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Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai.

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Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai.
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Ken Block's Ultimate Exotic Playground in Dubai | Gymkhana | Ford Performance
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Feb 29, 2016




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Comments 100
Jasoek kisiel von Dupesztajn
This just look like like some GTA 5 sever
THE KNOWLEDGE 3 days ago
Forza Horizon 5 has to be made in Dubai!
Ben Moran
Ben Moran 3 days ago
He did all that with only one set of tires.
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 4 days ago
So good
Kannan P R
Kannan P R 4 days ago
GTA Dubai🔥
Sam 8 days ago
Anyone: a Ken: yes I drifted around that
오이 9 days ago
제작비가 앵간한 영화 한 편 값이겠다;;
Евгений Николаевич
Нужно быть охуенным хуям, чтоб так охуенно попасть в видосик.
GoPro478/Howling Dawn
This guy just spun across the dubai
Matt P
Matt P 10 days ago
Im surprised they allowed you to lay all that rubber all over their city....
IP TV 12 days ago
max pozzi
max pozzi 13 days ago
красива Оте жаксы
Juan manuel Said
Juan manuel Said 13 days ago
Exelente .......!!! Sin palabras .!!! Genio......!!! 👋👋👋👋
Кароматулло Рахимов
Классный видео мне очень понравился
Carriage Gamer
Carriage Gamer 14 days ago
Wich car is this
naoalejoful 14 days ago
Que paso con el Focus rs???
05 BhaarathPutran S
"No tyres were hurt in the making of this film".
Meren Jmr
Meren Jmr 18 days ago
Google User
Google User 19 days ago
When Dubai runs out of oil, they're going to be another third world hellhole like the rest of the middle East. Give them 20 years. Especially with their over-opulence.
1000 ta obunachi yig'ish hech qanday videolarsiz
after watching this video i appericate bees
김진영 19 days ago
경찰차기 비싼차인것을보니 두바이군
Narantsogt Altanbuyan
Firrari taxi ? 👍😱. Ken best driver. Dubai 💵💰😱
Löffel Benni
Löffel Benni 24 days ago
There was man Cars from fast and the fourios 7 (nissan,Bugatti,Lamborghini and other Cars)
Christian Avilez
Christian Avilez 25 days ago
cheetahs don't sound like that
K2 CHi
K2 CHi 26 days ago
영상 찍는비용이 더 들어갈거같은데
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez 27 days ago
Ford GT40 😍👌🏻
Samwel Kimati
Samwel Kimati 27 days ago
I like your videos can you teach me please
كرم العيساوي
Pardeep Kumar
Pardeep Kumar 27 days ago
rahul pillai
rahul pillai 28 days ago
No one is in dubai?... how is that possible?....
Дмитрий Бежетов
Неплохо. Неплохо.
chairil jasmine
chairil jasmine Month ago
the best in drift
Itzz Glenn 2
Itzz Glenn 2 Month ago
do this when you'r bored in quarantine
Khan Mashkoor Elahi
Ken blocks life - getting paid to do the most illegal things the legal way..
Mr. Yonay
Mr. Yonay Month ago
what car is ken blok car?
mickniesi Month ago
Ford fiesta st
Jaka Randa
Jaka Randa Month ago
ZIXMER550 PY Month ago
Gamer Hitspecko
Gamer Hitspecko Month ago
Fact: cheetah's don't roar they purr
Immanuel shaji
Immanuel shaji Month ago
Yes u r right
Leader Month ago
Did they modify this fiesta st to have 4 wheel drive?
H Month ago
Ken Block is great
Haneesh kenny
Haneesh kenny Month ago
3:23 makes sense
Komakech James
Komakech James Month ago
Salomon Lopez
Salomon Lopez Month ago
@5:31 the return of the classics
☆Đevanand Ķumar Ķunal
Kadak - 111 time
harsha B.N
harsha B.N Month ago
Till fuel is their on earth you will play, after that???😞
Cyclt Month ago
Guys what's the background music at the ending?
its yeshua not jesus so get over it
Props to the camera guy and who ever decided the type of camera shots to take, pretty badass in every video. His videos are like Hollywood production movie commercials lol.
Sachin Verma
Sachin Verma Month ago
Which car is this ?
Lil major juicyslay
赢㽀 Month ago
Shoaib khan
Shoaib khan Month ago
Rifan Rayyana
Rifan Rayyana Month ago
Dear song hunters : Ost is MIA Bad girls.
