Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Kendall Jenner chats about being a picky eater and breaking her chocolate ban, plus she shares details about the elaborate first birthday party her sister Kylie threw for daughter Stormi.
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Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party


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Feb 15, 2019

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Comments 2 010
Nicolas Sundara
Nicolas Sundara 5 hours ago
I don’t understand, this is like the least interesting interview ever. “Let’s talk about why I don’t like bananas for 2 mins” uhhh ok.
E.E O 2 days ago
How Ironic her dad likes bananas 😂
Cris Lucas
Cris Lucas 3 days ago
Why she so boring
Yeng Caraos
Yeng Caraos 3 days ago
dry cereal is ❤️
King Ah
King Ah 3 days ago
Kendall is much more real than Kylie...
Phill Jackson
Phill Jackson 4 days ago
Sexy ass
Isnt AnAhNaH
Isnt AnAhNaH 5 days ago
I love how Jimmy moved like Kendall had slapped him when she said mayo
I've lost all respect for Jimmy. No one on Earth wants to hear what that spoiled rotten twit has to say. Stop having the Kartrashians on, they are American Garbage!!
she is still pretty bland
John Bortolin
John Bortolin 6 days ago
Kendall must have a big snatch.
Rene Robyn
Rene Robyn 6 days ago
Jimmy's trying so hard to keep his eyes from looking downward.
Pearl Grover
Pearl Grover 6 days ago
It's so boring 🧐
iiRxuem xx
iiRxuem xx 7 days ago
They're going to buy a island on stormi's sweet 16 party i swear
Drawing by Jen
Drawing by Jen 8 days ago
I am so kendall
cazza Australia
cazza Australia 9 days ago
She's so different to the other sisters, less fake, and she hasn't morphed into Kim like the others.
Briley 10 days ago
this was a very genuine and simple interview. they seemed like two friends, i liked this a lot. she seems like a very normal and easy person to be around
rsfarris86 10 days ago
I’m pretty sure jimmy is buzzed.
bla bla
bla bla 11 days ago
Love Kendall because she's so normal that the conversation became really boring haha
Cafè Cremà
Cafè Cremà 8 days ago
bla bla exactly. She has absuletly no personality
Humberto Fernandez
Humberto Fernandez 11 days ago
The modeling industry is starving their girls, she is too skinny.
Erica Minjarez
Erica Minjarez 11 days ago
She looks sooo different
Shade Unknown
Shade Unknown 12 days ago
That’s my wife
Vanessa Lizeth
Vanessa Lizeth 12 days ago
her nose contour is terrible
Anca Sova
Anca Sova 12 days ago
i can only hear ''like'' in this interview
Swapna Arvapally
Swapna Arvapally 14 days ago
Kendall sounds like Katrina kaif
jonnamaestro 16 days ago
Did she operate her face? She was already pretty whats wrong with this breed..
Олег Ерко
Олег Ерко 17 days ago
Ana Ponce
Ana Ponce 18 days ago
I know I'm a little late but ever since I was little I want to say when I was a baby that I will eat bananas and then when I got older I hate it but nana 6 custody and everybody in my family eats bananas around me and I would literally throw up I don't like the texture I don't like the taste I like the color another coloring outside is pretty but nothing inside I don't know I just feel it's disgusting can I give you headaches images funny my sister doesn't like mayonnaise she hates chocolate she doesn't drink dark sodas all she drinks is light attorney and she loves bananas like loves bananas can I share a room with her we always fight over stuff about like food wise cuz I can get anything like I'm I'm not afraid to eat anything but she hates everything like she hates mayonnaise I love 90's I put mayonnaise on everything she was bananas and everything
Agustina nana
Agustina nana 18 days ago
They just talking about kylie..stormi.the banans..chololate..??? What else???
FARK GOOGLE 19 days ago
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Kendall Jenner is 🔥♥️
windwiper jin
windwiper jin 27 days ago
mayo is disgustang
Quincy Nesbitt
Quincy Nesbitt 28 days ago
ana girl it a girl 7
ALI khirkhaah
ALI khirkhaah Month ago
She would be the happiest if she gets my banana that would be life changing for her.
itsjustkashii Month ago
WE HAVE AN INDIAN KENDALL her name is ananya panday
Pindi Man
Pindi Man Month ago
Her nose and jaw is changed.....certainly had surgery recently
Vodka Styles
Vodka Styles Month ago
Harry Styles loves banana. She hates it.😂
Bitch You shook?
He literally didn't ask anything about her. Jimmy why don't u book Kylie just a suggestion
Juwairiya mehkri
cuz shes mad awkward in interviews and less social compared to her sisters. Kendals pretty chill. Maybe he thought he'd get more answers with Kendal? idk
Sica Fleccs
Sica Fleccs Month ago
I would use her fecal matter as a replacement for head and shoulders
Sharmila Gurung
Sharmila Gurung Month ago
love love love kendalljenner ❤❤
nina nina
nina nina Month ago
who came here to read comments?
Anna Luisa Rossini
She looks anorexic.
Create With me
Create With me Month ago
I can’t do bananas
Studi♦️ Mix
Studi♦️ Mix Month ago
Milky Way
Selena Macias
Selena Macias Month ago
Lol kendel your dad wasn’t craving bananas all the time. He was trying to drop a hint
Hi Im here
Hi Im here 2 days ago
Omfg lol
Tamara Malak
Tamara Malak 6 days ago
l don't get it
nanka covers
nanka covers 7 days ago
yeah kendel
Manu Ila
Manu Ila 14 days ago
this comment deserves more likes lmfao
Queen Fanfic
Queen Fanfic 26 days ago
Maya Month ago
mike Month ago
I'm waiting for Kendell to hit rock bottom. Everything that goes up must come down.
trudy _ann Taylor
You too fucking bad mind 😏
She's like the white sheep in Kardashian family in kind of way. There's nothing wrong with black though I'm just saying..
Adrián Romero
Adrián Romero Month ago
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Month ago
Kendall u r amazing!!
LMD Month ago
She looks so old!
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