Keith Eats Everything At Wendy's

The Try Guys
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The bitch is back! 💁‍♀It's finally here! Watch Keith eat everything off the menu at Wendy's! #EatTheMenu
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
HamCams 7 minutes ago
Wendy’s fries are amazing
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 49 minutes ago
Alternative Title: Grown Man in Red Pigtails Breathes on and Moans at Fast Food
Ashley Luna
Ashley Luna Hour ago
You have to do shake shack next!!
kai Hour ago
Zoey Marsolo
Zoey Marsolo 2 hours ago
While i was watching this i got a ad for Wendy's
Zai-ra_2k20 5 hours ago
Grilled chicken is often terrible because of the way they have to hold them. In fast food there are warming machines with trays used to keep cooked food warm and for the grilled chicken the bottom of the trays are filled with a bit of water. The combination of cooking the grilled chicken on the same grill as burgers makes the chicken have at least some beef fat on them as they head into what is essentially a steamer. The wetness on grilled chicken comes from that.
Jade 9 hours ago
Keith gets high and dominates wendys.
Lucy Lovett
Lucy Lovett 15 hours ago
this must cost them sooooooooo much to do every item on the menu
A T Day ago
The number of classical pieces in this video is wild lmao. Like the music changes so often.
“Girls love waterfalls.” 😂😂😂 Keith kills me. His whole segment with Alex was HILARIOUS.
Smexy Zaddy
Smexy Zaddy Day ago
Gotta do wendy's breakfast menu now
Yoshi Boy
Yoshi Boy Day ago
Do a compare
Yoshi Boy
Yoshi Boy Day ago
Eugene has a series / Keith has a series what about Zach / nee
Peyton Tateyama
Keith-"all these salads are terrible!!" Me- " Give me all the SALADS!!"
Rand 123
Rand 123 2 days ago
I tried Wendy's restaurant the food is very very normal My Mom cook it’s better
E. Q.
E. Q. 2 days ago
Seeing others eating after Keith's saliva is all over it.......is really f***ing gross
BeachGnome 2 days ago
If he ever goes to Canada, Keith should eat all of the different versions of fast-food poutine on the market. (I'm team Wendy's)
Msquare 2 days ago
Wendeys fries are my favourite
Sincerely, Noëlle
Not cool continuing to get into Alex's personal life when he made it clear he was uncomfortable. I had to stop watching this video.
TiaRia Craven
TiaRia Craven 2 days ago
You should do Zestos next!
Justin Yang
Justin Yang 2 days ago
Nice I got a Wendy’s ad
halcyon5zippo 2 days ago
Children of the fog: coming this (actually next) summer.
halcyon5zippo 2 days ago
Happy Keith finally took off his Try Guys wig and showed us his natural long red locks.
Biggeboy Jumbo
Biggeboy Jumbo 2 days ago
webdys fries are the best wdym
Tina Yang
Tina Yang 3 days ago
Am I the only one who likes soggy like soft wiggly fries lmao
Orchid Blossom
Orchid Blossom 3 days ago
when they hate the grilled chicken sandwich and i love it lol
Jessica McGlaughlin
Look Alex, it’s not a bad thing you’re single. I’m sure there are a lot of online stalkers that would be ASTATIC you’re single
Regine Reyes
Regine Reyes 3 days ago
Was waiting for the Shrimp sandwich. I love it in the Wendy's in Manila.
Noah G
Noah G 3 days ago
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris 3 days ago
Keith: *eating all of the Wendy’s menu* Panda Express and Wendy’s employees: *calling for help* There’s a middle aged man that’s been out here for hours eating all the food...
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris 3 days ago
Guys let’s team up to say weird shit in the comments since Keith doesn’t read it. I’ll start. “You’re good at English when you know the difference between a man eating chicken and a man-eating chicken.” “If my calculator had a history, it would be more embarrassing than my browser history.” “Each person that’s knows you has a different perception of who you are.”
Brittany Lassiter
Watching this, but now Wendy’s has breakfast...
Jise La Queen
Jise La Queen 4 days ago
12:34 SHIZAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! (Only the cool kids will understand the reference)
Cassidy The Cat
Cassidy The Cat 4 days ago
Can you eat everything at Schlotzsky's?
How did i only just now realise this video is 40 minutes long...
M Ryan
M Ryan 4 days ago
Keith looks like Dave Grohl in learn to fly
ernestina marquez
Keith: “ ugh...Wendy...girl”😂
Jelena Dinesen
Jelena Dinesen 4 days ago
He's dissing like all my favourite things about Wendy's. Their salads are great and so are the fries. Chicken sandwiches are the best too. But I'm also from Canada and haven't heard of so many of the options. Wendy's is my fams fav.
