Kehlani - Toxic (Lyrics)

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Kehlani - Toxic (Lyrics)
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This is a lyric video for "Toxic" by Kehlani.
Tags: #Kehlani #Toxic #PrivilegeRnB


Published on


Mar 12, 2020




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Comments 100
Privilege RnB
Privilege RnB 8 months ago
*_Where are y'all watching from?_*
KyLandra Dettweiler
houston tx
Let the sun of islam shine in your heart
Let the sun of islam shine in your heart ❤️ www.islam-guide.com
Shelby Maloney
Shelby Maloney 2 days ago
Keiva Wood
Keiva Wood 9 days ago
Kingston, Jamaica
Tamaya Quarells
Tamaya Quarells 15 days ago
H town
KyLandra Dettweiler
i feel sorry for kehlani wit ha exes😭😭😭😭i love ha
KyLandra Dettweiler
KyLandra Dettweiler 19 hours ago
thx for liking my mfn comments
kara adams
kara adams 2 days ago
if your reading this you have good taste in music :D
Let the sun of islam shine in your heart
Let the sun of islam shine in your heart ❤️ www.islam-guide.com
Nicole pietra
Nicole pietra 2 days ago
I love u kelalani xd
101Sarahsaurus 6 days ago
Laughed out loud when she said that dick always problematic 🤦‍♀️ yyyyuppp
Rbxbarbies 12 days ago
Nicole pietra
Nicole pietra 12 days ago
Corona virus Im toxic like some love i pry for The best is all.toxic 😏😏😏😏
Syd H.
Syd H. 13 days ago
She says “surfin on your face while you eat that” not whatever it is you put that didn’t make any sense.
clarisa farley
clarisa farley 17 days ago
This song for my baby daddy rip
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 25 days ago
PFFFFT! You think you can hold a candle to Spears? Don’t make me laugh.
Roblox V gang
Roblox V gang Month ago
Listen to with head phones it hit different ayyyy 💆🏾‍♂️
Angel Constii
Angel Constii Month ago
All the heartbroken girls wya 🥱
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Month ago
philip defranco
just serenity
just serenity Month ago
2020 anyone
Jakiyah Blash
Jakiyah Blash Month ago
That cousin aunt song
Júlia Alves
Júlia Alves Month ago
"You know that Dick always been problematic🎶"😭😭
playboi shardy
playboi shardy Month ago
and yet she's still underrated.... smh
Alexa Michhele
Alexa Michhele Month ago
these lyrics in the video🤣🤣
тнє נαя fαмιlу
🤎🤎 thissss my babyyyyyyy.
Tholeya Sheard
Tholeya Sheard Month ago
my fav songg!!!!!!
LaRyan Morris
LaRyan Morris Month ago
Anthony Month ago
These lyrics are waaay off of the actual lyrics. Did the original artist not release the lyrics? 🤔
Taraji O'Neil
Taraji O'Neil Month ago
Kehlani is my god sister And one day am goin to be a rapper like my god sister
Nicole pietra
Nicole pietra Month ago
The only woman who write a song for all his relation ship imao
Nicole pietra
Nicole pietra Month ago
This song is in my Head kkk
Anita Robinson
Anita Robinson Month ago
This song make me think of my boyfriend
Blanca Enciso
Blanca Enciso Month ago
This song is been on reply! Damn ❤😍
Noel Davila
Noel Davila Month ago
This song tho it hits so different 😍
Asha High
Asha High Month ago
how do ppl not like tihs song like 847 dislikes wth
Love this song
Nyah brown
Nyah brown 2 months ago
And he like it 😔😢
Nyah brown
Nyah brown 2 months ago
Miss my da da da all this love is toxic my boyfriend thought I wasn’t home but some girl cam in my house and fucked him😰😥
Jamiah Worthington
Jamiah Worthington 2 months ago
I was gonna stop listening to this bc it had got old to me. But I'm catching vibes again. #Toxic
DOMI BLUU 2 months ago
you know i want the staticccccc
Lara Buenahora
Lara Buenahora 2 months ago
Who the fuck is Don Julio :(
Cierra La'Shay
Cierra La'Shay 2 months ago
Don julio 🤪
Shay Scott
Shay Scott 2 months ago
My ishh♥️. Cant get the tune outta my head. Always wondered if she was african American by her choice of words and the way she talk🤔
Dale Rouse
Dale Rouse 2 months ago
No one really deserves to be cheated upon and I believe smartness is important in any relationship, my worst experience was discovering my cheating Narcissist wife through the help of an hacker who helped cloned her cell and i got access to all her Text messages, Whats-app, Facebook, Messenger, Kik, Snap-chat, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Email and Social media chat, i was able to read both her new and deleted messages without touching her mobile . I was hurt when i read conversation of my wife always sex chatting with an other man , i felt so broken, I’m here in California , USA and was able to access her phone while she was away cheating in UK and saw all the proofs i needed for a divorce and even terrible things they had planned. she also does hacking of account or any other type of hacking and retrieval of data. His services are trusted and guaranteed and also affordable contact him on his mobile phone, text,whats-app +17076225057. I hope you find peace just like me after I found out about his doings
indiana paules
indiana paules 2 months ago
watch all those that disliked this track come back and like it after their relationships end in tears... i will be waiting
Lynna V
Lynna V 2 months ago
Okay Kehlani✨✨✨
Aliya LaRae
Aliya LaRae 2 months ago
Subscribe pls ?
