Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

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Politician Kamala Harris stops by to explain why she decided to run for presidential office in 2020. The U.S. Attorney also touched on where she stands on marijuana legalization and the "nasty game" she'll have to play going up against President Donald Trump in 2020.
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Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More
The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.




11 фев 2019

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Комментарии 17 257
13lade23 5 минут назад
What is up my fellow negros. I have been injecting the marijuanaz since 1986, while i listened to the one called 'TwoPac' and his brother 'SnoopDog'. Pls vote for me.
Nick Oliver
Nick Oliver 5 минут назад
Kamala Harris is not black. There has been documented proof of this. Her father was possibly 1/4 black AT BEST. So asking her to identify as a black person is absurd. She should be running as the first Indian-American female candidate. Her policies as a California prosecutor and AG were horrendous towards the black people there. I am judging her not on her bullshit pandering to the black community for votes, not on what she has said she will do, but on what she has not said she will do and her past actions and policies. We had 8 years of President "I only help the hispanics, homosexuals and police" Obama. We cannot have another POTUS that carries the same agenda towards us. We need concrete tangibles, not more rhetoric and "trickle-down" promises. It's a "no" from me.
Manuel Tamayo
Manuel Tamayo Час назад
sativa shiva
sativa shiva Час назад
Now shes a specialist on climate change? She dises questions that put her on the spot saying "I need time to study and educate before I answer." But spews her parties rhetoric non stop. She was focused on charging people for pot use not passing laws to help epileptic children get the medicine they needed. She fought very hard to squelch it, now shes hip jamaican and admits she did illegal drugs. Look at her record, its shit. She wasted money on raids for actavists and marijuana dispensaries. She watched people suffer on their death bed and denied them any help or comfort. She is a racist yet cant pick a damn color she wants to be. No knock down drag out when you lost before you even started. Her delusion should not be our problems. She says end the HATE yet yells, fists up, saying this is a fight, this is war. Shes crazy cringy a.f. shes not half as cute as she thinks she is.
Stacy Jackson
Stacy Jackson 2 часа назад
It really dont even matter cause ain't SHIT GONE CHANGE....
Stacy Jackson
Stacy Jackson 2 часа назад
At least trump real about shit and tell us what he want and stop at nothing to get it. These politicians be lying they ass off.. it's a popularity contest
Pete 2 часа назад
Kamala Harris is a fucking evil parasite. She will NEVER be president. Thank the Lord!!!!!
Hauling Heartache
Hauling Heartache 3 часа назад
She is a cockroach.
Dr Dwg
Dr Dwg 3 часа назад
So pleased that this show is catered to blacks and they see through this vile piece of trash
Supreme JJay
Supreme JJay 4 часа назад
Thank you Angela Yee for inspiring me to make music ❤️❤️❤️❤️
NB protocol
NB protocol 5 часов назад
Kamala Harris health care plan is a disaster; www.linkedin.com/pulse/mayor-de-blasios-health-care-plan-don-mau/
pedro almeida
pedro almeida 7 часов назад
This is ''hot sauce'' all over again. The DNC is already trying to sell us another Hilary Clinton.... i'm an atheist but God save us all.
Dillon Green
Dillon Green 8 часов назад
The racist club
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 9 часов назад
Right now, I’m leaning towards Bernie and Marianne Williamson.
shawn Jackson
shawn Jackson 10 часов назад
Bad news -- Kamala Harris direct great great grandparents were plantation and slave owners in Jamaica 🇯🇲 , a town call Brown named after her great great dad Hamilton Brown.... Wake up my people...
Gio Gotti
Gio Gotti 11 часов назад
Shes half indian half white she ZERO PERCENT BLACK WHAT A FAKE
Elsie H Martinez
Elsie H Martinez 12 часов назад
Me & Me
Me & Me 12 часов назад
Another OverTaxed TaxPayer
Another OverTaxed TaxPayer 13 часов назад
The Breakfast Club better stop promoting corrupt politicians. Doing your communities a disservice.
Jill Kelly
Jill Kelly 13 часов назад
SMH, she wants the dumb down the dummies already the hell with it
abobjenkins 14 часов назад
If every guest is special, is any guest special?
AfrikanBambaataa 15 часов назад
Chad Last
Chad Last 15 часов назад
All I'm going to say is remember what happened last time we didn't go for the woman who went against trump. But I'm feeling Sanders tho. . .
