Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ


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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Sanglun Neihsial
Sanglun Neihsial 2 hours ago
I can't believe he is The JW🤣😍🤘
Eddy Yaeji
Eddy Yaeji 10 hours ago
He needs the Akira: Kaneda Motorcycle
Anis Imbug
Anis Imbug 10 hours ago
Zsi Zsi Baranti Putri Keni Sayogyo
Why everytime I see him and how he talk with his hand, he really reminds me with Aciel (gunhoo) park.
Ruben Shady
Ruben Shady 17 hours ago
Y yo me creía alguien con mi Ninja.
JakubH 18 hours ago
me: I don't like motorcycles Keanu: I like motorcycles me: I like motorcycles
mebombu 21 hour ago
It sounds like he didn't like the riding scene in John wick chapter 3...
VibeChecker 101
It doesn’t feel right for Keanu talking about things like his collection for motorbikes
maciek photos
These bikes are outrageous. Great taste and it's Keanu f...g Reeves, so if I could afford one, I would definitely got one.
David Hill
David Hill Day ago
My two favorite hobbies are guns and motorcycles . So thumbs up Keanu
Joanne Bohan
Joanne Bohan Day ago
It’s like he living out the bill and Ted dream 😂
Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar
I want to see his pencils and books collection.
Dirumah Aja
Dirumah Aja Day ago
Open workshop in Indonesia, is good idea for building motorcycle
flip inheck
flip inheck Day ago
Featherbed frames had nothing at all to do with rubber mounted engines, that would be the Isolastic frame that came after the Featherbed frame, that Norton he points out did not have a Featherbed frame.
vrtxte 2 days ago
I killed his dog and stole his bike.
Matave Parapong
Matave Parapong 2 days ago
I here in free, But I think car it better. More than safe
Phillip Musoke
Phillip Musoke 2 days ago
The designs are very good
EXO UNIVERSE 2 days ago
1:54 this is such a gem photo, omg. I’m in the verge of crying.
EXO UNIVERSE 2 days ago
How I wish I can see him together with River Phoenix again.
Benjamin Xiao
Benjamin Xiao 2 days ago
9:08 Good lord, someone get him on a MotoGP and film him, stat!
Ben Langley
Ben Langley 2 days ago
This is brilliant he is such a cool man he really seems to be just a complete down to earth person someone who you could just sit there with and have really long interesting chats with about anything always got a good vibe whenever I see him in interviews
Damaris 2 days ago
How is he so adorable?
Patrick Waldeck
Patrick Waldeck 2 days ago
Your the man kenau
_YOCHITH _ 3 days ago
I think now I'm gonna Rob his bike and kill his dog
Krishnapillai Sukumaran
Keanu should invite Tom Cruise to his garage. That would be some great day.
Y Even?
Y Even? 3 days ago
Keanu embodies keeping your inner child alive
Vitaliy Novikov
Vitaliy Novikov 3 days ago
He didn't grow up in ToronTo if he doesn't pronounce it like "Chraw-na".
乃ㄖ丨 3 days ago
Wholesome baby Keanu minecraft chungus 100 upvotes to the left thanks for the reddit gold kind stranger
Lord Aiesan
Lord Aiesan 4 days ago
Keanu is The One, I mean the only person in the celebrities That I would really have feelings and emotions for his being. I wish I could never have to hear anything wrong about him.
Morgana Moonshard
Such an Ageless man
zocial anxiety
zocial anxiety 4 days ago
I don’t know who this guy is but I know who he is?
Bif Shagwell
Bif Shagwell 4 days ago
Keanu looks so young!!! no kids no wife that's why!!
Bif Shagwell
Bif Shagwell 4 days ago
she rode a 996 not a 998!! I have no idea why Ducati made a fuckn limited edition 998 to sell to customers when it was a 996 in the movie
EDGAR G 4 days ago
why do I get the feeling that someone is going to sample this 11:36 ?
Vince Barber
Vince Barber 4 days ago
I like that they've used the air induction of the Yamaha VMax, but he should give credit where it's due.
Eli Olivera
Eli Olivera 4 days ago
They all look like superhero motorcycles
Simon Gaarde
Simon Gaarde 4 days ago
He's breathtaking!
