Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING

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Keith Thurman joins Kate Abdo to break down fight film from his championship bout with Manny Pacquiao.
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Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING


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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 138
PBC ON FOX 28 days ago
Who should Keith Thurman fight next?
russwest brook
Let Thurman fight against big mouth bruner.LOL
Gepoy pokemom
Gepoy pokemom 2 days ago
John Doughboy 214
Wilder or bring iron mike out of retirement so he can knock that stupid haircut off his head and retire him for good!
the goat .pacman
enriquez clan
enriquez clan 4 days ago
James_Official T.V
James_Official T.V 19 hours ago
We wanna see Keith onetime thurman visits the Philippines oneday. 👍
janjan pajaron
Check Hook
Check Hook Day ago
Good interview
Om Topita
Om Topita Day ago
Thurman respeto sayo🙏
russwest brook
Twas not split.LOL
russwest brook
Big mouth VS big mouth = bruner vs thurman! Hahaha
dota2player2 ##
Thats ok thur u fight will .. ur not a runner like weather not using head to box like horn
hat dog
hat dog 2 days ago
Keith "end of di dey" thurman
mhon sevilla
mhon sevilla 3 days ago
Respect thurman for being such a good sport!accept the defeat.
rolling fish
rolling fish 3 days ago
Pacquiao loses rematch no doubt in my mind
Uragontv 3 days ago
truly great respect to KEITH THURMAN. watching from Saudi Arabia
bat hala
bat hala 3 days ago
Who else want to see Manny vs the winner of spence vs porter.
Paul Banay
Paul Banay 4 days ago
like just how keith handled the defeat like a real gentleman!!!
alx br
alx br 4 days ago
This guy talk too much, consider your self lucky Pacquiao is at his 40's if he's at his prime you'll be sorry.
Jason Khawaja
Jason Khawaja 4 days ago
Ya'll Know I beat That Boy !!!!
enriquez clan
enriquez clan 4 days ago
the goat
March Monday
March Monday 4 days ago
now i appreciate how powerful he is, a big respect from the philippines.. comeback stronger champ. im rooting for you ♥️
Romil Narciso
Romil Narciso 5 days ago
Keith now knows the feeling to be hit by those t-Rex arms by a bunny rabbit🤣🤣🤣
Robert Ablola
Robert Ablola 5 days ago
this guy can't accept the truth if that is not hard why your mouth fusy lost your mour noob please explain that spacialy to childern that say that father is win OMG plaese explain to disable FK im not nob like u ang your father
Robert Ablola
Robert Ablola 5 days ago
you eat if you have because manny the man weth you dont beat, please admeet ur easy guy to beat for that 40 guy come on please special to your son and children nob
Guadalupe Hernandez
el pac m,an es de otro planeta....
Itsthemuscledad 5 days ago
Keith may have lost the fight but he sure gained a lot of fans. He has a heart of a champion for sure. When he said he wanted to fight pacquiao like erik morales did, he sure tried. He was not lying about it.
yaritza robles
yaritza robles 6 days ago
After the body shot he ran n boy did he ran literaly wow tgis dude is a joke
First Name Last Name
The trashtalks of thurman is just to promote their fight and don't take that seriously or bash him because it adds an extra amount of cash on their fight.
Sirien Gates
Sirien Gates 6 days ago
Bulldog thurman... The man who stand and give the fight.
Marshall Gears
Marshall Gears 6 days ago
I respect keith.. I am a boxer in lowest ring. But i know what its like to fight. Its hard. Both fighter deserve the respect.
K.L.A. K.A.A.
K.L.A. K.A.A. 6 days ago
Win like a man lose like a man. Thats the true champion.
Rosito Mariano
Rosito Mariano 7 days ago
I love this guy
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
run thurman run
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
no you said who the fook is this guy
Steve Stone
Steve Stone 7 days ago
No Keith 2 judges had it 115-112 Pac-Man and the other had it 114-113 Thurman so not all that close when it was u who got the point win by one judge I had it 116-111 but 💯 a manny win 🥊
Carlo Ace
Carlo Ace 7 days ago
philippines str0ng ^+^
Ameer K
Ameer K 8 days ago
Now that bum is quiet
SLVO 8 days ago
Manny punched your mouthpiece out boy
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
Fernando Pinto
Fernando Pinto 8 days ago
Thurman always said he wouldnt make any excuses when someone took his 0. He is a man of his word, great sportsmanship.
Nikhom Yang
Nikhom Yang 3 days ago
Except he didn't retire. He did say if he lose he would retire.
Khattak UK
Khattak UK 8 days ago
Danny Garcia
A A 9 days ago
Wow he speaks surprisingly clearly for a boxer
Efrain Santos
Efrain Santos 9 days ago
I could listen to her voice all day 😍
Its KEL 9 days ago
Still got big cash!
komrade kat
komrade kat 10 days ago
This is how boxers should be! This is boxing! Respect from the Philippines!
mr. D
mr. D 10 days ago
ito yung taong marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo sa lahat ng nakalaban ni pacman..
