Kane and the twisted tale of May 19: WWE Playlist

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May 19 may be any other day for some, but for The Big Red Machine, it's a day that lives in infamy. Find out why Kane loathes May 19!
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Reval Setia
Reval Setia 50 minutes ago
Adnan Habib
Adnan Habib 21 hour ago
music world
music world 2 days ago
king _ who's that me- that's luke galleos
Destiny Nightstar
Hey how did WWE get their hands on my old Kane Halloween Costume?
zaheers vlog
zaheers vlog 3 days ago
Who is that another kane
Rezaul Islam
Rezaul Islam 4 days ago
This imposter kane is " Luke gallows ".
RJ 4 days ago
Luke Gallows Impersonated Kane
Devy Jons
Devy Jons 5 days ago
Fiend is just pathetic imitator.
Devy Jons
Devy Jons 5 days ago
Old Kane probably most memorized character in WWE history. I was didn't watch wrestling at least ~15years, but if someone asked me who is coolest wrestlers, i say Kane, Undertaker, Sting, Rock, Stone cold... No one of these new guys don't have even percent of old superstars charisma. They are just pathetic.
M P 6 days ago
What is with the hair? Hahaha
vaibhav sharma
vaibhav sharma 6 days ago
Imposter kane looked funny in fist instant
Indominus Rex4221
What is that flip over the ropes lol
ravidhaytadak 7 days ago
That is undertaker .
ahmad jihan
ahmad jihan 8 days ago
Funny kane
Ricky Khan
Ricky Khan 8 days ago
Nobody can walk like kane not even a fake kane
Abraham Cuquejo
Abraham Cuquejo 8 days ago
Wwe is a fake enterteinment.. Duplicate kane, undertaker and many charactor are come and fight with original ....not rule not sign bond and no introduction duplicate person
Brandon James
Brandon James 8 days ago
Saffron 8 days ago
The idea of this storyline was really good but terribly executed, and Doc Galloway not the right man to play the legendary character of Kane
Azuroh Swiftz
Azuroh Swiftz 9 days ago
That's the undertaker lol😂✌🏻️
Md Monju Khan
Md Monju Khan 9 days ago
Kane vs Fake Kane good mace
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 9 days ago
I saw the imposters beard it's the undertaker
Robert worsham
Robert worsham 10 days ago
The Imposter Kane is no other than the Undertaker...
henry jacob
henry jacob 10 days ago
Kane I love you now and all iam atc like kane
Udit Rathwal
Udit Rathwal 11 days ago
Kane is a good
Arun Deula
Arun Deula 11 days ago
Gallows is better as Kane.
Michael Shotton
Michael Shotton 11 days ago
The second Kane was actually okay. The first one though... Jesus. Looks like a roided up Barbra Streisand.
Jo Biehle
Jo Biehle 11 days ago
It always bothered me that Kane had a version of his old costume with sleeves for both arms, but they went with his first design with a red shirt underneath. Also, the story just stopped, never really ended. I know Luke Gallows was supposed to replace Glen Jacobs in the event he left WWE, but there should've been better planning & a confirmed departure Edit: also, it irritates the piss out of me how WWE seemed more interested in promoting See No Evil than a storyline for Kane
Ramsey Mudau
Ramsey Mudau 12 days ago
Do you guys know that Luke Gallows is the imposter kane
TaiTaz Reverie
TaiTaz Reverie 13 days ago
Kane seeing Luke Gallows for the first time... " Dude plz... You could've just asked me for my costume. You're embarrassing me. "
Elemental hero Utopia ray
The first time he appeared he looked like he got electrocuted but they should have done this story better
Ipugo Ilocandia
Ipugo Ilocandia 14 days ago
I wish prime Kane was a member of the nWo
I have EYES!
I have EYES! 14 days ago
6:57 When you walk until you crash near a door🚪
RRQ Athena Fan
RRQ Athena Fan 15 days ago
Someone please reply my question.. Who was the imposter Kane?
Kennedy Damaiyanthi
Kane is my Hero in wwe
Vedad Topcic
Vedad Topcic 15 days ago
This is scary for Real kane 🥶
ANURAG RAI 16 days ago
Funny chokeslam 🤣🤣🤣
Brian Gollar
Brian Gollar 16 days ago
The undertaker played a better kane than that imposter
D-GENERATIONX 195 16 days ago
It is also the day when The Great One was born
GaRaM MaSaLa
GaRaM MaSaLa 17 days ago
Awesome guys
Dirty Ace
Dirty Ace 17 days ago
Luke gallos was the imposter
Caito Rosario
Caito Rosario 17 days ago
Enikő Szilágyi
Enikő Szilágyi 18 days ago
Undertaker vs Undertaker Kane vs Kane Sín Cara vs Sin Cara Sting vs Sting 2020: The Fiend vs Bray Whyatt 😊😊
YENKOGT 22 days ago
And they didn't put the hbk may 19 part... That was so funny
J Rob
J Rob 24 days ago
He botched the chokeslam
Stefan BTW
Stefan BTW 25 days ago
Okay they couldve made the imposter debut with a better wig😂
Stefan BTW
Stefan BTW 25 days ago
2:02 I see where WWE 2k got Kane's walk from
ashton hays
ashton hays 25 days ago
You want to know what date I LOATH? May 20. why? 3 numbers: 125
GD Kaizaki
GD Kaizaki 28 days ago
So, Kane is Afraid of Festus. Ahhhhh
Tanvir 28 days ago
Who wears kane mask they become kane at real
abubakar Vlogs gamer
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera 29 days ago
Madan's8 Chanel
Madan's8 Chanel Month ago
Benjamin Shelton play imposter kans
BOB gamer
BOB gamer Month ago
people cheer when kane says he killed a lot of people
Jitender Kumar
Jitender Kumar Month ago
1:45 Luke Gallows entered
PAVAN MAX Month ago
yacine Benoit
yacine Benoit Month ago
You see Luke gallows . And even it's clear the way he walk
jonhyosbourne Month ago
Original Kane vs Kane made in china!