Chad Last
Chad Last 16 часов назад
She didn't lie about listening to Tupac and Snoop. She was responding to Envy while Charlemagne was asking his question. . . Dang. So quick to bring out the firing squad. . .
xivxi xivxi
xivxi xivxi 16 часов назад
What's the bets Harris and Booker were in on the Smollett thing to advance their anti-lynching bill?
Input1914 17 часов назад
The likes vs dislikes on this video says everything. The democrats are in big trouble
Gavin Greene
Gavin Greene 17 часов назад
Need to get Andrew Yang on.
Ronald I. Fraser
Ronald I. Fraser 17 часов назад
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer 18 часов назад
Democrats ran slavery not America you evil witch!
James Foster
James Foster 18 часов назад
A lot of bots in this discussion post. People who are saying she's not black enough don't realize that the minute you say that, you are tacitly giving a definition to what it means to be black. As a corollary, you are limiting blackness. Black is what you are not something you try to be.
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons 9 часов назад
So called black americans are American Indians not Black that is just a name given to us by the GVnt fool and Kamala Harris is Caucasian/East Indian
Pete Lombardo
Pete Lombardo 19 часов назад
She is by far one of the best candidates I've seen so far. I don't understand why everyone in this comment section is shitting on her
Chirko Telhin
Chirko Telhin 7 часов назад
She’s extremely fake.
lifeofeddy 20 часов назад
If you make
Sam Tabatowski
Sam Tabatowski 20 часов назад
Pretty sure my comment was deleted but here i am again lol. Bring bernie on and have an actual interview. Its insanely apparent you haven't done research into her career as a prosecutor. Bernie was arrested fighting for our rights and you have corporate puppets like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris? I love this show but this is ridiculous.
skyhigh 20 часов назад
who the heck are all of these damn fools commenting negative shit here? For sure you all don't know shit. God said she will win, she is His choice, and that is a great thing like with Obama. You all got such little minds. You really don't know anything if you don't know God's mind. And you absolutely don't have His mind on these matters. You are media people? You are students of society? You are educated and informed? Give me a friggin break!!! I will have nothing to do with these forums!!! I just thought I'd check this video out, but now I am resolved to stay spiritual and prayerful and in a place of light and love, not darkness and hate.
Javoris Little
Javoris Little 21 час назад
She's full of crap, Bernies a socialist, AOC is a dumbass! Dems 2020 is a losing game for yall lets just skip the election and go straight to trumps inauguration.
Fred Exton
Fred Exton 22 часа назад
Maybe if the democrats spoke of improving the lives of all Americans and not use race as an issue, they may stand a chance at winning. If everybody really wants to reduce and end racism lets stop making race the issue about everything. Why is the Senator not talking about ending the gangs and drugs. That is what is ruining the lives of urban areas. All she is saying is vote for me and i'll give you a hand out, cus ya all that dumb. Or are you?
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson 22 часа назад
I tried to watch this......I made it about 2 minutes in XD I'm out of here dawgsss
Flow of Wisdom
Flow of Wisdom 22 часа назад
This comment from --> C_ No_Evil saying "Breakfast club needs to stick to Hip Hop and Gossip" IS JUST LIKE SAYING SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE. We are more than our occupation!
Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace
Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace 22 часа назад
So she fucked her way to the top, lies to her people daily, and expects any kind of consideration or respect. Nope sorry your are human garbage no legacy you will leave will be worth your time on this forsaken planet. Way better men and women out there, she is just lessor, scheming, plotting evil motivated. Give me righteous men and women for government, not the opportunistic trash that she is.
Dragan Kicanovic
Dragan Kicanovic 22 часа назад
Are Blacks still for Democrats ?
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons 9 часов назад
No, we are independents fuc Liberals
Morgan Kemmeries
Morgan Kemmeries 22 часа назад
No solutions here. We need a new wind: Andrew Yang 2020 he is honest and has great idea's
IamKiaWoods 22 часа назад
I think it’s weird that so many people are discussing marijuana. Why is this the main topic of discussion? Do people want to be high that bad? Sheesh. My fear is the mindset is “Let’s keep you high and keep you distracted.”
TheRealJmoneyMedia TRJMmedia
TheRealJmoneyMedia TRJMmedia 23 часа назад
Want to believe her but ... her past and the way she answers some of the questions is off.
Tien Shinhan
Tien Shinhan День назад
So what I'm gathering from the comments is, black people aren't willing to vote for a person just because they smoke weed, put hot sauce on their greens and dance to Cardi B. I can't believe it. She puts hot sauce on her greens. HOT SAUCE! She listened to 2Pac! Isn't he like Jesus to you blacks?! So what she ruined a ton of black people's lives, she... likes... hot sauce... God I swear you people are never happy.
