Keith Thurman POST FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS vs. Manny Pacquiao

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Keith Thurman POST FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS vs. Manny Pacquiao
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Jul 21, 2019

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Comments 1 052
dodoh emphasis
dodoh emphasis 3 days ago
What happen your face whahahahahah kawawang Thurman
Mahalin Talasing
Mahalin Talasing 3 days ago
Just our senator Manny Pacman can stained your record,, you like 40 & Pacman like 30 swap your age🤣
RAFFA ELLE 7 days ago
not so cocky now hah
Sunny Sabuero
Sunny Sabuero 8 days ago
Close fight? Really?
Dayvideo 11 days ago
mark jordan
mark jordan 13 days ago
Keith Thurman, I hate this man before, but admitting his defeat to everybody, is a real honorable man. The heart of the champion..
Ralph Guevara
Ralph Guevara 13 days ago
Thurman: How were those t-rex hands?
From EV
From EV 14 days ago
This is why TALKING SHIT before the fight , makes you look STUPID, after the fight .
TIGER BOMP 14 days ago
It was a good Fight Keith Thurman u just gost loss becasue of Knockdown better luck next time. we salute you Keith for being humble
Steel Nerves
Steel Nerves 14 days ago
Very authentic and honest account with no bs
Anthony Felix
Anthony Felix 16 days ago
Keith talking all that shit before now he know the results he should’ve paid mind to the experience pac had .🥊
Marvin Tumbaga
Marvin Tumbaga 18 days ago
Thurman will become a big star in boxing.
Jeroe Tumanday
Jeroe Tumanday 18 days ago
Though Thurman ended up eating his words but man, he sure has the guts to do some trash talking (Im not saying trash talking is fine) but he's better than AB and Floyd. He boxed and traded punches with Manny. It was more entertaining and there was no running. But what's more important is that, he has a good sportmanship. Still, congratulations to our own Manny Pacquiao! A legend will always be a legend! #GOAT
Aaron G
Aaron G 19 days ago
Much respect for thurman. True champion 😎
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 19 days ago
Never heard Thurman talk before. Comes across well.
WarCry 20 days ago
even during this post fight interveiw, the nose of thurman bleeded. check 6:25 mi
Francia Nunez
Francia Nunez 20 days ago
Dumb fighter lose!..
Unan Killer
Unan Killer 21 day ago
Style naman ni Trauman
Red Tomato
Red Tomato 21 day ago
It takes a good amount of courage to accept defeat. Most people when they lose have a million excuses for their lost or still boast about themselves and because thurman admitted his loss that's good sportsmanship, but I also believe that his trashtalking was for advertising the fight more, to bring the hype for the match. You could see that on the later rounds he was fighting to win and not for the money, if he fought with all he had, that just shows that he respects his opponent enough to fight with all that he has to offer. Their is nothing worst than showing up to a fight just to not give your all to your opponent and only be there for the money that just means you don't care about your opponent and the sport, it just shows that all you care about is the money. And this match showed both of their passion for boxing. I'm trying to be as neutral as I can be and if anyone thinks that i'm just defending thurman just know that, Pinoy din ako at si Manny Pacquiao ay idol ko. Gusto lang sakin na ang mga fans ay hindi mag trashtalk ng ibang tao para ang internet ay magagiging less toxic. Atsaka sorry kapag ang tagalog ko hindi magaling dahil bisaya ako eh. Taga cebu man ko gud mao na kung naa koy sayop sa akong tagalog sorry nalang daan. But putting all that aside I am proud to be Pinoy because I consider Manny Pacquiao to be one of the Philippines national treasures if he isn't one already.
Jesse Corpus
Jesse Corpus 22 days ago
Bro he kick your ass stop making excuses you talk shit the hoe fight.
3532PINOY 22 days ago
With broken ribs, pacman just retired him...
Jay jay Bossz
Jay jay Bossz 22 days ago
Dude won’t win another fight
Maria David
Maria David 22 days ago
Keith is a fine gentleman to accept his loss freely without the typical B.S. that losers tend to say. Therefore, he really deserves a rematch.