TayTay Clark
TayTay Clark 2 months ago
TayTay Clark
TayTay Clark 2 months ago
ZaQayla Love
ZaQayla Love 2 months ago
Malinaaa Fatalities
Malinaaa Fatalities 3 months ago
Put da pussy away for you 😩 thinkin Imma wait for you😒
Hana Soliman
Hana Soliman 3 months ago
plus yg drank a lot of don julio too..
Jasmine Thorpe
Jasmine Thorpe 3 months ago
Damn this song hits home
Dynasty Young
Dynasty Young 3 months ago
I dont give a fuck
ELEVEN 3 months ago
poor julio
BenjiMN 3 months ago
Kehlani really makes the best music.
Akkesama 3 months ago
these lyrics are really wrong
Darren Solomon
Darren Solomon 3 months ago
Shakaya Richards
Shakaya Richards 3 months ago
imma pull up at his house bashing down his door, walking in to his room slapping the shit outta him😭
Lyrique Agembo
Lyrique Agembo 3 months ago
Privilege RnB
woahiitskay 3 months ago
The beat in the beginning is driving me crazy
Briyana Redd
Briyana Redd 3 months ago
Who ever you are God and Jesus loves you
dope heartbabe
dope heartbabe 3 months ago
Jhadaiya Peoples
Jhadaiya Peoples 3 months ago
Mane them toxic relationships just be hitting different but me and my lady straight
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 3 months ago
these lyrics are slightly off
Valairxo 3 months ago
radarada - chowder
The3mpress Brittney ash The real one
Perfect description of how we ended
Cookie Summers
Cookie Summers 3 months ago
Love it 😊
hood barbie
hood barbie 3 months ago
My toxic trait is I’ll let u hurt me again if it means I get to have u longer
Jaime’Lee Chase
Jaime’Lee Chase 2 months ago
Wow I felt this shit 😔😔😣😣
Alvina Cummings
Alvina Cummings 3 months ago
imagine this featuring jhene aiko...
usman Mohamud
usman Mohamud 3 months ago
Love you
laylay daniel
laylay daniel 3 months ago
to the person that reading this stay safe and don't let nobody bring you down
Paul Fahy
Paul Fahy 3 months ago
I went to a party yesterday and hooked up with this really nice looking girl but it ended up being a nightmare , after a few drinks I went in for a kiss and she proper lipsed me up but BAM her breath was TOXIC !!
Zaqoria Hooker
Zaqoria Hooker 3 months ago
Did her dad died or sum because she was sayin missing my da da da da da da
Tyahnah Bowser
Tyahnah Bowser 4 months ago
It sounds like chris brown in the back
ᴍᴀᴅᴅɪᴇ ɪꜱ ᴀ ʟᴏꜱᴇʀ.
not yall bashing the channel in the comments chile-
Kizzy Mcneal
Kizzy Mcneal 4 months ago
Love it
Victoria Dailey
Victoria Dailey 4 months ago
“All of this love is toxic” I still love my ex and it was such a toxic relationship. :(
Aliyah XO
Aliyah XO 4 months ago
Don Julio**
Priscilla Nerio
Priscilla Nerio 4 months ago
It is so good
erica garcia
erica garcia 4 months ago
This shit hit different when you silently play this song and look at your manz
erica garcia
erica garcia Month ago
And now It hits even more different because he ain’t my man anymore 😤
Amber Parsons
Amber Parsons 4 months ago
u got the best lyrics wrong 💔
Suri Delgado
Suri Delgado 4 months ago
I like your song
Claudia Acosta
Claudia Acosta 4 months ago
Eh trash
Aidan Hammond
Aidan Hammond 4 months ago
prod kbeazy
Anthony&Alicia 4 months ago
Very good song love it. True what she says Toxic..
