Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

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Politician Kamala Harris stops by to explain why she decided to run for presidential office in 2020. The U.S. Attorney also touched on where she stands on marijuana legalization and the "nasty game" she'll have to play going up against President Donald Trump in 2020.
With appearances on CBSN, FOX News, MSNBC The Breakfast Club has proven to be a crucial stop on the road to the 2020 presidential election. Now, another potential candidate drops in to talk their 'black agenda' and to pitch why they should be the next President of the United States.
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Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More
The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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Feb 11, 2019

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Comments 16 978
Anthony Upstart
Every politician should be held accountable no matter if from the left middle or right. If u ask me they're all corrupt
GoHamOnEm21 Day ago
Fake AF... Her and Breakfast Club #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #feelthebern
randy smith
randy smith 2 days ago
Andrew yang 2020!! MATH!! Yang gang!!!
CizrewCobar69 3 days ago
She is so FOS, She mentions everything black , Like schools and music and when she left this interview her voice became whiter and her white husband met her at the door. I endorse marring who you love, no matter Race, But don't act like you here for Black folk and Black folk can see through her BS. That's just saying someone is STUPID, Without saying it,#WALKAWAY #STAYWOKE
Davi Calvo
Davi Calvo 4 days ago
What a pathetic pandering p.o.s .... Disgusting
por yang
por yang 5 days ago
Wow talk about saying a lot of words meaning absolutely nothing. If this was an essay, F---------
William Millhollon
Her own daddy disapproves! Haha! She wouldn’t give President Trump any competition. There’s nothing better once you’ve had the best! Trump 2020!!!!!!
MoneyTrain James
MoneyTrain James 6 days ago
Hahaha I been telling people for months, Kamala is bad. Here we are now... 14k dislikes lol
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 7 days ago
She will never be president Ben Shapiro should go on the breakfast club these people think she is the answer lol
Adam Lowe
Adam Lowe 8 days ago
Trump is the result of media bias on racism. They just asked what she plans on doing for black America. Imagine the outrage of someone asked a candidate what are you going to do for white America. A lot of people are angered by the double standard and bias that says racism is acceptable as long as it's anti-white. HBCUs are modern day pro-black segregation, but some would be offended by even pointing out that fact. Trump is not perfect, but he is the response to the deceit and hypocrisy in the media. I condemn racism in all its forms. Some white people have done horrible things throughout history, and I understand that there is resentment and even tension, but as the leftist media focuses on this us vs them narrative, it's only dividing the country and pushing more people to support Trump. If you actually listen to a full Trump speech it's pretty clear he's not racist, he can be offensive just like Kamala and this show (for the reasons I just described), but that's not necessarily racism is it? If Trumps racist, then the people in this episode are extremely racist for not condemning the bias they show and demonstrate. You would think "America First" and "Make America Great Again" would be a unifying message for all Americans. But to people who hate America, or hate white people, I guess I could see how it's offensive... But isn't that because the people who are getting offended have racist sentiments? A stronger border means wage growth for Americans at the bottom, any economics class should give you the framework to understand that if the labor supply grows faster than labor demand it drives wages down. If we limit labor supply growth by enforcing our immigration laws, it will promote wage growth and economic growth. This is basic economics. As long as you accept that America is a mix of people of all colors, then there is nothing racist about being pro-American. Yet if someone is offended by being pro-American, that reveals their bias and prejudice against others. Trump is not a racist, just listen to the full context of his message by listening to a full speech. The main reason I support Trump is because of my fear of the fake media, and the deceit I observe on a daily basis, and the propaganda of promoting anti-white prejudice through what it calls political correctness. I don't think any of my ancestors every owned a slave, but I've only been able to trace my ancestry back to the early 1800s. If they did, I am sincerely sorry, slavery was wrong. But you can't hold a whole race responsible for what a very small number of wealthy land owners did nearly 200 years ago. I'm a strong believer that the Bible holds the keys to success. First you must understand we were cast out of Eden, nothing is perfect and we must work to survive. Children pay for the sins of their parents, and also benefit from the success of their parents (Exodus 20:5-6, Proverbs 13:22). Then to understand the next major leap, you must ask yourself why did Jesus choose 12 apostles instead of teaching to everyone and revealing things to everyone? It may make sense in this scenario, what would Jesus Do? If a person has to give $10,000 to someone would it be a) a crackhead/sinner, b) a single mother/the poor and needy, or c) a person with a proven track record of honesty and capability who has shown a commitment to helping others that has a clear well thought out plan to take the money and start a business that will benefit all of society and provide a job to both the sinner and the mother where all 3 can get $10,000. Jesus chose 12 apostles because not all a ready, willing, able to understand, and out of those who are, not every person will hold to their commitment, do what is right, and live to help others. Jesus knew the hearts of the apostles and chose to teach 12 people to carry on His work and continue teaching others. This is why America is successful. Yes there have been wrongs, and corruption, and those people will pay in God's time. But if people focus on animosity, and how they have been wronged, then they lose sight of who they are and what they can be. Trump has his share of problems, but is the only one being vocal about fighting for Judeo Christian values in Washington. And when the leftist controlled media is making reporters apologize for questioning whether an 8 year old should be allowed to choose puberty blockers and make permanent decisions in regards to their sexuality, it only reaffirms how sick our country has become. Fox News has it's problems, but it is the last major news station left in this country that is still willing to stand up for Judeo-Christian values.
