KD deserves absolutely no blame for loss when he had no help - Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 40 points in a duel against Kevin Durant in Game 7 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets. KD finished with 48 points and sent the game to overtime after hitting a big two point shot at the end of the fourth quarter. However, Giannis showed up in overtime while KD's luck ran out. He airballed his game-tying attempt, securing the win for Milwaukee. Twitter enjoyed the game, including Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who took a shot at KD, quote "I ain’t tryna start nothing up tonight but uh.. LeBron used to run through that East wit no problem." Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss how much blame KD deserves for the Nets' elimination.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

KD deserves absolutely no blame for loss when he had no help - Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTEDKD deserves absolutely no blame for loss when he had no help - Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on


Jun 21, 2021




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Comments 2 864
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Lucas Lucas
Lucas Lucas 4 months ago
Lol take over anyone could take over with Steph curry as a shooting treat the whole time
Dontress Smith
Dontress Smith 4 months ago
@Justin Hughes he doesn't know basketball you should of been figured that out he only give passes to any player thats not named lebron
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 4 months ago
I’m starting to believe Skip doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
sergio Acosta
sergio Acosta 4 months ago
Skip to 13:00 and you will not stop laughing
Dontress Smith
Dontress Smith 4 months ago
@Elvis Casely right smfh
Jabril X
Jabril X 6 days ago
Yet everyone blames lebron for losing when he had no help…
Siyanda Mkhize
Siyanda Mkhize 14 days ago
yvng dylan
yvng dylan 16 days ago
george paul
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 17 days ago
It doesn't matter they lost and kd should get some of the blame if he's the best player in the world go buy skips rules
SHiFTY & MiXi 19 days ago
Steve Nash and that staff needs the blame on this one- and injuries.
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 19 days ago
Is lebron better than Jordan? LeBron took trash to the NBA finals. Something KD KOBE even Jordan could NEVER do. KD got bounced again so who's to blame? Lmao
Charlie Beauregard
Charlie Beauregard 23 days ago
" are you talking about LeGone James" lol
Charlie Beauregard
Charlie Beauregard 23 days ago
what this is proving, even tho I luv KD, is that he does need a stacked roster to win, he can't carry a team
WRD Creative
WRD Creative 23 days ago
That’s BS Harden was right there As well as Joe Harris And Blake Come on man
Julian 26 days ago
0:33 made me laugh out loud
Memoirs Of A Legend
Golden State saved KD legacy.
polo rico
polo rico Month ago
Nets was up 2-0 And KD still couldn't pull it off
Mark Joe Flores
Mark Joe Flores Month ago
Bucks vs Net - ill go for bucks in 6
xxac3z N 8zxx
xxac3z N 8zxx Month ago
I wanna give him a pass for it but because I've been hearing he's the best in the world I gotta hold him to those type of standards and according to that he just didn't get the job done
Erin Haenga
Erin Haenga Month ago
Lol they should blame him the same if he is the best in the world. Kevin Duchock lechock James 🤣🤣
Jimmy Recard
Jimmy Recard Month ago
Harden: triple double Blake and Green both with break out games. “He had no help” Meanwhile Paul George played great and he gets treated like garbage meawhile KD gets all this GOAT talk For some crazy reason people thin Haden was a playoff beast not injured. Not true I’ve been saying this since the series was being played. Remember close out against the spurs. Lastly, in game 7 - no one was helping Giannis!!!! 4/22!!!
Ssekitoleko Najib
Chris began well
James Stoute
James Stoute Month ago
That's crazy.everybody on the team has a share of blame.
King 27
King 27 Month ago
Nobody cares about Lebron getting no help in 2015 when he was playing with two substitute foreign PE teachers as his second and third best player or 2018. Clowns still talk about how he lost in the finals so KD gotta be held to the same standard
Mongloid Month ago
I love how its always Jordan vs Lebron and now Lebron vs KD...dont worry Bron fanboys no one is trying to say prime KD is better than prime Lebron....just that KD might be 'the best player on the planet' or about to be real soon because Lebron is getting older... just remember Jordan will always be the real GOAT ;)
Hil Milo Snowball
Skip said Lebron should not have gotten tired in a game 4 of the finals in 2015, but KD getting tired in a game 7 of the 2nd round is not KD's fault. I don't think any player should ever get the blame for losing a series, especially with multiple players our. But Skip was the 1st to blame Steph for not winning the 2019 finals, even though KD, Klay and Iggy were injured. His favoritism for KD these days just makes him extemely biased and it is kind of annoying. Shannon can admit when Lebron had a bad game, but Skip acts as if the blame is never on KD or Kawhi.
