Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Kendall Jenner chats about being a picky eater and breaking her chocolate ban, plus she shares details about the elaborate first birthday party her sister Kylie threw for daughter Stormi.
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Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi's First Birthday Party


Published on


Feb 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Lila Zemer
Lila Zemer 3 hours ago
so bruce ate bananas all the time. Huh makes since
lol idek
lol idek 2 days ago
she called their dad (caitlyn) "he" ouch lmao
Salome33 2 days ago
I hate mayonnaise too I thought I was alone
bny 3 days ago
Caithlyn out there giving signals by eating bananas all the time
Jenny 4 days ago
Kendall is a Jenner, not a Kadarshian. 😗
V LEA 4 days ago
She's so normal to talk to, what a cutie 😅
Thangjam Ngoubi
Thangjam Ngoubi 7 days ago
Kendall look so gorgeous,sexy, pretty and beautiful I like her outfit and now she is my favorite modeler
Zayvier aliison
Zayvier aliison 13 days ago
i stg did kendall mimick kylie wen she was talking abt stormi world?!?!
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava 15 days ago
Oml she has been on this show like 7 times lmao
Alison Houston
Alison Houston 17 days ago
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// 18 days ago
Kendall and Finneas holy shi- both of em are mostly asked questions bout their sisters
Carlos Alberto Silva
so beautiful Kendall
Cupcakelover 435
Cupcakelover 435 21 day ago
Chiring lhomi
Chiring lhomi 21 day ago
I can’t do bananas tooo omg I thought i was the only one
Evelyn Valdez
Evelyn Valdez 22 days ago
0:27 i got war flashbacks from Sara with no h
DL J 23 days ago
I use to eat very similar to Kylie. Still do.
Lizbeth Crawford
Lizbeth Crawford 23 days ago
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Mariah Drag queen
Mariah Drag queen 25 days ago
This is like watching a sugar baby do small talk so the sugar daddy doesn’t feel like he’s just paying for sex
Anish Shankar
Anish Shankar 27 days ago
Jimmy if you wanted to talk about Kylie why did you even call Kendall man. She is My fav From th Kardashian Jenner clan. You are Cringy already it made me more though.
Dina Newman
Dina Newman 27 days ago
shrtlink.ca/hotxxx1ovedo11652 (@ n)
George M
George M Month ago
It must be so weird for her to say "My dad, he..." I feel bad for her.
Rok Xon
Rok Xon Month ago
How pretty she is♥️😍
Adithya Sasi
Adithya Sasi Month ago
Ramsey did something
Space The Indian Guy
kendall barely talking
And that guys...is how you live "rich"
LaMain Tyndle
LaMain Tyndle Month ago
Cool #loveislust
Αγγελική Ανδρικοπούλου
Dude,blend that nose contour please
Comox Valley Lawncare
Noone cares go away?
Miguel De Avalos
A Natural Beauty!
Amir Khalil
Amir Khalil Month ago
She is gorgeous
Clark Road
Clark Road Month ago
#kendell,,would have lovely babies. ..,,twins. ?????? Be nice ,,,hint hint.,
AMIR ZIQRY Month ago
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee Month ago
I never thought Kendall Jenner and i would have ANYTHING in common, but i too cannot handle bananas at all
Sarah Naji
Sarah Naji Month ago
If he wants to talk so much about Kylie he should invite Kylie💀
Troy Gibbons
Troy Gibbons Month ago
Omfg Kylie cancells all the time
Lyrics Audio
Lyrics Audio 2 months ago
She is the prettiest one but her personality is the ugliest among her sisters🤦🏼‍♀️.She’s soo sassy
ariana tall
ariana tall 2 months ago
shu up, she’s pure
ok boomer
ok boomer 2 months ago
Lyrics Audio stfu
wandyshon 2 months ago
Kendall! i will show you a new world! ahsidj so pure and you funny too.
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell 2 months ago
Kendell Jenner. AKA the only likeable Kardashian and the only one who feels normal.
