Kanye West - Closed On Sunday

Kanye West
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Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Cody Ryder
Producer: Joe Faulstich
DP: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Company: Park Pictures
VFX: Chris Buongiorno
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Creative Direction: Angel Boyd




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Comments 80
Clover Vale
Clover Vale Hour ago
Atheist just chilling here liking the beats
Anton Komlev
Anton Komlev 2 hours ago
Dan Blackmer
Dan Blackmer 3 hours ago
Who here's essential here to celebrate not working on Easter?
shadow_knight 5 hours ago
Tiktok:WE IN
David X
David X 5 hours ago
Never thought Kardashians could become religious :D Good job Kanye :D
Layla J
Layla J 10 hours ago
It’s terrible. He has a terrible voice that never reaches the right pitch or note when he tries to sing. I will NEVER understand why people think he is talented. I also don’t believe him. The test is how he will chose to live his life from this point on. Will it be truly in service to God...or will it end up being yet another way to serve himself. I pray it’s the first.
ChronicalClinic42 11 hours ago
I'm glad that Kanye worships Jesus, not Allah and Muslim cultures like it seems most rappers that believe in God do, respect and love to Kanye.
ChronicalClinic42 11 hours ago
The only thing I disliked about this song is his daughter screaming chik-fila like wtf?
ChronicalClinic42 11 hours ago
Pray for each other, something bigger is happening soon, the last 40 years have just been the beggining of the end. When you die it will be the end of your world.
danny 13 hours ago
Intelligent L Crazy
Intelligent L Crazy 17 hours ago
I didn't like Kanye But this is so good This is not like his other dumb songs Kanyen't West
Intelligent L Crazy
Intelligent L Crazy 17 hours ago
1:54 ❤
scr6py 18 hours ago
Kanye: When you got daughters, always keep them say. Boys: am I a joke to you?
Daniella Pawl
Daniella Pawl 20 hours ago
Thank you
Ivan 21 hour ago
"Listen and obey" "we nobody slaves"
ALÉX B 22 hours ago
Janet Tumushime
Janet Tumushime 23 hours ago
I'm a Christian He's a Christian Were all Christians 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
naim kastoune
naim kastoune 23 hours ago
"Stand up for my home. Even take this walk alone". POWER
Marta Vera
Marta Vera 23 hours ago
SCHROH.F Day ago
Taylor Swift ❤️❤️❤️
Peter Majoos
Peter Majoos Day ago
1:55 ♨️
ratatouille Day ago
kanye is one of the most underrated rappers ever 💓.
Rose Ann
Rose Ann Day ago
People call Kanye crazy for waking up one day and his whole world view has changed. But I know the exact feeling he got when he found salvation. It was like in an instant. It's what you'd call a miracle. My heart and mind's changed ever since I turned to God. My wicked, sinful, lusting heart had no chance against the love I have for God. My friends and family couldn't even believe I was the same person. Kanye shows the spirit of a true christian. Let's not hate on him. I'm so glad Kanye was saved and became a follower of Christ.
The ONE Day ago
Yo Kanye, I just uploaded some acapella content. Check it out when you have the chance. ✌️🙏
yarik huliai
yarik huliai Day ago
SharperNine 2085
Let's remember ALOT of God's followers had killed in his name. In the 10th -16th people went on crusades killing millions in gods name. God himself killed thousands cause the didn't believe.
World Wide Wrestling
Armando Matias
Remember when Kim fought her sister
Hunter Spiess
scarlett dunn
Come on guyz don't waste your time go for the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* to get likes ,views on youtube .
Aubrianne Marie
Aubrianne Marie 2 days ago
Beautiful thank you Jesus xo powerful song Holy Spirit is moving
Antipapirus 2 days ago
Kanye = I want to thank you for your brave soul, all your mistakes are forgiven int these times of THE GREAT AWAKENING, you are now on the same hall of fame with 2PAC , you both stood againts the cabal and chose to help humanity...THANK YOU
RC Killz
RC Killz 2 days ago
He sold his soul to the devil, hes trying to get it back. good luck.