Noah Cross
Noah Cross 11 days ago
Lol I'll never forget when he was talking about Manny and his Trex arms..its bad
Branden Smith
Branden Smith 11 days ago
Soon I do wanna see a Keith and manny rematch so Keith can beat him redeem himself and I think we might see it since manny wants to fight till he 56 and has arthritis in both hands
J R 11 days ago
Thurman's stock went up that means he faught well
Albert Udiong
Albert Udiong 11 days ago
Boxing career is END Keith Thurman
Quinton Luster
Quinton Luster 11 days ago
YOUNG BUCK got his A$$ Whooped . He should retire and his fans should too. LOL I'm Sure they're already on another Bandwagon. Probably Crawford's Bandwagon. Another loser. LOL Errol Spence Jr is the king. Man Down!!!!
AznBoy 12 days ago
Before the fight I was like yea PAC is going to beat Thurman easy. But after the fight Thurman has gained a lot of respect from me. When Pacman retires I will be watching Thurman so for now I’m watching Pacman.
ILL LOKANO 12 days ago
very classy in defeat...yeah , he did talk trash but it was all for promotion so really no big deal there....thurman will be back!
ILL LOKANO 7 days ago
@Glenn parent nope what
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
brotherhood9698 12 days ago
Still baffles me how one of the judges gave the fight to Thurman. I think more or less everyone agrees that Manny won that fight hands down. He stole so many of the round just by finishing the last half of the rounds stronger than the first half. It was a great competitive fight, but Thurman didn't win and it shouldn't ever have been a split decision.
jaydell121 12 days ago
I feel like this will be Keith's turning point in his career. He will be better than ever. Master Pacquaio has taught Keith a major lesson, and has passed down his wisdom with his fists and greatness.
Khanong_ Sakk
Khanong_ Sakk 12 days ago
I hope Thurman can fight again with Pacquiao and I highly believe that he can be the best this time. If he train a lot more with his hand punch👊 cuz he able to firm with his capacity, but my view is he should motivate himself and try not to show his weakness, don't hopeless reply to Pacquiao. I love Thurman with his previous fight and I hope he can find a little part of Pacquiao's weakness. I do love Pacquiao either.
Japheth Elcarte
Japheth Elcarte 12 days ago
Keith is so good at promoting fights.
Quinton Luster
Quinton Luster 11 days ago
YOUNG BUCK should promote His retirement. LOL.
dubaiofw 12 days ago
You talk too much fan boy.....still u r an idiot boxer ducking the T-rex pacman...you forgot the Trex is a killer animal....hahahaha ESPN FIGHTER OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2006,2008, 2009) 3 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (2007, 2013) 2 only THE RING MAGAZINE FIGHTER OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2006,2008, 2009) 3 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (1998, 2007) 2 only BOXING WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA FIGHTER OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2006,2008, 2009) TIE Floyd Mayweather Jr. (2007, 2013, 2015) TIE WORLD BOXING HALL OF FAME FIGHTER OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2007) 1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. 0 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2008, 2009) 2 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (2015) 1 THE RING MAGAZINE KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR Manny Pacquiao (2009) 1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. 0 HBO FIGHTER OF THE DECADE Manny Pacquiao (2000-2009) WIN Floyd Mayweather Jr. "0" LOSE WBC FIGHTER OF THE DECADE Manny Pacquiao (2001-2010) WIN Floyd Mayweather Jr. "0" LOSE BOXING WRITERS ASSOCIATION FIGHTER OF THE DECADE Manny Pacquiao (2009-2010) WIN Floyd Mayweather Jr. "0" LOSE WBO BEST POUND FOR POUND FIGHTER OF THE DECADE Manny Pacquiao (2001-2010) WIN Floyd Mayweather Jr. "0" LOSE MOST UNDISPUTED IN LINEAL WEIGHT CLASS BEATING BEST OF THE BEST IN EVERY DIVISION Manny Pacquiao (5th Time Lineal) WIN Floyd Mayweather Jr. (4th Time Lineal) LOSE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS OF MOST BOXING WORLD TITLES IN 8 DIFFERENT WEIGHT DIVISIONS Manny Pacquiao holds this unbreakable 8 Division World Champion record and Floyd Mayweather Jr. had only 5 Divisions below Oscar Dela Hoya which has 6 Divisions.
joaquin revuelta
joaquin revuelta 13 days ago
Rodrigo Von Rodriguez
respect to thurman !! he fought like a champ and lost with good sportsmanship !! he still young he can be champ again
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 7 days ago
Andy W
Andy W 13 days ago
Thurman lost but he gained more fans. Good job dude. Stay real and speak facts. People like you for that . Don’t lose that personality. ✌️
Jayson Manzanilla
Jayson Manzanilla 13 days ago
Dont worry.. Pacman loves thurman.. The dog!!
ItchyPilauBoto808 13 days ago
2:31 😂 4:07 look at Bayless.. lol
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