Angelica Cabintoy
Angelica Cabintoy 23 days ago
you said you gonna end pacmans carrer? whats up?
Angelica Cabintoy
Angelica Cabintoy 23 days ago
you got schooled and suddenly your down to earth? shut up cause you got fukking knocked out.bye.
max blaser
max blaser 23 days ago
imo thurman made good account of himself
Rhea Retita
Rhea Retita 23 days ago
Good job one time baby boy
This is how sports must work,RESPECT
MRIce Manalo
MRIce Manalo 23 days ago
What if you won the fight? Are you gonna praise pac the way you doing right now lol
MRIce Manalo
MRIce Manalo 23 days ago
Just watched post fight with Garcia and PAC fight totally different guy smh
dharkoz Jehu
dharkoz Jehu 23 days ago
The two feet tall, bunny 🐰 with T. rex arms had beaten the young hungry lion? That’s history! 😭
Reverend RunBad
Reverend RunBad 23 days ago
Boxing trash sport
Ferlapiz23 24 days ago
What a difference From a true gentleman like him and clown ass Broner yelling “I beat him” 😂
Rei RR
Rei RR 24 days ago
Hahaha now he eats what he said about Pacquiao!! I love the before and after fighting.... thank you for the insult!!!remember when you said you’ll retire if PacMan will defeat you!! This is the time, be a man of your words And you even said that you’re gonna crucified Pacquiao like Jesus you’re so stupid to say that!!!!
axenz axtiz
axenz axtiz 24 days ago
Somehow , Keith Thurman now very humble comment
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 24 days ago
Thurman gets hit too much man. He got good skills and is smart af and hits hard with his wide open fats shots. But damn he does get touched look at his forehead but I mean most fighter got them flaws not everyone can be perfect. What I love about him tho is when he’s hurt he’s likes to be clean and not hold and do all those tactics he takes the offense like a man😎
Isiah Davis
Isiah Davis 24 days ago
thought u was gonna end mannys career lol yea right got ya ass whooped
LabGorilla 24 days ago
Thurman got seriously damaged . PAC man is a legend. Thurman should realise that a younger Pac man would have put him away.
De king
De king 24 days ago
First I hate thurman when I saw interview with manny pacman and he's alot a lot to much so i decided to watch his full fight with pacman Thurman gives he's best profomance to Pacquiao Pacquiao win with split decision After the fight I wonder Thurman how good fighter he's now am a big fan of Thurman now I respect him He's hade a great lose but wins millions of fan and hearts💜❤
Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno 24 days ago
Eso te pasa por ocicon 🤣😅😂
Alexey Alexey
Alexey Alexey 24 days ago
Keit some time thurman
El Americano
El Americano 24 days ago
before the fight he was retiring pacman. after the fight his loss is a blessing from above. lol
Shakes D.
Shakes D. 24 days ago
No shame on having 2.5m dollars, sleeping on the canvas if front of the whole world😁😂😂😂😁
Shakes D.
Shakes D. 24 days ago
Keith night night thurman is truly an entertainer..one time Certified comedian actually. Yo hear me
Christian Apolinario I guess
Lol he said he wanted to put him into retirement..
L Vue
L Vue 25 days ago
Stay humble take the L and go bacj to the drawing board
Marie Dunand
Marie Dunand 25 days ago
All i can say that he is better than FMW. He played fair enough, but he is less smart than FMW that is why he lost this match.
Mobili Legend
Mobili Legend 25 days ago
Thats a great story to tell that you have 1 lose, and that came from a legend. #respect
Phụng Miền
Phụng Miền 25 days ago
Keith not bad. I see him a lighting futures his young. Many chances for him. And he's have big trust moreover. He's not weakness
YouTube Explorer
YouTube Explorer 25 days ago
Thurman(in training): I Will Knock out Manny Pacquiao Thurman(After fight): *regrets*
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 25 days ago
Keion Chase
Keion Chase 25 days ago
Both a credit to boxing.... How old is Manny??? Damn???
mk ganaden
mk ganaden 25 days ago
Pacman is a good teacher for thurman to improve more
jham chavez
jham chavez 25 days ago
Both of them are realy a fighter,great fight,unlike to mayweather runner, Thurman is clean fighter and he's continue fighting back over his opponent salute to him he's a real champion even he got knocking down he stand up and continue to fighting back.