Hrithik Ravi
Hrithik Ravi 9 days ago
You're here for 36:34
Kookman 10 days ago
Jesus Christ she acts like she nows Black Americans only from movies. and bad movies at that
edfou5 11 days ago
A guy who calls himself Charlemagne claims he can't pronounce the name TULSI? What insincere BS.... Take the corporate puppet strings off your shoulders. If you were just a little less ignorant you'd know that the voting security legislation you want is in a bill written BY TULSI GABBARD (the Securing America's Elections Act (H.R.1946)...You'd also know that Major Gabbard isn't and wasn't polling at zero or SHE WOULDN'T HAVE QUALIFIED FOR THE DEBATES. Wise up Erkel. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
Addison Riggs
Addison Riggs 12 days ago
Straight down to comments to see what America really thinks about this lady! Who ensnares people in jail and prison for profit.
Russiasvechenaya 13 days ago
She’s one ugly man
Sea Trea
Sea Trea 14 days ago
Well...the comments explain why she currently sits at 1% of the black vote. 17,000 comments. 14,000 dislikes...this is intense.
Desahn Welch
Desahn Welch 14 days ago
0:50 kinda like how you took parents from their kids for weed?
AsME5676977 16 days ago
She encourage yall to look at the real record.
Redtan Sonyeondan
Redtan Sonyeondan 16 days ago
who's here after Tulsi destroyed her with the weed clip from here lol
Dan DaMan
Dan DaMan 17 days ago
Pandering for the BLACK VOTE at it's best!
ABM 17 days ago
All I know if Trump is elected again, these RUvid comments are dust.
Veronica I live4jesus
SHE IS FULL OF IT!! She got were she is look who she was dating a man that could have been her grandfather lol ummm
Veronica I live4jesus
This women is hypocrite she is against child being took from mothers at the border but yet she ok with abortion and she sent people to jail for marijuana but yet she smokes her self.. Get out of here!! OMGOODNESS she is pulling the race card how about just Mothers PERIOD!!
xcercist 18 days ago
she is TRASH
anonymous User
anonymous User 18 days ago
Glad that tulsi called this disgusting person out
Rebelle Nomad
Rebelle Nomad 18 days ago
I think that we need to discuss something deeper than our votes. We need to discuss the electoral college as that is how we have Trump as our president. Our popular vote obviously won't matter. Here are some questions: 1. Who are the people in the electoral college? 2. How are they elected and who selected them? 3. When was the electoral college established and why? 4. How do we the people eliminate the electoral college so that our votes count and we have a true democracy? In the words of the great common sense " it's all about the questions"
Rebelle Nomad
Rebelle Nomad 18 days ago
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 18 days ago
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 18 days ago
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 18 days ago
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 18 days ago
This interview was full HYPOCRACY..she sounds high in this interview..lol..she said "I don't believe I took money's..SHE LISTEND TO 2PAC ..BIGGIE WHILE HIGH???DANG THATS WAY AFTET COLLEGE.. HYPOCRITE KAMALA
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 18 days ago
Why didn't they press her on the letters she sent out stating parents we I'll go to jail..heck she read it in an interview and laughed about it
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 19 days ago
oh my God she was the one that put that the rhythm fails with the money she was the one that endorse that heavily she is such a hypocrite it is amazing what she needed to do was to go back and look at everything she had said that she did for the black community for the minority community because now she is totally saying something different and that's called hypocrisy
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 19 days ago
Lil she didn't regret she sure didn't regret putting mothers in jail over truancy what a shame this woman is a fraud
H R 19 days ago
look, Tulsi Gabbard is a liar too!! she said she’s anti-war, but she dropped this bomb on Kamala.