Nafee Karim
Nafee Karim Month ago
Imposter kane
ishan _
ishan _ Month ago
Imposter kane is luke gallows
Neeraj Badlani
Neeraj Badlani Month ago
Imposter was hilarious with bad wig and walking style! 🤣🤣🤣
Kazuya Veranes
Kazuya Veranes Month ago
- Can’t walk like Kane - Has hair like Tina Turner more than 1997 Kane - Insanely over-dramatic grab of the top rope - Tilts his head too quick when trying to do the stare - Nearly falls down with Kane while chokeslamming - Nearly breaks neck going backwards over the rope They seriously could’ve made a better effort for a WWE legend. - Nearly falls with
Мамантий Уридия
It was Albert
Kaitlyn Tipu
Kaitlyn Tipu Month ago
Writabrata Roy
Writabrata Roy Month ago
Who was the imposter?
Darth Apex
Darth Apex Month ago
The hair at the beginning 😂
I Am Great
I Am Great Month ago
We have the real Kane and the great value version of Kane
Faiyaz Ahasan
Faiyaz Ahasan Month ago
It was Luke Gallows 🤣🤣
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma Month ago
Ramram ji ramram ramram rrrrraaaaammmmm rrrrraaaaammmmm.
Crystal GAMER
Crystal GAMER Month ago
Man wwe doesn't got a good actor or wht 😒 this fool even don't know how to walk like kane he can't even stand like kane, nd kane used Chokeslam with his one hand but this fool even don't have that power 😒☹️
فيصل الدوسري
Kcman my im moss
7aks Month ago
when i was a kid i was scared of this dude LOL
Steadydropn Em
Steadydropn Em Month ago
I was there may 19 2006 @ the Tacoma Dome
Robinson Zorrilla
La gente busca llenar el vacío de su alma y termina suicidándose pero Jesús trae paz y esperanza atu vida
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Month ago
When Kane joined an 80s hair band
The masked kane was mick foley
Eshwaran Nagarajan
But still I doubts that Glen Jackobs was the person in WWF Attitudes era as Masked Kane in late 90s and early 2000s because that person was firefull, powerful and very scary! 👺
DaveBatistafan 1969
I doint like triple h stephine mcmhone
Ringmaster Month ago
I don’t know why this man gave me nightmares but he doesn’t anymore also how did he terrify me but undertaker was my favorite wrestler it don’t make sense
ahmad hamdan
ahmad hamdan Month ago
apakah ada yang indo 😄🙂
LMAO that Luke Gallows did that 😂😂😂😂
Waisong Terang
Waisong Terang Month ago
WWE never show imposter Kane what is the reason and who is behind Kane mask
buddy hommie
buddy hommie Month ago
buddy hommie
buddy hommie Month ago
samyar asgari
samyar asgari Month ago
nice kane 1998 fake
samyar asgari
samyar asgari Month ago
kane vs kane
Anyone tell me who is that man???😡😡😡
Prince Mikell
Prince Mikell Month ago
Who he was as an imposter of Kane was Luke Gallows he was 23 at that time when he played the role of Fake Kane
Name's Roz
Name's Roz Month ago
Original Kane vs Kane from WISH
Carol Harp
Carol Harp Month ago
The wig is horrible
Lovely Month ago
My little brother love kane and i make for my little brother kane's masks and he was happy
Deon Thomas
Deon Thomas Month ago
Cali Boy Savage
Cali Boy Savage 2 months ago
What’s up with the 1980’s hair style 😂
kendall Ward
kendall Ward 2 months ago
It was like gallows
JP Haldenwang
JP Haldenwang 2 months ago
Braun would have been a way better impostor Kane. I know they didn't have him at the time, but still. And poor Gallows. He was given crappy gimmick after crappy gimmick.
Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb 2 months ago
Luke gallows played Kane worst than we realized back then.....
Shashank R.S.
Shashank R.S. 2 months ago
Totally comedy n fake....
Salman Alenazi
Salman Alenazi 2 months ago
I’m going call you 😂☺️
Brian Benfield
Brian Benfield 2 months ago
May 19th
التكنلو جي
التكنلو جي 2 months ago
اذا موجود عربيين ينطون لايك
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