Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Official) ft. Nicki Minaj

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Starring Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson, Bill Walton, Rich Eisen, Gatan Matarazzo, Jenna Ushkowitz, Christine Sydelko, Dexter Mayfield, Doug The Pug, Russel “Backpack Kid” Horning, Iris Kyle, Rob Gronkowski, Karl-Anthony Towns, Joey Chestnut, the ladies of GLOW (Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Kia Stevens, Jackie Tohn), Carter Wilkerson, West Hollywood Cheerleaders, Amanda LaCount, and Nugget as herself.

Director: Dave Meyers
Producer: Nathan Scherrer, Jennifer Heath & Danny Lockwood
Head of Production: Ben Piety
Director of Photography: Scott Cunningham
Production Designer: Justin Dragonas
VFX Supervisor: Todd Sarsfield
VFX: Strange Invention, RodeoFX, Timber, Mirada & GloriaFX
Motion Graphic Effects: Les Umberger
Sound Mix: 740 Sound
Assistant Director: Dave Dean
2nd Unit Director: Daniel Russell
Editor: Deji LaRay
Casting Director: Chad Ritterbach
Wardrobe Styling: Johnny Wujek & Jamie Mizrahi
Hair: Chris Appleton
Make-up: Hung Vanngo
Nails: Kimmie Kyees
#CapitolVideoTeam: Targa Sahyoun, Colin Wyatt, Possum Hill, Kevin Kloecker & Cody Plumlee

Featuring “Shooting Stars" performed by Bag Raiders. Licensed courtesy of Universal Music Australia Pty Limited and Universal Publishing Group Australia

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Music video by Katy Perry performing Swish Swish. (C) 2017 Capitol Records