Alice Crouch
Alice Crouch 4 days ago
I know he only takes one bite of everything but like how does he eat so much without throwing up because I was eating ramen while watching this and watching him eat so much made me feel nauseous lol
Marcus Abes
Marcus Abes 4 days ago
Keith gets drunk by eating fast food
Pedro Pineda
Pedro Pineda 5 days ago
Star of David & bacon 🥓 in the same video 🤣. Why stop there add🥓🥓🥓to the chillies
book addicted swiftie
4:51 *slightly sad music* keith: wendys....gurl
World Builder
World Builder 5 days ago
Are Californian Wendy’s just bad? The Wendy’s fries in the Midwest are amazing and the food actually has flavor.
Veronica Robinson
They have breakfast NOW! You gonna do it?! 😋
Pink Monkey
Pink Monkey 5 days ago
Keith kind of reminds me of that crazy girl with the pie reciepe that tried to make out with Spencer from iCarly
Crystal Aldridge
Crystal Aldridge 5 days ago
Man, if you were in North Carolina they have a burger called the Carolina Classic it has chili, onions, coleslaw and mustard. Its so good, but its really messy to eat 😊🍔
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos 5 days ago
Idk who buzz feed is but he makes a lot of videos on all his channels is pretty insane
Reka Sztaray
Reka Sztaray 5 days ago
Keith chewing on the six salads like a sad cow eating dinner... ( 13:26 )
Caden Williams
Caden Williams 5 days ago
Jalapeño anything is just better than the none-jalapeño variant.
Wendy's 5 days ago
What even happened here...
A Maiers
A Maiers 6 days ago
The Wendy's salads are BOMB compared to other fast food places you just got the seasonal bad ones
A Maiers
A Maiers 6 days ago
12:08 how cuteeee
Aurora Zambonini
Aurora Zambonini 6 days ago
imagine if someone was doing "ordering what the person in front of me gets" hahahahahahahhahha
Dacrusher Of dreams
You should eat everything at P.F. Chang’s
Mulenga Mukonde
Mulenga Mukonde 6 days ago
Omg please keith can you cut the food instead of taking bites one after the other. I can see your saliva being so stringy and I Know you left some on the sandwich.
Malory Function
Malory Function 6 days ago
Keith is the human version of Melman from Madagascar
Alex McNeil
Alex McNeil 6 days ago
They got breakfast now you gotta redo it
Julie Liberty
Julie Liberty 6 days ago
We have breakfast in kc
Squish 7 days ago
Why do I feel like Wendy's is Keith's best/favorite friend in a group (the others being the other restaurants) and Keith treats Wendy's so badly because 1. She's his favorite and it's more of a playful banter and 2. He can't be too biased. Just sayin.
Rae 1v1
Rae 1v1 7 days ago
Keith has a radio voice
Jay 7 days ago
i wonder if the wendy's twitter account reacted tot his video
pizza man and stromboli guy
I like the Wendy's fries
Autumn McGill
Autumn McGill 7 days ago
7:31 “stone cold sober as a matter of fact” 😌
Connie Dell Waggoner-Ross
Their fries actually used to be good until they went with the “natural cut” fries. Once they changed I refuse to eat the fries. 😂
Anxious Beauty
Anxious Beauty 7 days ago
Omg he definitely mixed up strawberry and tropical berry lemonade 🤦‍♀️😂
Croatian Samurai
Croatian Samurai 7 days ago
The Mandarin chicken salad was awesome when they had that.
Lillian Kim
Lillian Kim 8 days ago
Here's what my mom always did... she would get the chocolate frosty and then get frys from McDonald's
Undermanned 8 days ago
I’m sorry, did Keith say that his mom’s name was PATTY HabersBURGER?
iNEEDANAPx 8 days ago
Keith looks exhausted towards the end hahahah
Crab Gal
Crab Gal 8 days ago
I love Wendy’s so much that it’s the only fast food place I like to eat from. But I will say that their fries SUCK if they’re not fresh. Fresh Wendy’s fries are amazing, though
Molly Baker
Molly Baker 8 days ago
Kieth: maintains a good, healthy body while eating junk food 24/7 Me: gains 20 pounds just watching him eat cheese fries
Melody 8 days ago
You dip fries in vanilla ice cream
Captain Weird
Captain Weird 8 days ago
With that wig Keith looks like Rachel from Rachel and Juns kitchen but like a male dopel ganger
princessrai26 8 days ago
Kane Hogsed
Kane Hogsed 8 days ago
They serve breakfast now. Gotta redo it now.
Nick 9 days ago
Watching this while Wendys is out of beef during Covid-19
Nick 9 days ago
No im not crying.
Rachel Larson
Rachel Larson 9 days ago
I've never had Wendy's before, but when I do go to Wendy's for the first time I will just order what ever Keith said was good
Roman Noodles
Roman Noodles 9 days ago
"They don't have breakfast" 6 months later Wendy's comes out with breakfast sandwiches.
Olivia Doxtater
Olivia Doxtater 9 days ago
Can’t lie Wendy’s fries are my favorite 😐😐
gotheart9 9 days ago
Keith’s aww thought
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