Did they blame the Joker for their loss when he had no help as well?
Morgan Month ago
Durant gets all the blame.
Charles Charles
Charles Charles Month ago
Why is Shannon Sharpe bringing up LeBron James in this matter why do we hear LeBron James name is this makeup a guy from another whole team Shannon Sharpe you are very sorry.
Charles Charles
Charles Charles Month ago
Giannis had plenty of rest to do what he needed to do the wind Kevin Durant could not come out the game he was the only player in there could play to keep the score close really believe they should have gave him that shot just because his adversary. Yes it will be different if LeBron James LeBron James is a lot heavier than Kevin Durand and Ian this would have never been able to push out of his way like have done Kevin Durand. The Nets need song shot-blockers right now period what it might just lose again this year coming up they need some more 7-footers
Vidal Williams
Vidal Williams Month ago
36 Shots for KD to get 48 points. Wow what a game 🎮. Lmfao ...
Fickle Thomas
Fickle Thomas Month ago
Skips a bust as an analyst but he’s just entertaining to watch cuz everyone including him knows he’s lying half the time
Zak Cline
Zak Cline 2 months ago
Y’all see this man Chris trigger finger blinking?
Drake Parker
Drake Parker 2 months ago
Skip is entertaining
javathehut 2 months ago
So KD doesn't deserve any blame when he faces the overrated bucks team but when LeBron faces the golden state warriors team by himself and loses its all on him, these people are a joke
Delores Stewart
Delores Stewart 2 months ago
Excuses 🤮
Delores Stewart
Delores Stewart 2 months ago
They lost Stupid 🤮
Delores Stewart
Delores Stewart 2 months ago
Bucks Rock ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rich Kelly
Rich Kelly 2 months ago
Everybody said the Nets going to win KD is not the best player
Lovely Minx
Lovely Minx 2 months ago
Pretty sure that was before injures but go ahead and keep downplaying that clown 😂
Dajahun Massie
Dajahun Massie 2 months ago
13:36 😂😂😂 “ talm bout BOOM shot right between the eye” 😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 2 months ago
Skip is the biggest hypocrite ever 😭Shannon kills him everytime! LeBron hater
Everett Boone
Everett Boone 3 months ago
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Sadnan Firdousi
Sadnan Firdousi 3 months ago
KD was the best player this series no one cares what anyone says
Bighawglo 3 months ago
Shannon lebron crowned himself before even winning chosen one if u go 1 against 5 u lose lebron has never won with a bad supporting cast don't expect kd to win because games 6 and 7 jeff green was horrible and harden was hurt and kyrie was hurt purposefully by giannis watch the play more than once
Darius Fountain
Darius Fountain 3 months ago
This show how dumb skip sound 2015 lebron got tired n the finals Kd got tired n the 2nd round Skip say lebron struggle against iguadala when he got subbed n the lineup but don't mention kd struggle against pj when he got subbed n the lineup n said LeBron was up 2-1 n blew the lead on his home court but give kd a pass for blowing a 2-1 lead n loose game 7 on his home court but some how kd the best player on the planet lebron took delladova n mosgow too the finals
LurKing 3 months ago
Jenny is the best moderator hands down
LurKing 3 months ago
12:26 Made me lose it 😂😂😂😭
Trillthevillain 3 months ago
Kd got to have a expectation just like Kobe and Lebron did he doesn’t get no pass
Trillthevillain 3 months ago
Shannon is a real valid speaker he’s knows what he’s talking about seems like he the only one that give Kobe and Lebron they respect on these shows 💯
Ok Bud
Ok Bud 3 months ago
Im a lebron fan but that was pretty funny, skip said "legone james". Lol
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano 3 months ago
I thought he was the greatest in the world and he was that guy ? Lol c’mon skiiiiiiiiaaaaap
quqio nigie
quqio nigie 3 months ago
The aromatic minister simultaneously frame because rail intermittently measure following a harsh side. vacuous, best difference
Chyler DeSilva
Chyler DeSilva 3 months ago
when skip says legone james and starts laughing makes it so funny he knows how much he’s trolling everybody 😂 kd played great but lebron still the goat
Eric Dorsey
Eric Dorsey 3 months ago
Is it just me or has anybody else realized that the two players that Skip admires the most Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard both had 3-1 series leads in the playoffs,and both lost and LeBron James was down 3-1 in the playoff series and won the NBA Finals,hmmm that's very riveting to me and it's also something to really think about and to take it to consideration
Taccara Williams
Taccara Williams 3 months ago
Lol Skip is to funny... KD is great and so is Lebron🤷🏾‍♂️.... I ont understand why they be trippin unless they just do this so everyone want agree and can have an actual argument lol.
