, idk it’s different 😂
Patsy Hooker
Patsy Hooker Month ago
I feel like she could use several Twix now actually
Aislinn Carey
Aislinn Carey Month ago
Once you notice her saying 'like' every 2 seconds, the interview is ruined.
Free Soul2253
Free Soul2253 Month ago
Why did this interview seem sooo awkward to me? Anyone else?
Free Soul2253
Free Soul2253 Month ago
T D.I agreed
T D.I Month ago
Coz they only talked about kyloe and jimmy seems so fake
arianagrande foreveeer
stormi’s birthday party: A STORMI WORLD, celebrities, paparazzi, presents, toys, a FUCKING BABY BALOON, money etc. my birthday party: friends, family, cake, bbq, a few presents. although, mine is better. a day with your loved ones is incoperabble. just have fun, relax, and be happy. ❤️
Ashlee Villaluz
Ashlee Villaluz Month ago
She’s my fave
Zarnab Masood
Zarnab Masood Month ago
the only normal person in the kardashians...
Karynna Hill
Karynna Hill Month ago
Jimmy Fallon is fucking awful....ugh. Kimmel is way better.
Vania Orozco
Vania Orozco Month ago
Second half of the video is the title
Muhammed Sajil Rahman P.K
My birthday Same to you and like bananas!
jashyboo Month ago
I like listening to her talk but she didn't talk about herself only her sisters
N E Month ago
She looks radiant✨
Ruby Month ago
Idk why I don’t fw this energy
robin kirkland
robin kirkland Month ago
Why does he make a big deal out of not liking mayo,its actually pretty common
Ahmed Al olayan
Ahmed Al olayan Month ago
The kardashians and Jenners see Gucci as the dollar store and we see the dollar store as 1million dollars what the heck😂😂😂
nise Charles
nise Charles Month ago
I just love the karjenners🤗💋😘😍
dick slayer
dick slayer Month ago
even thinking about onions and garlic makes me want to vomit
Karunya Papney
Karunya Papney Month ago
2:32 i literally yelled "WHAT?!" so loud and i swear my dog was staring at me like i was insane 😂😂😂😂😅
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Month ago
More power to ya Ken. Looking red and rightious x.
Sellyeen allyeen
She,s the most beautiful in that family
i came in like a wrecking ball
They took down the food or not food video?
sneha katharpi
sneha katharpi 2 months ago
I can't have cheese.. weird 😂
Sleepy Yeonie
Sleepy Yeonie 2 months ago
Love how she still goes back to talking about Stormi world when they started talking about capturing special baby moments, just seems to show that she loves her niece sort of(?)
Amber Kry
Amber Kry 2 months ago
That nose contour is not blended. Does she even need nose contour?
imman abdullahi
imman abdullahi 2 months ago
I am with you Kendall I hated chocolate most of my life I eat a lot of candy but chocolate I did not really like and I only chocolate I actually eat right now is the Mars
Josh Gibb
Josh Gibb 2 months ago
Imagine being the only talented Kardashian and having to talk about the more popular, much less talented sisters the whole show. 😂
Anonymous 2 months ago
Josh Gibb explain how she is the most talented?
Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 2 months ago
People that don't like mayonnaise are ridiculous people.
hazel sam
hazel sam 2 months ago
Finally someone who doesn't like bananas and actually gets headaches from it!! I always told my mom this and she thought I was fussy eater and if I showed this to her, she'll say I'm trynna be like Kenny 😂😭😢
Lind3sbecca 2 months ago
Omg I'm with him on the mayo...EW
snow white
snow white 2 months ago
What a dumb interview
Mirella Alvarez
Mirella Alvarez 2 months ago
wow!! lots of bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Kristine Jane
Kristine Jane 2 months ago
on stormi bday they will go to space😂
Queen J Mist
Queen J Mist 2 months ago
Ohshit I think im kendall with bananas
Duh Bruhh
Duh Bruhh 2 months ago
Shes so chill and funny
Alieza 2 months ago
why do hosts invite celebrities to talk shows just to ask questions about other people or pointless types of things? idk kind of irrelevant lol
Bee 2 months ago
she finally got surgery
Hawraa Beyza Muhammad
Aww she's pretty
sweetsecretshayaty 2 months ago
She looks so much like Kim here - I liked her way more when she was more natural
Eevee 2 months ago
Like, like, like, like, like... um grilllll
Taylor Jamoh
Taylor Jamoh 2 months ago
I wonder how many times she must have said 'Like'.. !!😅😅
A e
A e 2 months ago
Indo watcher Premium
Who is she?
Karen Aguirre
Karen Aguirre 2 months ago
I love Kendall but she's so boring and normal that all the people ends asking about one of her sisters. 😂
Masuma Sajjad
Masuma Sajjad 2 months ago
kendal doesnt like bananas but harry loves them and hates mayyonise
Rahman Elisa
Rahman Elisa 2 months ago
I love Kendal Jenner
Jorge Hernández
Jorge Hernández 2 months ago
Fazz _
Fazz _ 2 months ago
Jorge Hernández wtf bro
Geyeebbebe Wbbwhwhw
Geyeebbebe Wbbwhwhw 2 months ago
She called her daddy "He"
Ishita J
Ishita J 2 months ago
Girl your nose contour sucks
Trolly Slimes
Trolly Slimes 2 months ago
I also cant do bananas. they gross me out. so i thought i would put one 🍌 for each like starting with mine: 🍌
Royal Flush
Royal Flush Month ago
Trolly Slimes I don’t mind the fruit bananas but I love guys bananas 🤤😜
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