John Joy
John Joy 17 hours ago
Jesus purchased it before He could sell it. It was never kanyes soul anyway. It's Jesus who owns all souls
zak Day ago
Hope he succeeds because the devil world. Mohammed Ali didn't give up his soul
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham 2 days ago
This ia my favorite song i love this music
Imane Khelifa
Imane Khelifa 2 days ago
The most respectful and clean rapper
Katerina K
Katerina K 2 days ago
This is prophetic
muzika2607 2 days ago
cmon kim and kardashian family in the video? cant u be without them for 1 second.. omgg
estudiante jardinero
Hola AQue quieren decir los trajes de color marron claro iguales? Y los coches 4x4 inspirados en tanques? Si alguien tine alguna idea y quiere comentarlo , sera agradecido
xSpitBall 2 days ago
Just showing that I'm here
Marilyn Ibarrola
Marilyn Ibarrola 2 days ago
epic music mash-ups
Everyone in the comments: talks about how good Kayne is for being a Christian and making songs for God. Me:* 2:31 * Edit: No homo
Etirah Williams
Etirah Williams 2 days ago
Kanye and Kim ERKS so BAD I still feel like all this him being into gospel now & thinking he’s Jesus or something like him is STILL ALL FOR ATTENTION & TO MAKE MONEY 💯🤷🏽‍♀️
Yazooghost 420
Yazooghost 420 2 days ago
Kanye gettin better doe
flavasavamcfly 2 days ago
Chick fil a 👁👁
xo zo
xo zo 3 days ago
We want dom$olo back
Uzi Uzunov
Uzi Uzunov 3 days ago
Бляяя!!! пророк, КОРОНАВИРУС!!!
Hurrikane Isaac
Hurrikane Isaac 3 days ago
This is the first Christian album I actually listened too!
another account
another account 3 days ago
Rare footage of area 51 raid before the boss fight with the devil
khushwaj 3 days ago
this is strong
Mathias Cazzaniga
2013 Kanye West : No church in the wild 2020 Kanye West : Hold my bible
Jimmy Moo
Jimmy Moo 3 days ago
Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray!
Blitz Lynx
Blitz Lynx 3 days ago
1:33 - 1:50 hit the mood differently
Journey95 Far
Journey95 Far 3 days ago
this is a geniunely good song
sad satan
sad satan 3 days ago
They look like refugees
Don Duffor
Don Duffor 3 days ago
samm idf
samm idf 3 days ago
Sis be trying to be christian when he doesnt apologies for what he did to taylor . Harrasing a poor girl for 11 years , lying , faking calls . You will NEVER be christian , the least you and kim can do is appologise . But honey you will never he relevant again . You and kim got exposed and assuming your christian wont make you " likeable" , i mean only your braindead fans will support you even if you kill somond . Anyway , bye snakes 🐍🐍🐍
"'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Matthew 15:8
nun Day ago
Also say first will be last, last shall be first. People are never satisfied, would rather have Kanye doing secular music just to prove a point. Nothing's too hard for God and yes even Kanye can have a Damascus moment.
Anthony Frantz
unfortunately ...
Bruin Sampson
Bruin Sampson 3 days ago
Imagine how much clout was in those monster truck things
YR Lee
YR Lee 3 days ago
MENMA 222 3 days ago
Кто после анкеты форзы
Lily Taylor
Lily Taylor 3 days ago
Thumbs Up if you think that Kanye West doesn't used the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* for fame.
Jeri Johnson
Jeri Johnson 4 days ago
Wow!! God is saying, “close on Sundays.” He wants us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth...powerfully prophetic.
Mohammad Alizadeh
why am i hearing Katy Perry's Dark Horse beat ? is it just me ?
Kovacs Otto
Kovacs Otto 4 days ago
Those that dont get goosebumps listening to this songs are not humans fr
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham 4 days ago
I just love this song so much okay
Jorge Romani
Jorge Romani 4 days ago
Numu Tekwipu
Numu Tekwipu 4 days ago
Coronavirus doesn't even stand a chance back off my family now coronavirus doest even stand a chance in the name of YAHOVAH ELOHIM AND HIS SON YAHSUAH ELOHIM AMEN
Cris Feitoza
Cris Feitoza 4 days ago
Que Jesus Cristo abençoe sua vida e da sua família. Seja a voz para os oprimidos se curarem.
Cris Feitoza
Cris Feitoza 2 days ago
I love Jesus.
Megaman The Second
Hate gospel music with a passion just bad memories of being forced to go to church every sunday as a kid but this is majestic bravo kanye...bravo
Chrystal Robinson
Chrystal Robinson
The song is fire
m r
m r 4 days ago
but i thought he was running for president 2020 :(( i was excited for that!
Yvii Anakwe
Yvii Anakwe 4 days ago
Funny how this got only 15M views, if it’s a bum shaking , gangster kinda video the views will run over 100M.
Vytas 4 days ago
James Corden have to come back home his not on the moon explain him Kenya please
Jerry Ostrowski
Jerry Ostrowski 4 days ago
Great song, my first time listening to Kayne.
Maria Amélia Mel
Porque a versão do Spotify é diferente???? Essa é melhor!!!! Você é foda!!!
Senanya Jayatilake
Lucas Ortiz
Lucas Ortiz 4 days ago
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 4 days ago
All them kardashin kids: I’ll take a Fiji if you don’t have Voss Waitress: we have out of the faucet Kardashian Kids: like out of a hose?!
Răzvan Șpriț
Răzvan Șpriț 5 days ago
Kanye west is not crazy, everything would happen
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