Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

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Issa Pizza Party! Can Keith out Pizza the Hut?! You'll have to watch to find out!🍕
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Aug 3, 2019




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Comments 80
Angelica Smith
Angelica Smith 13 hours ago
He’s the only one who would say a BREADstick is a little heavy on the BREAD....𝚠𝚘𝚠
Naveen Raji Eapen
Naveen Raji Eapen 14 hours ago
Dude doesn't take small bites my gosh
Rohan Rodrigues
Rohan Rodrigues 20 hours ago
Logic look good in this
Jimi Umi
Jimi Umi Day ago
Keith when he is drunk: This wall is my friend, look I have a moustache waah waah wahh wuhh.
Va'Tier Griffin
Poor Keith. He's suffering so much by the end of the video.
Who you callin pin head?
Does he ever get fat?
Amanda Oglesby
Amanda Oglesby 2 days ago
You know you like doing the eat the menu Keith don't deny it
B K 2 days ago
Rewatching in July.
EKIII RAAA 2 days ago
I think you should go to indonesia pizza hut in indonesia is like 5 stars restaurant
Anthony LaRocco
Anthony LaRocco 2 days ago
Watching these videos makes me hungry.
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey 3 days ago
That food looks different from my pizza hut.
Samantha Dufu
Samantha Dufu 3 days ago
do they get him drunk for these lol
Samantha Macdonell
As an ~employee~ you got STIFFED w the knots. They slap. My guy didn’t put enough cheese in 😔 (also we make the wings in the box, like we shake them in there lol)
Samantha Macdonell
Also also (pro tip) the icing is really freaking good on the brownie and cookie, there’s just no way it’s not awful for you 😂
Samantha Macdonell
Also!! The cinnamon rolls aren’t microwaved :) they’re cooked in the oven (but it’s in the same pan, hence the browning)
Samantha Macdonell
Also the hut favorite (crust thing on the Personal Pans) is garlic butter with parm cheese/parsley mix
Gabriel Harper
Gabriel Harper 3 days ago
my favorite part is 5:41 to 5:43 "wing street"
MacraGE R
MacraGE R 4 days ago
Cheap pizza?? Wtf this dude is talking about??
Heaven to hell
Heaven to hell 4 days ago
Tbh "Oh my goodness" is a bop.
emma huggins
emma huggins 4 days ago
time stamp for when it gets good 33:30
emma huggins
emma huggins 4 days ago
hey guys this isn't a good video
SammyRedPanda 5 days ago
Everyone who recommended this vid: PIZZA HUT IS THE BEST ORDER THE MENU!! Keith: *Throw the whole menu away*
Cleo Tippler
Cleo Tippler 5 days ago
Does Zach give anyone else fetal Pete Davidson vibes? Love them both, no shade
MrCriticalHitz 5 days ago
26:28 The face you make when you stub your pinky toe on anything. Lol 😂😂😂😂
Chantelle G
Chantelle G 5 days ago
never truly appreciated the churros sticks with caramel sauce at my pizza pizzas in ontario but DAMN i’m suddenly grateful
Lindsey Burda
Lindsey Burda 6 days ago
'Its covered in toes' 😂😂
Ivan Reyna
Ivan Reyna 6 days ago
Pineapples belong on pizza
Luke McGinnis
Luke McGinnis 6 days ago
i just realized they have more subscribers then danny duncan
Lixx -_-
Lixx -_- 6 days ago
i dare keith to eat everything from cheesecake factory
Tommy Crohan
Tommy Crohan 6 days ago
lofi beats
Ro 7 days ago
*13 mins in* orders pizza hut
Alyson Shorthouse
This was so hard to watch with headphones on. Keith was making some very extreme noises!
Autumn Walters
Autumn Walters 7 days ago
Even how disappointed he was half the video I'm ordering pizza now
E.M Christina
E.M Christina 7 days ago
Watching this whilst fasting 😂
shelby boyles
shelby boyles 7 days ago
the cinni minis aren’t microwaved!!! i work at pizza hut !!
I’m_ Tired
I’m_ Tired 7 days ago
I’ve heard about this infamous episode so I had to watch it.😂
Erin Casto
Erin Casto 7 days ago
He needs to do all the pizza chains
Grey Smart
Grey Smart 7 days ago
I work at pizza hut and you missed one things our cheese sticks are Fried Mozzarella sticks
KIPEBILOL 7 days ago
Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut... so it interested me, and you show this... let's call the next video "" keith eats every knuckle sandwich"" then we film.... me, punching you in the face! I'm positive you would get all thumbs up... along with a broken nose.
Lobron James
Lobron James 7 days ago
weed lol
Rohaan Thomas Kurian
Did anyone else get triggered when he said cheese pizza instead of mozzarella
jean-martin laurence
Isnt that what food orgy in the greek era was like (poor keiths btw hope you recover well)
the nicotine niner
Keath should try Hell's pizzia
Skyler 7 days ago
Keith sounds like his drunk hehe
Eleanor Brant
Eleanor Brant 8 days ago
Just wondering... why does he not take smaller bites?
