Kane w/ Paul Bearer Returns! 2/7/00

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February 7, 2000 | Dallas, TX | RAW is WAR
Kane - SFM22: facebook.com/SevenFootMonster22
Undertaker - MOD22: facebook.com/MinistryOfDarkness22
Dailymotion: dailymotion.com/ministry4life


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Jan 29, 2016




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Comments 4 007
Benjamin Phiri
Benjamin Phiri 22 minutes ago
This, Triple H 2002 and Cena's rumble returns were the best
DTS _ 5 hours ago
Man Kane for I say his first 3 years was not to be fucked with
Slap List
Slap List 7 hours ago
The way Paul Bear points to the ring in excitement as Kane slowly walks next to him gives me absolute chills. As wrestling fans we complain about the new product but I still watch in hopes of more moments like this.
Sheeran Raj
Sheeran Raj Day ago
This is one better than 2 hours WWE now
Francis Buenafe
Francis Buenafe 2 days ago
The meanest most dominant Big Man in WWE history. Kane was invincible and he was pushed correctly.
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam 2 days ago
The banter between Steph, JR and King when Kane comes out is cute and hilarious lol
Soosai raj
Soosai raj 2 days ago
That is one of the loudest crowd cheered ever in WWE!
Rapid 4 days ago
god bless it will never be the same 😭😭😭
Is the best return ....
Joel Delaney
Joel Delaney 4 days ago
Kane’s best outfit.. fuck he was my favourite!! Miss these days
Earvin Rivas
Earvin Rivas 4 days ago
Bruh kane was the shit !!brings back memories!wwf fuck wwe
SxxZ TV 5 days ago
This kane is stronger than Braun Strowman
AWEsOme ALIF 5 days ago
GamerWind 5 days ago
I used to have Goosebumps as kid when I heard Kane theme it's sad how much WWE ruined him
Manigandan Arumugam
Technically Mick Foley broke the cover before the third count but guess that's not the main play of this set up
daisbest5.0 6 days ago
Look at that power from those choke slams !
MoonMan 6 days ago
0:09 Krispen Wah?
Nicklpud 6 days ago
man i loved this shit as a kid. The atmosphere just seems so much more real than current years
E N M 6 days ago
Crowds were more engaging back there because there were no phones. Nowadays it's hard because almost everybody is busy filming and not cheering
E N M 6 days ago
Steph: JR what did you do? She's always been amazing
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 6 days ago
Am I the only one who loves how Kane was betrayed by yet another woman and was heartbroken and lost but returns rejuvenated with Paul Bearer, the only person he could ever truly trust?
illmatic 7 days ago
Back when Kane was The Red Machine 🦾
AB11 _
AB11 _ 7 days ago
Triple H burying everyone by getting the pin. Alvarez was bang on
ItzDJ Nigha
ItzDJ Nigha 7 days ago
I came back..... I just had to
J H 8 days ago
Stephanie Mcmahon: "Get ready to run!"😅
J H 8 days ago
Dean Malenko is the first to attack Kane. What a guy!
Varun Nair
Varun Nair 8 days ago
That old Mask used to give supernatural powers to Kane.
miguelram10 8 days ago
coolest return ever
nemoz_wrx 8 days ago
WWE completely ruined Kane. This was the real Kane, the real Big Red Machine, the real 7 foot monster! Kane was intimidating af. The new Demon bullshit Kane WWE did completely ruined him
emir Yenere
emir Yenere 8 days ago
best return ever !! EVER!!
Smurves 9 days ago
I know Percy loved that pop, because that cheer was not only for kane but also Paul. He was awesome
ashwath Ash
ashwath Ash 9 days ago
Stephanie get over here 😅😅😅
Jay Nicks
Jay Nicks 10 days ago
As insufferable as Shane is on commentary. Stephanie is WAY WORSE!!! How is it that Vince is so good at commentary but his kids are just awful?
ilikethecokev2 11 days ago
Kane's best attire, hands down.
S8L 11 days ago
Paul bearer was the greatest plus 1 to any superstar(s) in wwf history imo. His talk. His slithery walk. His instigating ways.. His actions on the ramp as kane came down were a perfect reflection of his character.
Super Di
Super Di 11 days ago
2:26 can you imagine him walking towards you like that in the middle of the night in some dimly lit alley?
Ryan Perrie
Ryan Perrie 11 days ago
Brian Christopher wasn’t even the legal man never mind Cactus breaking the count
Tyler S
Tyler S 12 days ago
Kane reminds me of Jason voorhies.....
Shape430 12 days ago
This Kane was OP.
Tamber Onlyoneme
Tamber Onlyoneme 12 days ago
Stephanie: GET READY TO RUN. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
N* A***d S***i
N* A***d S***i 12 days ago
Never gets old no matter how many times I watched!
Chris Siano
Chris Siano 13 days ago
Paul Bearer was fucking LIT 🔥 😂
Ray Bailey
Ray Bailey 13 days ago
Mind blowing this was 20 years ago! Time flies
johnny dejesus
johnny dejesus 13 days ago
Kanes original mask is the best one
Corey Jefferson
Corey Jefferson 13 days ago
Good ol j.r.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
This video should have 100m+ views
Mohd shuaib Qureshi
If you like here it won't give you pain . like here if you like this kane 😀
3d prop studios
3d prop studios 14 days ago
Thank god iam a 80s kid . When WWF was ace
Silveradoman61 14 days ago
Hard to believe 20 years ago seems like yesterday.
Anthony Chobot
Anthony Chobot 14 days ago
20 years ago today
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews 14 days ago
The commentary on these old WWF videos is absolute gold!
Omar galvan
Omar galvan 14 days ago
1:50 Scorpion.....
Cavaleiro moderno
Cavaleiro moderno 14 days ago
20 fuckin years ago on this day
Niki Edmonds
Niki Edmonds 14 days ago
Cardinal Kid87
Cardinal Kid87 14 days ago
20 years later still one of Kane's best moments
P T 14 days ago
Back when JR and King could sell you the Apocalypse in 3minutes of commentary 😭
AttitudePlus 14 days ago
20 years to the day.
Athul KV
Athul KV 14 days ago
This Kane was lit...He was really a monster and scary demon...WWE never utilised his talent well...
sony robin
sony robin 15 days ago
20 years back... 7/2/2000!!
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez 15 days ago
Only broc in wwe right now can come in and do this and make it seem real .
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