Katy Perry Thinks Jonny West Will Go Further Than His Girlfriend Margie Mays - American Idol 2020

American Idol
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Katy Perry is convinced that Margie Mays' boyfriend Jonny West will go further than his girlfriend. Do Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan agree?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2020
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves at the in-house mentor.


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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Sandy Playzz
Sandy Playzz 5 hours ago
Can katy get replaced please...
Kevin McNair
Kevin McNair 3 days ago
04:24 02:48 0:58
Matilda Fries
Matilda Fries 3 days ago
I feel like his performance was a bunch of friends hanging out kinda vibe but then Margie's was like one really controlling adult (Katy) with 2 pretty chill "teens" and a 2-6 year old but then Jonny and Margie's relationship is just two crazier than normal humans and I find that quite interesting
Alex B
Alex B 8 days ago
This song has been in my head for days.
L T 8 days ago
Talented and pro
Simone FeyerStrom
Simone FeyerStrom 10 days ago
OMG Katy: you are better than you girlfriend Me: WHAT THE HECK Katy your so mean OMG
Simone FeyerStrom
Simone FeyerStrom 10 days ago
OMG Katy is sooo mean jeezzz
Sasmita 11 days ago
I can see why Katy said that he's soo good but Margy is good too!!
McIntosh Family
McIntosh Family 15 days ago
Can everyone stop hating on Katy? Also Johnny is a WINNER🥳🤩🥰
Bella and Lilly
Bella and Lilly 15 days ago
He is so good and very hott 😛🥰😘💋❤️😆😗😍
kate Guhl
kate Guhl 16 days ago
Katy has turned into such a nasty woman I used to respect her. Boot her from the show please!!
Amanda Banks
Amanda Banks 16 days ago
I LOVE THIS SONG! It gets stuck in my head ❤❤
Hana Wachsmuth
Hana Wachsmuth 16 days ago
damn what happened to women supporting women? #girlpwr?
Krystal Rowan
Krystal Rowan 17 days ago
Look, I love Katy and I think she is an amazing woman, I just think she had her mind made up about Margie as soon as she walked in the room. The disinterested body language was obvious before she even started to sing. I don't like how they were pitted against each other. I personally think Margie is great, as a singer and individual.
Blobfish_Squish 17 days ago
Everybody: s i l e n c e that one judge on the right: AH HAHAHAHHAHAHAH
Zela Fanchun
Zela Fanchun 18 days ago
Ohh dude very nice voice...👍
Austyn Williams
Austyn Williams 18 days ago
I can’t stop going back and watching this audition it’s literally incredible. And did he say he wrote this!?!?!?! Ya he said that I would listen to this on the radio and I have it’s just AMAZING!!!!! I’m here after Idol is finished😂
Gavi Friedbauer
Gavi Friedbauer 19 days ago
Who's watching this after the finale. He should have won!!!
cherry music production SM
@Southern Penguin dude, he went for top 5. he dosen't need to win anyways. he might end up being like lane hardy.
Southern Penguin
Southern Penguin 16 days ago
He should’ve even gone though the top 7 or 11
Victoria Long
Victoria Long 19 days ago
Okay, Luke is literally like my spirit animal. When he broke out in song in the beginning... 👌
Ian Daniel Aquino Xavier da Silva
love the fact that they’re playing millennial love on the background
Walker Pierce
Walker Pierce 22 days ago
alejandro song in the backgroun les get it
Ray W
Ray W 22 days ago
Remember this song...
EveryLittleThings That happen
He is so cool just like the rotating fan in my profile .😁
Ashley Duarte
Ashley Duarte 23 days ago
Katy, your music is fine, but your character... god awful. Your music isn’t THAT attractive to me and seeing this, it’s not going to hurt me at all to not support you anymore. Please work on yourself hun.
ghost wtm
ghost wtm 25 days ago
Luke is a nut...lol, God bless Margie, it's nice to have someone, support. She does like the camera for sure. Still she's a lovely lady
serendipity 27
serendipity 27 25 days ago
Watching this was just a proof of katy saying he'll go far..
starsgirl0414 25 days ago
Melissa Dant
Melissa Dant 25 days ago
Can someone talk about how the song at the end is millennial love by scarypoolparty, aka Alejandro Aranda??? 😭
M. H.
M. H. 26 days ago
If that doesn’t spell current and fresh, I don’t know what does. How does he remain humble after all the monstrosity? He’s surpassed Alejandro in my opinion. He’s what the industry needs.