f0repl4y 19 days ago
Proud of my black brother and sisters who are not voting for this woman solely based on the color of her skin but supporting candidates that MSM tends to silent and ignore. Kamala is the worst person to run for president. We're tired of the propaganda MSM is spreading. We see through bullshit. Shame on Charlamagne defending Kamala and deflecting her shitty record as a prosecutor. You sell out POS. BYE! Vote for Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Marianne Williamson or even Trump! These people have your back, they're anti-establishment.
R E 19 days ago
Glad Tulsi Gabbard called her out on her record as a prosecutor. Tulsi could have went in harder on Kamala.
Justin N
Justin N 20 days ago
Google Kamala Harris father pot
VST GOD 20 days ago
rgtowns 20 days ago
She hit every black buzz word: Cardi B, picked a black movie (Beale Street) as she and her husband's favorite movie, cooks greens and eats pork...Remember she was elected as an Asian American.
IAM AKmama
IAM AKmama 20 days ago
🐍 snake. She is a whole, in your fAce, nauseating LIE! WAKE UP
Truce 21 day ago
who here after hearing about here smoking weed
christina hayes
christina hayes 21 day ago
She lies at 37:14 www.huffpost.com/entry/kamala-harris-has-to-answer-for-not-prosecuting-steve_b_5980d18ee4b09d231a518205
Alana Williams
Alana Williams 21 day ago
her slogan for running as president is basically: “i’m not your worst choice”
Aft3r Boss
Aft3r Boss 21 day ago
Who is here today after Kamala Harris got destroyed by Tulsi during the second debate ? I have a question for Charlemaine : Do you have any regret about endorsing Harris ?
christina hayes
christina hayes 21 day ago
This woman lies all too easily. Her office recommended that the state prosecute One West Bank for fraud during the housing crisis. She declined those recommendations. The head of One West Bank then gave her money for her campaigns. Listen to the lie at around 37:14. She could defend this by saying she did not take money from a big bank. No it was the head of the bank after she gave them special consideration. Reminds me of that other well-known liar, Bill Clinton, who constantly parsed his words. This woman is a liar., and she is pretty skilled at it because she does it easily. Don't trust anything she says.
Vortex 21 day ago
Tulsi Gabbard laid the smackdown on Fake Kamala Harris
Wes Plotz
Wes Plotz 21 day ago
She’s disgusting y’all supporting rats
RandomPower 21 day ago
Marihuana (mins): 34 jamaica 36 she smoked 38 she listened to what music when smoking
Sukhdev Zomer
Sukhdev Zomer 21 day ago
Thumbs up if you had already seen this video before but came back to fact-check Tulsi Gabbard.
deborah elliott
deborah elliott 21 day ago
well i stomached her for 22 minutes and some 26 seconds where she said donald trump knows better then her and russia interfered in elections. she doesn't mention the british privy counsel and the london' gang's interference in the trump run for president that is ongoing. thank god she's a mere side show.
deborah elliott
deborah elliott 21 day ago
she doesn't make sense. she doesn't finish a point she herself starts. she's a loser.
deborah elliott
deborah elliott 21 day ago
she really isn't a black person. she avoids addressing her nationality.
Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox 21 day ago
Kamala has disappointed me. Everyone is right, she really is Hillary 2.0. She is just pandering to black people.
kissaboo56 22 days ago
We said her record already now the world knows bye 👋🏾 batch that’s why we couldn’t understand why y’all kept talking to her bc?
hamkon 22 days ago
Tom Weir
Tom Weir 22 days ago
She didn't bring up about when she was inside the room, actual leading the room, she brought in a law which caused single mothers (mainly black and brown) to be put in jail for the truancy of their children. The law was parents are responsible if their child skips school.
Jes 22 days ago
1Life 22 days ago
Has Kamala ever smoked question: 36:37. You're welcome.
