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It's easy to get discouraged while we wait for our dreams to come to pass. But just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean God isn’t working. If you keep believing and doing the right thing, you’ll see things start to shift in your favor.
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Sep 14, 2020




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Comments 100
johanna harrington
johanna harrington 5 hours ago
Thanks Joel you are the best! You are an inspiration and thank God for all wonderful pastor you are.. blessings 🙏
Selly Chelimo
Selly Chelimo 7 hours ago
I will keep on working.
Anyang Thiep
Anyang Thiep 17 hours ago
Lord God give me a Grace to be obedience to You on my own I can not.
Julie Bauer
Julie Bauer 17 hours ago
Thank you, as always, for feeding my faith
Mae Tutunjian
Mae Tutunjian 23 hours ago
They after day you are so encouraging... Thank you 🙏
jaypaul deva
jaypaul deva Day ago
We are indebted to Joe because the Holy Spirit through him opened the eyes to walk on continuously non stopping although our obstacles are too high. Thank you And ur team for the good words of god.
Jesse Paul
Jesse Paul Day ago
Amen pray for me Jesus Name Amen
Mr.Smiles Day ago
God bless you
Le Barrios
Le Barrios Day ago
Trust blindly
Sandra Onorati
Faith that’s all you need 🙏
Richard Thweatt
Jesus Christ is my Savior! I was thinking a lot said , more to do . I then think what , a Helper , the Holy Bible . And Father God , giving me and all y’all Jesus Christ. Who died for our Sins! We waiting on the next Big Move from God . I ask Him or them Just speaking amongst the room where it is needed To be heard who in Heaven could Be standing there with Jesus and Father God surly The Holy Spirit. I say that cause proverbs says don’t wage war without advisors . Still thinking about God creation even after death , as Elijah and Moses thinking my Labor and toil is over ! ;) you might not even want to .... maybes more Here !
My prayer is that the Lord protect us all from those predatory people who would pervert His creation and word in the form of absolute power that has left an indelible and unmistakable stamp of disgrace and shame upon my life my community and my Nation's ability to provide the freedom to pursue unencumbered the health and wellness of it's citizens mentally physically and spirituality. This great evil must be stopped at all costs.
Karen Puccio
Karen Puccio Day ago
I needed this right now my dream is still in my heart. Thank you Joel🙏
James Freeman
James Freeman 2 days ago
its an encouraging service i feel more blessed
Benedicta Arockiam
Thank you for this wonderful message .. God bless you
kelly hinckley
kelly hinckley 2 days ago
kelly hinckley
kelly hinckley 2 days ago
Sara Alves
Sara Alves 2 days ago
Amen! The Word of God Will make me to walk, not stand still in terror, but to walk💓💫
Gabriel Gutierrez
Mummy Munster
Mummy Munster 2 days ago
Just wanted to say thank you Joel 🙋 you are the brother I wish to have had and a friend that has been there since the day 1 I met you.. through our Lord Jesus Christ we are family 🙏💕 I appreciate every word you say to me ☺️ I might not be able to be there in front seats 😁 But I am.. here on my phone Watching you and listening to you 🙏🙋💞 GOD ✨🙌 BLESS YOU and your beautiful family 💕 Yes..I do BELIEVE ✨🙏💗
staceymail 2 days ago
Thank you for this message, Glory be to God, Great things He has done...🙏🙏🙏
Paulene Stewart
Paulene Stewart 2 days ago
There are times when I feel like giving up but because I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and with God by my side I will be OK
jamaicas playmakers
Thankyou. GOD THE ONE
Bestillnow 3 days ago
God hasn't created an armour for the back cause.. Hes got your back...Hes got you covered hun.
رها اسلامی
Thank you
Mike J Flores
Mike J Flores 4 days ago
Thank you and many blessings to you pastor Joel..is long as I'm walking with jesus then a long walk it's gonna be..thank you
Tyler Nicholas
Tyler Nicholas 4 days ago
Sorry for the randomness of this comment but I’m a struggling 37 year old husband and father of two who lost my hospitality job due to Covid19. This is an embarrassing last ditch effort for help because my back is against the wall and I am extremely desperate. If anyone could help in anyway via cash app ($goawaycovid) anything would mean the world to me and my family. Anyone who could offer a job would be even better, thank you and stay safe 🙏😷
Jasmin's Blog
Jasmin's Blog 4 days ago
My heart overloaded of some thing and i always tuning here to have encouragement. Thank you Pastor. God bless you and your family .
Jeremiah Williams
Praise God .
Jorge Becerra
Jorge Becerra 5 days ago
Thank Pastor Joel Osteen.
