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Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son
From the new album Surface Sounds out now: kaleo.lnk.to/surfacesounds
What makes you feel good?
What makes you angry inside?

Why don’t you love me?
You want to fuck me or fight?

You never asked me
If I had something to hide

You want to hurt me
I’ll make it easy tonight

You’ve got to stay skinny
Don’t you, girl?
You’ve got to stay pretty
While you can
You’ve got to stay hungry
For the fans

Or they’ll try to burn you all out
They’ll try to burn you all out

Your face is rotten
Ugliest smile I have seen

Your name is forgotten
Now go on and cut yourself clean

Why won’t you answer?
You think you’re better than me?

Go on surrender
Another suicide teen

You’ve got to stay skinny
Don’t you girl
You’ve got to stay pretty
As you were
You know we are living
In a fucked up world

And they’ll try to burn you all up
They’re going to burn you all up

Oh I’m burning out now
Oh I’m burning out
Can you feel me burning out
Oh I’m burning out

You’ve got to stay skinny
Don’t you girl
You’ve got to stay pretty
While you can
You know we are living
In this fucked up world

And they’re going to burn you all up
They’re going to burn you all out


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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100
Edvard Borisov
Edvard Borisov 8 hours ago
Go to the Russia please
Gohrre Day ago
Building a mystery ripp off ? Seriously 2021 :'(
Trulius Julius
This is the only band that aliens should be allowed to listen to should they ever visit.
Bravery Beth
Bravery Beth Day ago
His voice-
Alexandre Silva
I prefer the other version, but the song is still amazing.
Mikołaj Lejwoda Trener
What a song...
mario rodrigues
mario rodrigues 2 days ago
This is just fxxxxxxcking awesomeness
Paolo Piga
Paolo Piga 2 days ago
In the Italian radio today!
Chrysalis990 2 days ago
No its called directed energy weapons and cancer. Its not hard to be this skinny but thanks for rubbing in that they busted my teethe out. And who are you? Another sold out bullshit chip head pretending we screwed.
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma 3 days ago
He is so under rated. Well hello to the people with great music taste 🤟🏻
szpiderman 3 days ago
Its fucking awesome piece of music, pozdrawiam słuchaczy AntyRadia ;)
Pete Brennan Music
2nd dominant chord change. "chefs kiss"
Robin S.
Robin S. 5 days ago
This is my new favorite song
Falscher Bruce
Falscher Bruce 6 days ago
shot the volcano video too early - erupted 400 metres high yesterday
Владимир Романов
Eahhhhhhh perfect
Cristian Mejía
Cristian Mejía 7 days ago
KALEO entered the second decade of the 21st century to save music. This is art, it is our duty to take it to the top.
Ilya 7 days ago
your name is forgotten -> your flames forgotten
stefano novelli
stefano novelli 8 days ago
One of the best rock song of the last years...
Hadis Gheysavndi
Hadis Gheysavndi 9 days ago
Thomas Mullen
Thomas Mullen 10 days ago
Cristian Mejía
Cristian Mejía 12 days ago
KALEO will be the next "Artic Monkeys" (Related to fame). KALEO is incredibly good! Damn!
Big Yikes
Big Yikes 13 days ago
This is the best song I’ve heard in ages.
Kelly & Doug
Kelly & Doug 14 days ago
they should play this at the start of love island and then not show it
MałgorzataS2 Wadoń
Even didn't know what the author was thinking about the music and lyrics makes me understood well what is about! Love you 😍 kaleo...
Shahed Qasemi
Shahed Qasemi 14 days ago
Producer :How much anger do you want to put in your so- JJ: _Throws his guitar in his face_
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 14 days ago
Sound like Avicii ?
Gasior 15 days ago
So damn good song!!! Love it!!
Nick Diggory
Nick Diggory 15 days ago
I only have one thing to say to people with this much talent. I hate you!🤨
scott mouse
scott mouse 16 days ago
Better at the Volcano.
Robbie Mctaggart music
What a fucking tune man 🤘🤘🤘
russell murray
russell murray 16 days ago
cabuscus 16 days ago
this is REAL modern music
Ria Jones
Ria Jones 16 days ago
Sounds like a singer in my son's band - mojoprophet.bandcamp.com/releases
Marlene Appelgryn
Marlene Appelgryn 17 days ago
Anyone else feel like this is an argument between two toxic people in a relationship? Kaleo is just so talented 😍
Audio Arcturia
Audio Arcturia 17 days ago
This song is harsh... raw and brutal. And it should be. I worry its meaning will be lost on a lot of people, but I hope the message reaches the people for whom it's intended.
Indonesia zRecords
Indonesia zRecords 18 days ago
amazingggggggggggg brooo
ibeats1music 18 days ago
Good sound.
Dominique Gautier
Dominique Gautier 18 days ago
I love this new album !! Skinny seems inspirated by "Division - Bell High Hopes Pink Floyd" ♥
dpb thomas
dpb thomas 19 days ago
That VOICE !!!
Joshua Mallari
Joshua Mallari 19 days ago
Every Kaleo song sounds like it’s been around for decades. They’re so original, as if this is where rock originated 💯
Mystiquex G
Mystiquex G 19 days ago
Soul Full
Soul Full 19 days ago
Brian Bassett
Brian Bassett 20 days ago
How is Kaleo SO FUCKED UP? I want to know who broke this sad fuck.
Dr Souc Music
Dr Souc Music 20 days ago