Payment Nxhehek
Payment Nxhehek 2 months ago
Mayonnaise is the worst thing in the world
Jane Louw
Jane Louw 2 months ago
Kendall should not do fillers and allow her face to age naturally
noel karol
noel karol 2 months ago
🌟Kendall Fav. colour?🎉🎊
Jayleen Tovar
Jayleen Tovar 2 months ago
Doesn’t she have big feet I’m
Emer Gantley
Emer Gantley 2 months ago
Omg the mayonaisse and bananas My sister hates mayonaisse, and I hate bananas
Jenna Nadebaum
Jenna Nadebaum 2 months ago
I hate twix
that weird kid
that weird kid 2 months ago
I hate bananas
Maire 2 months ago
I'm so distracted by that nose contour
nav 2 months ago
LMAOOO i didn't know Kendall got all this personality. Most of her scenes on KUWTK, she doesn't show so much personality lol
Furkan Yenice
Furkan Yenice 2 months ago
talk about nothing gimme my time back and just pose kendall jenner
Karina Gómez
Karina Gómez 2 months ago
A spectacular aunt, Kendall is too much, wonderful.
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 2 months ago
never save any photos on the computer!
Ritzy Stoner
Ritzy Stoner 2 months ago
Same I can't do bananas
HUNGRY CRAB 2 months ago
she doest like banana
Hen Graham
Hen Graham 2 months ago
She’s so skinny and boney
Lee Hyacinth
Lee Hyacinth 2 months ago
Kendall is so gorgeous!! She's so adorable and looks fun to be around! I'm her greatest fan. This love comes far away from Shillong, Meghalaya - the North East India. I wish to meet her, talk to her. But that's impossible...not even in my dreams 😔 unlucky girl - ME!
Prinsisita 2 months ago
Kendall has this stunning look and I can stare at her face for long and still feel the amazement. 😍
Crisi Santoro
Crisi Santoro 2 months ago
She's extremely cute
Angela Hong
Angela Hong 2 months ago
The ballloon for stormi word oops like shrek
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 2 months ago
cousin mo
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali 3 months ago
Kendall your dad is a woman. He did surgery
Alba Chiara Diaz
Alba Chiara Diaz 3 months ago
When i was 1 too my parents went all out. I saw the pictures.
sniper the love
sniper the love 3 months ago
Me I can't eat mustard and mayonnaise it's discusting I can't even smell it
Sanika Khiste
Sanika Khiste 3 months ago
Love you ❤️ Kendall ❣️
Thems Aka
Thems Aka 3 months ago
She can speak so well with such a confidence
Iza BONAR 3 months ago
1:21 The way Jimmy says “so my wife thinks that’s why I don’t like mayonnaise” was the cutest thing ever 🥺💞
Sarah N
Sarah N 3 months ago
I can’t take my eyes off kendell 🥵
Dean Mendoza
Dean Mendoza 3 months ago
I like this chick
Tanishi Agarwal
Tanishi Agarwal 3 months ago
Did twix sponsor her after?
peter ortisi
peter ortisi 3 months ago
Kendall is the hottest in her family and it's not close!
Stormi's name got this video 4.6M views
Helina Tedla
Helina Tedla 3 months ago
jimmy fallon is so awkward, how did he even end up with this job
MASTER !! 3 months ago
0:38 im eating a banana right now 🙂
rambo a
rambo a 4 months ago
No guy likes skinny spider legs on a women. 4/10
Game PUNISHER 4 months ago
0:03 and so ARE YOU 😏
shamim kagere
shamim kagere 4 months ago
Kendal is one of the most beautiful women in the world!!!! Perfectly crafted, I actually have not seen anyone as beautiful as she is!!
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops 4 months ago
Given that a talkshow is window to get to know someone, spending it by describing how you do or don’t like bananas is what I’d expect a rich, gorgeous model whose never needed to spark her conversations would talk about. Dull
Para Drone X
Para Drone X 4 months ago
Ask her a fourth grade math or science question.. she'll wet her panties. The Kardashians are that stupid.
fatma alrisi
fatma alrisi 4 months ago
Her nose contour is annoying 😩
Tamara Blissful Peace. Goddd
When I was a kid I put my head though theses bars 😂
the shredder
the shredder 4 months ago
„I can‘t do bananas“ literally same omg i feel so sick after i ate one soooo
nadina andriani
nadina andriani 4 months ago
1:48 its so funny kylie first time eat cereal with milk 😂
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