Taccara Williams
Taccara Williams 3 months ago
Also when u haven’t been watching basketball and do no research your knowledge is limited..... Ppl have been building teams tipping the scales and playing with ppl they think would match there skill set from 60 ,70,80,90 and included now..... I just think some ppl don’t study the past and some don’t want to know they just wanna argue it makes for good entertainment tho🤷🏾‍♂️😭
Taccara Williams
Taccara Williams 3 months ago
Kmsl KD always had great teammates except for when they were the Sonics.... Harden Westbrook Ibaka Jeff Green .... The Warriors who whooped him the year before he went to... Got mad cause Draymond called him out his name and left.... Went to tha Nets cought another L.... They lost as a team tho... Wuznt all KD they lost.... But he the head of that Hall of Fame squad his best wuznt enough.
LEW Heff
LEW Heff 3 months ago
Nobody blaming James Harden?
Gabriel Alele
Gabriel Alele 3 months ago
If Your Lady/Dude Loves you the Way Shannon loves Lebron you're in Good shape.
Tony 3 months ago
If Lebron sneezed then Skip would say “Michael never would have done that”.
OJ9779 3 months ago
“Matthew Delevadolla was great” -Skip Bayless
YoungCam ThaStar
YoungCam ThaStar 3 months ago
“DONT do that skip” 🤣🤣🤣
YoungCam ThaStar
YoungCam ThaStar 3 months ago
I put the blame on his haircut lol
real talk
real talk 3 months ago
Kyrie Irving is no superstar,stop the hype
vLONEx xPAPi 3 months ago
KD balled out and I’m not even a KD fan give him a slightly healthy harden or ky it woulda been wraps but the bucks did they thing
Cory Ivins
Cory Ivins 3 months ago
Wish they would say this about lebron 😒😒😒
Ronny Atdrik
Ronny Atdrik 3 months ago
I love these guys.
qukrubu kitiqno
qukrubu kitiqno 3 months ago
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John Smith
John Smith 4 months ago
No help? We're literally to the point where if you don't have several top 15 players on your roster, you have no help
Dannis Day
Dannis Day 4 months ago
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Stephenie Kusswurm
Stephenie Kusswurm 4 months ago
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Manuel Ayala
Manuel Ayala 4 months ago
Jordan would have won that series in 4 games.
frank harris
frank harris 4 months ago
Again??? What sport was skip good at again????? He was horrible in every sport. His opinion means nothing!!!!!! Nothing at all.. He was on the bench, don't forget!!!!..
Respect_The_Curv 4 months ago
Skips hate for Lebron is unhealthy bruh lol
KD was the reason why the nets went into OT and dude was burned out
Aarom Mccaffrey
Aarom Mccaffrey 4 months ago
No one man can carry a team to a title just isnt happening
Tremell 4 months ago
Skip is an idiot...by his logic Ice Trae is the best player on the planet because he scored the same 48 points against the same Bucks team. Except Young got the "W"...
Tremell 4 months ago
James Harden has not had poise and swag in the Playoffs since OKC. Look at his resume! Chronic post season choker...