Abdu Siyam
Abdu Siyam День назад
Man you guys do know that most of these comments are fucking Israeli disinformation hired trolls . There are BUILDINGS of Israelis who are online all day long making fake accounts making something pro Israeli look good with likes and anything that isn't like shit
gjaddajg День назад
The Democratic party is full of identity politics obsessed delusional lunatics. It's insane.
Keith Young
Keith Young День назад
If they do another interview with someone like this then there is all the evidence to say THE BREAKFAST CLUB = "AGENTS AGAINST ADOS".
JustJ День назад
"No, I have not taken from corporations or big banks, I don't believe that I have" lol
Toxic male
Toxic male День назад
30 days in and we’ve been blessed with the Willie Brown story, breakfast club interview, Jussie Smollett fiasco, Father coming out and saying family wants no association with her identity politics....stay hot Kamala.
April Goree
April Goree День назад
1 luv from tupelo Mississippi
Patrick Boyd
Patrick Boyd День назад
The breakfast club is starting to look and sound like white liberals in black face.
Retro-DADE День назад
Girl BYE!
sienna mist
sienna mist День назад
If u do your research Kamala Harris wants to take Americans guns she just a conartist.
asdf ghjk
asdf ghjk День назад
Tulsi 2020!
depeche mode
depeche mode День назад
Kamala Harris Father comment in the Jamaican press: “My dear departed grandmothers (whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he wrote. “Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty,”
Sandra Dominguez
Sandra Dominguez День назад
Kamala is the Future!
YL Drippy
YL Drippy День назад
m.soundcloud.com/yunglzz/yl-sick-tired-official CLICK LINK 👆🏾
superkala fragilistic
superkala fragilistic День назад
Even her own dad says no to her playing identity politics.
SOBER OTIS День назад
Her own *Father* called her out as being a *liar* after this interview. That speaks *VOLUMES !*
Estrella D.
Estrella D. День назад
A Disgusting woman. Period. We know who you REALLY are. We see what you’ve done to Cali. Get the F*** outta here. She is so fake. 100% NO. You Socialist pig! Cali has an EPIDEMIC homeless and drug crisis ... the worst ever in Calis state history! Liar! You don’t do s***, Millions of illegals in Cali with illegal rights! YOU WILL NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT!
theaquarianspace День назад
I am so proud of this comment section. Much respect to you fam. B1!
Adam Baits
Adam Baits День назад
Thank breakfast club for exposing Harris ,the way she stupid enough to answer is exactly how she does her job,SHES A DUMB ASS POT HEAD,.
SquidGunman День назад
She comes across like a floozie! Bet she is an easy lay! I also find it odd how sad the liberals are for children being temporarily removed from their parents at the border, but won’t give a second thought to an abortion.
krazymunky День назад
bernie got arrested for protesting racial inequality bernie 2020
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons 9 часов назад
Bernie also rejected reparations for blacks while demanding it for his Jewish people stfu he's a racist
onnielou70 День назад
Yes, let us stereotype Jamaicans! Are you serious? Who cannot wait to see Harris and Booker go at it?
Jon Pappas
Jon Pappas День назад
Communist club
AFG Incite
AFG Incite День назад
Hey look, it’s a 3way coonfest
black cat
black cat День назад
not a chance in heaven or hell will you be President
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man День назад
Kamala Harris made headlines last week when she joked in a radio interview that of course she smoked marijuana in her younger years: “Half my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” But the crack didn’t go over well with at least one Jamaican: Donald J. Harris, her father. The elder Harris sent an unsolicited statement to Kingston-based Jamaica Global Online, for which the emeritus professor of economics at Stanford University wrote a recent essay on his family’s history. “My dear departed grandmothers (whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he wrote. “Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty,” he added. Kamala Harris’ campaign had no comment.
Wholearmor День назад
As long as you live YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE.
Wholearmor День назад
Her Favorite movie is the MATRIX
Wholearmor День назад
THERE are no Consequences on the BRAIN when SMOKING weed NEVER HAS NEVER WILL........WEED enhances the BRAIN FUNCTION ............you idiot.
Joe G
Joe G День назад
Serious actions should have serious consequences. She seems like a real people pleaser but I see where she’s coming from. However she’d run the country into the ground!
Wholearmor День назад
CORRECTION: 400 + Years of slavery history in this country and over a 1000 + Yrs Slavery in other countries. Lady you talk real good but um you ant it . My Black brothers and sisters already HAVE a President and that's YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWAHSHI That true King of Kings.
