Ken Block Tests his NEW Fully Built Ford Raptor in Moab!

Ken Block
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Big thanks to SVC Offroad for this rad Ford Raptor Build! Can confirm - it rips on the kind of terrain I enjoy driving on. While still being great on the highway to get there. Absolutely love these trucks... they're the perfect daily driver.
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Comments 60
Toldos y Pérgolas de México GRUPO PERSEA
You are the best !!!!!!
Vector v
Vector v Day ago
Why it has no IRS
Patrick Woodgate
Patrick Woodgate 2 days ago
Going to do 1st gen 6.2 raptor... Black S-cab, CF fenders and sides, same SVC parts and kits just 1g version, putting, deavers under the axle instead. Once I move out of CA to a free state the forged short block on the stand, fresh heads, forced induction...etc will go on...
Patrick Woodgate
Patrick Woodgate 2 days ago
I'm looking into making a T-case swap kit for the 1g... A PT chain case with no center diff is just too easy to break in the dirt. The Weisman cases ran in all out trucks were chain drive but the front end wasn't locked 1:1 with the back, it was a billet Tq on demand clutch in those all out AWD trophy trucks.... You know all about why they did all that fo-sho.
Been lit since 13
Yall are savages with them cars, one love
Craig Burridge
Craig Burridge 5 days ago
Its actually mine but if you check this account it will be my son
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres 5 days ago
He says the only raptor they've seen but they're was one literally behind them in the distance glaring at them
Taimoor Agha
Taimoor Agha 5 days ago
The right place to test these heavy trucks is KKH mountainous roads in Pakistan!
CAMERON LAW 6 days ago
Nothing can blocked Ken Block.
F4RR3L 6 days ago
Amazing cars all cars
Crimson 7
Crimson 7 8 days ago
Get a Bronco and Hoonigan it up please
Pat Mason Mason
Pat Mason Mason 8 days ago
Hell with jeep cheap trash. Bronco time. Let -R-rip.
Tin Man
Tin Man 10 days ago
Fully stock except this, this, this, and this. Adding 20k in aftermarket parts. Lmao
GreyC5 10 days ago
Any way they sale a suspension like that for Jeep XJs? 🤤 If not how much would custom cost? Lol
Randy Danger
Randy Danger 4 days ago
GreyC5 15k+
Dan Tavares
Dan Tavares 10 days ago
What kind of mileage does this get?
Dan Tavares
Dan Tavares 10 days ago
Andres Alonso
Andres Alonso 11 days ago
You can hear the aluminum and plastic moving at the end of the run lol still pretty fun to drive
Mountain Airsoft
Mountain Airsoft 12 days ago
Not a fan of the V6
durtlangmimol hauhnar
basic technology
basic technology 13 days ago
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar 13 days ago
You know why they don't have the bald eagle and American flag anymore right. Too many bleeding heart liberals in Utah. it was probably deemed racist because it was a bald eagle with American flag in the background 😂😂😂 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸 2020
J M 15 days ago
Ken Block makes me sick that fucker has all the toys I want
zoey daxton
zoey daxton 15 days ago
I can only have one ? 😭
MOSAD S 16 days ago
А 8
А 8 19 days ago
Why you dont tech your friends to drift
Varun Cheloor
Varun Cheloor 21 day ago
Yeah Ken's Raptor was cool !! But.. I just loved the tracked Raptor from the shop !! that was OMG !!
Bobby Simpson
Bobby Simpson 22 days ago
Utah is one of the Most Majestic Places on the Planet. From Moab to the 4 corners pure Beauty.
alasroban 22 days ago
nice truck ! I need it one unit lol
Tom Haryadi
Tom Haryadi 25 days ago
I very like Ford fiesta
Atheist Priest
Atheist Priest 25 days ago
The raptor sounds more like RC than it does a truck
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 26 days ago
What paint code is the raptor
Cezar Alexandru
Cezar Alexandru 26 days ago
The only man that buys a Raptor and doesnt do it to overcompensate for something
Charlie Brouillette
What exhaust does he have?
Lewis turner
Lewis turner 28 days ago
Hakimi Ab. Karim
Hakimi Ab. Karim 28 days ago
If u give him wheelbarrow. He still can drive it
Indemental Media
Lia powerpuff ranger bellaahsaraptor
Eric McHenry
Eric McHenry Month ago
Atleast he made a pavement princess and mobbed it how it should. Ken you are king. Waited so long to make it look pretty but perform even better. Block got it!
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Month ago
Is there a link to everything svc did?!
Melissa Bishop
Melissa Bishop Month ago
Btw actually driving starts at 11:20 thank me later
Curtis Slack
Curtis Slack Month ago
Thats always been my dream truck
Double Dee
Double Dee Month ago
skip to 10:01 for trail footage
Ian Becker
Ian Becker Month ago
1.9k dislikes from Chevy fanboys. Ken Block has the sickest toys!
Dovie Benjamin
Dovie Benjamin Month ago
16:15 11:07 06:57
jon vii
jon vii Month ago
Oh wow it doesn't sound bad at all
Max Tibble
Max Tibble Month ago
Hoping this design is available on forza horizon 4 🤩🤩
Candie Fenton
Candie Fenton 2 months ago
03:44 06:58 13:42
Aiden Odendaal
Aiden Odendaal 2 months ago
You guys should really do a spin class with the STRADMAN, please guys so many people would love this, and you guys both live in UTAH
Odell Griffith
Odell Griffith 2 months ago
01:20 11:03 15:24
Vicky Rajput
Vicky Rajput 2 months ago
I love ford
John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago
Are those atturos or nittos or........?
Nannie Cotton
Nannie Cotton 2 months ago
06:28 03:11 09:40
PranavSajeevan 2 months ago
Rsg S
Rsg S 2 months ago
“Dont try this on public roads, kids” Said Ken’s pet
HunterAdris 2 months ago
Ssooooo close to 1 mil
jenny gom-os
jenny gom-os 2 months ago
i wish i could own one of this car
Jon Cianflone
Jon Cianflone 2 months ago
Why not a SuperCab? Why go with the crew?
Scorpy Ibanez
Scorpy Ibanez 2 months ago
Imagine a diesle Raptor
Danielle Lloyd
Danielle Lloyd 2 months ago
but imma need someone to lemme know how the 4wd does through some actual "sugar sand." ????
Dewan Teremoana
Dewan Teremoana 2 months ago
You should get a ford Falcon
Vaughan Scott
Vaughan Scott 2 months ago
Looks shit
yakapo999 2 months ago
MOPAR TRX = More Power I can’t afford either truck. 😁
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