Rumford Chimpenstein
thank you, it was taking forever to scroll through
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman 22 days ago
1998fife 24
1998fife 24 22 days ago
she is the black version of HillaryClinton
greg costello
greg costello 22 days ago
I'm here after Tulsi gabbard bodied this awful human being in front of the world last night. Bye bye PANDERING pos
Reppin 405
Reppin 405 22 days ago
38:10 Big ass lie on who she listened to for when she was high.. Tupac and Snoop? Really?? She graduated from law school in 1989 (the time she allegedly smoked) Tupac didnt have a album until 1991 and Snoop came out in 1993.. 🤔
Giovanni pacheco
Giovanni pacheco 22 days ago
Who here after Tulsi Gabbard clap back?
obama is a Russian Puppet FeelTheBern
RIP kamala the fraud
Andersen Barry Wsu Va Tech Bama Fan
Giovanni pacheco Right here.
yoogeo1 22 days ago
Never thought that the day I'd be most proud of my people would be after reading this comment section. I was shook as I started that scroll. I'm smiling now. Yiu did me proud. I hope you all have wonderful weeks!
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 22 days ago
Elizabeth Medina
Elizabeth Medina 22 days ago
Charlegmain is buying all the BS she's feeding him...I'm surprised he's just taking her lies in..lol...she's feeding him lies
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella 22 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tulsi owned her 😂😂😂😂😂😂
JLT Yes 22 days ago
Tulsi Gabbard liked this.
Ruby Smittens
Ruby Smittens 22 days ago
Whenever the hosts of the Breakfast Club talk politics it is so pseudo. Do some serious research if you are going to take on the responsibility of interviewing a presidential candidate. Your interviews are not just cringey but insulting and ultimately dangerous to your audience. You can and should do better.
DZMPLZ 22 days ago
You want a real person please bring tulsi to the show ...oh shit you guys cant your owners won’t want that
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero 23 days ago
In all honestly the only person I see eating trump alive in a debate in bernie sanders 😂, joe Biden be getting soft asf sometimes
Aceofdiamonds444 22 days ago
Lmfao!how tou figure?That crazy old fool is an entitled,limousine socialist.I'm Cuban American w/family in Venezuela & Nicaragua..all socialist shit holes w/people being killed by their government for speaking up...rampant starvation,no medicine,horrible education w/no hope in site...American has the best economy in the world & we are the most free people on the planet...#neversocialsism#MAGA#Trump2020
JCTJR98 23 days ago
Fake 🍑 🐶
D C 23 days ago
Who else is back watching this interview after Gabbard got up in that ass like a bike with no seat? RIP Harris campaign, ended 7-31-19.
The Convo Couch
The Convo Couch 22 days ago
@d c 😂😂😂
Anup Desai
Anup Desai 22 days ago
D C me!
JA G 25 days ago
Let’s face it, old girl won’t be winning this time around. She should return in 4 more years.
Music Makes You Lose Control
My goodness you guys were so tough on Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang compared to how you rolled out the red carpet for Kamala Harris and Booker. SMH...
Derrick Lee
Derrick Lee 25 days ago
The guy that spoke on MSNBC I love you you said a mouthful you right not sit down with that donkey Because he would never understand you but I hope he's not doing all this racist s*** or anything else and doing something on the side what are his other two other Foods Putin and Kim Young you know how sneaky that can be I just feel like he's up to something else too but I love your speech on MSNBC thank you CC please answer me back
toneman335 26 days ago
Kamala Harris actually lies more than the corrupt Hillary Clinton....so pathetic
toneman335 26 days ago
Ask her how Willie Brown helped her n CA politics and what she did for him to show her appreciation...wink, wink
toneman335 26 days ago
Kamala "the faker" Harris is a pandering fool. Everything she says is false narrative BS! It's scary how it appears she believes her own BS.
Kia Mendoza
Kia Mendoza 26 days ago
I will never vote for a person who does not tell the truth, and lies with a straight face! This woman is dangerous.
theelwoodful 28 days ago
At 38:10 she is asked what music she listened to in college. She answered Snoop and Tupac. But they weren't even around when she was in college, not by a long shot! What a phony. And don't forget to that when she was a DA she threw thousands of pot smokers in prison! We just gonna let her slide on this? Call out panderers!
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