CKriss CKross
CKriss CKross 26 days ago
Katy was right he did go further then his girlfriend its just life people ..hate Katy all u want but its true!!
Ufen Orum
Ufen Orum 26 days ago
Katy is right. Isn’t it? He is now in top 7.
Anne Marie Giglio
Anne Marie Giglio 26 days ago
I wish the judges would STOP comparing him to past American Idols bc Jonny has his OWN style and voice that is NOT like anyone else. He will probably win this contest, and even if he doesn't, I'm certain he will be a huge deal in the music world.
Maggie Halpin
Maggie Halpin 26 days ago
So good!
bella mcclain
bella mcclain 27 days ago
Look I agree that Katy was rude but it was true from the beginning that Jonny was gonna go farther and Katy brought up the relation ship because it can break a relationship to compete against each other
Kylee's Korner
Kylee's Korner 28 days ago
lokman ahmad. Atoi
lokman ahmad. Atoi 28 days ago
Repeating this so many time, btw he look like bobby iceman
Bellee 29 days ago
Katy just seems to be a bitter lady who can't accept that she is no longer relevant
Sunshine Month ago
I love that they played Alejandro's Millennial Love song at the end 💗 rooting 4 u Johnny West!
Emma Caitlin
Emma Caitlin Month ago
very impressive song writer and piano player, better than some on this show. almost has a kinda old soul vibe with a modern twist!
Jay 17 days ago
Except the rap part 😂
tbstew4 Month ago
katy was disrespectful but lets be honest margie is SO clingy and annoying
Drew Month ago
can we just comment about how fire this song is?! my god. need the finalized version of this 🔥🔥🔥
ButterThanYou 78
he is a winner
Jay 17 days ago
I wish
Andrea Oceguera
Andrea Oceguera Month ago
arim2011 Month ago
I wish he would release this song. I love it and keep coming back to listen!
Wow, I'm surprised. Don't want to drag Margie down, but he is a bit better though.
AJolly Panda
AJolly Panda Month ago
Oh my lord I missed his audition but I actually have been sleeping on him. He seems so shy its almost like you can’t believe he actually did that audition the way he did. I also feel like people are ridiculously sensitive at times and overshadowing this amazing performance with drama that isn’t there. Katy is the a bit blatant with the truth but she gives you the truth. Everything she told him was the truth and he is so sweet so what katy did only prepared him for the likely future. Idc who wants to come for my unpopular opinion but I just dnt get how people are so offended by katy for being honest on a show that simon cowel used to literally reduce performers to tears on. His gf is good in her own light and I feel like she would be amazing on Broadway, but some people see that as an insult. Best wishes to them both.
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne 26 days ago
I completely agree with you. People shouldn't hate Katy for saying Jonny is better than Margie.
ashtyn waddle
ashtyn waddle Month ago
one celebrity i’m rly not a huge fan of: katy perry
Luke Coughlin
Luke Coughlin Month ago
Katy, is a huge fan of Margie, plus if u don’t know music the way the judges and Johnny do, don’t say that Katy is annoying. People that know how to play piano or guitar (also they have been playing music all there life). People that know more about music and have a good voice will go further in the completion. Katy is has a valid point. Katy needs to be honest with all the people of American idol because if she doesn’t they will end up getting more hurt and they will have more anxiety of preforming.
LUNA ARMY Month ago
Katy came off like a horrible human being. It honestly sounded like she was trying to pin him against his girlfriend. They are there to support each other and she is over there like "You might break up because you are better". She made Margie sound like a bitter and awful human being when in reality it Katy that is like that. I just don't understand what her issue is.
James White
James White Month ago
When you realize they played Alejandro's music at the end of this clip >>>>>>
Luís Augusto
Luís Augusto Month ago
Why so many ppl talking shit about Katy, lol... Im not a fan, but I can't disagree with her in this matter, come on ppl, the dude didn't even had a name, it said "Margie's boyfriend", if anything, she should be "Jonny's girlfriend", dude is a complete artist, gr8 at piano, songwriter, can rly sing, and like Sheeran would say "a singer with a flow". And also, Kate was not wrong, he did go further.
Luke Coughlin
Luke Coughlin Month ago
No, its just the hard truth. Johnny is more of a serous artist than Margie.
