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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

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Ice Me Out (Official Video)
Get Song Here: KashDoll.lnk.to/IceMeOutYD
Connect with Kash Doll:
Directed by AVONNI Global
Produced by Steven Taylor
Director of Photography Corey Jennings
Edited by Alex Crosby
Creative Direction/Styling - Carmen Murray
Costume Design - Tiffany Dean
Designer/Styling - Shane Austin
Makeup - Saisha Beecham
Makeup Assistant - Rosiekia Artis
Hair stylist - Tierra Tubs
Hair provider - Miink Brazilian

Music video by Kash Doll performing Ice Me Out. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.





7 ноя 2018





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Комментарии 12 077
Kenny Synsmir
Kenny Synsmir 2 минуты назад
Hate this weak ass song
Brandii Powers
Brandii Powers 34 минуты назад
Fuck me good...Fuck me good...Fuck me good Nigga..😂😂
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali 3 часа назад
This song makes me want to rob my own wallet
Jessika Nelson
Jessika Nelson 7 часов назад
Fuckin garbage. Saying the same shit the whole song. 😂😂 And I keep hearing woman say bring other women up. I don't condone this hoe shit. Just wait cardi bout to have a new Bess friend
Cindy Benjamin
Cindy Benjamin 11 часов назад
*Isemeow* *isemeow* ayee
Kimora Talley
Kimora Talley 12 часов назад
its 2019 and im still listening to this
Kamal Rasheed
Kamal Rasheed 16 часов назад
Is it me or she saying "Ask me out" and "As Meow"
iyana ross
iyana ross 16 часов назад
urmum athot
urmum athot 17 часов назад
Akasha Freeman
Akasha Freeman 18 часов назад
This song lit
Lillian Thorsky
Lillian Thorsky 18 часов назад
Brooklyn Slim
Brooklyn Slim 19 часов назад
The Bass line on this track Go Hard
Woke 19 часов назад
I think she wants us to ice her out.
lonnie junior
lonnie junior 19 часов назад
Simple Beat , old School 808,, And Its Fireeee ,,,
Kyla Cumberbatch
Kyla Cumberbatch 20 часов назад
Thots: Eat me out Prisoners: Let me out Girls with a crush: Ask me out Cats: Ice meow R.Kelly: Age don't count Trump: America is better now
xxlilsavagex DABS
xxlilsavagex DABS 20 часов назад
Ice me out 🥶😂
Hayleigh Humphrey
Hayleigh Humphrey 21 час назад
lmfaooo R. Kelley say sum “ age don’t count” 😭😭😭
Topher Collins
Topher Collins 21 час назад
Hayleigh Humphrey Factsssss lmao
jacob gendron
jacob gendron 22 часа назад
Antarctica has left the chat
Kristina Hoxha
Kristina Hoxha День назад
ice me out? ask me out?
Kennari Chappell
Kennari Chappell День назад
I pledge allegiance to the thots of the united states
A. L. A.
A. L. A. День назад
"She wear chains when she fuckin, get her charms cause she lucky"🙌👌🔥🔥🔥
Anais Brent
Anais Brent День назад
The Beat😍Am i wrong??
I Am Me
I Am Me День назад
Imagine a remix with City Girls👌
Emmie Hoerig
Emmie Hoerig День назад
Winter has left the chat
Lps Oreo Productions
Lps Oreo Productions День назад
Who use to think it was ask me out when it first got popular until they heard the song?
Olivia Wall
Olivia Wall День назад
I cant tell if I love this or not.. but I don't not like it
Sara M
Sara M День назад
Ask me out 😭😂
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker День назад
sound like she said ask me out :/
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker День назад
mareah wallace
mareah wallace День назад
She just said ice her out then gone say if you ice her out she gone put you in a jrow
rodthagod9 День назад
Frozone has left the chat
Its cold as a MF in Massachusetts 😩😂
Najela Touh
Najela Touh День назад
Kash: Ice me out Ex: hear me out
tea 2 дня назад
*iCe me out.*
Rico x
Rico x 2 дня назад
sound like she sayin ask me out krazy song tho
Draggitarius 2 дня назад
Elsa has left the chat
Dark Blood
Dark Blood 2 дня назад
She looks like the adult version of my friend
swissbeats2k 2 дня назад
BET uncut video's are what's hot these days I see. SMH
ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs 2 дня назад
dubsmash has entered the chat
Roxy Richardson
Roxy Richardson 2 дня назад
This song is stupid😕😛😣😞😒😭😭🙍 im praying for her🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 She need all the Jesus * throws holy water *
f y
f y 2 дня назад
Bad queen better than cardi ayee ice me out
Nanah Dae
Nanah Dae 2 дня назад
ask me out .. ask me out ... ask me out
Shakiko Santiago
Shakiko Santiago 3 дня назад
The last part sounded like she drunk
heather jolly
heather jolly 3 дня назад
2:40 windex
Shaunise Russell
Shaunise Russell 3 дня назад
Ice me out
Brooklyn Slim
Brooklyn Slim 3 дня назад
New Era Rap Bitch Format Nikki=LiL Kim Cardi B=Foxy Brown Cash Doll=Trina...ijs
