Kane and the twisted tale of May 19: WWE Playlist

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May 19 may be any other day for some, but for The Big Red Machine, it's a day that lives in infamy. Find out why Kane loathes May 19!
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 1 499
Chosen 1
Chosen 1 Hour ago
Now I Know damn well Wwe could have used somebody better to impersonate kane Other then Like Gallows 😂
Saylor-Praise MALETINO
I was born in May 19 👴😂😂
kk riz
kk riz Day ago
Now you killed by Kane😁
Woah I was born in that year :(
Hemchandra Arva
Hemchandra Arva 5 days ago
Kane is my favorite wrestler of all time, and isnt it a co incident that my birthday is on May 19.. 😅😅😁
ALIF GAMS 8 days ago
Kane vs Kane very good match
DeeDee Williams
DeeDee Williams 8 days ago
Wtf i thought they were the same people and i was always confused damm it
NaKaZaTeLeN 9 days ago
God damn it WWE should have returned the original masked Kane after June 26, 2006. It was a great wasted oppurtunity
Iain Smith
Iain Smith 9 days ago
May 19th, the day after my birthday, you're welcome Kane...
ALESH Sone 10 days ago
Mask Kane is undertaker
DeMarcus Burns
DeMarcus Burns 11 days ago
Kane was raw asf
YCNando 12 days ago
This shot had me terrified at 8 years old , my birthday is on may 19 😂
DM87™️ 14 days ago
I bet 99% of you people don’t know the real reason for the imposter
Andrej Sherctibitov
В маске ведь гробовщик, он забрал маску Кейна
AWSOME KING 16 days ago
That's jbl
AKSHITA Srivastava
AKSHITA Srivastava 17 days ago
Guess what? My parents anniversary is on May 19
monax 3x
monax 3x 20 days ago
How much i love kane i think he was the best wrestler once
DUBB_reacts 23 days ago
Should've had mark put the costume on with both sleeves
The Trap'R
The Trap'R 26 days ago
The Kane imposter was too skinny, not muscular, wig was terrible, and wrestling was horrible
lord afro
lord afro Month ago
The Undertaker
Jacob Strang
Jacob Strang Month ago
God the fake kane looks awful
Cameron Hearn
Cameron Hearn Month ago
Fake kane was too dam n little for me lol kane was ripped when he debuted
Skeet Cobain
Skeet Cobain Month ago
This was a good storyline for me until this.. gallows was a horrible Kane imposters he had the size but that wig was horrible lol
Mickey Ari
Mickey Ari Month ago
this dude a mayor now LOL
Francisca Champbell
Under take can do better
Aldo Alemão
Aldo Alemão Month ago
Sensacional rs👍😎👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Undertaker;na Fantasia do Brother Kane. ..
Damien Christensen
When Luke Gallows was good!
jariojario99 Month ago
It's Festus (luke gallows) in Kane's old wardrobe
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali Month ago
Kane you are strong man in wrestling.
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali Month ago
Wrestling my life and my favourite games
happy A
happy A Month ago
2:48 fake Kane was almost fell
R. ivan carda
R. ivan carda Month ago
yang asli yang mana ni? topeng atau kagak?
samir ad
samir ad Month ago
Luke gallows isn't big as kane
Jarvbs Jones
Jarvbs Jones Month ago
is that seriously the best wig they could find for fake kane? absolutely atrocious
Mel's channel
Mel's channel Month ago
it was the day See No Evil first showed in theaters
Fox guy
Fox guy Month ago
The fake Kane that was wearing a mask it was the underta2
miamisoja Month ago
Horrible choke slam
Dilip Dilip Kumar
Nautakibàaz saale
DrippyOnController YT
Man when imposter kane debuted his wig looked like he just woke up
Wwe Wrestlemania
Wwe Wrestlemania 2 months ago
When Kane does a choke slam he wraps the arm around he’s neck and undertaker doesn’t
DJ ROKY SK 2 months ago
What 😱😱😱
Baraka Costa
Baraka Costa 2 months ago
Justice Higher
Justice Higher 2 months ago
KANE spoiled his character with those clones, he will never beat his brother The Undertaker the Icon
Jase Mitchell
Jase Mitchell 2 months ago
This is the best it's problem undertaker
Nikolas Sotiri
Nikolas Sotiri 2 months ago
The Kane is wow
aarav king
aarav king 2 months ago
My birthday is on 19may😢😲
Kapil Verma
Kapil Verma 2 months ago
kane vs fat kane
Elijah Blackburn
Elijah Blackburn 2 months ago
Peps say kick his a kane
Damianzh 2 months ago
I think which kane is the Undertaker
Billy G.
Billy G. 2 months ago
so who the hell was fake Kane? 😕😕
Lilly Woodwin
Lilly Woodwin 2 months ago
10 days after the day this video was made it was my birthday
Legendary Saiyan God
if you look closely at were the impostor pops up u can see him crouching before he does 3:18
Farzana Akhtar
Farzana Akhtar 2 months ago
1997 to 2002
Vli hauhulh Vli hauhulh
I want Kane
Neeraj Kumari
Neeraj Kumari 2 months ago
Kane and big mean
Neeraj Kumari
Neeraj Kumari 2 months ago
Kane vs kane wwe top 10
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 2 months ago
Undertaker obviously see the way he got out of ring
Rory Aldridge
Rory Aldridge 2 months ago
That imposter aka Luke Gallows is the most shittest Kane lol
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 2 months ago
I could never put my finger on what it was i never really thought of it quite actually, but now it has me questioning my life up until now and as i sit here thinking to my damn self how is it that i never noticed this man had any eyebrows?
ThePunisher 2 months ago
I wonder what Kane thinks of March 5th
Debabrata Ghosh
Debabrata Ghosh 3 months ago
Imposter kane wig is horrible
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