Keith Thurman POST FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS vs. Manny Pacquiao

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Keith Thurman POST FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS vs. Manny Pacquiao
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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 1 062
rovic Enjambre
Im filipino and i respect thurman ! For those talking sh"t about him because what his say he can beat pacman. Before the fight! I let you know all he did was to promote the game, to add excitement, to their fight, But real color well show at the end of the match, And he admit. And respect manny Not unlike a ( black chiken ) always running at the stage A true warrior doesn't meant never defeated, Its all about you giving all best of your To stand your ground.
Wil 15 days ago
Keith Thurman is a good speaker. He is smart.
Tony Laxa
Tony Laxa 17 days ago
Keith TURDman ate so much humble pie that his face swelled up. Must be allergic to humble 🥧
Iron Chef
Iron Chef Month ago
Smart guy...respect for athletes like this guy
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone Month ago
i respect thurman. i despise broner
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada Month ago
Paquiao te pateo el culo
menace 275
menace 275 Month ago
100% respect for thurman
Michael Palacios
Michael Palacios 2 months ago
Lots of respect ✊🏼 Taking that L like a champ I’m a fan now
t g
t g 2 months ago
Ass whipped
Thad Turner
Thad Turner 2 months ago
Respect given is respect earned!!
Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas 2 months ago
I respect this guy .. He is straight about his mistakes and he is humble .. I earned huge Respect for his life 👍👍
Rob Ford
Rob Ford 2 months ago
Good fighter, not great but decent. Pacman one of the greats at welterweight
Will VSW
Will VSW 2 months ago
Keith just wanted the Manny payday and proved he is only a good fighter not a great one “big respect for being graceful in defeat💯👌
AR 15
AR 15 2 months ago
And He is in 40s and not the Prime Pac.
ganda kho
ganda kho 2 months ago
you are very arrogant
Asha Rani
Asha Rani 3 months ago
Loool destroyed
Marlon Manicad
Marlon Manicad 3 months ago
You've been there keith, and you'll get back we're sure. It was a truly great and close fight! Congrats to our pambansang kamao!
Davi Rubino
Davi Rubino 3 months ago
Manny humbled this man ! Diferent person
dodoh emphasis
dodoh emphasis 3 months ago
What happen your face whahahahahah kawawang Thurman
Mahalin Talasing
Mahalin Talasing 3 months ago
Just our senator Manny Pacman can stained your record,, you like 40 & Pacman like 30 swap your age🤣
RAFFA ELLE 3 months ago
not so cocky now hah
Sunny Sabuero
Sunny Sabuero 3 months ago
Close fight? Really?
Dayvideo 4 months ago
mark jordan
mark jordan 4 months ago
Keith Thurman, I hate this man before, but admitting his defeat to everybody, is a real honorable man. The heart of the champion..
Ralph Guevara
Ralph Guevara 4 months ago
Thurman: How were those t-rex hands?
From EV
From EV 4 months ago
This is why TALKING SHIT before the fight , makes you look STUPID, after the fight .
TIGER BOMP 4 months ago
It was a good Fight Keith Thurman u just gost loss becasue of Knockdown better luck next time. we salute you Keith for being humble
Steel Nerves
Steel Nerves 4 months ago
Very authentic and honest account with no bs
Anthony Felix
Anthony Felix 4 months ago
Keith talking all that shit before now he know the results he should’ve paid mind to the experience pac had .🥊
Marvin Tumbaga
Marvin Tumbaga 4 months ago
Thurman will become a big star in boxing.
Jeroe Tumanday
Jeroe Tumanday 4 months ago
Though Thurman ended up eating his words but man, he sure has the guts to do some trash talking (Im not saying trash talking is fine) but he's better than AB and Floyd. He boxed and traded punches with Manny. It was more entertaining and there was no running. But what's more important is that, he has a good sportmanship. Still, congratulations to our own Manny Pacquiao! A legend will always be a legend! #GOAT
Aaron G
Aaron G 4 months ago
Much respect for thurman. True champion 😎
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 4 months ago
Never heard Thurman talk before. Comes across well.
WarCry 4 months ago
even during this post fight interveiw, the nose of thurman bleeded. check 6:25 mi
Francia Nunez
Francia Nunez 4 months ago
Dumb fighter lose!..
Unan Killer
Unan Killer 4 months ago
Style naman ni Trauman
Red Tomato
Red Tomato 4 months ago
It takes a good amount of courage to accept defeat. Most people when they lose have a million excuses for their lost or still boast about themselves and because thurman admitted his loss that's good sportsmanship, but I also believe that his trashtalking was for advertising the fight more, to bring the hype for the match. You could see that on the later rounds he was fighting to win and not for the money, if he fought with all he had, that just shows that he respects his opponent enough to fight with all that he has to offer. Their is nothing worst than showing up to a fight just to not give your all to your opponent and only be there for the money that just means you don't care about your opponent and the sport, it just shows that all you care about is the money. And this match showed both of their passion for boxing. I'm trying to be as neutral as I can be and if anyone thinks that i'm just defending thurman just know that, Pinoy din ako at si Manny Pacquiao ay idol ko. Gusto lang sakin na ang mga fans ay hindi mag trashtalk ng ibang tao para ang internet ay magagiging less toxic. Atsaka sorry kapag ang tagalog ko hindi magaling dahil bisaya ako eh. Taga cebu man ko gud mao na kung naa koy sayop sa akong tagalog sorry nalang daan. But putting all that aside I am proud to be Pinoy because I consider Manny Pacquiao to be one of the Philippines national treasures if he isn't one already.
Jesse Corpus
Jesse Corpus 4 months ago
Bro he kick your ass stop making excuses you talk shit the hoe fight.
3532PINOY 4 months ago
With broken ribs, pacman just retired him...
Jay jay Bossz
Jay jay Bossz 4 months ago
Dude won’t win another fight
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