Sanad Abu khalaf
Sanad Abu khalaf 20 days ago
this is bussin ON GOD
Bianca Pool
Bianca Pool 20 days ago
Randomly discoverer Kaleo for the first time in my life last night. This morning its jamming in my car on my way to work and at work. Now just as end of day is hitting me, Kaleo drops a new album with more new songs!. WFT/ Wow. Im dead inlove.
neхт day
neхт day 19 days ago
I had the same with Nothing But Thieves, also great modern rock band And they have released new album in 2020 you should check 'em
Chair Gang
Chair Gang 20 days ago
This easily has to be the best Kaleo song I have ever heard.
Debbie Poriazi
Debbie Poriazi 20 days ago
*Not me litterally crying while listening to this song
Raj thakurta
Raj thakurta 20 days ago
I became his fan after listening way down we go
Bayankuş 20 days ago
At least as good as 'way down we go' ✨
OGR 20 days ago
K Z 20 days ago
we all just tryna stay perfect for someone else..... not ourself
Won Sicks Duece
Won Sicks Duece 20 days ago
Onlyfans theme song
Joshua Davison Becklund
the music video is amazing !!!...
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 22 days ago
That solo is cream worthy. Literally the greatest tone i think i've ever heard played on a set of strings
Josue Hidalgo
Josue Hidalgo 22 days ago
Tengo muchas razones para estar deprimido, pero cuando KALEO sube nueva canción, nada puede estar mal :,)
Sebastian David Lopera Madrigal
JJ Julius es demasiado bueno, es increíble esa voz y esta canción es un climax para mis oídos.
stela aguera
stela aguera 23 days ago
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Agus Perez
Agus Perez 23 days ago
Diana Wijas
Diana Wijas 23 days ago
أنا أحب
Irum Zahra
Irum Zahra 23 days ago
My heart!
Kourtney Victory
Kourtney Victory 23 days ago
could someone tell me what this song is about bc it literally does NOT make any sense
Jackson Cole Whisenhunt
He’s singing about the unhealthy lifestyle expectations of social media models (models in general probs)
Юлия Иваненко
I'm absolutely in love with this song ❤️❤️❤️
Bboy yude
Bboy yude 24 days ago
Travis Nichols
Travis Nichols 24 days ago
That voice!!
Даниела Иванова
I'm so obsessed with this song, my boyfriend threatened to throw me out if I play it one more time :D
Linda Schifferová
Linda Schifferová 24 days ago
0:29 close one of your eyes and puto your nose to your screen and then just enjoy the song and your view
Pepe Molina
Pepe Molina 25 days ago
me mola mucho
Anna Cz
Anna Cz 25 days ago
Nadia Lazar
Nadia Lazar 25 days ago
This masterpiece can be a good song to peaky blinders...just a feeling!!
Hosein Firouzi
Hosein Firouzi 25 days ago
It really was perfect 🤟🌟🖤
Ricoche 25 days ago
I have a new favorite song. Oh God
Richard Walker
Richard Walker 25 days ago
Holy shit, these vocals.
Zenstriker 25 days ago
Today’s society, today’s world, and nothing really changes...
A. T.
A. T. 26 days ago
Good song but I don't know why they gave JJ's voice this weird, over-produced sound. The man has an amazing voice, just let him sing without all this digital interference ffs.
Kevin Henrique
Kevin Henrique 26 days ago
inmanuel goncalves
inmanuel goncalves 26 days ago
I feel like i just have found gold!
Lytera Ru
Lytera Ru 26 days ago
Долгожданный альбом.
Ricky Castro
Ricky Castro 26 days ago
Cant help but thinking what this could have sounded like feat. Amy Winehouse.. out of this f..ing world no doubt!
Pathan Khan
Pathan Khan 27 days ago
Feminists wont agree.
Jackson Cole Whisenhunt
I think they would agree with the message actually. He’s highlighting how fucked a social media stars lifestyle is
Rey 27 days ago
Kaleo can't stop being so amazing !!!!
Zen 27 days ago
kaleo i love your voice when you sing you made a masterpiece every time
Britney Williams
Britney Williams 28 days ago
Fuck I love him.
Vinco vanda
Vinco vanda 28 days ago
Why it's so familiar..
Jón Steinar
Jón Steinar 28 days ago
I guess when you feel like the whole word should hear this song, it must be good.
Mikolaj Starzak
Mikolaj Starzak 28 days ago
Outstanding :O i literally torture this song all week
Jordy robbe
Jordy robbe 28 days ago
every *ucking time they release something its so *ucking good
SPARECHANGE 28 days ago
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Almalexiel 28 days ago
A fitting song for RUvid.
Fabíola Leite de Matos
Estou viciada nessa música. MARAVICHERRY
LareMare 28 days ago
Iceland's guy for last year's and this year's Eurovision was alright (compared to most other Eurovision songs), but Kaleo is definitely what the contest needs.
Hアッシュ 28 days ago
They have no right to do that. But they can do leave me alone. When they have two choices↑ They always make wrong choices. That’s why they make another dead people. It’s soliloquy. No reply required.
Max Grishin
Max Grishin 28 days ago
Kaleo, come Moscow to concert
Oriana Calcines
Oriana Calcines 28 days ago
pamvisual 28 days ago
maor zissu
maor zissu 28 days ago
came across this song , all i can say is WTF. thank you, kaleo
L E Y L A B 28 days ago
😍😍😍 обожаю его голос!
n0tfr0mth1sw0rld 29 days ago
Love it
TRAIN LEE 29 days ago
Seriously... fking gorgeous
Gustavo Fogaça
Gustavo Fogaça 29 days ago
Excelente música 🇧🇷🇧🇷
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