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Aug 24, 2017




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Comments 80
Rabbit Charles Darwin
2:10 MEME
idk ?
idk ? 4 hours ago
don’t be tryna double back i already DESPISE YOU
Nev Sionerb
Nev Sionerb 4 hours ago
This is the Proof that You are Herer before SWISH SWISH hits 600,000,000 views ⬇️
AC 4 hours ago
Am I the only one thinking they Sour Candy and Swish Swish doesnt SOUND "EXACTLY" THE SAME as people put it? Hello, using same samples are more common than you think, specially is rap songs. omg, both songs are bops with totally different feels ❤
My name is phill 1
My name is phill 1 5 hours ago
I see Dustin from stranger things
Pink Guy
Pink Guy 6 hours ago
*"Who's here after watching Sour Candy?"* Okay stfu now, *swish swish*
Aaliyah Brown
Aaliyah Brown 6 hours ago
it has been 3 years and i just noticed Gaten (dustin) in this video.. :-:
Huba 7 hours ago
Ну как же без мемов Well as without memes
Catastroph -
Catastroph - 7 hours ago
Nicki looks like Lola from Shark Tale
Vincent Deleon
Vincent Deleon 7 hours ago
4:06 dustin from stranger things
julian adiel medina
Nada que ver.con sour candy déjense de molestar son sordos buscan cualquier pavada para bardear
Charlie_xøx 8 hours ago
Dim P
Dim P 8 hours ago
What could be more crazy 🤪 than this?
hamila love nonesa
hamila love nonesa 8 hours ago
They say that this song is similar to sour candy??????? helloooooo.....it's totally different people! Though there's a part of a sound that the same but not at all like duuhhhh.......
Oops !?
Oops !? 9 hours ago
2:10 We all can agree that she doing great :v
Abinaya Raman
Abinaya Raman 9 hours ago
Common people lets make it to 600 million views!
페 리게 이 티
페 리게 이 티 9 hours ago
Play it with 1.25x playbacks speed its beautiful
Chrispro FREE FIRE
Chrispro FREE FIRE 10 hours ago
Isa Posada
Isa Posada 11 hours ago
Nadie: La rosa de Guadalupe be like: 4:08
Molly DeRoo
Molly DeRoo 12 hours ago
Katie perry is turning into ellen
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 12 hours ago
600M times Nicki's best part was listened.
Etoile 13 hours ago
Who came here but didn't care about that "Sour Candy"... 😂
Ava Selvidge
Ava Selvidge 13 hours ago
If your watching this during lock down you a lendge
Thea Miller
Thea Miller 13 hours ago
%99 of this song=ONE GIANT MEME (is this the weird side of youtube?)
Zung Cung
Zung Cung 13 hours ago
Tbh I didnt really like it..
環奈橋本 13 hours ago
Sarah VV
Sarah VV 14 hours ago
Doug the pug from tik tok
yasmim falcão
yasmim falcão 14 hours ago
2:30 gente eu to muito loka ou parece ser o Dustin de Stranger Things?
Daniela Morales
Daniela Morales 14 hours ago
reina del pop
S A 15 hours ago
Nicki was the best part of the song
imaginary world
imaginary world 16 hours ago
This music video is soo litt
kevy smalls
kevy smalls 16 hours ago
*FACT:* Nicki is the best rapper in the world
K night Mare
K night Mare 17 hours ago
Doesn’t sound like sour candy at all
Trend Dyllan
Trend Dyllan 18 hours ago
Sour candy
enesjesty 19 hours ago
Nicki should be arrested. Cause she killed this
Melyy 19 hours ago
Every one talking how they came from sour candy or whatever, but nobody gonna talk about Kobe 😢
Ixchel R
Ixchel R 19 hours ago
This music video is so weird but the song is good.
weiwen 20 hours ago
This is Katy Perry's magnum opus. Don't @ me.
jessica ArmyBlink
jessica ArmyBlink 20 hours ago
I am here after listening to Blackpink and Lady gaga Sour Candy
귀엽다귀엽다 20 hours ago
I came here because of sour candy
Spoonfull Of Eve
Spoonfull Of Eve 20 hours ago
I’m here strictly for Nicki’s verse
•Berri_The_Bear •
2:35 he so cute
Ami CK
Ami CK 21 hour ago
Nurintan Zahgita
Nurintan Zahgita 14 hours ago
ikrr wherEeee
Okay but I love this song and video lol
Pablo Cibella
Pablo Cibella 21 hour ago
I came here because of some people saying Sour Candy sounded like this song. I wasted my time. They are so different. They have a similar beat? well honey, thousands of pop songs use this beat. It was not invented by Katy Perry nor Lady Gaga.
Ana HR
Ana HR 18 hours ago
Callese si tiene un poco de similitud
laiba imran
laiba imran 21 hour ago
sour candy and this sound like a same
Kadek Adestawan
Kadek Adestawan 12 hours ago
I love your music so much 🦄
Soso 34
Soso 34 21 hour ago
Is that Terry?
Janiah Honey Espina
I guess some of the beat sound the same as SourCandy but still its not the same song and it has different vibe.
Jimin Trustfrated
Jimin Trustfrated 21 hour ago
Sour candy sound exactly like swish swish especially the beats
Abdoullah Bounar
Abdoullah Bounar 21 hour ago
0:55 it's a kobe brian referance R.i.p legend
MAD TITAN THANOS. 22 hours ago
How many Agree that Swish Swish and Sour Candy are totally different songs.?
Diego Cortés
Diego Cortés 11 hours ago
Ana HR
Ana HR 18 hours ago
Iskandar Saaf
Iskandar Saaf 22 hours ago
Did Gaga rip this for Sour Candy?
Fifka Amal
Fifka Amal 22 hours ago
Sour Candy's mv better be this long or else...
Biolis Kharbani
Biolis Kharbani 22 hours ago
I just want to say I'm here before lady Gaga and black pink sour candy
no name
no name 22 hours ago
stop asking who is here after listening Sour Candy. we all here because of this
Jackie Mae
Jackie Mae 22 hours ago
Best music video ever
Oops !?
Oops !? 23 hours ago
This is first time i laugh to a song. Tq bcuz make my datly become happy;')
wonobe 23 hours ago
"From the Oceans mist, to all the things you ever wished" Colors Of Sound 95
Problem Child
All the comments are because of the sour candy comparison.
Montion 005
Montion 005 Day ago
Problem Child
Nicki is the best part
Landon Kleist
gaten matarazzo and doug the pug make a good team
x_wasabi_x Day ago
the amount of guest stars-
elif özgül
elif özgül Day ago
2:29 dusty-bun????
Ana HR
Ana HR 18 hours ago
Yeah hahaga
Cris Gabriel Maquiso
its been 3 years, but it still painful that most of the people hated witness album... like it was really a trend to hate katy perry in 2017. it not even cool. imagine in katy's position working really hard putting her heart and authenticity in witness just to be hated. i literally cried. why did you even say you hate witness era? did you even listen all of the songs in witness album to officially say that you hate it? did you even listen into me you see, save as draft, miss you more, power, roulette, act my age? just because you hated bon appetit and swish swish, you hate the whole body of art? come on.... if you only knew how genius witness album in filtering her fanbase to remove fake fans and see the real witnesses of her growth... The way witness album started with WITNESS (about asking to be her witness or asking how you GENUINELY accept katheryn hudson in your life).... and ended the album with INTO ME YOU SEE (being grateful of us staying true to her and showing real INTIMACY to her. The way INTO ME YOU SEE sounds like INTIMACY). THE TRACKLISTING IS GENIUS. Witness album just exposed how fake society. Witness allbum is about awakening. and nobody got the real message because you all just blinded by the hate train
Tan Tan
Tan Tan Day ago
Who's here after Rain on me - Lady Gaga and Ari
NAN NON Day ago
Nice memes
SeanYuan Cabañas
Why does this have 1.1M dislikes?
MAD TITAN THANOS. 22 hours ago
Just blind hate from success.
페 리게 이 티
Their fingers slipped on dislike button
Treycie Rose
Treycie Rose Day ago
i love nicki's rap
Hania Sheikh
Hania Sheikh Day ago
Dont br tyrnaa doubke back i have already disguiseed u
Hania Sheikh
Hania Sheikh Day ago
Why are u listening to this song rn?
BomberTz_ Day ago
is fantastick
Ryuk Lowell
Ryuk Lowell Day ago
I don't know how but I came from monsta x's fantasia mv
Cotton Candy Locket
Why 1 million dislikes....?
Miles Lehman
Miles Lehman Day ago
This song is a bop/video is classic. Heck to the haters.
Geek With a cause
5:45 wtf 5:47 Bigger wtf 5:50 Max wtf 6:07 Forget it
Αριαδνη Δέλτα
shane gal
shane gal Day ago
there no similarity with sour candy 😣
VENOM Free fire
Like = 2020
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