Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING

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Keith Thurman joins Kate Abdo to break down fight film from his championship bout with Manny Pacquiao.
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Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING


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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 464
PBC ON FOX 6 months ago
Who should Keith Thurman fight next?
ingko Mon
ingko Mon 6 hours ago
Broner bcuse I'd like to the two best trash'talkers
******* 2 days ago
Mc greggor
greg24 pesimo
greg24 pesimo 10 days ago
Thurman vs marquez
taran dato
taran dato 11 days ago
Challenge crawford for a spectacular comeback. Or maybe bradley.
ingko Mon
ingko Mon 6 hours ago
You're power hasn't good enough to the iron chin of pacman Pacquiao 🤣
Jose Mari Jaucian
Jose Mari Jaucian 15 hours ago
Way better fighter than Broner!
Suicidal Sacrifice
Suicidal Sacrifice 22 hours ago
Nothing but respect to the warriors. Two true champions.
Rene Jag
Rene Jag 3 days ago
Keith Thurman deserves to get a rematch
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 5 days ago
Everybody say they can beat Manny Pacquiao until they face him in the ring 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
ken adams
ken adams 6 days ago
hey keith your the one who think that dis fight is easy not Manny.
navgagandeep singh
what is this song playing in the background
John Axibal
John Axibal 8 days ago
Wanderlei Silva
Wanderlei Silva 12 days ago
Keith needs to be back in the ring soon. It's been awhile now
Olay bsaysol
Olay bsaysol 13 days ago
AB can learn a thing or 2 about being humble and losing gracefully...
bubba luv
bubba luv 13 days ago
he is a good sport and he fought hard and he fights everyone kudos to thurman
Cons29 13 days ago
The heart to withstand a good body shot. Most would likely go down
John Sylvester
John Sylvester 13 days ago
Great boxer and great personality
onajurecjhay1 14 days ago
Thurmans condition was superb. Mannys slowing down by 8 onwards. Epic fight and great sportmanship between them.and the trash talk was to help sell d fight😀😀
Jaek Raphael Villaluna
i admire this man for being very honest. it's not easy to accept being lost, especially he's unbeaten... i admire thurman the way of being brave enough to accept the lost and the way how he lost the fight... no excuses.
Wangyal Tsering
Wangyal Tsering 22 days ago
Lesson learned from Teacher👍
rare random clips
rare random clips 22 days ago
It's so funny that Thurman said that "Pacqiuao has a better body condition than me". .. Wait whut??? A 41-year old guy has better body condition than you WTF you sayin Thurman. ..
Sunny Boy
Sunny Boy 23 days ago
Keith Thurman is a tough guy I didn't know that he took his mouthpiece out the catch a breath and put it back in while Manny was chasing him down. Epic
rich williams
rich williams 23 days ago
BUT! You lost!
John Yap
John Yap 23 days ago
Fight him again manny is bored looking for fights and money to help people :)
Tirso Corgos
Tirso Corgos 24 days ago
Turman don't be to confident with your instinct stop your mouth shut👊👊
quigleyfox 24 days ago
Thurman is all class
Jay Hawk
Jay Hawk 24 days ago
But he said he will retire if he loss to pac..??
Elizalde Baliad
Elizalde Baliad 25 days ago
Much respect to this guy onetime what a classy
Doni Dolz
Doni Dolz 25 days ago
Big mouth..big liar..
Juan Paolo Villadolid
he is an awesome sport and shownan, this dude.
puina ruivah
puina ruivah 25 days ago
Keith is as cool as it comes ...smart, tough , exciting and brutally honest ..much respect .
King Siddiq
King Siddiq 26 days ago
When is the rematch? I would like to see it.
KamenRiderBlackSun 27 days ago
Thurman was cool talking about this night even tho he lost 👍👊
Marcelino Gerona
Marcelino Gerona 28 days ago
Keith you earned my respect to acknowledge the lost I'm now a member of your army
Mikale Khng
Mikale Khng 28 days ago
I'm a big fan of manny Pacquiao bt i really respect and appreciate Keith Thurman...you're true gentlemen 👍👍
Ronaldo Dela Cruz
The problem keith one time is you talk too much🙄
jesbsnrn Month ago
wow. much older fighter . shorter reach shorter stature. naturally smaller . pacman. you are the greatest! enduring in spite of the odds.
Eric Tang
Eric Tang Month ago
Class act by Thurman, took loss like a man.. But soo amazing seeing a 40 year old Pacquiao beat a prime Thurman, Imagine what Prime Pacquiao would’ve done to Thurman 🥊🥊
BA BA Month ago
Looking smart sir
BA BA Month ago
So honest Thurman
Jeremiah Cuarteros
his promotional antics do not extend to his true personality. it was just for the fight. he is a classy gentleman afterall.
Whynn Whynn
Whynn Whynn Month ago
Keith looks big now, i think he shld do well at the 154 lb division.
ocirne nizurc
ocirne nizurc Month ago
Much respect to you thurman for accepting defeat without any excuses and for showing true sportmanship you win by gaining more experience after fighting a legendary fighter in boxing manny paquiao. You fought like a true champion unlike other boxer all they know is to run in the ring. This is even better than pacman vs mayweather fight.
Celestine Segovia
...mayabang ka kasi.. hahaha
Benjie Canaveraljr
Are you sure 1 point,,,keith?
MrMave100 Month ago
I still rocks wit one time..
Khadimar Jaafar
Khadimar Jaafar Month ago
Hahahha you are Los men hahahh from Philippines 🤗
Gavin Lim
Gavin Lim Month ago
After watching this video, you have my respect mr. Thurman
Desmond Allin
Desmond Allin Month ago
Thumbs up 👍🏻 Thurman. One of the class and intelligent boxers to date.
Lyna Payumo
Lyna Payumo Month ago
Straight point, respect to you..
genilledwight Month ago
Kieth knows that it should have been a unanimous decision that is why he is classy, the judges have been kind to him, but still kieth was a beast who fought the monster.
Caliber .45
Caliber .45 Month ago
Shout out to a true champ Keith one time Thurman who takes any challenge that comes along his way. You’ll be back on top brother!! Shout out from the Philippines bruh!! Keep it up!! PS, come visit the country and enjoy our islands. You have tons of fans here.
lightrose100 Month ago
Thurman's rib cracked from the body shots
Coach Randall
Coach Randall Month ago
Not for the knockdown, it's a draw
Glenn Vicencio
Glenn Vicencio Month ago
I can see thurman becoming a boxing analyst
Marlon Black
Marlon Black Month ago
He really is talkative
Willy Sy
Willy Sy Month ago
you should have used kite teknik by mayweather in order to beat manny.... its the only way. kite... no one beats manny in infights but marquez
rob wren
rob wren Month ago
i must be the only person that feels like Thurman won the fight, and Pacquiao won the popularity contest.
Shooshtime Chris
Marquez cried robbery LOL
Raniel Lamosa
Raniel Lamosa Month ago
armand acosta
armand acosta Month ago
once upon not the same just like spence won't be the same
Charlie Ting
Charlie Ting Month ago
T-Rex arm WON !! pac pac pac pac pac ...Pacman !
Spike Spike
Spike Spike Month ago
Anchor looks very hot and sexy though.
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