Harshita Snehi
Harshita Snehi 8 days ago
The way he touches and smells the food really makes me anxious
Laura Susan Johnson
Keith is so horribly lactose intolerant that Italian food makes him lethargic. The lactic acid in all the cheeses makes his system acidic. Even his eyes seem a bit swollen to me. I am so lactose intolerant that I feel very tired and gross. I love pizza and pizza hates me. Those lactose tablets? They might as well be skittles ☹ The Olive garden episode was fun, but Keith was very sick by the end 😟
HiSpdMgcnLady 8 days ago
having worked at a Pizza Hut and a McDonald's, Pizza Hut is basically pseudo-italian McDonald's. Both are insanely popular, gets hella busy rush hours, is guaranteed to oof an order when overworked with high-volumes of orders/large orders at some point, and the food can be good when made right. My favorite pizza thing to get from PH is a personal pan pizza with white sauce, double bacon, extra cheese, breadstick seasoning sprinkled all over, and left uncut, while my favorite WingStreet thing from there is the teriyaki boneless wings with ranch dip.
Cam Ling
Cam Ling 9 days ago
do Panera
Kelsey Peek
Kelsey Peek 9 days ago
Keith always looks like he’s having a breakdown at the end of these videos
SJ Carr
SJ Carr 9 days ago
ROFL 🤣 😂🤣
Johnny Vaughn
Johnny Vaughn 9 days ago
“BLaND” yes we know Keith. Everything always is
Andre BillingsleyII
Why does he touch all the food and put it on his face
Zara Faruqi
Zara Faruqi 9 days ago
its soo funny slowly seeing lose his sanity😂
kora kotowski
kora kotowski 9 days ago
You should do culver’s or portillos!!
Brian Lenhard
Brian Lenhard 9 days ago
Keith definitely be high af
Andrew Matheson
Andrew Matheson 9 days ago
Pizza hut is flimsy sadness always
Andrew Matheson
Andrew Matheson 9 days ago
"I'm gonna go in dry first"
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 10 days ago
I wonder if you can let homeless or hungry come in and eat, or give to food kitchen, idk if it's legal, Id do it anyway.
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 7 days ago
In Dallas we have an event where we help peeps, called feed the need, it's illegal to feed homeless or they want you to have a permit, but we do it anyway, not gunna let people starve, also hand out clothes and shelters.
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 10 days ago
It's hard being chubby, and having IBS, plus I'm ginger no soul, that's 3 strikes, I'm not gunna say what that looked like in the bowl.
Henrinator 10 days ago
I want to meet the fry CEO
applextree 10 days ago
two breakdowns in one episode, is that a record?
Jean Metauten
Jean Metauten 10 days ago
Why does the commercial from 2008 look like it's from 1992
Fineapple dot
Fineapple dot 11 days ago
You can see the energy leave Keith's body at some point in the video lmao
PlatinumRex 11 days ago
nobody out pizzas-the-hut
Nailedby Britt
Nailedby Britt 11 days ago
People really hold wings with all their fingers like that?
Tired of Bull!
Tired of Bull! 11 days ago
Why not cut the guest samples vs. Keith putting his nose and hands all over food first, NOT cool.
Paulina Alvarez
Paulina Alvarez 11 days ago
Keith definitely reminds me of Coraline’s dad
Jonathan. 11 days ago
pizzahut doesnt put crust finishers on personal pan pizzas
No Name
No Name 12 days ago
Just a thought here,but if you're going to keep doing food reviews, you might want to try zooming in on the actual food instead of just giving us a flash of it
Logan Juanicotena-heal
hot take, if your favourite is pepperoni or cheese, your of the bland variety of humans
Nicole Flip
Nicole Flip 12 days ago
Does anyone else think it was unnecessary for him to order every single variation? Getting bone in and boneless of every single wing seemed a little extra, and he didn’t need to get the same toppings on three different crusts. He could’ve just mixed and matched like supreme on thin crust, pepperoni on hand-tossed, etc. I think we get the point from that and don’t need to see doubles. He also complained about getting doubles and then proceeded to take bites of everything he had already tried? He shouldn’t just moved on and saved the stomach space
Hawkings 12 days ago
The gluten free one, as a celiac, SUCKS. Go to pizza 73
payge b
payge b 12 days ago
Maegan Broglin
Maegan Broglin 12 days ago
keith eats everything at buffalo wild wings
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me 12 days ago
Anyone remember when they had the lemon and pepper sauce for the wings, and I'm not talking about the trash they have now (dry rub lemon and pepper). That stuff was so good!!! Really wish they changed it back to that... also the garlic buttery blend is a game changer on the crust! IMO
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell 13 days ago
Keith’s Friday night activities accurately describes my teenage years in full
Jack Collins
Jack Collins 13 days ago
I prefer hand tossed everywhere, *EXCEPT* Pizza Hut
Bárbara Leonetti
Bárbara Leonetti 13 days ago
he always ends up sounding drunk in these videos kkk
Soarin To Tower
Soarin To Tower 13 days ago
Keith: Original Stuffed crust ultimate cheese lovers pizza Keith: T H E R E I S C H E E S E I N T H E R E A L R I G H T
Evelin Orozco
Evelin Orozco 13 days ago
Why are they called p'zones?, it just makes me think of nipples lol
Spino GamiNG
Spino GamiNG 13 days ago
Heres some advice - dont be a pervert
Blueberry Tea
Blueberry Tea 13 days ago
You should do eating the menu at little caesars pizza
Brandon Costanza
Brandon Costanza 13 days ago
//'@+ x W I I T I I I THE now w u
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