Kane - Chokeslams Compilation 2000

Baron Clashing
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Nov 14, 2018




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Comments 619
Happy Days
Happy Days 8 hours ago
Old kane is the best kane! 💪💪💪
Ayo Fernandez
Ayo Fernandez 11 hours ago
I hate that kane he is like micheal myers a mask with a wig
Tristan Davis
The Real Kane Before Triple H Happened 😔
vinoth easwaran
Check everybody jumping during chokeslam..
Nelson Mesones
Kane was so big and so strong and so muscular back then he was a great champion wrestler at he’s time he took steroids before you can tell
Ana Moetj
Ana Moetj Day ago
Gua doang nih sendiri orang indonesia
Chiranjeet Bhattacharya
Look at those monster chokeslam
ahh... the good old days when coming back home from school and watching that tv for god knows how long.
Kane Fitory
Kane Fitory 9 days ago
Poor kurt angle
Josh Romero-Burgan
Josh Romero-Burgan 11 days ago
I've watched wrestling probly 30 years or so . And kanes chokeslams were just a level above everyone else's. Her persona matches the move so perfectly. The torque he got when slamming them down with 1 arm is like nobody else he was just a mammoth who was so perfectly chizzled and built I cant imagine the time he put into the gym . Jericho sold it better than anyone though . Off topic but I gotta say as good as austin was in his day he didny sell moves that well maybe cuz of his neck but still lol .
Viki Dass
Viki Dass 12 days ago
No 1 can fight Kane
Fat. Efron
Fat. Efron 13 days ago
3:22 One hand chokeslam and the order hand... The WWF belt. ¡BadASS!
Titty Enthusiast
Titty Enthusiast 14 days ago
Legit thought bull buchanon was the rock
Anthony Tyler
Anthony Tyler 15 days ago
5:40 beautiful
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia 15 days ago
LMFAO 😂😂💀 Jr said oh God the tombstone hahaha. This is Kane's choke slames
Leo odrano
Leo odrano 16 days ago
The people's Chokeslam..Kane showed no mercy to Jericho.
Patryk Fabiszewski
Patryk Fabiszewski 16 days ago
Kane true master of Chokeslem 1.Kane 2.Show 3.Taker
sri vishnu
sri vishnu 17 days ago
After every chokeslam commentator saying chokeslamm..
Soham Singha Roy
Soham Singha Roy 18 days ago
Kane is the only one who gave Goldberg a fight..wwe spoiled his career
Rahul kumar verma Azad
Kane is a master of chokeslam 💪💪
D K 20 days ago
I can see it all day with some popcorn.
MusicalGamer/Pianoest Johnson Johnson
Kane has the best chockslam
Vali Olăreț
Vali Olăreț 21 day ago
Acording to JR, this is a tombstone compilation!😂😂
BBC GENETICS 21 day ago
Devon over there convulsing after the table chokeslam🤣😂
Aakash kumar
Aakash kumar 21 day ago
Absolutely mask Kane one man army
Devin McNeil
Devin McNeil 22 days ago
Was this the entire year of 2000
Chris Harway
Chris Harway 23 days ago
5:39 Kane destroyed the ring😂
Emmanuel 123
Emmanuel 123 24 days ago
8:42 ruthless one.
M20 Super Bazooka
M20 Super Bazooka 25 days ago
"Happy new year rock".... That was hilarious..
Ohonyon Mathew
Ohonyon Mathew 26 days ago
No wrestler like kane, the acting was so real...
Jay Bharat
Jay Bharat 28 days ago
Jericho fucks most of time haha
Maiken Benjamins
Maiken Benjamins 29 days ago
Xpac and Jericho got so many chokeslams
Musa Jarral
Musa Jarral 29 days ago
Master of chokeslam Kane
Musa Jarral
Musa Jarral 29 days ago
I like this vedio
Dame Hawk
Dame Hawk Month ago
Bruh that sell by D-von at 1:32 😭😭 why he have a whole seizure?
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Month ago
0:13 - 0:35 Diva name from sidelines?
Ryan Zer0
Ryan Zer0 Month ago
*The is how many times the rock received a chokeslam from Kane* 👇
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
He should never have changed to that flammy vest attire,his attire before that was the best
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Kane always had a perfection in giving chokeslams🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, better than undertaker,& these were the real chokeslams
Ouy Eae
Ouy Eae Month ago
0:43 WoW...Kane held Albert up the air easily 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matt smith
Matt smith Month ago
I doubt Kane would have been any good if Glen wasnt under the mask, shame they ruined kane near the end
marwa dakane
marwa dakane Month ago
Hhh, the rock, y2j, Kurt angle and xpac have taken more choke slam from Kane than the other wrestlers
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Month ago
I guess it was a chokeslam?
Jen Garcia
Jen Garcia Month ago
Even chokeslaming his own brother
Fire Demon00
Fire Demon00 Month ago
Kane delivers the best one handed chokeslams
The Great 98
The Great 98 Month ago
Nobody: X-Pac & Jericho: guess ill let kane chokeslam me tonight😂😂
Anup Kulu
Anup Kulu Month ago
He can choke with one hand o man
Gérann Gerber Channel
When Kane started in 1997 up to 1999, he was terrifying!!
ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ
1:34 lmao Devon orgasm
marwa dakane
marwa dakane Month ago
The one thing dissapointed me is that Kane never choked slammed Stephanie
marwa dakane
marwa dakane Month ago
😁😁 I would love to see that
Uto Resa 519
Uto Resa 519 Month ago
The silicone would have left straight through her mouth
Taronne Mackall
Taronne Mackall Month ago
Are we ever gonna see kane vs abyss now is a good time
Ankit Rajput
Ankit Rajput Month ago
Kane in attitude era was that what the fiend is today in of erra
Kristina Traore
Kristina Traore Month ago
Who else noticed at. 2:00 he said Tombstone instead of chokeslam
Ricky Aguilera
Ricky Aguilera Month ago
I lost count how many times Jericho got chokeslam lol the second one on bull Buchanan was just fucking awesome
Shivam Prajapati
Who thinks Kane did chokeslam better than undertaker in attitude era
에성 Month ago
Kaen lisp is till sotle poryou did
James Bhaand
James Bhaand Month ago
He loved the rock and jericho.🖕
Jarvbs Jones
Jarvbs Jones Month ago
this looks more fun than painful. its so funny when they act knocked out. wrestling is pure absurdism
doc spn
doc spn Month ago
When Kane chokeslams big show, camera men shoot it from too close
Huzaifa Gamer
Huzaifa Gamer Month ago
If you like kane press this ⬇️
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