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In the wildest Eat The Menu yet, Keith tastes everything on the expansive Olive Garden menu from inside a Uhaul! It proves to be a star-studded episode full of special guests. What's your favorite item at Olive Garden? #eatthemenu
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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 21 751
Kenia C
Kenia C 3 minutes ago
Hey I like the Zuppa Toscana Soup??!!! Sausage water notttt!!!! Lol
Miguel Gilpin-Moreno
Miguel Gilpin-Moreno 35 minutes ago
Keith's Reaction to Brian asking if Alfredo is american at 9:06.
Nancy Stidham
Nancy Stidham 3 hours ago
He stated acting drunk/high at the end and I loved it
Official Bhms
Official Bhms 3 hours ago
My mom works at Olive garden
it's yah boy
it's yah boy 3 hours ago
You were at the one in Burbank lmaoo
Mariah Lasley
Mariah Lasley 3 hours ago
Something else I’ve realized, restaurants in LA have a much larger selection than the same restaurants in KY. 😒
Mariah Lasley
Mariah Lasley 6 hours ago
Okay, Keith in the truck totally works. It gives the food a much better chance of being the actual thing and not a wet/cold version of the food. You should do this every time. Next time do a steak house like Texas Roadhouse, or a sandwich place like Firehouse Subs!
Every episode is just Keith slowly losing his mind
Hazel xoxo
Hazel xoxo 12 hours ago
Do Texas Roadhouse or Denny’s
Juan Manuel Portillo López
WHat italians do best"Tortilla chips"..... really..? Italians??, have you ever heard of your southern neighbor? ever?
Ben Borja
Ben Borja 15 hours ago
Enne Er
Enne Er 17 hours ago
Keith was so done by de time aft abbey came he was high but so low at the same time its hilarious
Calisa Hardy
Calisa Hardy 18 hours ago
Umm... 20:17.. lol!
Isabella Forish
Isabella Forish 22 hours ago
Keith : "Im hot' Wooooooooow sitting in a insulated truck AND wearing a long sleeve shirt AND opening steaming containers I'm just jokin around no hard feelings
Dragon Slash1234
Dragon Slash1234 23 hours ago
At the end Keith was sooooooo fucked up
kelly pinzón
keith: im lactose intolerant also keith: proceeds to eat SO MUCH CHEESE
Jackie Yang
Jackie Yang Day ago
Eat everything at Popeyes please Keith Like if you want Keith to eat everything at Popeyes 👇🏻
Z P Day ago
Keith eats everything at In-N-Out
staying with me
I am Italian like if you are italian
María Ancer
María Ancer Day ago
cant he film inside the restaurant? so many plastic containers used for this is sad
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Day ago
You know you've worked for OG too long when you catch yourself getting personally offended by them talking shit on the soup lol
Laura Le
Laura Le Day ago
Do Panera Bread 🍞
Sara Kate Phelps
25:50 More Desserts Alternate title: when Keith becomes feral
Tobias Käfer
Ew he is eating like a pig
Mango The Conure Boi
You should do an eat everything at fazolis
Body Calisthena'
WTF??? There's no Italian food in this video
mondoraj Day ago
Noting stays crunchy if it's hot when you put it in a carry-out container.
David Gabriel Galang
“I think I can eat it through my nose” - Keith Habersburger This is why I watch try guys! Quality content at its finest!
Avari20 Day ago
Oh man, this is the most stressful video I have ever watched.
Simply Taylogical
Keith: go to bed. F go to bed. Me: looks at clock dang it's 4am
Dalaina Villarreal
Keith seems not to like Olive Garden
The wwe Man
The wwe Man Day ago
you said a lot tastes frozen that is cause it is my moms uncle used to work there and quit when he saw it
Karnivore Volpe
"We've had sex with the same lasagna."
Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower 2 days ago
How much was this total bill?
Chloe Pitcher
Chloe Pitcher 2 days ago
I love this series because my stomach is paralyzed so I can't eat much of anything. I'm living vicariously through you Keith.
