Ken Block's Entire Fleet Gets NEW Wheels - Full Tour!

Ken Block
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Super stoked to finally announce my new partnership with Wheel Pros - and to show off the full collection of new kicks for my entire fleet of race cars and street cars - including the very first look at my TWO new signature wheels from Fuel Off-Road (for trucks and UTVs) and Rotiform (for street and competition vehicles).
It's super rare (and maybe the first time in history) that nearly all of my race and street cars are in the same place at the same time which made for the perfect opportunity to make this reveal happen.
For those who don't know, Wheel Pros is the parent company to some of the greatest wheel brands in the industry which include Rotiform, American Racing, Fuel Off-Road, American Force, and a whole bunch more. What I'm most stoked about is the ability to work with their team of engineers to take my ideas and concepts for brand new wheel designs and make them a reality. At DC Shoes I always enjoyed helping design shoes and apparel. Now I get to do that again, but with wheels. Aka; kicks for cars!

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Aug 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Ken Block
Ken Block 2 months ago
What are your top five cars in the fleet?
Guahan Boy
Guahan Boy 4 days ago
rs200, both Raptors, honnitruck, And The Bronco.
SS Cryptical
SS Cryptical 6 days ago
Hoonucorn is the beat
SS Cryptical
SS Cryptical 6 days ago
MY FAVORITE IS THE HOONICORN I use it in forza horizon. 4 every fay by far the funnest car.
Nando García
Nando García 6 days ago
Me encantan tus autos son los mejores
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu 6 days ago
Yes Ken all are unique & cool adult toy's vehicles, so all are cool even the Raptor with snow-tracks.. Ohh.. btw where is the Ford "Hooni-fox" ?! (Big Love from Romania ..) you should try visit our famous road 'Transfagaraseanu' someday !!! ;0)
B Kirby
B Kirby 14 hours ago
Dude is like living in nfs
I got a Chevy ad in the middle of this :)
Creeper car
Creeper car 23 hours ago
phew gymkhana 3 is all right.... But ken block WE WANT SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI HATCHBACK BACK
C Hawk Fly
C Hawk Fly Day ago
While I respect his business and skills Did you really design the wheels or just approve someone’s else’s drawings
Wirawan Olefors
Hoonicorn,hoonitruck are My favorite drift cars in forza 4
Whipzyy 2 days ago
My favourite has to be the rs200 evolution
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey 4 days ago
Imagine doing anything to where you get signature anything let alone wheels for EVERYTHING you own
Hector Mendoza
Hector Mendoza 4 days ago
@14:13 should have been a “FOXier” silhouette. Dontchall think?
Hiss Boomer
Hiss Boomer 4 days ago
looks like a gta 5 garage
Tucker Jackson
Tucker Jackson 4 days ago
I don’t have a fifth lol
Tucker Jackson
Tucker Jackson 4 days ago
Hoonicorn, hoony truck, hoony escort, hoony focus
Phantom 8
Phantom 8 4 days ago
On top of all the other sponsors I think Mr. Hoon needs to hit up the DMV.
Matthew Chipura
Matthew Chipura 4 days ago
yo does anyone know the song that plays when he shows a new car and rims. because it's fire
Yeetus on My feetus
How ken chooses cars *dips in a bucket* oh this cars in Miami
Yeetus on My feetus
Forza update 20 million. New ken cars have an update. 52’s are off
David Soper
David Soper 5 days ago
When the everyday American cant even buy one set and this dickhead puts them on everything
Miguel 6 days ago
hey @Ken Block have you ever tougth about the S1600 rally cars I think youre missing a Ford Puma Rally there :D
Chawizaud Pokemon
why do none of the wheels have center caps lol
Anderson Willian
Anderson Willian 6 days ago
Garagem dos sonhos ,o Escort estaria bom pra min rs
William Cimorelli
They look like toys.. Crazy fleet....
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 7 days ago
Oh yeah welllll...... I have half those cars, in forza...