Tiffany Fijalkovic
Tiffany Fijalkovic День назад
I am not trying to be a know it all..but Mrs.Harris slavery in America was 400 years not 200 years!!!
Tiffany Fijalkovic
Tiffany Fijalkovic День назад
I like what your saying and all..but it is 400..bc it was before america broke away from England Slavery was happening
SupaNami День назад
This lady will say anything to get the black vote .... just like Hillary Clinton, NO for me!!!
NITRIX82 День назад
How about address the fatherless children being raised by single mamas out there.
Robert Mahone
Robert Mahone День назад
Sooooo, we have never had a candidate that is for black people. It will be a long time before one is, the political game is rigged and candidates are limited. I’m still voting for anyone other than Trump...
Tone 210
Tone 210 День назад
If you are a man and support these current democrats and cry about Trump all day, I have a question. How did it feel when you had your balls removed?
Tone 210
Tone 210 День назад
Trump is going to wipe the floor with all these democrats, I can't wait to see it.
eyeamblackroyalty День назад
Don’t vote people. Just let this shit implode
Isaac Moody
Isaac Moody День назад
Sends pot smokes to jail, now laughs about smoking weed. What a DECENT human being
Get Triggered
Get Triggered День назад
So she was smoking weed while throwing people in jail for smoking weed....... DAMN
Get Triggered
Get Triggered День назад
She's pandering by stereotyping Jamaicans..... sad
Verna Cote
Verna Cote День назад
You can find this information on Jamaican global jamaicaglobalonline.com/kamala-harris-jamaican-heritage/ thanks.
Roshea День назад
Pathological liar. Avoid.
troll fuck da left
troll fuck da left День назад
So This Racist CUNT was locking up people for smoking weed when she was smoking weed that sounds about right y'all keep voting for these stupid motherfukers
mjaay День назад
did she make the law? so she should resign being a DA because y'all niggas smoking on the block indiscriminately when weed is outlawed, and she did weed in the confines of her dorm or home? ppl like u are retarded. she doesn't run or own any system, she still has a boss and department to answer to
mjaay День назад
havent listened to this completely yet, but props to an educated and articulate professional woman for aspiring to shatter a glass ceiling.
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson День назад
I will wear her high heels after i smell em
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson День назад
I wanna suck her toes
Verna Cote
Verna Cote День назад
Reflections of a Jamaican Father By Donald J. Harris My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town
mjaay День назад
damn they sent out the down vote bots heavy
mjaay 10 часов назад
+peer study russia
peer study
peer study 12 часов назад
David Boucard
David Boucard День назад
"My dear departed grandmothers ... as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not, with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics." - Kamala Harris' own father
Nate Hester
Nate Hester День назад
"Do you smoke weed?""Half my family is from Jamaica are you kidding me?" WOW. So everyone in Jamaica smokes pot? That sound like something a Nazi would say.
mjaay День назад
she said she inhaled, from what i read so far. i am jamaican, it would be accurate to say every jamaican has been in close proximity to weed to have inhaled it.
Gear bear
Gear bear День назад
Hilary Clinton 2.0 "Black Edition" Platitudes and cliches. with zero to no consistency on policy issues. I don't trust her. Please stop putting her on a pedestal, just because she is chosen by the democratic establishment. Come on breakfast club, what are we doing here. Seriously...
Life At Home
Life At Home День назад
Damn. 12k dislikes vs 6k likes. Looks like Kamala is gonna be struggling with GenX and Millenial people of color. Thats not great for the DNC come 2020.
Life At Home
Life At Home 19 часов назад
+R M hey i dont have a dog in the fight- Im an independent amd have no love for the dem party. I was merely making an observation.
R M День назад
Screw the DNC! They don't care about the ADOS community!
Jay P
Jay P День назад
TRUMP 2020!
Chocolate Shogun
Chocolate Shogun День назад
This the same lady bragging about smoking week, while locking up people for smoking weed?
Hallo День назад
Rene Douglas
Rene Douglas 2 дня назад
In 94 Kamala prosecuted a man who shot my cousin dead in Oakland. That dude is still in jail. She is hardcore, she gives a damn. My brother was murdered in 93 in Oakland and the dude got 15 years. The prosecutor was trash. However she focuses to much on non citizen issues. So I will not vote for her but I wouldn't call her a overseer. That's excessive!
mjaay День назад
who u voting for then? (for arguments sake of course)
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