Kane Transformation | From 12 To 51 Years Old | WWE Superstars

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Kane, Transformation, The Undertaker, glenn Jacobs
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Apr 1, 2018




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Comments 100
MindUpload 2 months ago
Hello guys! The song is now on Spotify! Listen it here spoti.fi/2ZzftNC
Zombie squad
Zombie squad Month ago
Mind upload i have a request for you. Can you do a transformation video of Christina grimmie. You can search about her in Google. She was an American singer. She died only at the age of 22. Please can you do that video. Its a request from Christina grimmie fans please
Mr . Bhalux
Mr . Bhalux 2 months ago
Please name back sound
El Yisus
El Yisus Day ago
Song ?
Camilo Sepulveda
Camilo Sepulveda 5 days ago
Que nostalgia recordar parte de mi luchador favorito, mi niñez viendo a este gran monstruo rojo Kane
Jenish Joseph
Jenish Joseph 7 days ago
Bring back the big red machine with 1998 costume.. or find a new guy as kane
Mojalabs 8 days ago
Ivan Cirone
Ivan Cirone 9 days ago
I’ve always went to wwe matches that had Kane in them especially the ones that had the undertaker in them
Akshay jamwal Ashu
Akshay jamwal Ashu 10 days ago
They are two different man okk
Mohamad Hamiz
Mohamad Hamiz 13 days ago
Kane 53 Years Old this year
Aadil Hassan
Aadil Hassan 14 days ago
I am the best wwe hero the big red mashion hero miss you sir
Plymouth Argyle F.C
Btw kane still does wwe
john charles tojon
john charles tojon 16 days ago
Ano ba kalaseng vidioe ito
fredy lezama
fredy lezama 16 days ago
My brothers and I grew up watching this guys man back then in Honduras . This guys made our childhood better god bless then
Doran Warner
Doran Warner 17 days ago
when he was 30 man everyone should run
CuhzITz Skar
CuhzITz Skar 22 days ago
I know hes old but dang he lost his muscles
jashan punj
jashan punj 27 days ago
Kane in 1997 to 2011 kane is best but in 2012 he look so bad and then he cannot fight with Brock Lesnar randy Orton brawn storwan and Roman reigns
harry knuckles
harry knuckles 29 days ago
Jesus Saves!
Abhinav Chaudhary
Old Kane is best 😭😭
Kim K
Kim K Month ago
Who still miss 1997 Kane? Like if you do 👇
Carla Lorena Acha Paca
Soy la unica española ????
TheNoobHub Month ago
kane my fav
TallestLegend Month ago
hes was always cool. glad he can retire as a GOVERNOR
Femme Fe 22
Femme Fe 22 Month ago
Kin amayzin vidyoze
Femme Fe 22
Femme Fe 22 Month ago
Femme Fe 22
Femme Fe 22 Month ago
Kane et ande taker Monstere
Femme Fe 22
Femme Fe 22 Month ago
Kane the kinge
drooce mcgruff
drooce mcgruff Month ago
Wow I thought he was in his early 40s.
Azopytee Month ago
0:29 nice teeths.
mostachin :D
mostachin :D Month ago
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔboba Lakeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Kane use to be a big red and scary machine now he is a big mayor machine 👁👄👁
Azopytee Month ago
2:19 what happened to his left eye ?
Magic Glitter
Magic Glitter Month ago
Hand some boy
buddy hommie
buddy hommie Month ago
Kane transform
Brad Brown
Brad Brown Month ago
I honestly miss the Director Of Operations Kane. and I miss the big red machine Kane. Love you Kane. but this year he’s a mayor of Tennessee Kane.
Reinaldo Llovera
The big red MACHINE 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 like it much the BIG RED MACHINE kane AND the Undertaker 💜💜💜💜
Paola Saldaña
Paola Saldaña Month ago
minuto 0:28 miren sus dientes
madara Uchiha
madara Uchiha Month ago
Bayley evolution 😀
madara Uchiha
madara Uchiha Month ago
so saying that Glenn Jacobs will be the president of the united states if he is i will vote for him ☺️ love Glenn Jacobs Kane
Emma Daly
Emma Daly Month ago
hi kane
Rom Sh
Rom Sh Month ago
We will never get wrestler like old kane and undertaker too..
Manuk Teroosss !!!
1.27 i see taylor swift
Abhi Abhilash
Abhi Abhilash Month ago
Kane. is. best
ThatBoiiZay Month ago
2:12 Kane wat the hell is that
Carrera Month ago
Wow Kane is 1 more year older then Batista so Cooool XD
Enzo 2 months ago
Wow omm what
Erick Gomez
Erick Gomez 2 months ago
What is the name of the song
Tech Tube
Tech Tube 2 months ago
Dang where was the scars on kane face that wwe said he got burned in a fire fake but I love kane
THE UNDERTAKER 2 months ago
1:46 The Brothers Of Destruction
Hashtag Matteo
Hashtag Matteo 2 months ago
I miss you Kane
Ryan McQueen
Ryan McQueen 2 months ago
man he was a beast at 25, that's insane. he only got bigger too, I have a thing to say though, it's a shame how taker always overshadowed him, yeah I know kane couldn't carry off the dead man gimmick but he was good, the big evil character taker played was great , kane maybe couldn't of done it but to be fair, he was good. shame how he always overtook him.
