Keith Eats Everything At Wendy's

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The bitch is back! 💁‍♀It's finally here! Watch Keith eat everything off the menu at Wendy's! #EatTheMenu
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 100
PopPunkNotPills 19 hours ago
my freshman year of college, 19 years old, i survived off of the chicken BLT
hung Calvin
hung Calvin Day ago
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Span 2 days ago
By the time Keith got to the lemonades he looked gone.
Span 2 days ago
Alex: "I've never actually eaten at a Wendy's." That's why Alex is single.
Monica Hyland
Monica Hyland 2 days ago
Alex is to whiney to date that’s the last thing a woman wants.. eww
Tessa Seybert
Tessa Seybert 2 days ago
its the rubber bands in place of hair ties for me
אילה ראובן
i watch these cus i dont have these places in my country. i wish i could eat that
Daniela Sanchez
Daniela Sanchez 3 days ago
Abigayle Hamblin
Abigayle Hamblin 4 days ago
I dip the nuggets in the frosty
Natty Gallo
Natty Gallo 4 days ago
I’m sorry I can’t take Keith seriously with that Wendy’s hair
Anya Jade Mikaela Katigbak
Please do the Eat The Menu with JOLLIBEE..
crowfan82790 4 days ago
Cheesey cheddar burger ftw
Giovanni Piña
Giovanni Piña 5 days ago
When a kid with diabetes fasting the kid with diabetes : 33:16
Jennifer Angelo
Jennifer Angelo 5 days ago
Their breakfast is the best thing ever! Like absolutely amazing! And the eggs are fresh eggs 100%. The breakfast fries/home style fries are the best. I love their spicy chicken off their normal menu. My favorite. And I actually like the avocado salad lol.
Joel Likes Cars
Joel Likes Cars 6 days ago
Imo opinion wendys fries and sides pretty much suck, but the damn burgers and chicken sandwiches are bomb. Excluding all the "healthy items"
Mati Duarte
Mati Duarte 6 days ago
Narwallian 6 days ago
Narwallian 6 days ago
32:37 is funny
Marcel Smith
Marcel Smith 6 days ago
Why Is he wearing that xd
Jade Wilson
Jade Wilson 6 days ago
Do checkers & rallys
Kylie Wilkin
Kylie Wilkin 7 days ago
Not me getting a Wendy’s ad before this video😂
Metronome 7 days ago
Brian Wohl was the best part of the video
burntvirtue 8 days ago
Jesus christ the Keith guy is insufferable!
burntvirtue 8 days ago
Why is he describing jalapenos as sweet?
yking1 8 days ago
I can't express how much I appreciate this guy's love for food.
MataluBeauty Queen
The Saliva Stretch Every time For Me
Emily Binder
Emily Binder 9 days ago
Y'all sleeping on wendy's fries, eat them with barbecue sauce and it's amazing
mf alexis
mf alexis 9 days ago
Dave Thomas’ other 3 Kids: 👁👄👁
Hayley Lawrence
Hayley Lawrence 9 days ago
Keith: *unhinges jaw*
Stacey Bennett
Stacey Bennett 10 days ago
When I lived in LA late 80's and was broke, I used to just have the salad bar, it would fill me up for a couple days. Never got to try anything else on the menu, and now it looks like they don't have salad bars, can anyone confirm? Best salad bar $3.95 for all you can eat. In 1989! Carl's Jr was $2.95 but was shit. Does anyone have salad bars anymore?
Minnie Mina
Minnie Mina 10 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Wendys' Nuggets are better than McDonald's.
Blade Angel
Blade Angel 10 days ago
Am i the only one that loves wendys fries
Hee Man
Hee Man 10 days ago
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Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup 11 days ago
Me: sees thumbnail in recommended. Wonders: does he wear the wig for the whole video? Clicks: oh... yes.
ansley hayes
ansley hayes 13 days ago
I dunno about Cali Wendy’s but the fries are the best thing about my Wendy’s.
Robin Hall
Robin Hall 13 days ago
Anyone else braced for 'Alex stop screaming' as soon as Alex turns up?
