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Keegan-Michael Key gushes about working on “Friends from College,” describes getting back to Shakespearean acting and raises expectations for the new “The Lion King.”
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19 янв 2019

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Salma Yusuf
Salma Yusuf 4 дня назад
Love this....you'll AMAZING!
Olaitan Kehinde Habibat
Olaitan Kehinde Habibat 5 дней назад
I love key so much ...
Khadijah Rashid
Khadijah Rashid 5 дней назад
The way Trevor said “the theatre”
Bounnoy Phanthavong
Bounnoy Phanthavong 11 дней назад
They both need to do a movie together. Trevor's a rising star.
Tuni Toilolo
Tuni Toilolo 14 дней назад
Two of my favorite ppl at the same time?! How much would I have to pay to have that kind of lunch
Sovereign Suicide
Sovereign Suicide 21 день назад
Kegan Michael key makes Al Rocher look like Malcom X
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez 22 дня назад
Tigerbelly Bobby lee.
Jay Roy
Jay Roy 23 дня назад
True! Keegan will definitely "make a good host of another show." 😂😂😂😂
jalila love
jalila love 25 дней назад
When you think he couldn't possibly be more adorable he throws the cards. Hilarious.
Da Green Thing
Da Green Thing 26 дней назад
Fuck the remakes of the old movies
Marvia Laurence
Marvia Laurence 27 дней назад
This was a real fun and genuine interview
Ren Solis
Ren Solis 28 дней назад
Somebody put Trevor in the lion king , he's so ready for it!
Stina Wilson
Stina Wilson 29 дней назад
I have to say Keegan-Michael Key looks really good in that suit. Step up your game Trevor! LOL
Nick L
Nick L 29 дней назад
Trever is a letdown
Otherworldlytwo2nine 29 дней назад
Mr Garvey never lets me down
Info Warrior
Info Warrior Месяц назад
Two racist
issaciams Месяц назад
Friends from College is such a sh1t show. I would have to throw all my morals out the window to watch it. I did that for the first season and now I am done with it. They are way too old to be acting that way (if it was real life people behaving that way)
D. V. Crystal
D. V. Crystal Месяц назад
Don’t you blaspheme Chitty Chitty Bang!
missladyhott Месяц назад
You would make a great host, of another show :) Great to see you both thriving, bravo!
Mohamud Bashir Ali
Mohamud Bashir Ali Месяц назад
You all should play it at half speed @ 5:50 it is hilarious 😂 😂
Lily Powell
Lily Powell Месяц назад
Juan Mateo
Juan Mateo Месяц назад
... Jordan peele and him are "partners" in toy story 4..?? hmm...
Selem Medhane
Selem Medhane Месяц назад
Those cards felt really comfortable In my hands 😭😂😒 He’s hilarious. Love friends from college
Thomas Chambers
Thomas Chambers Месяц назад
2 dumbniggers hangin from a tree. But that don’t bother me. Aaaaatttttttt allllllaaaalllllaaalllll. Good song
Big Country
Big Country Месяц назад
Comedians trying to be serious in politics etc.. Smh
Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski
Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski Месяц назад
Trevor needs the back side of a Bat on his face to straighten it out some.
Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_-
Oh yeah yeah
Ms. Chin BK
Ms. Chin BK Месяц назад
Always liked the dude, he's like a lighter version of my Brother in law.
Ms. Chin BK
Ms. Chin BK Месяц назад
Always liked the dude, he's like a lighter version of my Brother in law.
Nollid Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah
Tanner Williams
Tanner Williams Месяц назад
I'm surprised Trevor didn't mention John Oliver being in the Lion King 😂
Isis McDonald
Isis McDonald Месяц назад
I want more of them on screen together
Phyllisha Hart
Phyllisha Hart Месяц назад
So happy for key and peele
Nayatha D
Nayatha D Месяц назад
All Trevor's dreams and his job.... watching you keegan
userpatrix Месяц назад
Only one of these men is is a real black man,the other comes from a edomites dck.