Guan Chay Toh
Guan Chay Toh 2 months ago
Why are there two kane
Josephine Magat
Josephine Magat 2 months ago
Why is kane's teeths so spiky
Андрей Мисько
Trek plis
TheOffline Idea!!
TheOffline Idea!! 2 months ago
i miss the big red machine monster kane
Mateusz Arkadiusz Majdak
0:29 in this photo he looked like POPEK
MiniXgamerZ 2 months ago
May he live 1000 years💗💓
Domenico Marcelli
Domenico Marcelli 2 months ago
Quella di undertaker mi ha fatto commuovere
tony sniper
tony sniper 2 months ago
34-36 the best years of kane
👑King Fahd
👑King Fahd 2 months ago
KANE will retire soon ohhh
marlyn salinas
marlyn salinas 2 months ago
ano de
Tanvir Anjum
Tanvir Anjum 2 months ago
😭😭😭 l miss kane
Emma Daly
Emma Daly 2 months ago
i like watching kane transformation from 12 to 51 years old wwe superstars
Jarod Schultz
Jarod Schultz 2 months ago
The fake Kane was Luke Gallows
OWEN hickey 13
OWEN hickey 13 2 months ago
Why this song
kingarturo02 2 months ago
1997-2000 I like that version of Kane especially in 1997-1998 when he had the Michael Myers gimmick and before he talked
Ogi Aleksov
Ogi Aleksov 2 months ago
Kane kane kane shampion
Gamer xXx
Gamer xXx 2 months ago
Pure Big Body and Muscles no steroids That's why i like Kane
ANIMASI seru 2 months ago
Yang 27 jijih
Burger Boy
Burger Boy 2 months ago
35 yr old Kane was a STUD
Wolfy 3 months ago
the only man to ever pull off wearing spandex for half a century and still look good
Plone Volo
Plone Volo 3 months ago
I didnt think kane was that old
Dave Pacia
Dave Pacia 3 months ago
he hasn't aged from 30 - 36 yrs old.
Demonkillerclan 3 months ago
You should do a cmpunk
videos de Mateo Ortiz
The Big Red Monster 😈👿
svblev04 hasani
svblev04 hasani 3 months ago
Love it
AngeloLePanda 3 months ago
What's da name of this song?
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson 3 months ago
Jay Charlo
Jay Charlo 3 months ago
Age 28, he looks like Tommy Morrison
Alpha 3345 Gaming
Alpha 3345 Gaming 3 months ago
Minutes 2:45, Why Kane vs Kane?
Jorge Enrique Urbano Triana
undertaker the boss
GtheGamer 3 months ago
I like Kane better with mask
shelly malhotra
shelly malhotra 3 months ago
Warid Hasan
Warid Hasan 3 months ago
Diesel to kane
Origami Construir
Origami Construir 3 months ago
My favourite wrestler is the big red machine Glenn jacobs
T Jones DJPainkiller
When Kane and his brother The undertaker when they were team up and they weren’t beefing Man they were something else
F M 3 months ago
That's dope that he become Kane in his thirties. If he was Kane in his twenties we might be talking about a bigger star then Taker
Jamie Lustigman
Jamie Lustigman 3 months ago
Who prefers Kane with a mask and hair or with or with no mask and no hair?
Nathan Archer
Nathan Archer 3 months ago
I hate it when people get too old
Mr.Pegasus 3 months ago
My whole life was lie thinking that Kane had a Burned face since childhood that's why he used mask in WWE but overall I miss the big red machine
hersh kalary
hersh kalary 3 months ago
Adhi Bhai
Adhi Bhai 3 months ago
I miss the big red machine kane
Guppy tips
Guppy tips 3 months ago
Some images are fake
Oskar Kowalski
Oskar Kowalski 3 months ago
Md Dilkash
Md Dilkash 3 months ago
I love you kane
Alin 2M
Alin 2M 3 months ago
Ce fata de idiot
Alin 2M
Alin 2M 3 months ago
Mehdi Mehdi
Mehdi Mehdi 3 months ago
Hands down, just respect for this legend. One of the greatest in wrestling history.
Steven Campos
Steven Campos 3 months ago
Kane has always been one of my favorite wrestlers
Kate Brianna
Kate Brianna 3 months ago
Old kane is undefeatable even old UNDERTAKER the two LEGENDS of LEGENDS of wwe
Surya Nayakar
Surya Nayakar 3 months ago
Kane real face no
Piyush Mishra
Piyush Mishra 3 months ago
The old kane is best kane was best wrestler frome 1997 to 2001😢😣😢😭
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