Keenan Stephens
Keenan Stephens 4 months ago
Their faces at the beginning of the segment!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you know words were exchanged off air after the last segment ended!🤣🤣
Stupid Bars Official
Skip is Picasso for Kevin Durant. That man be painting pictures lol
Ian 01
Ian 01 4 months ago
This predictably turns into who did better KD or Lebron. The truth is they both deserved some blame and also don't deserve any, but Shannon is wrong in that what KD did was put the entire team on his back, a team that was built around the 2 guards bringing the ball up the court and then choosing the best shot no matter who that is. Lebron's numbers happens because the offensive scheme is built for him, he has the ball in his hands 90% of the time and he chooses what happens.
fuhneno duqikpek
fuhneno duqikpek 4 months ago
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X. Invictus
X. Invictus 4 months ago
Look at Sniff Bayless man.
rp tek
rp tek 4 months ago
The nets only lose Kyrie, they did not lose all their MVPs. There are still 2 MVPs on the floor and you cant pass the 2nd round.
Jamaal Winfrey
Jamaal Winfrey 4 months ago
Wasn't bring fault either but you guys hold different standards tired of it.
Cpl Oreo
Cpl Oreo 4 months ago
It's sad people continue to say this man is great yet he hasn't taken a team to the finals without a top 10 player. Man couldn't make the playoffs with OKC but Russ did
Kwesi P
Kwesi P 4 months ago
It’s amazing how almost all of the Houston rockets from a couple of seasons ago are in the conference finals except James Harden!
TimrodTV 4 months ago
Pj Tucker should get D player of the year next year based on his play this year
Honestly skip be right frfr but alot of people be bias because it's LeBron
TimrodTV 4 months ago
Why they not playing DeAndre Jordan
bobby jones
bobby jones 4 months ago
lebron didnt run through the east when kg and pierce were on the celtics..., and when he did run through the east he had kyrie...and dwade, who kd have...
Heinzy Ketchupy
Heinzy Ketchupy 4 months ago
0-6 in OT, but y’all go off on Lebron
Theodore Swanson
Theodore Swanson 4 months ago
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Cracc 216
Cracc 216 4 months ago
now if it was lebron he would get blame
donte 4 months ago
kd losing this series should just shut the lebron haters up.. no matter how great you are you can’t win it without some type of all star help
SmoothView 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂 Shannon Wild you up Her crowing lol
Jeremy 4 months ago
Literally the stupidest conversation I have heard in a long time…KD had no help when James Harden, Blake Griffin, and Joe Harris is on the court with him…KD is the softest player ever maybe next year he will get 4 superstars and still not win
Adonis Gonzalez
Adonis Gonzalez 4 months ago
You see when your best player balls out you can say he had no help. Lebron literally gave up the moment AD went out. No one can deny that and if you do you need to get your eyes checked.
Brian Threatt
Brian Threatt 4 months ago
Shannon had me crying 🤣😂
Saleem Khan
Saleem Khan 4 months ago
Just look at booker he is the best player on that team. But he screen for aton to win the game that's a true leader
Mike S
Mike S 4 months ago
Do you guys remember when great ball players made their teammates better? Now it's all about help.
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
@Teresa Thomas outside of Rodman all those dudes needed Michael Jordan. Michael set the standard and demanded more. Thats why Steve Kerr got punched in the face. This delusion that these guys were great players that went to the bulls is ridiculous and it was started because LeBron fans are morons.
Teresa Thomas
Teresa Thomas Month ago
I guess that's why the MJ bulls didn't need Rodman,pax,kerr,cucok,oat,etc.what championship contender team don't need help? Somebody tell Dame or Steph suck it up
torrance johnson
torrance johnson 4 months ago
I never understand the comments about Lebron being ridiculed for his many fails. How can can he be considered an all time great, if he slandered (according to the comments) as much as people say that he is. I believe throughout all of the times, that he didn't succeed, people spoke on it at great length, but I saw just as many people who faulted him , as I saw those who made excuses.
Jah Tillah
Jah Tillah 4 months ago
What trash team did lebron take to beat a two time mvp with a great defensive team and have to play tremendous minutes please inform me ramesey stop sniffing bro
Paco Morris
Paco Morris 4 months ago
Skip said gsw 17' and bucks are on the same level. I believe the swept the bucks in the regular season