Lauren Monty
Lauren Monty Месяц назад
He is so funny 😂
Veteran Nintenerd
Veteran Nintenerd Месяц назад
Disney "live-action" remakes suck; they're just shitty cash-grabs that sully their animated counterparts. The original films were already timeless, but these live-action shits have an agenda
lockon12345able Месяц назад
Meanwhile riots break out in many nations overseas. Britain and her people want to leave the UE. Riots in France protesters grow to 70+ thousand yellow vest protesters. Russia builds two bases in Mexico and is transporting the new module tanks to them. New reports show that the Pope is the most controversial yet as he tends to throw his hat into world politics only to be attacked for immoral priests under his leadership. The world is constantly turning and changing day by day we all inch closer to another world war as economy of the European nations crumble like ours the clock is ticking down to the only answer the answer that has always solved the problems before. Ramp up the war machine as we get Set for the next war to end all wars. Propaganda on all sides are in the making. As this time around the internet exist so may moves of censership has been made. American has made sure to complete it's task of downgrading it's citizens arms so that they could not in any way be challenged to the military equipment. No need to disarm citizens just give them a quarter of our firepower. That will be enough because if fired it will be met with superior fire. The job is to blind the American people with useless story's and keep the real troubles out of the news. Now watch this add and repeat after me. I am free, I vote, I pay taxes, I do as uncle Sam says, don't know why I know the a shaving about commercial and not about the killings and riots overseas. I will look at my phone every twenty minutes. I will watch the news and CNN or fox and believe only what they tell me.
Sayan Nayak
Sayan Nayak Месяц назад
I hope u get a role in the lion king trevvie
oh yeah yeah Kalnins
oh yeah yeah Kalnins Месяц назад
*clears throat* OH YEAH YEAH
Jackie Dawson
Jackie Dawson Месяц назад
Trevor interviews so well. Wish other late night hosts would learn from him. It's so naturally funny, entertaining, and respectively informative . Learn from him *cough cough* Jimmy fallon.........🙄
Akilah N.
Akilah N. Месяц назад
Trevor needs to guest star on “Friends from College” the two of them are so cute together.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Месяц назад
Was hoping he would cover those worthless Trump supportering school of crackers
Marie Silfverberg
Marie Silfverberg Месяц назад
What a fun interview. xD
PantryMonster Месяц назад
Based off his laugh he's gonna make a great hyena
JC Denton
JC Denton Месяц назад
0:30 "oh yea yea"
Marley LaBar
Marley LaBar Месяц назад
I failed the first quarter of a class in middle school, so I made a fake report card. I did this every quarter that year. I forgot that they mail home the end-of-year cards, and my mom got it before I could intercept with my fake. She was PISSED-at the school for their error. The teacher also retired that year and had already thrown out his records, so they had to take my mother’s “proof” (the fake ones I made throughout the year) and “correct” the “mistake.” I’ve never told her the truth.
Alan Brown
Alan Brown Месяц назад
Lmao how did you even do that
Anthony Haros
Anthony Haros Месяц назад
Trevor got owed
Benjamin Neff
Benjamin Neff Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah
Sam T.
Sam T. Месяц назад
why does he have a hyphenated first name?
Ronald James
Ronald James Месяц назад
This guy has a permanent key to my funny bone.
Helgali Месяц назад
5:33 ".. true american classic". It's a Hamlet-type movie. You know.. like.. Hamlet.
rozi2089 Месяц назад
2 mixed dudes chill'N lol
Matthew Markowski
Matthew Markowski Месяц назад
Let's have a talk
Hose Pipe
Hose Pipe Месяц назад
🔑 and peel the best skits in history hands down
frnkguard1 Месяц назад
Duck Trevor Noah his a fagot
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Месяц назад
Hello, Humans. Elijah Price: You could have been a tax accountant. You could have owned your own gym. You could have opened a chain of restaurants. You could've done of ten thousand things, but in the end, you chose to protect people. *You* made that decision, and I find that very, very interesting. (Unbreakable 2000) TERRANCE OUT
Jacob Hyde
Jacob Hyde Месяц назад
Trevor is the funniest host ever. Fight me.
holyCaptnjack Месяц назад
Must feel weird sitting next to a successful comic that doesn't steal jokes... Must be why you just get the hand-me-downs
The Game Detective
The Game Detective Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah
Oh sí sí
Oh sí sí Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Chari Luv
Chari Luv Месяц назад
I nearly died! Trevor is still so salty about The Lion King.
matthew broyles
matthew broyles Месяц назад
Trevor Noah, why are you still trying to do the same thing colbert perfected? I cant stand you. Everytime i watch i try to give you a second chance, yet you seem stale to me. Riding the coat tails of the greats. Maybe you should try something new.