Haydee Larifla
Haydee Larifla Month ago
2:39 "she's the best" He is so nice to her and she's a really good girlfriend too. I know they will last even with Katy's hate and jealousy
Brie Month ago
JOHNNY WEST- I have listened to this audition more times than I can count. Please make this available to stream (cough cough.. Apple Music)
mikky079 Month ago
Why is this not on Spotify yettttt
Chris Month ago
Well. Actually Katy was telling the truth as we have seen.
Papichulo Month ago
We need the official version out
I’m starting to think Katy hate all women on this show and all the guys she likes
G Johnson
G Johnson Month ago
katy was absolutely awful to _amazing_ Margie both in her audition and by bringing her and her future up in Jonny's audition, it was unprofessional to not be able to keep their careers separate. Her immaturity is made very clear when she sits next to Luke and Lionel. Pretty disappointed in her, Jonny is insanely talented but comparing him to his girlfriend while forced to stand there, that's just flat out wrong. They both deserve apologies.
mark simmons
mark simmons Month ago
First of all...You remind me of Michael Franks, "Just the two of us", which was my fav song in college back in 1980! Very smooth slow jazzy sexy soft voice. Your girlfriend Margy may not have the same level of 'commercial potential in industry but is crazy talented, beautiful, and totally dedicated to her boyfriend~genuinely! In the 'SkeTcHy industry you are entering, with all the vanity, ego, fakeness, and even evil influences, . . .your greatest treasure and asset, Jonny, in my opinion, is Margy, who obviously loves you unconditionally and is your strongest supporter. She is a big part of your potential success. The strong foundation that you have with her, and vice versa, will be the rock that keeps you grounded and happy(under God, of course). All the success and money in the world is nothing compared to the value of having someone like Margy, she's solid and has maturity and class and adores you. Please never take her for granted. You're so lucky to have her Jonny. I was in the 'industry, lived in Malibu Colony, etc., and I really do know what I'm talkin' about! I would love to see you two collaborate on music, kinda like McCartney and Wings. Your 2 personalities balance each other and compliment each other beautifully, really! And if you plan on one day having a family, Margy will be your lifeline and rock. I'm praying for you guys(really I am!) because it's a rough world in the entertainment business and your strong relationship will be the essential ingredient!!!!!! Jonny / Margy =equal value and importance...neither of you are above the other, both brilliant! God Bless, Dee e
“When you sing it is so pro” Wow good advice Katy
2:41 katy called him a killer and he said thankyou I- 💀
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez Month ago
i think jonny will win
Carlos Delfin
Carlos Delfin Month ago
I love that they use millenial love on background music
Harry shann
Harry shann Month ago
You are cute and talented I hope you win!
Victoria Elizabeth
I’ve tried so hard to like Katy Perry since her and Taylor swift made up but it’s just so hard to like her
Andrew Stothers
Andrew Stothers Month ago
Awh when is he releasing this single? I so want to hear it finished 💪💪
Okay Why
Okay Why Month ago
Katy is BEYOND disrespectful. This show really made me dislike her.
Hiwa MSulaiman
Hiwa MSulaiman 23 days ago
Come on. She helped a talented guy just to understand hiw good he is. Margie can not help this guy. No intention I know but this is the truth and I know its bitter.
Seréne Month ago
Im so disappointed in katy she was so rude
Faye Month ago
Hehe I can say I that I was here when Johnny only had 8k subscribers, not for long anyway😆😍
Paresh Pandit
Paresh Pandit Month ago
Anybody else notice millennial love playing in the background🤩
Ashley North
Ashley North Month ago
WHY is this not on Spotify 😭
Rebecca Bowling
Rebecca Bowling Month ago
Katy must be having a bad day
ellie przybilla
ellie przybilla Month ago
I feel like Katy didn’t do anything that bad. She told them the honest truth, that she thinks he’s a better singer than her. If they can’t handle that-then don’t try and go on a singing competition?? Lmao they’re the judges that’s what they do.
hxneypop Month ago
he and Margie shouldn’t be on american idol, they should have their own record labels.
Global Warming Is Real
I remember when Katy was actually nice and cared about other people. That was like 10 years ago.
Cameron Rudan
Cameron Rudan Month ago
God i need a full version of this song!
_Nathan _
_Nathan _ Month ago
What's the name of this song? It's not on his playlist on spotify
MegaSplosion Month ago
he is special stuff
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey Month ago
Wow... this dude's music is actually really original. I love the spoken word incorporated with the piano. Very interesting.
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