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Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son

From the new album Surface Sounds out now: kaleo.lnk.to/surfacesounds


Sun is down on east side
While we all turn a blind eye
You know I’ve got your back
But would you ever do that for me?

Billy boy he’s gifted
You know you can’t deny it
Don’t leave us empty handed
Cause you know we don’t deserve that
From you

I want to break my baby
You know she loves to fake it
I want to break my baby
Hold her down
Bring her down now

They’ll take you in
And spit you out
You’re only worth how much you sell

You’ve come too far
We both agree
Just give the people what they need

Will you turn away
Or will you take my place
Does it start to show
Now that the pressure is on
Will they call my name
When it all goes up in flames
Will you, be by my side

I want to break my baby
You know she loves to fake it
I want to break my baby

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Published on


Jan 15, 2020




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Comments 0
Radhe Radhe
Radhe Radhe 4 hours ago
Mia 12 hours ago
I trust the taste of the people in this comment section... drop me your fav songs/playlists. I’ve hit a rut in my musical explorations 🥲
Silvana Ruiz
Silvana Ruiz 15 hours ago
Елена Майская
Очень нравится группа КАЛЕО!!!! Слушаю постоянно!)
Lil Dee
Lil Dee 3 days ago
Who is listneing to this in 2021 then ur a legend 🖤🖤🖤
Luis Nunes
Luis Nunes 4 days ago
Simplemente celestial
4Door ZL1
4Door ZL1 5 days ago
You can always tell when someone is heavily influenced by the blues. We need a Kaleo & Gary Clark Jr collab.
Yt Bear
Yt Bear 7 days ago
The Wise Jew IQ
The Wise Jew IQ 7 days ago
Tiktok 🤩🤩🤩
Хасан Сулеман
Best song ever ❣️
Erica Reis
Erica Reis 8 days ago
Key Master
Key Master 16 days ago
menuda mierda de cancion bro
Wheeler King
Wheeler King 17 days ago
His voice is as strong as a Jew rocket against the Palestinian people
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 18 days ago
Комент раді лайка..
Calvillo Alfaro Aldo Alejandro
just perfect mind, like all his discography
Roberto Dynasty
Roberto Dynasty 20 days ago
mano ja tem um ano que escuto essa msc e ainda não enjoei dela, slc kaleo é bom demais
うちのちび 21 day ago
So cool!🥰🥰🥰
valentino gamba
valentino gamba 23 days ago
Burcu Selamet
Burcu Selamet 25 days ago
Szooku 27 days ago
i really enjoyed
Megan Wedin
Megan Wedin 28 days ago
SERIOUSLY THO, this song is epic for sparring.
Ahmad Yousef
Ahmad Yousef 29 days ago
Shake ice and wine
Bong Houghton
Bong Houghton 29 days ago
The fallacious sled conjecturally pat because carbon comparatively place lest a bright hammer. soggy, cluttered grandfather
Jasmin BF
Jasmin BF Month ago
Always true to himself !
bellaleksandra Month ago
Baki Adıgüzel
Baki Adıgüzel Month ago
ı could die for this song
Hey! I know you’re here from MLB The Show 20... this was the best song for sure
Lastmanstanding Month ago
Fucking A
Musique new
Musique new Month ago
matthias Wagner
matthias Wagner Month ago
Still here?
david leca
david leca Month ago
"Billy boy is gifted" oh my god
Micro My Blood
Micro My Blood Month ago
Fucking freaking awesome intro followed by you know what, a bloody masterpiece!
xWilko420 X
xWilko420 X Month ago
The guitar player is fuking awesome also the song is mint
??? Month ago
Shawna Watson
Shawna Watson Month ago
I love kaleo ❤❤😍😍
Zinah Mohammed
Zinah Mohammed Month ago
So happy to see them coming back! Absolute art!
??? Month ago
i agree too :)
el brillo estelar
madeleine p.
madeleine p. Month ago
This style of music is one of my favorite things to ever exist.
Michael León Peña Javier
Esta es otra más de tus hermosas joyas, Kaleo.
Taxmina Akperli
Taxmina Akperli Month ago
This is love💜
Leonardo Colucci
nice job dude
Fearless Jc
Fearless Jc Month ago
3:28 😍💥⚡
ex tothenetwork
ex tothenetwork Month ago
Pretty. F'king. Good.
Brunod3Cmrgo Month ago
Chris Lim
Chris Lim Month ago
some serial killer's out there choppin up his wife and vibin to this.
Flippi trippi
Flippi trippi Month ago
Bill J
Bill J Month ago
Mailaina Throne
Mailaina Throne Month ago
I just heard him on Jimmy Kimmel. I was in the kitchen and I.had the tv on in my bedroom..I was like who's that!? I had to rewind the show and listen to it again. I really like his voice & style. He got that sexy rugged swag with it. I'm a new fan