ACE 5 days ago
I like the fact that he introduced himself even though we all know who he is
OmNomNom 5 days ago
It's funny how his casual clothes and general appearance is that of John Wick
progmetalJorge 5 days ago
I'm sure motorcycle sellings are going up now...
Ian Hardiansyah
Ian Hardiansyah 6 days ago
I'm agree with his closing statement. I remember when i was teenager, just a few days after i learn how to ride a motorcycle, i try my brother's motorcycle with a biger cc and the result was disaster. Hahahahah
тE76-0 6҉
тE76-0 6҉ 6 days ago
Him vs the actor of 47 (in hitman games)
DIAMOND166PRO 6 days ago
Collector = more than you need
MissTia777 7 days ago
Im SUPER scared of riding motorcycles!
os 7 days ago
Please someone go break the bikes so we can get season 3
Aizac L
Aizac L 8 days ago
Add in Ps4 theChicomalOo
Garry Perez
Garry Perez 8 days ago
Duke caboom
Rita Kanyo
Rita Kanyo 8 days ago
Keanu barely ages. I like when he explains things educationally. 😍Well down Keanu! ❤
Aragorn II
Aragorn II 8 days ago
Tell Keanu Reeves to come back to Watsonville someday
I love Keanu so much 😭😭😭😭
Deus Exodus
Deus Exodus 8 days ago
So im seeing this as john wick talking about motorcycles and its weird.
Edward 9 days ago
how much for the bike?
Ancella 9 days ago
ur very cool keanu
Petr Obořil
Petr Obořil 9 days ago
As a motorcycle and movie person I can say that Keanu and Motorcycles is perfect combination for me!
Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine 9 days ago
My brother had a norton 650..i had a honda 305 big bear scrambler..nearly 50 years ago..wish we still had them..
John 9 days ago
after watching the video of Keanu talking about motorcycles, I've decided to go back to that, "Method 143" Proto. Dang looks amazing!
Mauricio Movilla
Mauricio Movilla 10 days ago
I feel like he’s a meme guy a guy taht appreciates a good meme
Calaclulla a la Flulla
Now turn off the GBA which received the Doel Deoxys, turn it on again as normal and load your save game. You will find Doel Deoxys in your party.
Norman Jumantin
Norman Jumantin 10 days ago
I guess Keanu is a 'wild hog' kinda motorcyclist fans guy. Hardly seen him collected track bike except some few old GX10, R1, etc.. he don't even have H2r.. I think he is right. He should try motoGP. It's crazy adrenaline rush :)
Lech TV
Lech TV 10 days ago
"Yeah I rode in John Wick 3" insinuating it was the shittiest movie ever
Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi
This man don't have any social media accounts.. that why I like him
j 10 days ago
you cant hate this guy
Delando stayreal
Delando stayreal 11 days ago
One of my favorite actors stay self we need more people like you
nobody 11 days ago
this man is literally a treasure
Traye Lit
Traye Lit 11 days ago
xC4N4D14NB4C0Nx 11 days ago
After September this man will only be known as Johnny Silver-Hand
Vinc 12 days ago
Omg , i want one xD
Master Yooou
Master Yooou 12 days ago
Keanu is the type of the guy when you've found out that your girl is cheating on you and the guy that your girl is cheating with is Keanu you kinda like "Ohhh it's okay that's Keanu Reeves"
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 12 days ago
Just so you guys know Keanu is supposed to be in the MCU in the future. And if you know who ghost rider is, you can put the two together.
Ratthanan K.
Ratthanan K. 12 days ago
He is example of a true artist that deeply love what they do and what they enjoy
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Vandal438642 13 days ago
You definitely don’t wanna try steal one of his motorcycles ... or harm a dog ...
Benjie Sevilla
Benjie Sevilla 13 days ago
diego havidsyah
diego havidsyah 13 days ago
Yo hello ghost rider, bring it on
Noor Iman
Noor Iman 13 days ago
I'll take the Kawasaki ninja.
nerifernandez1 13 days ago
If this is what a bike geek looks like... we need him in sales 👍😁
Moto Jam
Moto Jam 13 days ago
Some nice bikes right there.
Manish 14 days ago
His personality so dull. It looks to me a retirement business, he doesnt sound like real rider.
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