Online Gaming Junior
4 Supercars: 10million $ Ford Fiesta RX34: I son you all
Brain Love Slr
Brain Love Slr Month ago
I really thouth there wil be arab high speed drift on high speed road
Abhinay K
Abhinay K Month ago
Expect Ken Block The cinematography is really awesome & editing also really amazing The sound & shots
tech talk
tech talk Month ago
If only Henry Ford could see what Ford has become he would likely be in disbelief by the amount of performance
Frostbite Month ago
This is the most American video to date
Unknown Month ago
Hey, just a fly flying on my ear-
Rodrigo casmiro
Rodrigo casmiro Month ago
Eyvx xgg
SpecialPeanut Month ago
if you look closely you can see sand.
abel : ̈C
abel : ̈C Month ago
creo que se quedaron chicos no fue tan bueno la produccion mal mal para ser dubai
kylle tongol
kylle tongol Month ago
The most realistic game he ever played.
Duc Khue Nguyen
Duc Khue Nguyen Month ago
Ford I love you
Carl J Reactions
I wish i could drive like this in a game
ralfwk Month ago
Wow, an American who can actually drive. Most can't even drive stick. 😂
Shahid Shaikh
Shahid Shaikh Month ago
Nach baro
lioneffects Month ago
What i can said about it :.....This is not driving ! Is Playing with a car ! This is.... in here... and all the videos,,,,,Ken soul and the car ,,,,are one ! Always five stars! dammmm! Driving,,,i Know! But Playing,,,hope some day that you can teach me this pleasure ! Thanks For share ! All the best for you and team!
Zubaer Salman
Zubaer Salman Month ago
Ken giving that Dubai tour
Vito82 Month ago
The Ford LOVE story
Andy John
Andy John Month ago
Looks like no one is in DXB, Not even one to see ken😉, JK... Unbeatable ken👍🏼
ei se
ei se Month ago
Is anyone going to talk about the driving skill of that guy in the pick up
thelavagamer Month ago
This looks like a movie scene except it's real
toobasaurus23 Month ago
The look on ken's face during all this.... Yeah, this is just me going to the shops for some milk.
Robbie P
Robbie P 2 months ago
this is an absolute masterpiece....im crying
Robbie P
Robbie P 2 months ago
Siddiq Shaikh
Siddiq Shaikh 2 months ago
Superb 👌👌👌👌👌
Terry Hallahan
Terry Hallahan 2 months ago
Ken Block is an AMAZING driver 👍💪👊
جنجر519 Hi
جنجر519 Hi 2 months ago
Luar biasa,,bagus banget dah pengambilan video nya,, I from Indonesian
Mana Valan
Mana Valan 2 months ago
2020 anyone
obama is late
obama is late 2 months ago
Me 5 minutes later coming out ig losantoscustoms
Rajvinder Sonwani
Rajvinder Sonwani 2 months ago
When She says "I am alone at home"
Billy Maulana
Billy Maulana 2 months ago
I love hill climb racing
Pràbhakara Rao
Pràbhakara Rao 2 months ago
Breathe taking Stunts. Car Sequences in Dubai.
Ra1nbow 2 months ago
Вау, просто вау
twinkle tales
twinkle tales 2 months ago
Pablo Inzunza
Pablo Inzunza 2 months ago
Es bonito y todo, pero es todo tan arreglado que igual pierde gracia, en lo personal prefiero ver un drift callejero de un auto con un 10% de las modificaciones de este y en un entorno 0% controlado a esto
CobraFeelTheHeat 2 months ago
half as good without modern talking 100 years song
Korefuji 2 months ago
powered By Ford EcoBoost
Dls car custom
Dls car custom 2 months ago
Olá Ford Performance tudo bem? Eu Sou o Danilo Siqueira, e gostaria de apresentar para você nosso canal de customização automotiva, trabalhamos como toda parte eletrônica, iluminação e etc.. Atendemos a todo território nacional!!!! Segue lá 😁
Ömer Asaf Bay
Ömer Asaf Bay 2 months ago
Felix_53 2 months ago
It's not a good sign that in Dubai they need that fast police cars
TJ Wilkes
TJ Wilkes 2 months ago
Ford raptor on two wheels. That’s not rare you see that every day
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger 2 months ago
*like my comment if you watched tokyo drift fast and furious*
S T 2 months ago
Nice soundtrack. Tell them that the true Christians have their back as men of the book. Praise be
28. Arjun Manikandan
I mean seriously how much did that cost them, rent of all that stuff, cleaning of the tyre marks. My god 😍😍😍🙌🙌
Rehan Ali
Rehan Ali 2 months ago
Nice car bro
Gabriel Marques
Gabriel Marques 2 months ago
This sound Design BROOOO!!!
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