Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki on "bittersweet" end of "Big Bang Theory"

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After 279 episodes, “The Big Bang Theory” is coming to an end. The hit CBS show is now the longest running multi-camera comedy in TV history. It has provided nearly 12 years of laughs with some of the television’s most endearing and unique characters. Stars of the show, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the series finale.
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May 16, 2019




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Comments 541
andreas schweitzer
andreas schweitzer 19 days ago
Danke,endlich hat das ein Ende.Die Serie wurde immer nervieger.Die ersten 5 Staffeln waren top,danach ging es bergab.
l' ll miss you so much Penny.
Laura wang
Laura wang 2 months ago
what we NEED is more seasons , there was really no reason to end this aside from jim parson not wanting to continue
TRNDA TRNDOVEC 2 months ago
I mean he is the main part of the show
Mighty Reds
Mighty Reds 2 months ago
Too sad that the show has ended 😢
randrianoromalala valisoa
are you like the outfits of Kaley Cuoco and Johnny, so find here: spotern.com/en/search/The+Big+Bang+Theory?page=1
Cliff Llewellyn
Cliff Llewellyn 3 months ago
brilliant show
asmera asmera
asmera asmera 3 months ago
Martha Darmanin
Martha Darmanin 3 months ago
I absolutely loved the finale and teared up during Sheldon's speech. I had hoped Amy would be pregnant rather than Penny, or at least that Sheldon and Amy had talked about it more than just that episode where they go to babysit Howard's children. I had also hoped Raj would get a better ending, maybe that he found someone or got married or maybe even something that has nothing to do with relationships but that gave him a better ending in the show.
Knight Rider Tv
Knight Rider Tv 3 months ago
Let's make it happen.
Knight Rider Tv
Knight Rider Tv 3 months ago
2 more season pls
johnny mays
johnny mays 3 months ago
This show should continue... These guy's are too talented for one person to quit and the whole show be scraped....
Juan Valcarcel
Juan Valcarcel 3 months ago
I had the feeling that the show would end with an empty 4A apartment after everyone had moved out to another place/city/country to live separate lives. I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.
MNC 3 months ago
The end of an era,i just watched the final episode,it was hard to find online,i'm not attached to this show,i only started to watch it because of i was a fan of Kaley Cuoco,but i didn't love it,this show had it's down more than ups,much more,it should've ended years ago but had to milk it,greed is the demise of 99%,but i liked the ending,i don't think i'm gonna miss it.
Дмитрий Н.
Дмитрий Н. 3 months ago
Hey just watch how two wemen behave more freedomly than the male host. Freaking dangerous for men.
Concentrationn 3 months ago
The only longtime running tv show I know is some random indian tv show that has like 3000 episodes.
Flavia Grasso
Flavia Grasso 3 months ago
I remember the first episode airing in Italy. I was 9 years old. I couldn't really understand a lot about many things but it was fun. I'm in university now. I watched the last episode crying and it's a tv show I grew up with and it was important to me watching it with my parents. A clever tv show, really well acted and it taught me a lot. It's fine to be afraid of something but if you manage to do it, you'll be proud of it forever. Growing up it's hard and sometimes you can't make every dream come true but you can love your present for how it turned out to be. Women can do science, they are great at it. Also... I just want to say that marriage isn't only the love for each other but for something in common too. I get why in a certain way Sheldon felt like the asimmetry was the best part of the day (maybe for a different reason lol) the way they did it together it felt like love for something that link him to Amy. Happiness is not only to be found in love toward a lover but also toward a friend. A woman can have babies and a carrier and be great doing both. Relationships with parents can be hard but sometimes if you fight for your truth they can learn from you as much as you did from them. I know I said a lot of stuff but damn my children will watch this tv show. I'll rewatch it a lot for sure.
TheBrodie Ken
TheBrodie Ken 3 months ago
I wish they make a Christmas special every year 😭😭😭!
Michael Chambers
Michael Chambers 3 months ago
One of the best, if not the best show ever. It is our family's favorite.
Irrelevant_pig _9
Irrelevant_pig _9 3 months ago
Sonam C
Sonam C 3 months ago
Castle 3 months ago
*Johnny looks like that Literature professor that all the students are in love, the one that speaks french and recites poetry lines*
Gunga Dinz Travels
Gunga Dinz Travels 3 months ago
Has Kaley gone scrawny, or is it her makeup that is making her look so thin?
Nnot 3 months ago
There were no ‚bazinga‘s in the last 5 seasons or so
Edgar Salinas
Edgar Salinas 3 months ago
good it is finished they all look really old old
marienaailes 4 months ago
I saw very episode at least 10 times! The best show there is!!
n a m e l e s s
n a m e l e s s 4 months ago
when the said that the big bang theory was gonna end I was expecting Jim Parsons to say "Bazinga!" but he didn't🙁😭💔
Mo Jo
Mo Jo 4 months ago
Thank you. Each of you will be missed but I will enjoy the reruns
thomasgflynn 4 months ago
I am so sad I missed the last shows. I was not able to be home and I have seen most episodes at least twice or more..