Eren Tokmak
Eren Tokmak Month ago
u're a fucking god
Максим Максим
Супер, нечего лучш¡его не слышал!!!
Максим Максим
Очень круто!!!!!
ibrahim asiltürk
Sidhardha Sonti.V.S
Sidhardha Sonti.V.S 2 months ago
Resonating voice.
Rudra vaishnav
Rudra vaishnav 2 months ago
Naruto nd kaleo r better than drugs
Jess Dybro
Jess Dybro 2 months ago
Never stop singing!!!!!
Muhammet Harun
Muhammet Harun 2 months ago
keşke görsen bu yorumu MC
- Garcia
- Garcia 2 months ago
Em que estilo de música ele se encaixa?
Biftu A
Biftu A 2 months ago
مرتضی سلیمی
Katarzyna Kostof
Katarzyna Kostof 2 months ago
Wowww I love this Voice and Musik ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️
TWhistle75 2 months ago
Great voice. He sounds like Chris Cornell at times
Jeremy Morales
Jeremy Morales 2 months ago
Who here from MLB The Show 20
Alexis Rojas
Alexis Rojas 2 months ago
Vishwajeet Waghmare
Vishwajeet Waghmare 2 months ago
This song should be on Tommy Shelby"s entrance ngl 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vera Lucia Baptista
Vera Lucia Baptista 2 months ago
SID 006
SID 006 2 months ago
Cheeky AF guitar riff🥵
Egehan Nalbantoglu
Egehan Nalbantoglu 2 months ago
Kaiky Santos
Kaiky Santos 2 months ago
does anyone know songs of this type without Copyright?
Stúdio 13 Tattoo
Stúdio 13 Tattoo 2 months ago
the best
Stúdio 13 Tattoo
Stúdio 13 Tattoo 2 months ago
very good songs crazy
Dina Regine
Dina Regine 2 months ago
one word. Fabulous! 🌹
Abhishek Sunil
Abhishek Sunil 2 months ago
Loved it guys. Keep going!😄🥰🤩
Silvana Carlett
Silvana Carlett 2 months ago
Olá 👋👋👋 gostei lindo Brasil fã ❤️❤️❤️
Alphasunset 2 months ago
This is truly a gem
Kher Aissa
Kher Aissa 2 months ago
Hello this musique verri nice
Stella Alcântara
Stella Alcântara 2 months ago
God! Me arrepio todinha pqp
Stella Alcântara
Stella Alcântara 2 months ago
@Felipe Aguiar Totalmente viciada tbm hahaha
Felipe Aguiar
Felipe Aguiar 2 months ago
Não paro de ouvir já faz uns meses.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 2 months ago
Black Keys vibes
Amanda Alcântara
Amanda Alcântara 2 months ago
Sabri Fernadez
Sabri Fernadez 2 months ago
Derrick Raymone Jones
Evaly T.E.N.
Evaly T.E.N. 2 months ago
huy nguyen
huy nguyen 2 months ago
Goose bumps=)))
Irina Ivanokova
Irina Ivanokova 2 months ago
ждем новых композиций
Jordan Viss
Jordan Viss 3 months ago
great song!
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 3 months ago
Anyone else hear from MLB the show
Aina. dz
Aina. dz 3 months ago
Es increíble guau
Kawhi Me A River
Kawhi Me A River 3 months ago
This song makes me want to hit ten home runs in a single game.
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams 3 months ago
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 3 months ago
Cadê o povo brasileiro??
Nicole Lohidoy
Nicole Lohidoy 3 months ago
excellent voice , excellet sound! i love this music guys
Péter Horváth
Péter Horváth 3 months ago
ALL of Your music is great. It is very rare, so go on guys!
Karol Martin
Karol Martin 3 months ago
Jucelio Junior #Sertão Abençoado#
Quem Está Ouvindo Em.2021 Está Aqui Sucesso Total Show😎💥👏🏻✌🏻
Rohit Chandarkar
Rohit Chandarkar 3 months ago
See the problem with this song is when you hear it...you feel like you wanna do a badass slowmotion walk for no reason :P
Rohit Chandarkar
Rohit Chandarkar 23 days ago
@Shakeel BMWI hope you become one then.... Goodluck!
Shakeel BMW
Shakeel BMW 23 days ago
Hahhh same dude... I think of myself being a sucessful badass man with huge muscles and tatoos lmao
Rohit Chandarkar
@Malika Queen 👑 So imagine him walking in slow motion towards you....and this is playing in the background...better? 😛
Malika Queen 👑
Nope I wanna do stuff with my crush that wants me
Cyrxtalz Month ago
Like trotting around the bases in the show 20
Gunner 3 months ago
“Give the people what they need”
Pathan Khan
Pathan Khan 3 months ago
The guitar and his voice at 3:28 is just fuckin amazing.
Michele BUSHNIK 3 months ago
Absolute favorite! ❤
marigroszek 3 months ago
Adam Dyer
Adam Dyer 3 months ago
Yo! That guitar at the end! Holy mother of god!
giorgio torresi
giorgio torresi 3 months ago
best song of the year
nanatza martinez
nanatza martinez 3 months ago
Cantas increhible
Manueli Santana
Manueli Santana 3 months ago
to viciada em todas as musicas perfeitoss
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