Karlie Kloss & Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show

Louis Vuitton
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Louis Vuitton invited Karlie Kloss and Emma Chamberlain to be special guests at the Women’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show in Paris. The veteran model introduces the internet star to her first Fashion Week experience, from favorite Paris spots to catwalk lessons.


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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 2 297
A! Cho
A! Cho 8 hours ago
Hillarious, awesome editing.
Natasha Nicole
I need to get better about filming for my channel. Loving Karlies channel and I love Louis Vuitton!
Michelle Maja
Loving this emma girl. She's real 😊
Megan Jackson
Megan Jackson 2 days ago
Emma just seems so authentic, no fake ness
Woof & Tom
Woof & Tom 4 days ago
There's a store in Spain called Berksha. Everything is inspired by Emma Chamberline 100%
Alleona Marie
Alleona Marie 4 days ago
Queeeeeeen Emma
Elyssa is here!!
Elyssa is here!! 4 days ago
the editing is on point
Razaele Garcia
Razaele Garcia 5 days ago
I'm so happy for you, Emma!
sowe assan
sowe assan 5 days ago
EMMA...I fell in love🤩🤩
RandomMspGirl123 6 days ago
I love how elegant and casual Karlie is and how Emma is being relatable
Mays K
Mays K 6 days ago
out of all people they only knew to bring emma?
Naomi B
Naomi B 6 days ago
6:24 Emma: A bunch of outfits and you just try them on and see what one is the best Karlie: it’s beyond just trying on clothes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mia Lost
mia Lost 7 days ago
I cant escape Emma chamberlain, is nothing sacred
Sasha Porter
Sasha Porter 7 days ago
Emma is so un serious it’s so funny
Andrew Kalantarov
this is actually great.
Lucy Pretty
Lucy Pretty 8 days ago
Emma... did you edit this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 amazing.
kelsey garner
kelsey garner 9 days ago
but why has some of Emma’s other interviews seem more professional than this
Elsa Hosk
Elsa Hosk 9 days ago
Karly’s annoying in this video, oh and chic too
Jem Sanford
Jem Sanford 9 days ago
Looooove Emma!!!!!
Vloggetts 10 days ago
Emma makes Karlie look so pretentious ahahaha
Sara Schuleit
Sara Schuleit 10 days ago
not even kidding, was in paris a week after her and saw her outfit in the window of a louis vuitton store and i screamed
Sara Barill
Sara Barill 10 days ago
Jacqueline 10 days ago
I love this
Crusty Dusty
Crusty Dusty 10 days ago
Huh, loui thought this video would get 10 million because of Emma
Talia Grace
Talia Grace 10 days ago
Emma😂😂 Two of my fav people! Love this!!
Macy 10 days ago
Does Emma even know what LV is?? she is so relatable and poor bc she's oh so relatable
lincoln7554 10 days ago
great editing.
Malaika Gomes
Malaika Gomes 10 days ago
see the contrast between the two is the funniest thing. i would not have clicked on this vid if it wasnt for emma. i love her personality and i am so glad she did not change just because she was in a Louis shoot
fcicerelli 10 days ago
8:20 Klozzy wanted to say: "French Style and American ....... way"
camilla howell
camilla howell 10 days ago
I thought Louis Vuitton interviews would be super refined and serious but when Emma was talking about ice coffee I DIED!!!! And the entire time they were contrasting the views in this super funny way. It surprised me!!
Rana Rastegari
Rana Rastegari 10 days ago
My last 2 brain cells fighting with each other during an exam
Valentina Lia
Valentina Lia 11 days ago
*i'm possessed by the louis vuitton devil*
FCN_ Art
FCN_ Art 11 days ago
Ya’ll should be ashamed for dealing with someone like Emma
Ann Ross
Ann Ross 11 days ago
I love emma she's so authentic , hope to see her in this channel again :)
Gabby 11 days ago
sooooooooo this is what we're doing now lol.......
Angelica Aleman
Angelica Aleman 11 days ago
Love Emma!!! Shes the definition of real
iFruitified 11 days ago
I thought i read the title wrong.... until i actually saw the *emma chamberlain*
Lois Baker
Lois Baker 11 days ago
just realised the dress is made of cable ties
thiccy niccy
thiccy niccy 11 days ago
wow ! from shopping at thrift stores to getting sponsored by Louis Vuitton, GO EMMA !!!
Remrem Khiangte
Remrem Khiangte 11 days ago
This is sooo funny!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sienna Farrell
Sienna Farrell 12 days ago
omg fan girl love ya emma
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt 12 days ago
the quality in this video is scaring me
lexi loves you
lexi loves you 12 days ago
This was funny 😆😂
with no videos 10subs
Gucci gang prrr
Roseanne Rosè
Roseanne Rosè 13 days ago
I LOVE COFFEE ♥️♥️♥️♥️😂 luv her
Izzy Conway
Izzy Conway 13 days ago
karlie kloss seems nice but she is kind of patronising
Dylan Mendes
Dylan Mendes 14 days ago
Why does Emma shouts and not speak.emma has puberphonia.
Alex McCall
Alex McCall 17 days ago
I don’t know (“know” well duh) Karlie well but she seems kind of pompous and showy....like a know it all?? Maybe because she really does know a lot about fashion 🙃But it just made me love Emma even more than I already do. She is so authentic. I could just be bias because I adore Emma.
