Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Comments 100
Anthony Keenan
Anthony Keenan 5 minutes ago
John Wick 100- "They stole my motor parts"
Jahanzeb Jahangir
Jahanzeb Jahangir 6 minutes ago
Man i love him so much, he's so good with these reviews 😍
BOSNIAN_Bloke1111 25 minutes ago
This is what I call excusable procrastination. All power to you Mr Wick.
T3knnique _
T3knnique _ 28 minutes ago
Keanu reeves goes motorcycle shopping with complex
Zain 48 minutes ago
METHOD 143 a.k.a Method 'I Love You'
Louie Fctr
Louie Fctr 50 minutes ago
I hate keanu reeves says no one ever
Astronaut Ninja
Astronaut Ninja 57 minutes ago
*_Keanu Reeves is the Jay Leno of motorcycles._*
Matthew DaSilva
We are Not a gang, we are a Club.
justin decastro
Keanu Reeves always looks like he's wearing a helmet
The Flash of Life
Ahhh here is where i killed 3 men with this very pencil you see
Mr Suave9355
Mr Suave9355 Hour ago
Keanu have you had a bad accident? I would love to try and ride it but I’m afraid of bad accidents.
reee eee
reee eee Hour ago
He is as old as my father
Vincenza N
Vincenza N Hour ago
I've watched several hours of Keanu Reeves videos in the past 12 hours lol
Ade Purba
Ade Purba Hour ago
Keanu Reeves and Benedict Cumberbatch chould have gang motor together :D
Prasenjeet Dey
Prasenjeet Dey 2 hours ago
When he stand up and started tp walk ....i thought he is going to shoot someone. Personality with attitude matters.
aisya t
aisya t 2 hours ago
he’s so adorable:(
Tylor McCraw
Tylor McCraw 2 hours ago
That method 143 is a massive engine with a seat.
GoldenGamer Ching
GoldenGamer Ching 2 hours ago
John Wick?
Eugene Balanovsky
Eugene Balanovsky 2 hours ago
Is he John wick?
Mike M
Mike M 2 hours ago
I have an 07 R1 and a 15 ZX14r. I'm feeling the Arch Method 143 though. Pretty sick looking bike.
Longrod VonHugendong
I like how he just looks like john wick all the time..
N R 2 hours ago
Coke much ...
Mani Hill
Mani Hill 2 hours ago
Where can I buy one of those bikes?
Keelster Keel
Keelster Keel 2 hours ago
I have grown up watching Keanu and I always liked his personality even though I personally don't know his personality. Now that he is talking more publicly about his passions I like him more.
Lee Oliva
Lee Oliva 2 hours ago
I think this would be jesus i he was in or times.
Mister Wick
Mister Wick 2 hours ago
Hit likes for Keanue Reeves
Media Pad
Media Pad 2 hours ago
John wick chapter 3
jjustinbrown 3 hours ago
I see his passion, love it
Dee B
Dee B 3 hours ago
This guy who reviews motorbike should play the role of John Wick. He looks cool and badass.
ElvaanRanger 3 hours ago
Keanu is the homie you want to go fishing with and just talk Life .
RaG3 Toe Licka
RaG3 Toe Licka 3 hours ago
His "T's" sound interesting
SmiffyLel 3 hours ago
M8RC0 3 hours ago
0:31 Ha “Touched that 10 yr old kid in a way”
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota 3 hours ago
Why do men have to put the toilet seat down for women, but women don't have to put the toilet seat up for men?
Tp681 3 hours ago
He has all his fingers! :O lol
Luca Battaglia
Luca Battaglia 3 hours ago
Spettacolo! Bravo come sempre super Keanu🔝🙏🦁
Casey Fedorchak
Casey Fedorchak 4 hours ago
Note to self don't try to steal his motorcycle otherwise you'll end up with a bullet or pencil in your head
asXżāìPãķhţēņ ÝazęįĐ
Keanu a LEGEND. Whats A talk rRideR.. Love respect for the "CAPTAIN WORLD "
Max P
Max P 4 hours ago
I recommend nobody touch a 10 year old kid in any way 🤣🤣
justice ajoku
justice ajoku 4 hours ago
The Arch Bikes are actually beautiful to Look at and I’m sure anyone would look good riding one. The sound is good too. I’ll buy one soon.
Thalya Pontes
Thalya Pontes 4 hours ago
I was thrilled that he mentioned River Phoenix, he never talks much about it.
No worries Mate
No worries Mate 5 hours ago
Well your almost a rider!
Kevin Blastard
Kevin Blastard 5 hours ago
This man should play act assassin movie
Jeezy 5 hours ago
It'll be outrageous. This bike is outrageous! Lmao
Xavier 5 hours ago
What I wouldn’t give ride one of those bad boys
Ben Prins
Ben Prins 5 hours ago
Sweet collection of bikes and great commentary. I could watch Keanu paint and it would be interesting.
Biyonzo 5 hours ago
the kinda guy you wish he was your father
TCMFGamesOFFICIAL 5 hours ago
I don’t even care about motorcycles but I’m here...
Séverin Official
Séverin Official 6 hours ago
love that collection !
Jack Kenway
Jack Kenway 6 hours ago
I bet he'd love riding the Batpod!
Gamirel Sothrogar
Gamirel Sothrogar 6 hours ago
This guy is on highest level i ever see ;-) Thumb up
Taylor Moring
Taylor Moring 6 hours ago
protect keanu reeves at all cost.