Chloe Pitcher
Chloe Pitcher 14 minutes ago
+Ben Borja Thank You! It's okay though, could be worse
Ben Borja
Ben Borja 15 hours ago
Chloe Pitcher plz get better! that's so sad. either that or let this be a joke. Jesus bless
Carolina Oyola
Carolina Oyola 2 days ago
We've had sex with the same lasagna. DEAD 😂
Aarya Patel
Aarya Patel 2 days ago
6:39 my dream has come true....finally
Carole 2 days ago
Can you do this but with Gordon Ramsey?
Christian Calabrese
Ned is not a real Italian
Hannah Scaglione
Hannah Scaglione 2 days ago
This is the most lucid I've seen Keith in a video, and I watched the driving-while-high one.
Thomas Seely
Thomas Seely 2 days ago
Keith: Kids are stupid All 10 year olds: ☹️
Hrag Mankoushian
Hrag Mankoushian 2 days ago
This is a real life Ron Swanson, he is good at eating
Laurence von Winkenburger
The trying too hard guys
Chelsie Garcia
Chelsie Garcia 2 days ago
I want Keith to do the fry challenge.
Sarah Kluft
Sarah Kluft 2 days ago
I live for the end of these videos when Keith starts to lose his mind and become delusional
Divyansh 2 days ago
bruh it was raspberry with Zeppoli i deadass thought that was ketchup and thought what a madman keith is
Co11in__ 2 days ago
I feel like these videos would be way easier for Keith if he just got really stoned beforehand
ExtraE 90
ExtraE 90 2 days ago
So I cannot believe Olive Garden was started in Orlando.
Sam G
Sam G 2 days ago
I love their bread. I need 5 of those boxes lmao
Angelina Stevens
Angelina Stevens 2 days ago
Abby was great
ela gallagher
ela gallagher 2 days ago
this isn’t absolutely italian food (this comes from an italian) i died
Jillian Loves Books
Mildly offended they didn't like the Zuppa Toscana, because that was my life blood growing up. Also, the spicy shrimp scampi is unbelievably delicious, but YOU HAVE TO ADD LEMON, YOU GODLESS HEATHENS.
Goldilocks Gamer
Goldilocks Gamer 2 days ago
Keith counts the times he's said the f word that video will be like 4 hours long. LOL
sanjitter 2 days ago
The best thing he slowly looks like hes slowly getting over eating everything but that jug of juice kept his energy going.
Dawson Fischer
Dawson Fischer 2 days ago
Celeste Olivares
Celeste Olivares 2 days ago
All I see is sooooo much plastic waste :((
Chloe Tasolides
Chloe Tasolides 3 days ago
Can you eat everything at the Cheesecake Factory?
Fawkes theFangirl
This is the most food drunk I’ve ever seen Keith😂😂
Eve Atlantic
Eve Atlantic 3 days ago
I was watching this video while my Grandam was walking by. When she was walking by the moment when Keith opened the big box of the breadsticks, she stopped and said, "Oh My, that some breadsticks." I then preceded to say Keith's pun to her, "I love Garden."
dead inside
dead inside 3 days ago
Bolognese make me think of mayonnaise bologna
Seylesh Vlogs
Seylesh Vlogs 3 days ago
I physically feel sick for him.
M1Ł0 3 days ago
1:12 is there a police behind u 😂😂😂
Ai_ jjang
Ai_ jjang 3 days ago
Every BR ice cream flavors ever existed please 😅
Dale Enomoto
Dale Enomoto 3 days ago
It didn't really make sense for him to eat all the variations of "alfredo". I did laugh at what he said about his body's reaction to alfredo. Mine did the same thing- in the middle of watching a performance of Phantom of the Opera. When that happens, Lamaze breathing helps.
C Robinson
C Robinson 3 days ago
Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time m.ruvid.net/video/video-UVyhE3-_lCM.html
A Rose
A Rose 3 days ago
I used to serve at olive garden for 2 years and watching this video was physically painful for me lmao
Regan Polwort
Regan Polwort 3 days ago
Try everything at Chilis
Abigail Pineda
Abigail Pineda 3 days ago
I love the bread stick from that place
Wynner 3 days ago
he needs to stop talking with food in his mouth....