Keith Benicek
Keith Benicek 4 months ago
Jim Parsons is the Yoko Onk of the Big Bang Theory, just as Yoko killed the Beatles, Yoko Parsons killed this show all on his own!
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 4 months ago
+Keith Benicek , Don't you mean the John Lennon of the Big Bang Theory? 1. Parsons is talented, Lennon was talented (Yoko, not so much, if it weren't for Lennon then nobody would know who Yoko is). 2. Parsons walked away from Big Bang Theory, Lennon walked away from the Beatles, yes Yoko was partly to blame, but walking away was a choice that Lennon made himself. P.S. John Lennon walked away from the Beatles before they became stale/irrelevant, an I think that Parsons did the same, an the fact that Parsons was offered more money and still insisted on leaving, then all the more respect to him. P.P.S. The Beatles couldn't evolve further, Big Bang couldn't, end it while you can, otherwise you'll end up like The Simpsons (a show that should have ended 2 decades ago).
August Hawks
August Hawks 4 months ago
My only complaint is I wanted to see Leonard's mom exposed for the fraud that she is.
rjdalchow 4 months ago
What a pile of fluff. It was funny, but not worthy of all the praise--thanks to the dumbed-down generations we got now. CBS seems to have forgotten it is the network of such shows as All In The Family, Newhart (both eras), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Carol Burnett, and MASH. This show will soon be forgotten, as it should be.
RadioFreePG 4 months ago
Great show and great spinoff: "Young Sheldon".
Dawn Coleman
Dawn Coleman 4 months ago
i boo hoo'd like a baby at the end of the show! i will miss it but i will continue to watch the reruns!! i learned to love science watching this show!
Cathy Rasmussen
Cathy Rasmussen 4 months ago
great interview with the both of them. Hope they have much success in the future
LLL 33
LLL 33 4 months ago
Don't you think Kaley and Johnny still have some chemistry going on?........hmmmm🤔.......I wonder if they might get back together. 🍷😎
Harrison33139 Briggs
I was the one who needed help for decades.everyone knows it.
steph g
steph g 4 months ago
This show ended a little like RULES OF ENGAGEMENT where the COUPLE with no kids Finally gets pregnant by the final episode, right up there with the great finales like the office, parks & rec, and Breaking bad. Nice run guys, nice run
steph g
steph g 4 months ago
i loved big bang theory even since Peter from family guy forced Carter to have a viewing party and sheldon made that funny quip about lifting 690 billion nanograms and Jonny says, "sheldon, thats less than 2 pounds'" i was hooked
Rebecca Dagama
Rebecca Dagama 4 months ago
Even here the host did not let Johnny complete what he was saying.....
Tanya Mckinnon
Tanya Mckinnon 4 months ago
This was my fave but it was definitely time
Tanya Mckinnon
Tanya Mckinnon 4 months ago
Johnny looks like he was either on a crying jag or he's lost a lot of sleep
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III 4 months ago
We're ready for the Road Warrior Movie Career now.
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 4 months ago
Winter never came. 😑
Alan jones
Alan jones 4 months ago
I was 35 when I started watching tbbt I'm now 47 ? How quick that's gone by ! Bazinga
ThewayICit 4 months ago
No blame on the actors but this showed died about 6 years ago due to the writers totally running out of ideas and reduced to churning out the same old gags ad nauseum. Quantity over quality. This dead horse ain't walking no more however hard they continued to flog it.
dany manchster
dany manchster 4 months ago
johnny look hangover in all his interview
marty nola
marty nola 4 months ago
I'm soo happy there are re runs What other show can you watch the same episode 10 times and laugh EVERY time.
Laura Catha
Laura Catha 4 months ago
One of my favorite shows EVER! Will there be a movie in the future? I hope so..
jeferrell79 4 months ago
What about the soft kitty song?
Dan Dixon
Dan Dixon 4 months ago
The last episodes made me cry like a baby and I'm 38 years old Hahaha
Bojan Modrić
Bojan Modrić 4 months ago
I started watch this show when i was twelve,it was like 7 yrs but i am from Croatia so in our country show started in 2012,it's sad to accept its over now,i hope the acctors would be in the some of series in future and i wish them best of luck
Randy Burnett
Randy Burnett 4 months ago
Yea she has a big heart he looks sad to good job David
María De Los Àngeles P.V.
I'm crying yet
Leann Carpenter
Leann Carpenter 4 months ago
Best Series Finale Show To Date! So well done. Thank You!
TheExpoExplorer 4 months ago
Time for a Cartoon Network baby remake
David Stewart
David Stewart 4 months ago
Can't believe I'm older than kaley cuoco the way she talks very well
NickTalk 4 months ago
I'll miss Jim Parsons in my family room, what a great actor, in a very well written show.
Mr Ed
Mr Ed 4 months ago
It went on for about 5 seasons too long.
Klayden004 4 months ago
I miss them already😭😭😭😭😭
aljohn tabion
aljohn tabion 4 months ago
The longest running sitcom.. did not know that
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