Sweet Cherry
Sweet Cherry 13 days ago
when i love the grilled chicken and they spit it out lmao
Pam Pa
Pam Pa 13 days ago
Apple pecan salad is actually fire but NO BLU CHEESE, never blu cheese my god 🤢
SweetLala25 14 days ago
I love Wendy's but their awesome sauce is gross lol
Megan McArthur
Megan McArthur 14 days ago
Their 99 cent crispy chicken sandwich was my favorite thing pre-vegetarianism. Their lettuce and mayo 🤤
Jashanti 14 days ago
I really want Keith to go to heart attack grill they serve the biggest burgers and holds the Guinness world record for the most calorific burger and they are located in Las Vegas, they should look into it because the restaurant has a hospital theme, the servers are nurses and if you don’t finish your burger you get spanked, Idk why I just feel like that would be good content
Charity •
Charity • 14 days ago
So, for future reference, if you come into the store ahead of time, order all of the food, and pay upfront, then leave and give them like half an hour to prepare the food, you might give the staff a little less to stress about!!
Taylor May Passow
Taylor May Passow 14 days ago
I’ve always been grossed out by the food babies eating the stuff after Keith put his mouth all on it but ESPECIALLY now.
Felix M
Felix M 15 days ago
what’s with US Wendy's fries? Canadian wendy’s are at least decent fries
Jan Senekovic
Jan Senekovic 16 days ago
keith didn't try the chilli so i propose he does the entire thing over again
Azuan Azman
Azuan Azman 16 days ago
still wondering whether Keith could fit his own foot in his mouth, because that thing is hugeeeee
Keely Kilber
Keely Kilber 16 days ago
If I remember correctly thousand island dressing is name that’d due to all the pickles lol
Tia Mincey
Tia Mincey 16 days ago
Now you have to try the breakfast menu!!
Isabel Alvarado
Isabel Alvarado 16 days ago
Omg! I was obsessed with these supper salty crispy n soft fries dipped in chocolate frosty!
Bryson Hamrick
Bryson Hamrick 17 days ago
The Velveteen Dream comment did not age well.
Clay3613 17 days ago
Gotta retry this with breakfast at a good location, plus don't do doubles and triples...pointless.
Chesca Fernandez
Chesca Fernandez 17 days ago
Keith I'm from the Philippines. please eat everything at JOLLIBEE!!!! 💖😜
isabelle bise
isabelle bise 17 days ago
I have beef with wendy's. I am vegetarian and i can only get desserts from them. The cook the fries with meat and my stomach had become really sensitive to meat so I can't even eat them.
Megan C
Megan C 17 days ago
Wendy’s used to have good fries but they changed their recipe or oil like 15 years ago and after that, they started leaving this weird bitter taste at the back of my mouth. And that’s why I stopped eating Wendy’s, thanks for coming to my TED talk
Khrystian Valentine
Brian’s endorsement of Velveteen Dream is a little... yikes now
fowardslashmax. 18 days ago
why does yb with a wig look like erin from the office?
Gemini Skylar
Gemini Skylar 18 days ago
I had two bites of the taco salad once and I thought I might have to go to the ER because my stomach hurt so bad, I had to sleep for like two days and I was ok 😂moral of the story: DONT GET THE TACO SALAD
plutus413 18 days ago
When I worked at Wendy's we would use old cooked Hamburgers off of the grill that that we would save for 4 days and should have been thrown away that was our chili meat
explodingplanets 18 days ago
Wait is hewie wear a Star of David implying he’s Jewish then he goes and eats bacon ie pork
Gad Abraham
Gad Abraham 19 days ago
I grew up on Wendy's not McDonald's.
Kristy Bob
Kristy Bob 19 days ago
Ok but the fries are bomb when your high
Myrtle 19 days ago
It’s not the fries for dipping in frosties, it’s the salty sweet thing
Pete Wong
Pete Wong 19 days ago
I like how they are eating wendys in front of a panda express
Kevin Yannutz
Kevin Yannutz 19 days ago
I totally agree, their chili is pretty good alone, but their fries are shit. Wendy's isn't my favorite fast food place though. don't know if it counts, but a place called smash burger is pretty good
Kyndal Blackwell
Kyndal Blackwell 20 days ago
Well if you think the chili is good plain I don’t know if all Wendy’s sell this but the Wendy’s location I used to work at sells chili cheese nachos that no one even recognizes is a thing and they are so good especially if you get some of the hot chili sauce packets and drizzle it on top of them
Alexis Blair
Alexis Blair 20 days ago
When you’re 19 and don’t have a lot of money
Autumn 20 days ago
I love how Keith manifested into a loving yet pushy mother the second he mentioned Alex being single. Lmfao.