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand 3 days ago
Eat everything at Popeyes
All Tin
All Tin 3 days ago
I’m actually a higher up for Olive Garden and our Alfredo is literally a pound of butter and a pound of Parmesan (with other ingredients obviously) add pancetta to that to get carbonara. Also you guys mixed up the shrimp carbonara and shrimp scampi
fagiolification 2 days ago
+All Tin haha I was talking about the real carbonara 😂
All Tin
All Tin 2 days ago
fagiolification it absolutely is made with Alfredo base Parmesan cheese and bacon
fagiolification 2 days ago
Lol carbonara is not made thay way
lepidoptery 3 days ago
"This is kinda like the Try Guys, right? A bunch of bland chips and one really hot one" XD EDIT: I was so confused when his wife (taking that at face value) showed up until I remembered it was his college humor doppelganger who's gay (taking that at face value).
Lasse Boehlke-skogli
I feel bad for keith’s stomach.
Cesarina Garcia
Cesarina Garcia 3 days ago
Lynn MacDonald
Lynn MacDonald 3 days ago
I want to know how much it cost to order everything on the menu😬
Katie W
Katie W 3 days ago
Alex: “ I feel disgusting” Keith: “Okay then get out” Dead 😂💀
Missy Taylor
Missy Taylor 4 days ago
Did you get high at the end bro?!😂
Aubrey The Human
Aubrey The Human 4 days ago
Keith was hallucinating by the end of the video, it was funny and sad at the same time. :)
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith 4 days ago
I always get lasagna, Chicken and gnocchi soup and a little ramekin of Italian dressing to dip my bread sticks in. Delicious.
白哉朽木 4 days ago
Why are the hoodies 50 fucking dollars don’t you guys get enough money?
Kelly V
Kelly V 4 days ago
The creamy chicken gnocchi soup was the best fucking this I ever had tbh.
Trini Roma
Trini Roma 4 days ago
7:44 is literally me every time I make a joke 😂😂😂 but instead of the ceiling falling its them laughing at me being the joke and not my actual joke
Coolduder Bald
Coolduder Bald 4 days ago
Perfect example of someone who tries to hard to be funny and they’re not.
Avery Sévigny
Avery Sévigny 4 days ago
Love watching Keith slowly getting diabetes
Kimberly Adams
Kimberly Adams 4 days ago
I love everyones reaction to their first sip of the tea 😂
Kaycie Shahan
Kaycie Shahan 4 days ago
i don't think i can hear the word alfredo one more time. i think i might explode with being over alfredoed, and i haven't even eaten any of them
Beaming bayleigh
Beaming bayleigh 4 days ago
I just came here to see what they thought about gf stuff because it’s the only thing I can eat celiac disease club whoop whoop
henry william
henry william 4 days ago
Keith keeps on getting more and more delusional by the end of the episode
Emma Coward
Emma Coward 4 days ago
Keith is soon going to lose his mind with this
karolus maximillian
omg at 5 i almost died in the back of the truck
Liv Charlotte
Liv Charlotte 4 days ago
keith really lost his mind at the end huh
ExcessGryphon 4 days ago
Why did I decide to watch this? I don't know. Am I enjoying it? I don't know. Do I regret it? No.
Joy Joy LaRosa
Joy Joy LaRosa 4 days ago
Am I the only one that loves everything in Olive Garden?
Garden Rats
Garden Rats 4 days ago
Going to all of garden
Jacob R
Jacob R 5 days ago
More like Keith eats anything with soy in it.
Bloonchipper 5 days ago
Come on down to the Olive Garden to get your free breadsticks!
Lone Libra
Lone Libra 5 days ago
I don’t know how you do this. I felt sick to my stomach by eating a Bacon King Jr. and a small fry from Burger King along with a lemonade and cinnamon covered pretzel. My stomach hated me
anrina 5 days ago
Goodness Keith, you're lactose intolerant?! How do you make it to the end of these videos/menus?? LOL. I am too, as a result I haven't had alfredo in like a decade, and now I want some lol.
Claire Field
Claire Field 5 days ago
Lmao I wonder if that girl Abby knows about the Try Guys because it seems extremely sketchy to randomly go eat with a some guy in a truck, even if it's in broad daylight
Tammi w
Tammi w 5 days ago
Keith being food drunk is the best part 😂😂😂😂
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