Enrique Saenz
Enrique Saenz 5 days ago
Many times I tell myself to have enough power not to shrink back ... because I wasn't treated how I wanted during high school, I wasn't popular enough or was bullied by peers ... or girlfriends rather go out with other class mates ... this early social interactions left a "hand print" in my mind and my emotions are molded by this past. Now that I've grown into adulthood none of these so called "friends" have stood by ... although their constant jokes and rude ways have kept in my memories. I guess what I'm trying to say is live your life happy and don't expect too much from others ... because you will be left down!
I agree with this message and prayer 100% thank you Jesus Christ, for helping me, my son, and my spouse to be in this season, we are ever grateful for all the help, guidance, pressing, happiness, peace, anointing, and hedge of protection you are keeping around our lives, thank you Jesus Christ, almighty god, to help us keep walking in Faith, thank you Jesus Christ, hallelujah amen
albina kilimo
albina kilimo 6 days ago
Amen in Jesus name
Jorge cardenas
Jorge cardenas 6 days ago
Gloria a Dios y bendiciones y gracias por el mensaje ., Dios me enseñó a hablar inglés y entenderlo pero no a escribirlo lo siento.
Samantha Williams
Aunt Bubby aunt bubby
Joel and Victoria are awesome!!
loreto, jr. fortich
M E 7 days ago
Thank you Joel! 🙏thank you Jesus!❤️
M E 7 days ago
Yes! I claim walking to healing, health and abundance of money
SongBird Beats
SongBird Beats 7 days ago
Keep doing the right things til the end...
God has biggest things for me and will bring me to my promised land, where the favor of God is simply overflowing...
Lynn Hayse
Lynn Hayse 7 days ago
I need some prayer warriors to pray "with me". So much is coming against me all at once. I'm believing but I got to admit it's hard. I'm praying too and I'll pray for all of you also. Thank you.
Wayfaring Stranger
Urgent prayer needed redgs our Apartment Complex ... (India) Pls pray for the mighty holy living One of Israel and King Jesus to break the unquestioned and unchallenged evil power & control of the pagan President & family over : 1. The terrace. 2. The community hall. 3. The premises in general. 4. And over Some of the assoc members & other residents, workers etc., who have been blindly supporting them since 2005 in every evil plot, plan & scheme of theirs .. esp against us .. as most of them are very anti-christian & anti us .. esp the President & family and the Asst Secy & family .... for with God NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. All the evil plots & schemes of the President & the Asst Secy are always done to harass & afflict us specifically ... They are trying to harass us in every way they can constantly. I've been praying much for the salvation of them all since 2005 .. Please do so too. Pls share this with others too, if possible. Thank you so much for your prayers .. I'm praying for you & your family too .. God bless ! 🙏
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 8 days ago
Amen. Keep making the illustrations. The why and when comes from God.
Sonya Morris
Sonya Morris 8 days ago
Thank You Jesus.All Praise Poweer Glory And Honor to you Father God.I know you are with me as i keep on walking in Faith.
Secured LLC
Secured LLC 8 days ago
Just about to finish my 2nd book. His books are very fulfilling and uplifting as well. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Thembi Madison
Thembi Madison 9 days ago
ujunwa Abor
ujunwa Abor 9 days ago
This was for me. Thank you Jesus
Ashanti Ashanti
Ashanti Ashanti 9 days ago
I will never give up on my seif Amen
Sijialfredo Rolando
Hi Joel I'm very sorry I think the your church is and lakewood california but I was rong but I still like to see your words of God and I thank you very much 💕
Annette Finley
Annette Finley 9 days ago
Heavenly Father, I Honor, Praise and love You. My Birthday was October 15th. I prayed for a day filled with love, peace and joy. I was met by opposition. I was upset. I realized my response " God bless you " was my Favor. Lord, I thank you for the Favor in my life. I will continue to seek you. Thank you for the Blessings of yesterday, today and yet to come. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏾❤✝️☮
Terri Sungbeh
Terri Sungbeh 9 days ago
Thank you for the massage, Mr. Osteen...❤❤👌
Terri Sungbeh
Terri Sungbeh 9 days ago
Thank you God🙏🙏
Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis 9 days ago
Just watching this. Praise God.
mariemarsha 9 days ago
I got goosebumps! Keep moving, keep going. Yes! I needed to hear this message.
Mireya Manso
Mireya Manso 9 days ago
Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!
Fatima Vaz
Fatima Vaz 9 days ago
Very soul stirring....so convincing so true..learnt never make the opposition, the devil big it's our God Jesus who is bigger stronger & greater..
susanne foort
susanne foort 9 days ago
Rubelia Rojas
Rubelia Rojas 10 days ago
Thank for great word
Lilia Ferguson
Lilia Ferguson 10 days ago
Very inspiring indeed. Thank you Pastor Joel.
Immaculate Oyugi
Immaculate Oyugi 10 days ago
Amen. I'll keep walking in Faith. Thank you for the Word Pastor
Roopender Kumar
Roopender Kumar 10 days ago
Thank you lord jesus you are my saviour and lord of my life. Thank pastor joel when I see you preaching I feel I am closer to god . Amen.