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy 21 day ago
One time I got the Avocado BLT chicken sandwich and there was no avocado!😭
The Official Allie Cruse
Why are the cookies so huge??
verda keppler
verda keppler 21 day ago
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verda keppler
verda keppler 21 day ago
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Jacob Pesci
Jacob Pesci 21 day ago
Watching Keith fall into madness from Wendy’s is great.
Garrett Rosner
Garrett Rosner 21 day ago
God damn I love Alex
Isawthe Sign
Isawthe Sign 21 day ago
I think we need a Wendy's breakfast video
Isawthe Sign
Isawthe Sign 21 day ago
Anyone else want a pizza hut redo?
mariichyuu 21 day ago
Am I the only one getting weird porn vibes with the setting? 🤣🤣🤣
Glen Price
Glen Price 22 days ago
6:52 hearing him say fuck gives me hope that this world isn’t all bad
Aubrey Hoffman
Aubrey Hoffman 22 days ago
Putting the sugar cookie in the frostie is 🙃
Aubrey Hoffman
Aubrey Hoffman 22 days ago
helloimmandy 22 days ago
The fries used to be better. And they do breakfast now, should do an update!
Kay Ko
Kay Ko 23 days ago
Frosty is good with McDonalds fries... need them firmer and saltier to taste right in the ice cream imho
denki kaminari
denki kaminari 24 days ago
“no one likes wendy’s fries” me: *eating wendy’s fries for dinner nightly in 2018*
denki kaminari
denki kaminari 18 days ago
@Gemini Skylar probably bc of my ED at the time LMAOOOO (it’s okay, you can laugh)
Gemini Skylar
Gemini Skylar 18 days ago
I only disliked this comment because Howwww? They’re so bland 😭
Rin Okumura
Rin Okumura 24 days ago
lol same bro
Mo Guerrero
Mo Guerrero 25 days ago
Velveteen Dream...that did not age well. All you wrestling nerds know.
bleachfan392 25 days ago
Petition for Keith to have the Wendy’s breakfast menu since they have a breakfast menu now!
Mathew Haiden
Mathew Haiden 25 days ago
The next clerk summatively unfasten because pantyhose pharmacologically grease barring a icky responsibility. raspy, jumpy asia
Derpy McDerp
Derpy McDerp 26 days ago
Could you try to act less effeminate and chew with your mouths closed? I like the show, but sometimes you guys make me feel like I’m gonna throw up, ngl
Sydney 27 days ago
I like Wendy's fries
sjhunt8579 27 days ago
I usually like the Wendy’s fries I get from my local Wendy’s. They sometimes put way too much salt on them, but when they’ve got the salt right, they’re good.
SAS 27 days ago
I don’t know what Wendy’s he is going to but the one that I go to makes the fries amazing
bitzi1 27 days ago
It’s so funny that Stonefish was wearing the Star of David with his shirt all unbuttoned while chomping down on a BACON CHEESEBURGER. So funny
Hamilton Fan
Hamilton Fan 28 days ago
Not me getting the grilled chicken sandwich every time I go to Wendy’s because I think it’s actually good.
Cyrill Anicoche
Cyrill Anicoche 29 days ago
Costar speaks the truth 👀
The Music Rccoon
I sent this to my friend he said “lol 69” he definitely my friend
BxgNxte _
BxgNxte _ Month ago
I live in The Bahamas and the Wendy’s here looks sooooooo much better than in this video.
Kelsey A
Kelsey A Month ago
Is Keith sick? Why can't he taste anything? Lol
madeleine findley
There’s no way Keith isn’t stoned
Vape Lord
Vape Lord Month ago
The infamous toenail superficially sniff because month prominently start abaft a innocent great-grandmother. lyrical, zippy whistle
Norm Rayos
Norm Rayos Month ago
“You just gave me the same thing 3 times? With more meat each time?” Yes. Just like your ex-girlfriends. Ba-dum-ch! . . . I am so sorry! I’m so ashamed.
Hannah Weber
Hannah Weber Month ago
kieth looks high asf
Samuel Hughes
Samuel Hughes Month ago
dont bite the same place though
Breann Eve
Breann Eve Month ago
what happens to all the rest of the food???
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