Arii_xo 4 months ago
Fuck i hate relationships 😭😭😭😭 you can’t help who you fall in love with even if they hurt you you still want them because you love them . Why does that shit always have to happen ? Why can’t we just move on after we get hurt why can’t the feelings and love just fucking leave got damn 😭😭😭 I WANNA BE FREE FROM MISSING MY DAM EX SHE LOWKEY DONT DESERVE ME MISSING HER BUT I STILL LOVE HER I DONT WANNA LOVE HER ANYMORE.... i think
Arii_xo 4 months ago
Victoria Dailey ima read this message everytime i feel like I’m catching more feelings for her 😭😭 like i dead ass appreciate it I’m really trying so hard not to allow myself to be hurt and it’s crazy because i actually have this amazing dude in my life that i push away because I’m saving this spot for my ex it’s so stupid . I actually been trying to stay single because if she came back one day i wanted to be free . I hate that my parents raised me to have this good ass heart because it gets me in trouble lol but i also appreciate it because it helps me help others who actually need it I’ll always give my last to someone who needs it more than me even if that means missing a bill or two or three . Another perk of being a preachers kid , i do wish you the best with this journey of moving on and being happy ❤️ we gonna get through this I’m here for you even tho I’m a stranger and we just had a whole convo on RUvid lol . You seem so sweet idk why anyone wouldn’t be lucky to have you and appreciate you
Victoria Dailey
Victoria Dailey 4 months ago
Ariyon DO NOT GO BACK! idk you but you don’t need her at all you might miss her but you can’t go back cause she’ll break your heart again. My ex just talked to me bc they didn’t want me to kms. But when we did talk as friends my feelings just kept on comin. How bout we don’t go back to our ex’s. Even if we do love them we can’t get hurt again. It’s not really worth it. Please stay strong girl!!! ❤️❤️
Arii_xo 4 months ago
Victoria Dailey i really hate it . Me and my ex girlfriend ain’t been together for years now but we just started back talking as friends .... but i find myself catching feelings she even be wanting to come see me and i know it’s because she wants sex so i don’t let her come over she doesn’t deserve it
Victoria Dailey
Victoria Dailey 4 months ago
Ariyon I felt allll of that!!! I’ve loved my ex for almost a year and I seem to get over him. Ughhh.
Arii_xo 4 months ago
I could have used this song years ago .... but shit here i am still wanting my ex back after that girl DESTROYED me literally 😭😭 but it’s not even about the sex she just made me happy a lot of the time when she actually did love me .... and here i am single 5 years later and i think the whole reason i try to stay single is because I’m hoping she’ll want me back but .... i know i shouldn’t want her after she hurt me worse then anything and i stoped loving myself and everything
It’s rowan
It’s rowan 4 months ago
plz his this from the tiktok community
Xibby 4 months ago
I honestly think imma be single forever bc every girl is the same and they just can’t meet my standards🥺😔. They always seem to just leave after u guys are super close.💔
Xibby 4 months ago
Battlefield Bad Company 2 faxxx
Battlefield Bad Company 2
It's just a matter of time bro i had the same thought as you but it comes when you least expect it.
BLACK BOY TALKS 4 months ago
fireeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Upton Campbell
Upton Campbell 4 months ago
Ty$ came in clutch with tha harmony for sure #Toxic
Darian Beasley
Darian Beasley 4 months ago
I was actually looking for a youtube channel- and i found this sound- I LOVE THISSS
Arianna Chapman
Arianna Chapman 4 months ago
Am i the only one that feel like a bad bitch singing this song 😎
Alexsis Bates
Alexsis Bates 4 months ago
This that song you can play after you been in a toxic relationship 💯.
Tracy Valentine
Tracy Valentine 4 months ago
Shit is not Enough
•Rachel• 4 months ago
Feel it different when I’m faded.
Breonna Sherie
Breonna Sherie 4 months ago
Literally named my daughter after her &been pressed since way back n the fact I relate to every song😩😩😩 ugh I love her
•Rachel• 4 months ago
I just got out of a toxic relationship :(
•Rachel• 4 months ago
aiyana xvn thank you🥺
Sanu Janneh
Sanu Janneh 4 months ago
Good for you
aiyana xvn
aiyana xvn 4 months ago
congrats baby .
Chloe Pryor
Chloe Pryor 4 months ago
uh someone has to redo this vid and use the REAL lyrics lmao this sucks
woahiitskay 4 months ago
My favorite part is “And Now That Damn Julio Made Me A Fool For You”🥺🥺😍💕
Leyla & Yolie
Leyla & Yolie 4 months ago
This shit hits so different it brings back so much memories😣💔 .
Lexi Kelly
Lexi Kelly 4 months ago
the damn don julio...
•SilkyDevil• 4 months ago
Why is it that i hate when a singer copies a name from a song? Its annoying, i-, just be original, dont be stupid and annoying, be original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Origina
h20forthis h2hoe
h20forthis h2hoe 4 months ago
Never been in a relationship but this songs makes me imagine what a toxic relationship would look like...
Anthony 16 days ago
@clarisa farley man I get your phasing so hard haha that is such a true and relatable statement 😅🙌
clarisa farley
clarisa farley 17 days ago
Crazy sad even and fun if drug toxic like what she saying up and downs
Shadiah Thomas
Shadiah Thomas Month ago
I had used to in a relationship with my ex boyfriend one time I find out he cheat on me I break up with him
Nicole pietra
Nicole pietra Month ago
@Anthony ahah Im not strange lol
Anthony Month ago
@Nicole pietra not upset. Just think you’re strange 😑
Alexis Earl
Alexis Earl 4 months ago
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