Samii Blair
Samii Blair 3 дня назад
This is horrible 😂😂😂but yet I hear it everywhere
J Hardwick
J Hardwick 3 дня назад
Samii Blair it’s making music for the masses. Nothing horrible about it
Trayton Lamone
Trayton Lamone 3 дня назад
I see meow
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle 3 дня назад
truenewlove t
truenewlove t 3 дня назад
Ice me out niggaaaaaaaaaa
Aly Maas
Aly Maas 3 дня назад
Ev in
Ev in 3 дня назад
sorrowsuperstar10 3 дня назад
she thicker than a snicker
insertweirdname 3 дня назад
2:30 when that one bitch says she wanna fight you
Beautiful 3 дня назад
Francesca Jones
Francesca Jones 3 дня назад
She bad b*tch I love you 😍😍😘
Joshua Guillen
Joshua Guillen 3 дня назад
Niki minaj left the chat.
Kiana Shaylen
Kiana Shaylen 3 дня назад
I thought it said ask me out
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle 3 дня назад
prank family
prank family 3 дня назад
Molly Brazy or kash doll
Awesomefletty 3 дня назад
Jack Frost has left the chat
galerinha da geovanna
galerinha da geovanna 3 дня назад
Lindaa ela! 🌼
kermit っっTriggered っ
kermit っっTriggered っ 3 дня назад
ask me out.
Kenya Amina
Kenya Amina 4 дня назад
a reject NIkki...great..just what we needed
Lillian Thorsky
Lillian Thorsky 4 дня назад
Ask me out, Ask me out, Nikka ask me out
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle 3 дня назад
27 Jon
27 Jon 4 дня назад
Yeah aht 👅💦
Dana Ray
Dana Ray 4 дня назад
I love u bitch 😍😋😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗😆😗😙😙😚😚😚☺️☺️☺️☺️
Dana Ray
Dana Ray 4 дня назад
rewind 😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😀 u sexy Kash Doll !
MFR 1908
MFR 1908 4 дня назад
They all sound the same... Suprise, Suprise!!
She tryna act like nicki
+Lamontae Rolle its true
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle 3 дня назад
Chris C
Chris C 4 дня назад
She looks so good....💎
Aaliyah Massey
Aaliyah Massey 4 дня назад
i love doing the dance
Yayo De La Cruz
Yayo De La Cruz 4 дня назад
I lost it at 2:25 cos of the horse meme, i just cant get past it XDDDD
Sasha Lucy
Sasha Lucy 4 дня назад
Best Sugar babe song😋😋😋😏
『 Ꭺlyx 』
『 Ꭺlyx 』 4 дня назад
Ask me outt 😭
IDreamOfZiggy 4 дня назад
Kaka winning 😍💦
Pryze Baker
Pryze Baker 4 дня назад
How she made those ice people 💎💎💎💎💴
Egyptian_Thoth 4 дня назад
Looks and sounds stupid as fuck
tay lashay
tay lashay 4 дня назад
This would have been a good Nikki collab
Nevaeh Dunigan
Nevaeh Dunigan 4 дня назад
Her laugh is cringey 😂 not to be rude
Hope Gray Tv
Hope Gray Tv 4 дня назад
Ice me out nigga
Kynnedy Bell
Kynnedy Bell 4 дня назад
*Elsa has entered the chat*
YahYah Gäñg
YahYah Gäñg 4 дня назад
Eat me out😂😩
Logan Joseph
Logan Joseph 4 дня назад
Is it me or do she sound like a dying bird chokin when she laugh🤔I’m jst being curious🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Lagayle Robinson
Lagayle Robinson 4 дня назад
Men Has Left The Chat
koren slay
koren slay 4 дня назад
Jack frost left the chat
Sela Ash
Sela Ash 5 дней назад
No one is gonna ice you out if you’re begging for it hoe *(lol ik its just a song but it’s annoying as fuck)*
Sela Ash
Sela Ash 4 дня назад
Manye Grey lol ppl do “ice” me out but what if they don’t? Lol idc 😂 and no I do what I want to
Manye Grey
Manye Grey 4 дня назад
Stop Hating on people you mad because no one is Iceing u out just don’t listen to the damn song
Lilly D. Rosa
Lilly D. Rosa 5 дней назад
Ice Me out. BoYYYYY
Eid Fayiz
Eid Fayiz 5 дней назад
Miracle Luckett
Miracle Luckett 5 дней назад
That laugh at the end😂😂😂😂
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia 5 дней назад
Ghetto nicki minaj
Ant Ham
Ant Ham 5 дней назад
This shit hella weak turning young gurls in to whores
denaya talloway
denaya talloway 5 дней назад
kick me out
rafael box sebastian
rafael box sebastian 5 дней назад
like si eres de españa
Mel Amazen
Mel Amazen 5 дней назад
Ice a bad bitch out frfr bro #Loveyoukashdoll #Melamazen #Melamaze #icemeout #94Millionviews #Thankyou #Fastmoney
sauceyyzo 5 дней назад
Andre Herrera
Andre Herrera 5 дней назад
Elsa, watch out , she tryna steal your crown
Shontay Shonnie Shields
Shontay Shonnie Shields 5 дней назад
david devoe
david devoe 5 дней назад
For a minute I thought this song was called ask me out
Kaniyaa Brown
Kaniyaa Brown 5 дней назад
Ice me outttt😘
LaNasia's World
LaNasia's World 5 дней назад
2:36 omg she had a nip slip. I think I was the only one who caught it
Denise Gill
Denise Gill 5 дней назад
I thought she said ask me out😂😂😂
Jalayah Williamson
Jalayah Williamson 5 дней назад
Jalayah Williamson
Jalayah Williamson 5 дней назад
I will have to go through
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