Scott Chilton
Scott Chilton 26 days ago
i like this kid
richwiz2 26 days ago
Thurman showed a lot of class, kudos.
i᮴s• official
i᮴s• official 26 days ago
R.I.P Thurman
さん金 26 days ago
Best punching bag of the year congrats haha in my country there's a lot of great street fighter and boxers 🇵🇭
Omii Barbosa
Omii Barbosa 26 days ago
i just can't imagine what will happen to thurman fighting prime pacman..
Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead 26 days ago
Its funny that there's so many bias commentators that always try to find excuses when Pacman won, such as Teddy Atlas, yet the guy who's beaten in the ring put a spot on analysis on Pacman and his own performance.
Bacon N Eggs
Bacon N Eggs 26 days ago
Onya Keith. Good to see a boxer showing some class after a defeat.
KingKobrra 26 days ago
We all watched the match. Any body with the right mind and common sense can tell it was not only unfair judgement, but a fix, for the simple reason who is going to bring more more money to this corrupt institution in the future. Also, Thurman never lost before, make him lose this one, so there is going to be a rematch. More money again! Thurman always been entertainer and smart fighter with out a doubt. Peace!
Tenxing King007
Tenxing King007 26 days ago
Why were you talking all that shit when you already knew who the fuck pac man is.. Stop making excuses and retire bitch!!!! Stfu! Just disappear bro.
art roxas
art roxas 26 days ago
This interview right here make up for all the trash talk he made before the fight! Congrats Manny and good fight for thurman!
Blancacayetano Medina
Thurman u did way better than floyd mayweather u fought ur heart out mayweather ran around the ring and still won u did good there will be other fights
The Legend
The Legend 26 days ago
Respect.. You know how many boxers woulda dropped from.that body shot alone, Thurmans one touch MF he kept his word and went toe to toe and did quite fucking well,he got Manny too, that was a great match.. QUOTE: "Hes humble in the eyes of defeat, the defeat will make him stronger., wiser, and overall better boxer in the near future. He'll be back" UNQUOTE MANNY PACQUIAO.
tom woods
tom woods 26 days ago
Keith Thurman was very humble and a good sportsman and took the loss like a man . I respect him for it.
tom woods
tom woods 26 days ago
Thurman is a graceful loser.
Atleast keith ddnt run like floyd👍 his brave👍
You need a vacation keith👍 get up next time nigga😠
Darwin Bilbao
Darwin Bilbao 26 days ago
He may be a brag but he's a good sports.
Zyler Zyzyx
Zyler Zyzyx 26 days ago
Now you know 😜😜😜so be aware of your trash words😍😍😍we love Manny and he is totally incredible and amazing
virgO corp izzy_Oggy
U got it don't talk too much
Tellsplatte W
Tellsplatte W 26 days ago
But Thurman DID do very well. Pacquiao was hit more than he’s ever been hit flush. W/o the 1st rd, this is a draw. Great com back from Thurman. Deserves a rematch IMO.
Danny Janolan
Danny Janolan 27 days ago
LIKE: So do you want MannyPacquiao to continue fighting? or DISLIKE: do you want MannyPacquiao to retire? Please vote
Shreety Qoh
Shreety Qoh 27 days ago
He's a good boxer than mayweather..❤❤❤He gives a best fight..
Chris B
Chris B 27 days ago
Iam a new Filipino Thurman's fan now!
Kevin Sebastian
Kevin Sebastian 27 days ago
You fought a legend Learn from the legend train hard and be humble like the legend soon you"ll become a legend
Hanzel Atienza
Hanzel Atienza 27 days ago
Still game on
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