Deedog Gaming
Deedog Gaming Месяц назад
Stop stop stop stop stop stop we’re the fuck is the ksi armyyyyy attt
Miss. G1994
Miss. G1994 Месяц назад
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Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores Месяц назад
Bringing back “men in BLUE”
Eugenio Sarria
Eugenio Sarria Месяц назад
Someone high on blow lol
LizzyKoala88 Месяц назад
Friends From College is so good
Fives Echo
Fives Echo Месяц назад
Keegan played on The predator
MrBadBricks Месяц назад
*Trumptards is the Feedback that is not a programmer and is a straight line and say that he has a very sick feeling in his mind and is a Libtard person in a country that has been in a way that he is a straight line and that he has more power than 1000kmph and he is not Gay or a woman or something but he doesn't want it to work for him but gun control is not Gay or Gay but gun control is not Gay or a racist statement of the people in his mind that you believe the people who have the same problem with a Felony are not the only place to Suck it out his own way that he has more than one or something like this one that Nigger Trumptards!*
lolitaluv s
lolitaluv s Месяц назад
Trevor should totally be Simba with his Dimple looking A... sigh love you Trevor!!!! You're adorable.
Josh Fletcher
Josh Fletcher Месяц назад
At first I was like "well they do have different ties", but then the end screen popped up and BLEW MY DANG MIND.
Minh Pham
Minh Pham Месяц назад
This vietnamese for trump who voted for trump and will vote for trump again Trump2020
BSGarage Месяц назад
Liberalism find a cure
Game Box
Game Box Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah we have arrived
Humberto L
Humberto L Месяц назад
brian  vox
brian vox Месяц назад
only show I watch on netflix
Young Don The Sauce God
Young Don The Sauce God Месяц назад
role models.
Justin Goldband
Justin Goldband Месяц назад
D Varga
D Varga Месяц назад
Yall are both fucking trash
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Месяц назад
Zimbabwe was once the most wealthy and prosperous nation in Africa, but then evil black racists murdered all of the innocent white people, and now 99% of blacks in Zimbabwe live in extreme poverty and the government went bankrupt. I guess they have no appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN who died fighting in the Civil War to free black slaves, or the fact that whites donate more aid to Africa than all other races combined. Go ahead and keep murdering innocent white people; all you're doing is showing the whole world how evil you are and turning the U.S. into a third-world shit-hole. It's also hilarious how black African men scream that white people don't belong in Africa, but then those same black hypocrites immigrate to Europe to get better jobs working for white owned businesses and try to marry white women. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!bdixiei
Suck peen
Suck peen Месяц назад
He protect. He attack. But most important. He take over RUvid chat.
Oh sí sí
Oh sí sí Месяц назад
Suck peen oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yehahahahahhahah yeah
Bubblegum Girl
Bubblegum Girl Месяц назад
I like to blow huge bubblegum bubbles! Come see! 💕
William Coleman
William Coleman Месяц назад
It's sad that people watch him. Trump 2020.
Keegan should take Trevor's place, and throw Trevor in the recycling bin
The Itchy Guru
The Itchy Guru Месяц назад
Great talent.
Lissie Marley
Lissie Marley Месяц назад
Now that was comical.... 😂
Dressed2dNines Blog
Dressed2dNines Blog Месяц назад
Love Friends from College, ready for season 3 already 🙌🏾
REAl REAction
REAl REAction Месяц назад
Nothin like hiring a man who isn’t American to report what the heck you want him to report about America... AKA, Fake News
REAl REAction
REAl REAction Месяц назад
Trevor Noah is Liberal Propaganda
kells pereira
kells pereira Месяц назад
Why they hiding supreme court Ruth b death?
rsracrs19 Месяц назад
Hanks.. 😂🤣
Sweet Willy
Sweet Willy Месяц назад
2 unfunny dill holes
Jacob Singleton
Jacob Singleton Месяц назад
Subscribe to PewDiePie on RUvid to enter the massive give away. Good Luck !
Asare Henry
Asare Henry Месяц назад
Lmao...they look like twins
ziljin Месяц назад
I miss the Key and Peele show but glad to see their careers are flourishing.
Wawa Baby Toys
Wawa Baby Toys Месяц назад
Such an amazing show
Armed Astronaut JM-83
Armed Astronaut JM-83 Месяц назад
Two of the lamest cucks in the entertaiment world. Donald Trump better president then Obama. Trevor your show is not funny ZZZzzzzzzzzzz
Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney Месяц назад
Trevor interviews a REAL comedian. I wonder if he knows how not funny he is compared to Key
i s
i s Месяц назад
He looks like jimmy kimmel
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