CloudFly99 18 days ago
Get your education folks...
sos 18 days ago
louis vitton picking an unfunny internet rando who doesn't shower to come to their fashion show is really saying a lot about where their company is going, we-
puck 05
puck 05 18 days ago
Killing Eve RUvid Version
S M 19 days ago
Do you remember when,emma said that she wouldn‘t go to a fashion week because,they dress weird? Guess where she is now
Yazzie Mah
Yazzie Mah 20 days ago
I’ve accepted the fact that I’m the only gen z here for Karlie
Dana Zaitooni
Dana Zaitooni 21 day ago
what happens when she actually showers
Frey Cleopas
Frey Cleopas 22 days ago
the difference between these two is that karlie is being professional and doing her job while emma is stating her honest opinion 😂
KAETAI 23 days ago
Loving the difference in personality differences
Sophie 24 days ago
hilarious and amazing seeing a normal person at fashion week
Azure 24 days ago
emma is wild
Cecilie Malene
Cecilie Malene 24 days ago
This is geniusly put together! So different personas. Both super inspiring to me as a model and RUvidr and model myself
Angel Gurung-Lama
Angel Gurung-Lama 25 days ago
Me vs my bff
Oskar Holm Beuschel
I am losing brain cells listening to Emma. Karlie is nice though
Charis Speight
Charis Speight 26 days ago
emma is cute
Sister Šńåtčhëd
1:51 to 2:15 Karlie: *talks about visiting places in Paris Emma: *talks about iced coffee This is why I love Emma
deakys toast
deakys toast 26 days ago
I'm sorry. They should bring Billie Eilish than Emma. Billie has more iconic outfits than Emma. Sorry Emma.
Itzel Arceo
Itzel Arceo 26 days ago
I'm not a fan of emma but this was actually pretty good and funny and youthfull
Val Barragan
Val Barragan 26 days ago
i am living for these edits
Mobluv 26 days ago
What sock boots is emma wearing??? from where?! Need! 😍 Edit: or does someone know a similar option?
ariyana’s squishieѕ
both of their outfits are
ariyana’s squishieѕ
they are louis vuitton
Mary 27 days ago
Did Emma edit this? 😂
María Fernanda Tamayo
I looooove Emma but we need to face the fact that she is not classy AT ALL.
jula rmz
jula rmz 27 days ago
Emma is queen she's just original on top haha
Michel Ramirez
Michel Ramirez 27 days ago
Love how Karlie brags about being a coder but actually has no clue about code. She even promotes Wix which is literally taking jobs out of her Klossy interns.
Anna Cristobal
Anna Cristobal 27 days ago
I’d rather go with emma why? She’s like she’s being her self and she’s so normal u know
Christina Benavides
If you think about it the difference is really just a teen girl vs. woman lol.
Tala Araji
Tala Araji 28 days ago
Honestly I have no way to explain this but the difference between these two it’s in sane you can see how much Carly knows and how Little Emma knows and it’s just like why is Emma even there
Kim Mia
Kim Mia 28 days ago
Watching it because of Emma Chamberlain 😂..great advertising
amazingemma 28 days ago
no one : emma : here i am. taking all the class outta paris.
tbH 28 days ago
On fait un clap ou pas ?
Nightcore Dream
Nightcore Dream 28 days ago
Karlie way t flex XD
laurelflaur. 28 days ago
Karlie is so sweet in this video and then the next clip is just emma blasting in my ears and being emma omg
Arcel Estrella
Arcel Estrella 28 days ago
EMMA’s so cute💯💯❤️❤️❤️
QueenWizzard 28 days ago
Is this a joke
Osama Alnaser
Osama Alnaser 28 days ago
Omg Louis Vuitton need to do more of these videoes, the edit is so good! Not trying to hard❤️
Claudia Loyo
Claudia Loyo 28 days ago
this is cringe sorry
Pako Naranjo
Pako Naranjo 28 days ago
Did she even take a shower or put deodorant to go there?
C krantz
C krantz 28 days ago
Emma is everything! SHE IS A KEEPER @LV!!!
MyBlogFloriana 10 days ago
so funny girl
Regina Visser
Regina Visser 29 days ago
Karlie: I woke up, had breakfast went to the car, drove around with Emma. it was Fun! Emma: Ice coffee, Ice coffee, Ice coffee, oh Wait,............ Ice Coffee
Revanth Muntha
Revanth Muntha 29 days ago
Emma looks like an egg 😂😂
Júlia Araújo
Júlia Araújo 29 days ago
man this had me dead
Júlia Araújo
Júlia Araújo 29 days ago
6:59 OMG
TheRealPicard 29 days ago
great editing !
Lily Corry
Lily Corry 29 days ago
The way they tried to edit in Emma's style 😖cringe
Linda Yue Jin
Linda Yue Jin 29 days ago
The editing is on point
Maya Escobar
Maya Escobar 29 days ago
🤦🏻‍♀️ me @ Emma the whole time
Dawn 29 days ago
This is great marketing
Nasibu Nyahunzvi
Nasibu Nyahunzvi 29 days ago
Emma Chambie is doing big things y'all
keira hamalian
keira hamalian 29 days ago
Lyleelou 29 days ago
Whoever edited this deserves the world
Marcia 29 days ago
one minute and thirty seconds in and karlie is so full of herself
mollysgotmakeup13 29 days ago
this is iconic
S. Herondale
S. Herondale 29 days ago
I tried to find the beauty in Emma's character, trust me I TRIED, but it doesn't look genuine or authentic. I hoped I would see something special but..its sad I didn't. aahh..smh.
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