Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor (FULL MOVIE)

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Wife, mother, duchess; a journey from working class to Windsor. We document her incredible journey and delve into the often undisclosed but sought-after history of someone who is now known world wide as The Duchess.

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Published on


Nov 16, 2020




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Comments 0
Abraham Rhoden
Abraham Rhoden 6 hours ago
Monied dummies
Tam M
Tam M 8 hours ago
I love these two! They make a hard job look easy. Great people skills. I can't wait to get back to the UK once we get this pandemic behind us.
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad 8 hours ago
Prinssece Catherine meddilton I just can't walk away from you you are the world prinssece and they loves you 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad 10 hours ago
Prinssece Catherine meddilton you got all the tests of the world beauty so unbelievable incredible royal family prinssece with amazing husband prince William it's fully complete i absolutely love it 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Noemi Schwab
Noemi Schwab 11 hours ago
Solo espero que la cuiden y valoren en el palacio porq ella es un rara gema de las que no se encuentran facilmente.
Raad Raad Raad
Prinssece Catherine meddilton prince william what's makes you happy makes me happy as well every thing I said it to happen it's happening I'm very exciting for you 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Raad Raad Raad
Prinssece Catherine meddilton I know your life stories from the university to married prince william that was your dreams to marry prince and you got the right prince you have been looking for its amazing great happy life together my best wishes for you both 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * every one of you congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Simon Ingram
Simon Ingram Day ago
She was never working class. Remember when they were dating and he landed a helicopter in the Middleton's garden. How many "working class" people do you know, with gardens that are big enough for helicopter's to land in.??
Meka Ma'at
Meka Ma'at 3 days ago
I love the way you folks like to compare Kate and Meghan; Well let's compare who ages the best. That outta be a 🤣
Meka Ma'at
Meka Ma'at 3 days ago
I think Kate's an excellent mother, and wife.But I find it rather odd how she's not faced with the same scrutiny as you people apply to Meghan. You don't know either one of these women personally, yet you lean towards what's WHITE.
albatrosone 4 days ago
The best thing that happened to the royals. Class, respect, humble and always honest. What more do you want?? Leave them alone !!
Sophie S.
Sophie S. 5 days ago
nancy srock
nancy srock 5 days ago
he salutes and she bows her head-total class!
Nadejda Igov
Nadejda Igov 5 days ago
Working class with parents millionaires. Nothing personal but...
A 5 days ago
She was never working class. She went to a very posh school.
Betsie Boo
Betsie Boo 5 days ago
Definitely a asset to the RF but has never been working class
Lidia Marta Casanova
She will be a wonderful inspiration for the Country when William will came King.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anna Patterson
Anna Patterson 6 days ago
Working class? Really?
thinker thinker
thinker thinker 7 days ago
She's is the gem of the RF
ÏLyas ÏLyas
ÏLyas ÏLyas 8 days ago
ي من أجلنا
ÏLyas ÏLyas
ÏLyas ÏLyas 8 days ago
عامة جدا
gigi gigi
gigi gigi 10 days ago
Well, she has never been my favourite but now I do like her. She had accepted her husband and he is life style without being judgmental. In comparison to Megan if you don't like your husband family why slagigng it off publically not cool,.
corsair831 10 days ago
I do not like having my tax money spent on these walking pieces of propaganda
Jessica Dugger
Jessica Dugger 11 days ago
Kate Middleton is Amy Rhodes. She lived in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. Although she was older than I, we went to the same high school and graduated the same year. I am a real princess but she is not. I was kidnapped from Beverly Hills, California and then again from Queen Elizabeth’s the next year. I believe they bullied me to become Queen of England But I just wanted liberty and justice. (She even egged and toilet papered the house I was living in.) Megan Markel was the same way. LIBERTY AND JUSTICE !!
Jessica Dugger
Jessica Dugger 5 days ago
@Betsie Boo it was directed more towards her reading. Thanks.
Betsie Boo
Betsie Boo 5 days ago
Seek help dear
Arslan Khan
Arslan Khan 11 days ago
I love her
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee 12 days ago
Kate is the kind of girl that would stick with Wills. Even when the monarchy starts dying out.
