Kanye West - Follow God

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Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Jason McCormick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Additional Post: SetNet
The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.


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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 40 138
Stay Smoove
Stay Smoove Day ago
this song make me wanna sing without opening my mouth
Shanza Jonker
Freakin' Awesome Song! 😎👊💥
kstsnk Day ago
kanye west: im a sick fuck i like a quick fuck also kanye west: jesus is king🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aquafina Day ago
The 30k dislikes are from the Jews
Janine Cousins
Fucking you
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 2 days ago
My dad also has a rzr, he has a 2017 1000 rzr 4 seater
1990hennesy 2 days ago
I’m Muslim and this track made me convert to Christianity.
1990hennesy 2 days ago
The only issue with this song: it’s too damn short.
How do I follow God?
Emma Gomez
Emma Gomez 2 days ago
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Cedrick Santos
Cedrick Santos 2 days ago
Holy shit, I heard a different version of the song. The man at first didn't say the verse like that but in a different way.
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
Magma Sunburst
Magma Sunburst 2 days ago
Whole Truth - Can You Lose By Following God is where the sample is from. Check out some of my playlists for more like that.
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Magma Sunburst Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
Cedrick Santos
Cedrick Santos 2 days ago
Did Kanye change the song?
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Cedrick Santos Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed 2 days ago
It ain't Christ-like that this song is only 1 minute and 45 seconds.
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Fahim Ahmed Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
Slyfran Dorcely
Slyfran Dorcely 2 days ago
Love god
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Slyfran Dorcely Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
Janabrandi Alibrandi
Jana Urban Monk! Love you man!
Janabrandi Alibrandi
It's easy to swim w the rest of the fishes...try swimming against the current for a living. Jesus! One love Ye! Bk in the day I use to say Dre Day...now I be saying Ye way...little do they know it's always been Jana say...Jesus!
Tame Anderson
Tame Anderson 2 days ago
God is for the stupid and ignorant slaves
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Tame Anderson says the one with one less rib then ANY human female
Chase Matthew
Chase Matthew 2 days ago
Tame Anderson that’s original
Hynee 2 days ago
Coopers Violet
Coopers Violet 2 days ago
Hynee Kanye West!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-98BlvdTHKUM.html
thebencosta 2 days ago
Your talent finally came to the place, how it was given! :) Praise God for His moves!
Isaiah Mast
Isaiah Mast 2 days ago
Keep buying land in Wyoming,the new America, plus no property tax, smart move
EP1C S14Y3R908
EP1C S14Y3R908 2 days ago
I wouldn't follow god if he had the decency to make you stop creating this dogshit.
t bone
t bone 2 days ago
Watching this reminds me of the Otis music video accept instead of Jay z he has his father.Family over money.
XKevin XinyangX
XKevin XinyangX 2 days ago
This finna blow up it's so creative🤔 m.ruvid.net/video/video-vXKUSKP6M7A.html
work is due
work is due 2 days ago
Ashton TheGamer
Ashton TheGamer 2 days ago
Best Christian song Kanye is the god
HeisnearCom 2 days ago
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Danny Musick
Danny Musick 2 days ago
Yo, that ride sick as fuuuuck.
SENBRO 3 days ago
wow this car is from gta v 2:03
Zuhair Ahmed Syed
celebrities and influential people should stay out of relligion and politics.
Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated 3 days ago
Daniel 3 days ago
I'm hopeful when I hear about any of these late life reencounters. I'm glad you managed to make it work, Kanye.
Tony Droid
Tony Droid 3 days ago
He ain't no Christian. "'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." Matthew 15:8
Michael Black
Michael Black 3 days ago
Реклама Шерпа вышла на новый уровень :-0
Bored 3 days ago
That's a sheppard
Tobechukwu Njoku
Tobechukwu Njoku 3 days ago
That's a lot more than 40
Abhishek Swamy
Abhishek Swamy 3 days ago
this song will be sung as prayer in future
Martin Suarez
Martin Suarez 3 days ago
Amen!!!!con dios todo es posible
Space Monkey
Space Monkey 3 days ago
Short so that we can play it on repeat.
Lucas Argandoña
Lucas Argandoña 3 days ago
Guys just pray for him. This music does not feel like something you'd hear in heaven.
Tamika Ajedho
Tamika Ajedho 3 days ago
I see yummy yummy song because it says it’s got a Lotta songs in it and I like you so I want to say thank you really much whoever made this song
Prickly Pear Music
great song !!
Lee Yoo
Lee Yoo 3 days ago
Those dislikes ain't Christ-like
YourDad 3 days ago
Who not a Chrst Like but is listening to his Gospel songs??
MINDFREAKS! 4 days ago
Manuel R
Manuel R 4 days ago
God bless Kanye.
jonathan smith
jonathan smith 4 days ago
Cloveice Colemen
Cloveice Colemen 4 days ago
This is a BEAUTIFUL video, with a BEAUTIFUL message. Just beautiful. ✌❤🙏
Barb Leop
Barb Leop 4 days ago
Guys just try *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* to get Views & Likes..
Sean McGowan
Sean McGowan 4 days ago
Fucking brilliant 👌Follow god and closed on Sunday are the best songs since 2pac/b.i.g/dmx or when Eminem / 50 cent were owning it
ThePerchance 4 days ago
I respect Kanye for standing alone. Jesus said, "The Way of the Prophets is a trail of tears. I have commissioned you to be prophets to this generation. Consequently, they will ridicule and revile you, saying all kinds of bad things about you. What? Don't you know that they have always rejected the prophets whom I have sent among them? Yes, I tell you the truth when I say that even those who follow the prophets do not understand them, for they speak of the things of the Spirit, which cannot be apprehended by the physical mind. The prophet is alone with the Eloheim, for of all mortals, it is he who sees the reality which he cannot convey to his people. Lonely is the Way of the prophet, but if he brings one soul one step closer to Light, all his loneliness and grief is justified, for great will be his joy in the heavenly realm, and he will become a great company at the seat of the Highest." Jesus said, "The person who stands alone will be with the Eloheim; the person who is with the Eloheim will stand alone."
ThePerchance 2 days ago
@Jokes Ancient Gnostic scriptures of Jesus :) ♡
Jokes 2 days ago
What book did u get this from
Sakhile Mawande
Sakhile Mawande 4 days ago
But nobody never tell you, when you’re being like Christ
ro bec
ro bec 4 days ago
god forgive mister kanye west yes
One shot hooligan
Feeling this track.
Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete 4 days ago
always here haters sayin that they can't listen to christian music cuz it just dont sound hard enough....come again???
Pastor Ayu
Pastor Ayu 4 days ago
Sunshine Shel
Sunshine Shel 4 days ago
I love Kanye West. This is exactly what this generation needs. Someone who knows the truth and is bold enough to tell it.
Juanjosedavid 11_YT
Unpropping homies ain’t Christ-like
Chromeplays7 4 days ago
I’m Muslim but this songs still absolutely FIRE 🔥 my dads starting to think I’m Christian now since I keep replaying this 😂
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