Dindin 10 days ago
Can anyone tell me the podcast he handles?
Charmaine Cole
Charmaine Cole 10 days ago
I am believing God for every promise that He has given. Thank you Pastor Joel for your continued inspiring words to our hearts. Does anyone out there know if any Scholarship funding I can apply to for my daughter? She just started at Berkley College in New York and as an International student it is difficult to get financial aid. I do believe however that the God that I serve is a miracle worker and nothing is too big for him. Please help me to continue praying and "keep walking", the breakthrough is coming in JESUS name!
John Walters
John Walters 10 days ago
So true Amen
Nan's Global Kitchen
Hahaha...Love this joke about the dead mule and the answer the pastor give to the mayor. Thankyou pastor Joel for putting a smile on my face. I needed that today!
Ann Adema
Ann Adema 10 days ago
alva laylor
alva laylor 11 days ago
michael coelho
michael coelho 11 days ago
Behold let there be 10 millions dirhams money with Michaell Coelho now to circulate in the name of Jesus Christ Amen Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
CJR2011 RG
CJR2011 RG 11 days ago
Mike Fragomeni
Mike Fragomeni 11 days ago
LAKEWOOD GOOD AFTERNOON! There’s this show who wants to be a millionaire and when you get stuck on a question you get one lifeline phone call. It’s kind of like life, except you can call your life line anytime and as much as you want. Prayer is our supply line to heaven! So please use your voice to speak to your father which is in heaven. The Scripture says it is GODS pleasure to give you the kingdom! Holy! Holy! Holy! Is the lord GOD ALMIGHTY! Who was who is and who will forever be.
RN Productions
RN Productions 11 days ago
Thank you for this message I am going to keep walking
GOD BLESS U Amen 🙏♥️✨
Gage McBee
Gage McBee 12 days ago
Michael Armstrong09
Joel, the opposition is extremely strong but every message you deliver reaches my soul. What a blessing you are. I know everyone here must agree with me. God Bless You 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌
Theresa Jones
Theresa Jones 12 days ago
Amen. Amen I'll keep on walking and wait on you Jesus
Leta Tefari
Leta Tefari 13 days ago
Amen.I keep moving on
Rengsi Mnike
Rengsi Mnike 13 days ago
Amen amen amen
Ramona Renteria
Ramona Renteria 13 days ago
Amen thank you pastor Osteen for the encouraging words I’m in the middle of some things right now but I know my father Hod is always there for me
Dhano Ramlogan
Dhano Ramlogan 13 days ago
Amen Glory to God in the highest.
Divorce Judge
Divorce Judge 13 days ago
Richard Gachanja
Richard Gachanja 13 days ago
Very encouraging message. Keep on working.
swole faith
swole faith 14 days ago
I've been quarantine since 2016
Jessica Willesen
Jessica Willesen 14 days ago
God bless you Joel💫🙏😇I needed this so thank you💕
Sue Burford
Sue Burford 14 days ago
Amen. Joel
Bessie Holmes
Bessie Holmes 14 days ago
I started NOT to comment BUT - how could I NOT! AWESOME message & AWESOME the way Pastor Osteen emphasizes certain points. He gets the message across.
Markiraengle Namahshivayakarishnajesus
Markiraengle Namahshivayakarishnajesus
Evangeline Toong
Evangeline Toong 14 days ago
Hallelujah🙌.Thank you.
Tyson Moton
Tyson Moton 14 days ago
I’m going to keep on following in his footsteps and let him lead me on my way. What a mighty God we serve😇
Samuel Francis
Samuel Francis 15 days ago
Brother very encouraging message, stay blessed. Amen
Hope Andy
Hope Andy 15 days ago
Thank you jesus for this beautiful massage
Jenet Vesheng
Jenet Vesheng 15 days ago
P Rhema
P Rhema 15 days ago
This message is so unique
blueblazes100 15 days ago
I LOVE him!!
Grant Engelmann
Grant Engelmann 15 days ago
Thank You Jesus for the anointing of encouragement that you have put on my Brother Joel Osteen. Thank you Joel for being sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. I am beginning to understand why my dreams have taken so long to materialize. I must continue to walk in faith and patience to inherit the promises of God. (Hebrew 6:12)
Aaron 15 days ago
I bet when Eve met Satan he was a lot like Joel.
Medena Jones
Medena Jones 15 days ago
Eloi! Eloi! Lama sabachthani! I don’t want to wander the earth anymore... I don’t understand what my purpose here is!
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster 15 days ago
The words you speak are so inspirational it really helps me in my everyday life helps me to stay focused brings me back down to earth so I can focus on the things that are important to me in my life as well as focusing on keeping the Lord first and foremost in my life continue on doing what you're doing it really helps
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