Kanye West - Follow God

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Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Jason McCormick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Additional Post: SetNet
The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.


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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 28 322
Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz Hour ago
I love Kanye
Chino The Poet
What does it really mean 2 follow God ?
Wade Barnard
Wade Barnard Hour ago
can this guy like die now please
KAPONE TV Hour ago
Benard get off skud dick df wrong with you 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
ShmiGod Hour ago
How does one follow something that’s not real
Kytz Arackid
Kytz Arackid Hour ago
Is he did that dance to hide his mouth coz he don't remember the lyrics?
GGC Hour ago
Croc8787 Hour ago
Best Kanye song, like if you agree :)
le norbluff
le norbluff Hour ago
a couple of weird flexes
BA TV Hour ago
I am getting back to christ, i been lost and confused for years and years tired of it.
Evo2Raw Hour ago
Probably no one will watch this video but on the slight chance that they do. This is me. ruvid.net/video/video-RSIo6pryz-I.html
lobomuerto11 Hour ago
"A black man?" "No, I said 4000 you deaf dipshit".
Horn Canguio Willie
Tu suis quelqu'un que tu ne connais pas , c'est dangereux, ta mère te l'a jamais dit ?
BA TV Hour ago
Love ya kanye thanks
Sam Queen
Sam Queen 2 hours ago
Atheist but if it slaps it slaps
Melissa Chiou
Melissa Chiou 2 hours ago
All I kept thinking was that poor crew in the cold.
Ekhi 2 hours ago
gotta love the RZR they hop in at the beginning..
D 2 hours ago
This the Ye we need
Beatboxer Kenzin
Beatboxer Kenzin 2 hours ago
R E S P E C T +100000000
Nelisiwe Shabalala
Nelisiwe Shabalala 2 hours ago
Love the video
Deadguy2 2 hours ago
Really thought this would suck, was pretty good, why doesn’t this get played
Bart Wing
Bart Wing 2 hours ago
You never know jesus might be here in disguise observing us
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 2 hours ago
Rivo 2 hours ago
Kanye the definition of Bipolar
Sarah Sorensen
Sarah Sorensen 2 hours ago
Beautiful. 👏
stephen omulimi
stephen omulimi 2 hours ago
Rap music is still hip-hop what's the origin of hip-hop.God doesn't need your RAP.GOD IS HOLY .JOHN 4:23....TRUE WORSHIPPERS WILL WORSHIP GOD IN TRUTH AND SPIRIT.
Frankie Elangaba
Frankie Elangaba 2 hours ago
hes brave telling people his gifts...i stopped telling people, even the truth ... It doesnt m a ke any difference
Alex Hinson
Alex Hinson 2 hours ago
You gotta stay real!
Frankie Elangaba
Frankie Elangaba 2 hours ago
im liking h te kanye evolving..some people in life never change, it hink everyon e should co nstantly be evolving, thats how you know your on the higher level..
karandeep singh
karandeep singh 2 hours ago
Maa ki chut teri bosdike
Estelle venus
Estelle venus 2 hours ago
SHERP , you know he is not playing
Chad Poopter Griffin
Death Standing DLC.
Diego Bautista
Diego Bautista 2 hours ago
MAGA baby
VALMER LYNN 2 hours ago
Ppl waiting for old kanye to resurface
Alpha Zulu
Alpha Zulu 3 hours ago
Love it!
nelly wa Malonley
nelly wa Malonley 3 hours ago
Give like from Tanzania
The Osborn Family
The Osborn Family 3 hours ago
If you look at the cloud u can see a rainbow. That rainbow has been there everyday since last year
BX Bomber
BX Bomber 3 hours ago
Best Album ever, for those who 17K 👎 STOP Hating and follow Jesus, open your heart or will change your life!
William Powell
William Powell 3 hours ago
Ain't nothing really wrong with Kanye west, jay z was a genius for bringing this man out back in 03 because he's the best to ever do it.
Phehello Tomotomo
Phehello Tomotomo 3 hours ago
why did kanye make Otis again?
jabrildagod legend
jabrildagod legend 3 hours ago
This song fire beat and feel
Happyook 3 hours ago
why is this fire...son just came out of no where with some heat..
Aman Robert
Aman Robert 3 hours ago
Ulrich Riviere
Ulrich Riviere 3 hours ago
This song mottivated me to keep fighting and continue to keep faith
Rafael Nunez Jr.
Rafael Nunez Jr. 3 hours ago
Kanye I expected real Christian music not rap
Erick Acosta
Erick Acosta 3 hours ago
Finally a song I like by Kanye 😂 it's been a while. But I have mixed emotions about you
Reflex Zombies
Reflex Zombies 3 hours ago
I'm atheist so I had reluctance to listen to his new album.....but this shit SLAPS!!!!
2Tuntematon 3 hours ago
Nowadays i love my god../ I used to swim up in the mud.../ Last few days i been smoking on some bud../ Listening to some shitty ass Kid Cud(i) HELL YEA..!
Drew Sheffield
Drew Sheffield 3 hours ago
Collab with lecrea!!!
crownbock123 3 hours ago
Fuck you Satan🖕🏾 Jesus is King BITCH
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 3 hours ago
Most rappers out here dissin each other while Kanye be dissin the devil
PhotoLove GT
PhotoLove GT 3 hours ago
This song is Amazing!
aldo hernandez
aldo hernandez 3 hours ago
So when is he divorcing his hoes Kardashians, because that family is all about plastic body, being naked, and doing sex videos
Ursidae 4 hours ago
This is Jesus's come back music.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 3 hours ago
This video was sooo goood .
Teng Gnong
Teng Gnong 4 hours ago
God call him to use his talent to bring people to Christ. Love you
aldo hernandez
aldo hernandez 4 hours ago
All vatican, popes, churches got use god for money lol kanye now rapping about god where rap is all about cursing and naked woman and money when the bedtime story book said jesus hated gambling, liquor and money but here ppl doing all that and sunday all yall faker singing to gospel jaja so who god is he talking about there 2000 of them in the world?
seling97 4 hours ago
indamind ofmcgurk
indamind ofmcgurk 4 hours ago
Dope! #Godfirst Baby!
kipngeno kevin
kipngeno kevin 4 hours ago
A black man? haha
raymar saunders
raymar saunders 4 hours ago
Nice come back Mr.West keep this flow I know you can keep make more vibes and videos like this. You got wisdom
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