Linda Philson
Linda Philson 13 days ago
Wish we had that Harry back🥲
Linda Philson
Linda Philson 13 days ago
Catherine always sounds so sincere,very genuine .It’s so sad listening to commentators talking about Harry and Catherine and how close they were now all that down the toilet ,I blame Markle and her supreme jealousy she just can’t stand happy people
Linda Philson
Linda Philson 13 days ago
I think Diana would love Catherine and deeply admire her, very classy and warm
Christina Bloemstein
C RC go
nejuw 15 days ago
Women being judged favourably on dressing well. Haven't we moved on! (not)
Elena Biba
Elena Biba 15 days ago
Forever love to our lovely princess Kate and her royal family(Tetouan North of Morocco)......👑
Total social climber and baby machine>>>> 😏🤷🏻‍♂️
PipersSon 16 days ago
*As anyone noticed that when you post a photo of Meghan stood with HRH Kate Windsor, every Brit in the Country privately says to themselves: England 6 USA 0. Kates not working class, her wider family are prominent Leeds, UK Lawyers, her most admired ancestor was a coal miner, and she is all the better for that.*
guitargamery 16 days ago
37:11 those opinions will change in a year....Harry is a snake in the grass that in less than 6 months almost destroyed this family...tx to her wife that wanna portrait the victim of her mother Princess Diana
Shrishti Rana
Shrishti Rana 16 days ago
Love to Kate. She’s a blessing
Rhonda Mangan
Rhonda Mangan 17 days ago
If I was Carole Middleton, I would be very proud
G.U.R.U C 17 days ago
Not one of them is royalty. They are all illegitimate, it’s only your thinking makes it so . Bloody world of fools!
Ramona Kubilius
Ramona Kubilius 19 days ago
Kate is in a league of her own, just like Diana. They have class and integrity. Meghan is trailer trash compared to these two.
Bobbie 20 days ago
It's amazing that the British Media hail Kate as Williams savior since she's the one who came from loving family, which William never really had ( 11:08) but Harry is horrible for admitting the same damn thing. tsk tsk
Deborah Olsen
Deborah Olsen 20 days ago
At 52:56, it reminds me that, as a little girl who always wanted to grow up and be a mommy, I always imagined myself strolling my beautiful baby along in a baby carriage just like the one Kate has for Charlotte. But, at 24, when I had my first baby, and researching the price of these carriages back in 1992, being on average, $800, I had to give up my little dream of strolling my baby along in a carriage! But, I did find a nice, affordable stroller, AND I had a beautiful, healthy baby!!! 🥰
Deborah Olsen
Deborah Olsen 20 days ago
At 23:49, although Kate truly was beautiful, Harry could not have said, “She’s beautiful!” to William without putting his lips together in order to make the ’b’ sound! So, this makes me wonder, WHAT did Harry actually say to William??
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Go and get therapy , something is wrong with you .
Linda Philson
Linda Philson 21 day ago
Not only well brought up but lovingly brought up,fabulous young lady.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 21 day ago
James Hewitt could be Harry’s Father.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 21 day ago
OMG. Harry in his younger days. The SPITTING IMAGE OF JSMES HEWITT. He couldn’t be son of Prince Charles.. the nose says all.
Brian witton
Brian witton 21 day ago
Diana isn’t a patch on this woman.
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Never liked her .
Vic Ho
Vic Ho 21 day ago
The flagrant transmission concordingly spell because cupcake consecutively delight except a supreme dog. attractive, expensive yugoslavian
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Learn the English language .
Te lo dijo Yess!
Te lo dijo Yess! 22 days ago
Kate is really beautiful and intelligent!👑
Nancy G
Nancy G 22 days ago
Video author: She is not Kate Middleton. She is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Show some respect.
Male Bre
Male Bre 22 days ago
Please, in spanish
Liyana M
Liyana M 23 days ago
This Lady borne to be a Queen...
Pam Stager
Pam Stager 23 days ago
Working class!!!! I call bullshit. She never worked. Even the queen thought she was lazy. Cathy (Kate) is a stalker, social climber. The royals need to go away. These two literally do nothing. Everything is staged. Never see them actually get down & get dirty. 🤢🤢
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Move to china commie .
J T 21 day ago
🤣climb back under your rock🙄hater! Catherine is a huge asset to the U.K. we love her
marleen 24 days ago
Kate is classy! Diana would have been proud of her.
Julia Willy
Julia Willy 24 days ago
Kate is becoming the superstar of the royals. I hope William appreciates her. I know William took his time, but he got it right.
HelenWalkerful 24 days ago
ffs.. SHE WAS NEVER WORKING CLASS... the Working class WORK.. they dont scrounge off the slaves.
Leepshin 24 days ago
Where the hell does the _"WORKING-CLASS"_ come from? Privileged and well off _"MIDDLE"_ class!!!! Exactly how much money do people think working class families earn? What a deeply offensive video title. Oh and the working class have "never" been near an equestrian polo stick in their lives.
suthiratt limchaiyawat
Working class?! She was an hire of self made millionaire !
Lynnae Hardy
Lynnae Hardy 24 days ago
They are still trying to sell the public Fairy Tales. Their family history has been nothing like a Fairy Tale, accept for their Riches.
Lynnae Hardy
Lynnae Hardy 24 days ago
Another prisoner of the Royals. Brainwashed, oppressed, and threatened if she were honest. When is this family going to get real? Do they really think people buy into this families bullshit???? For centuries they have been Greedy, Liars, Murderers, and Sexual Perverts. Nothing has changed since the Monarchy has begun. Pathetic.
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Typical sexist , woman cant decide their own future .
Fayette Rames
Fayette Rames 26 days ago
The pale appendix incidentally chop because cereal concordantly stuff concerning a wrong onion. peaceful, wide-eyed kick
Rebecca Manning Reid
Working class?! She went to boarding school! Have you seen her parents' house?