Good man
Good man 8 days ago
Love to see the gen 3 still in his possession
289pinto 8 days ago
All the wheels look great 👍
Kabsuss_ 8 days ago
he really likes monster
Kevin Jaramillo
Kevin Jaramillo 9 days ago
Brian should drive it
STUART McNAB 9 days ago
You gotta get a 4wd cossie serria Sapphire please please get one ken...... see what you can do with it
Glitch teknician
Glitch teknician 9 days ago
Built not bought
Tom Chalker
Tom Chalker 9 days ago
Ken block needs an Aussie xr8 falcon Ute, that thing would be 🔥🔥🔥
Ethan Binette
Ethan Binette 10 days ago
I'm so glad that you were in NFS 2015. Your car was awesome!
Ky Smith
Ky Smith 10 days ago
Those cars look shit how is this interesting
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy 10 days ago
all these cars and my favorite is the ford rs
Onebruins Fan
Onebruins Fan 10 days ago
What happen to the blazer
Lukesterrules 10 days ago
If ken came up to you and said “you can take one vehicle from my garage” which would you choose? I would go with the hoonitruck
Lone Dreamer
Lone Dreamer 8 days ago
Sammy Kreps
Sammy Kreps 11 days ago
anyone else wondering about the green raptor?
Jim Worthington
Jim Worthington 11 days ago
RS200 ... Everything after that is just a car.
bob w
bob w 12 days ago
The kid first ............
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson 12 days ago
Howcome there's no centre caps on the car's wheels?
O Devious
O Devious 12 days ago
Why does the camera guy keeps interrupting while ken is talking?
Jack Beanstalk
Jack Beanstalk 13 days ago
9:08 "Boggers" You know when an American has been to Ireland!
Black Label
Black Label 13 days ago
@Ken Block is this you in Forza Horizon 4 ruvid.net/video/video--y1VoLS2bS0.html
Salem Al sulaimi
Salem Al sulaimi 13 days ago
Wo have to change your name to "ford man"😅
Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray 14 days ago
No1 Cosworth V2 best car ever. No2 fiesta. I have this car. (WR8) No3 mk3 escort No4 Hoonitruck No5 don't no. Want No1 to much. Can i have it Please?
Ed Barth
Ed Barth 15 days ago
He skipped one and I’m not telling you what it is
Konrad Paczek
Konrad Paczek 15 days ago
Does ken block or did ken block have a Chevy
Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Talha 16 days ago
i wana buy your mustang 1965
Bradley Gallen
Bradley Gallen 17 days ago
You forgot the tracked raptor ant the old green focus!
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd 18 days ago
Ken block was a dickhead no time for young fans in nz too cool for anyone.
Wyatt Moore
Wyatt Moore 19 days ago
1st-1965 Hoonicorn 2nd-The rapter with Forties! 3rd-1977 ford f-150 4th-2015 ford fiesta st rx 5th- 2017ford super duty f-450 lariat
luke steele
luke steele 19 days ago
its not fair how cool the hoonicorn is
Charles Culp
Charles Culp 20 days ago
Lia first 😆
Dylan Cain
Dylan Cain 21 day ago
Bryan, should be able to drive it... on a trailer.
Dylan Cain
Dylan Cain 21 day ago
Then lia gets to drift it before him.
Dylan Cain
Dylan Cain 21 day ago
Why did you switch from fifteen52 to WheelPros?
Toby Ferguson
Toby Ferguson 24 days ago
1: Hoonitruck 2: cossie v2 3: hoonicorn 4: mk2 escort 5: SVT Raptor
AVI YT 24 days ago
I have Your fleet in forza horizon 4 :) And I just I want to say you are amazing!
Naked Owners
Naked Owners 27 days ago
MkI over a MkII. And every single one of them besides the one on the snowtracks.
!!!SCREAM for JOY!!!
personally hoonicorn should keep the bronze wheel colour and the bronco should of been listed has the vehicle hert broke haha
Will U. Rage
Will U. Rage Month ago
How many ads do you need in 1 video?
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall Month ago
need to hoon the new bronco
CoronaWithLyme Month ago
My man I knew he'd go for the RS200 first that would have been my first choice as well. Absolutely love that car out of all of them.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Month ago
So they had a falling out with Fifteen52?
Carson Lanning
Carson Lanning Month ago
8:21 Ik someone is gonna make this in forza
0netyr Month ago
I was born in 1986 in fact today is me and the RS200 birthday .. lol
christian meza
christian meza Month ago
I’m forsure gonna have to scoop those wheels on the hoonitruck I absolutely am in love with them let’s see if my bank account is gonna let me love them even more
Randy Lee
Randy Lee Month ago
Sorry but the F450 needs polished wheels, too much black.