CherryTita 6 hours ago
Someone please tell him to watch Akira
Evelio Gonzalez
Evelio Gonzalez 6 hours ago
I can believe that I'm buying a bike after watching this video, please don't sell me more stuff, my wife will kill me
__ Jammie __
__ Jammie __ 6 hours ago
i like it how John Wick act like Keanu Reeves at this moment, i thought he was a bad person ...
chad 6 hours ago
I like Keanu and i think hes a really good guy, but his bikes are not worth 60k sorry Keanu. 30k maybe
Ivan Llopis
Ivan Llopis 7 hours ago
0:58 you know he's a geniune person when he doesn't turn to get the camera's attention, he's very into his things
It’s A Lonely Road
Who else thought the thumbnail was John Wick?
Truey D
Truey D 7 hours ago
Mf has a UFO
Angel Grace
Angel Grace 8 hours ago
The other side of Keanu ... he is talkative as far as his passion like his Bikes, his Dog, his Mom. I can see how happy he is 😊
오세륜 8 hours ago
Keanu-'Sometimes i would pay attention to that...sometimes i didnt' then umm oops hahahaha he's so cool 😂😅
Ansh & Mandy
Ansh & Mandy 8 hours ago
Keanu can you please send me a motorbike? lol it's been a childhood dream, that still hasn't come to fruition LOL
Britney Spears
Britney Spears 8 hours ago
I adore this man.
오세륜 8 hours ago
Keanu Reeves is the best hehe 😉🔥🔥🔥
noah willis
noah willis 8 hours ago
" Those bikers that touched that 10 year old boy in a way" aaaaaa..... what
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee 8 hours ago
Thats a bad mf bike well done KR!
Ivan Jose Marrero
Ivan Jose Marrero 8 hours ago
If they steal one of keanu reeves bikes Oh boy your dead
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 8 hours ago
If any Kamen Ryder productions go to America, can they collab with this company & Keanu Reeves somehow? Edit: The way he anticipated about riding MotoGP motorcycles is so cute. Fanboy mode activated.
KingZay 8 hours ago
He is my hero!!
KingZay 8 hours ago
My Grandma is in love with him.
NISARG KEDAR 8 hours ago
Cruise Bikes are good but I think they lack with LEG GUARDS in front
Paul C
Paul C 8 hours ago
he’s chinese bloodline is running strong. this man looks so young for a 50s
joan channel
joan channel 8 hours ago
I like Reeves..good man🤝
Alister Andrews
Alister Andrews 9 hours ago
Anyone notice how KRG has Keanu’s initials on it
Allan Perez
Allan Perez 9 hours ago
Keanu is a Rockstar as well and a bass player.. is so cool and down to earth!!
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 9 hours ago
One of the most genuine celebrities I've ever seen, I mean he is himself at all times, either there is a camera or not, and he is also so enthusiastic while at the same time calm and balanced, one of my favorite actors, it's just wonderful to listen to him talk.
Rellohz 9 hours ago
If only we could see some of our other fav celebrities being as happy as he is explaining his hobbies. Makes them feel more down to earth
Mistah Sreng
Mistah Sreng 9 hours ago
Keanu never seems to age lol
angel ariel zamora mercado
It is not just a motorcycle, it's Jonh Wick's motorcycle
Alex V
Alex V 10 hours ago
I just love him. He looks so excited and makes me happy.
Dogs Are My Favourite
He might not know how to build a motorcycle. But, he knows what he is talking about. The man is very knowledgeable and smart. Cool dude! 👍
utkarsh shrivastava
utkarsh shrivastava 10 hours ago
I Hate motorcycles... Said no Men ever
Behzey 10 hours ago
i touched that 10 year old kid in a way.... im sorry but lmfao
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 10 hours ago
Get a Royal Enfield Then feel the ride
King Haki
King Haki 10 hours ago
Both Bill and Ted movies were my childhood. God I love this man.🙏🏽💯
santosh Gowda
santosh Gowda 10 hours ago
Man I wish they do another sequel of matrix
Henry Edge
Henry Edge 11 hours ago
Needs to do a collab with Tesla
Harsh Roy
Harsh Roy 11 hours ago
I wish I would have long hair when I'm 50
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Somebody get this man a moto gp bike
Lighting McQueen
Lighting McQueen 11 hours ago
Surprised Keanu said he doesn't go out and destroy track day's instead sticks around the 135 mph mark...He is a clear throw back for sure.. Should have used the Arch in the Wick 3 flick for the bike scenes, can't do better promo than to slap a John Wick addition Arch motorcycle in the mix.. By the way, LOVE THE ARCH 1S!!!! Curious to see how it looks with the rider on it. I thought the forward foot controls on all of the promo shots of Keanu riding seemed strange in appearance meaning the Arch bikes look violent, mean, fast but the rider position looked to comfortable for the aggressive natural appearance of all of the Arch bikes. . None the less qould stilk give my left butt to have one 😆
Vanilla Butternut
Vanilla Butternut 11 hours ago
I know nothing at all about motorcycles and not really into it but man, I could truly listen and hear this man all day
maxb.jpg 11 hours ago
Is that John wick?
Ch Ris
Ch Ris 11 hours ago
Lu 12 hours ago
just met with a motorcycle accident... broke my left arm.....watching this in the hospital....
ViciousSummoner 12 hours ago
Should ask him bout masked rider bikes.
Debanga Borpujari
Debanga Borpujari 12 hours ago
most importantly he laughs in real life.. it made my day
Thelma Advincula
Thelma Advincula 12 hours ago
Even Superbike riders dream of riding a Motogp bike. I hope Keanu can try it someday
Sans the spooky scary skeloton
He looks good for 54 he escaped the matrix (yea yea yea I’m sure someone said it before but I didn’t lol )
CROW1176 CROW1176
CROW1176 CROW1176 12 hours ago
78,000 for The Bike Wow wish I could afford it! Keanu make Some affordable bikes for the poor people😁
Louie Bili
Louie Bili 12 hours ago
Andy T
Andy T 12 hours ago
If everyone was like Keanu, the world would be a great place.
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