Virna Goddard
Virna Goddard 28 days ago
Prince Charles will b getting another grand daughter soon..I like the name Penelope..
electro damn
electro damn 28 days ago
I am impressed with your humbleness
Shuchi Mamgain
Shuchi Mamgain 28 days ago
Kate Middleton is an adorable celebrity indeed
A. Urbanchuk
A. Urbanchuk 29 days ago
Prince William is a lucky man.
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
ديناها درااع
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
مستغلة مثيرة جذابة مستعبيدة
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
Elle et pour tous
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
ديناها درااع
Độ Vũ
Độ Vũ Month ago
Bác Tập Cận Bình vĩ đại nhất thế giới
Law dog 55
Law dog 55 Month ago
Kate makes Megan look like trash.
Garrielee Peck
Garrielee Peck Month ago
What a goldsmith working class
janet fitzpatrick
These 2 are THE REAL DEAL! Genuine, caring couple! Dignity and humility! The future looks bright “the future is William & Catherine”. x
The Toltec
The Toltec Month ago
Kate and Megan have the best hair
Olga Picardi
Olga Picardi Month ago
Really a love match! Lucky them!
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
لا يوجد شعر في الجنة لانه مادة سامة لو كنت مكانكي لحلقته تماما و وضعت الحجاب لان الحجاب فريضة يا كاثرين ميدلتون كلنا نعلم ان الإسلام هو دين الحق لكن عاداتنا و تقاليدنا شوهتنا تماما لسوء الحظ
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
ديناها دراع
cynthia john
cynthia john Month ago
The duchess is such a beautiful, genuine, impeccable person. He is so lucky to have her. She might not have blue blood... but she was born for the role as queen
Annie Amiguet
Annie Amiguet Month ago
A truly beautiful human being :)
Cecelia Stanford
Ah stop with the Working Class clickbait! Its been beat to death, they are FAR from working class! Self made millionaires!
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Yeah so people when they make it should be ashamed of their heritage ? You sound smart LMAO .
Julia Comments
Julia Comments Month ago
Her father was from a professional class.
Adrienne Clarke
Adrienne Clarke Month ago
I dont think people give enough credit to Carole and Michael with Charles in the making of William
Phousithy Ratanavong
The future king made a great choice. She's beautiful and down to earth!
Hary Oven
Hary Oven Month ago
MAB Month ago
She was born to be William’s wife and Queen. ❤️👑🇬🇧❤️
denise lanzon
denise lanzon Month ago
Ne pourrait-on pas avoir de traductions S.V.P.
Eire Saoirse
Eire Saoirse Month ago
What a beautiful lady such a diffrence to megan markle.but i guess im racsist if i say that am i? I dont think so i just dont like megan markle she looks and acts so snakey.Kate though is just naturally beautiful inside and out...
trevor deane
trevor deane Month ago
I do not think Kate was ever working-class. Her mother may have come from working-class background but her father was middle-class and she was raised in a middle-class family.
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwww she doesnt meet standards .
Peter Jacinto
Peter Jacinto Month ago
Prince Harry n princess Meghan should be the king N Queen Kate she fake. She could care less about you allegedly
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
J T 21 day ago
You do you
You do you Month ago
Carole is a social climber epitomised. I would never be that pushy as a mother. He wanted to marry isabelle Calthorpe or no? Let's not dwell on that one though.
gary white
gary white 19 days ago
How would you know who he wanted to marry ? maybe your children are losers ! so why even try .
You do you
You do you Month ago
Yeah girls schools can be shocking. Mine survived but they can be bullying little bitches in those establishments.
pauline dickson
pauline dickson Month ago
Kate moulded herself to become royal...she metamorphosis herself ..I'd she hadn't know this trick, she would have died, just like Diana died....she wasn't having her character and personality hijacked...Kate middketin sold her soul ..Diana never would sell her soul...!. ..
Jim Mcisaac
Jim Mcisaac Month ago
She and William will be Queen and King after his gran ,Charles will be too old and it's that will happen xxx
zoomzoom885 Month ago
One thing about Kate and Diana,they were are both natural ladies, either had cosmetic surgery or Botox and stuff,they are both two beautiful princesses would be a great future queen with Kate
Anne Caro.
Anne Caro. Month ago
Duchess Catherine will be the Queen that the people cannot wait to expect !
Anne Caro.
Anne Caro. Month ago
Harry looks so radiant in His country and landmarks that he must miss so much ! He loves it being with His people, supporting the Queen, he loves it around his royal family and friends. Prince Henry, you land misses you.
MAB Month ago
Too bad that today, Harry attempted to throw his father in particular under the bus. This will not endear the Sussex Duo to those with common sense and who choose to go with facts over feelings. Harry is a disgrace.
Anne Caro.
Anne Caro. Month ago
Harry must miss His country and landmarks so much !! He looks radiant when around his family and people !
Esse Month ago
Everybody loves Kate. 👍