Ktm Four
Ktm Four Month ago
Id say send me your take offs butt we know what those look like lol but would be sweet beeing a fan
The Art of Josh
The Art of Josh Month ago
If Ken and I met up id not only become a good friend but I could help in this video editing and overall awesome demeanor! Lol hooligan needs some structure!...love you all...just wanna help make it better
The Art of Josh
The Art of Josh Month ago
ACE9 Aerial Innovations
i know ford is your thing but do you really not have any other brand cars ever besides the can-ams?? wild if so!
JA914 AJ121
JA914 AJ121 Month ago
why'd they omit those two cars at the corner??
Anton Matti
Anton Matti Month ago
What about the white monster livery Fiesta? did't it get a fresh set of wheels? Btw. #5 Wide as f**k Raptor #4 Cosworth #3 Mark 2 #2 Honitruck #1 Honicorn
Korben Month ago
I think he’s a Chevy guy
XX Sharky
XX Sharky Month ago
What about the raptor with tank tracks
vency27team Month ago
Tina Agustina
Tina Agustina Month ago
SoCal Scene
SoCal Scene Month ago
Lol originator of one spoke? Does te37 not exist?
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Month ago
Mark 2 the proper car Ana RS 200 Cosworth
Everything Month ago
This whole channel is an advert. F&*king lame content. Buy Ford! Buy Toyo! Buy Monster!
Allen Entsminger
I would love watching Leah hoon the Hoonicorn!
kennymore Month ago
Those cars are excellently clean they look like toys
Houze Block
Houze Block Month ago
Brian finally a can I forgot u know how to drive
Levi Fisk
Levi Fisk Month ago
I'm a really big fan of you can you add me on Xbox my Xbox name is Driftking#2569
Corey Williams
Corey Williams Month ago
1. Hoonicorn 2. Hoonicorn 3. Hoonicorn 4. Hoonicorn 5. Hoonitruck
Ginger Retard
Ginger Retard Month ago
twincharged v3 bet
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Month ago
Knew this was coming 😉
Josh Jarvis
Josh Jarvis Month ago
Miss the fifteen 52s on the hoonicorn they were so much better in my opinion :(
Zeno Gaming
Zeno Gaming Month ago
I loved those bronze wheels, they looked iconic Btw u own literally every Ford in the world but u still don't have a modern mustang and a Ford gt
Vick Evans
Vick Evans Month ago
I love them all but I really love the trucks and the Hoonicorn
marquis Strickland
Put the fifteen52s back on the hoonicorn
Mark Santana
Mark Santana Month ago
Hoonicorn v3 confirmed
Reccallo TimTom
Reccallo TimTom Month ago
One thing that I'll never forget is I was on a flight back home to Tampa, Florida from Pittsburgh (where I currently live) to visit my parents and I always bought a car magazine before my flight. In this magazine was the unveiling of the Hoonicorn. I read that portion of the magazine maybe 12 times on that flight. I love that car.
Reccallo TimTom
Reccallo TimTom Month ago
Alright, so before the video really begins, my top 5 are: The RS200 The Hoonicorn The old F100 The Bronco The Fiesta That RS200 is just beautiful, and when they came out there wasn't much that were capable of hanging with it. I'm not saying that the other cars aren't awesome, I also LOVE the old Escort as well as the newer one, but those are my favorites.
Kyle Kicker
Kyle Kicker Month ago
We need a first gen raptor vid plz
Disney Every day
JVR K&C Month ago
Give the Hoonicorn to Hert....bwahahahahaha....just make sure that hood is ON...welded
Zwelakhe Ndhlazi
Cant wait to see a HOONED Bronco🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥PLEASE
Marwan AL Fawadleh
Guys what’s ken favorite car because my English is not good
Karen Baxter
Karen Baxter Month ago
Actually the rs 200 isn't one of 200 it is actually one of about 100
Nick Nunley
Nick Nunley Month ago
Mr. Block where do I get these wheels
Antoine St-Amant
Does the Ford Focus RSRX is not a Hoonigan car anymore ? New project in mind maybe?
MERICA #1 Month ago
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