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Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son

From the new album Surface Sounds out now: kaleo.lnk.to/surfacesounds

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Published on


Apr 17, 2020




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Comments 0
Lorenzo 6 days ago
Grandi!! Brano capolavoro
Hugo Green
Hugo Green 7 days ago
Brothers in Arms 2? Wonder what Mark Knopfler would think ?
disbelief papyrus!!!??? a... it's not '-'
Elias 11 days ago
That voice.. Amazing song
Dariusz Goscinski
Dariusz Goscinski 18 days ago
The best.
Ermin Dindic
Ermin Dindic 22 days ago
Trulius Julius
Trulius Julius 24 days ago
I'm on a Kaleo-thon who wid me? 😄
Mahdi Hosseini
Mahdi Hosseini 27 days ago
The voice of my life
Amberly Yeomans
Amberly Yeomans Month ago
Maybe the interpretation is him telling his friend who suffers from PTSD, pretty much where is the person you used to be? Where is the stable mind you used to have? And describing what the military instills in your mind plus the trauma you've endured. Anyways amazing song ❤
Boussaa Zakaria
Boussaa Zakaria Month ago
Only few can feel it, the fact that u listening to this song just because u don't know how to describe urself, or say what's going on within you, inside ur mind, ur heart and ur soul, the fact that u went through a war against yourself, for some reasons, and u gave up on urself and now u trynna get it all back, it's stupid Ik, they say it's impossible, once u go through a war u never come back the same, u can't get back what it was left there, but u've got nothing to lose anymore that's why u keep trying... And u trying so hard to not show it to the people around, so they can remain happy, so they don't have to worry about you, then u ask urself if is there really someone who cares, like dude everybody's saying they care and they're here and they'll be there for u but u know u R not blind or stupid, u know that no one can understand what you're going through, I mean u can't even explain it to urself so how Could others understand it, u won't be able to explain it to then neither... Sometimes u just hate being a human, u wish if u could kill every damm feeling inside, tear ur heart to pieces and burn 'em all, get rid of everything and just be empty, but then you'll realise that u just made it worse..... Hhhh Ik the lyrics don't bear the same meaning but it's all about the feeling....
Mah Moraes
Mah Moraes Month ago
I really love this band ♡♡♡
Divyansh Dubey
Divyansh Dubey Month ago
This is Addictive
Tom games
Tom games Month ago
ele canta com um cigarro na boca so pode kkk
Lex Elrod
Lex Elrod Month ago
I miss my Brothers.
Sidonia Sidonia
Sidonia Sidonia Month ago
Diego Queiroz
Diego Queiroz Month ago
Uma obra de arte, em forma de canção.
Fearless Jc
Fearless Jc Month ago
The song match the end of Arthur Morgan" Red dead redemption 2" 💔😔
Diego Queiroz
Diego Queiroz Month ago
Rip Arthur Morgan 👊🏻😔
Milena Muri
Milena Muri Month ago
Simply perfect!!!
Lanett Fielder
Lanett Fielder Month ago
I am loving your band
Amanda Month ago
JJ Julius Son easily has one of the best voices in music. Incredibly rich, soulful and raspy. Beyond captivating.
Mystiquex G
Mystiquex G Month ago
Sylwia Sylwia
Sylwia Sylwia Month ago
I love
Andrei Popescu
Andrei Popescu Month ago
if this dosen't play at mt funeral, i do not die
Roger Blandon
Roger Blandon Month ago
I like this one, my friend L...
Hala Kassem
Hala Kassem 2 months ago
For some reason this song gives Red Dead Redemption2 vibes all over....
Bruuh 2 months ago
Эта гитара заслуживает высших наград..
Biftu A
Biftu A 2 months ago
Oh boy you took my breath away 🤪
David Pelley
David Pelley 2 months ago
Where have all the men gone?
Pat pat
Pat pat 2 months ago
♥ ♫
Who Am I??
Who Am I?? 2 months ago
Who will live to tell your story, No one. 🥺❤️
Chrysalis990 Month ago
God will in heaven
Name User
Name User 2 months ago
Hello from Ireland 🇮🇪
Соломія Гладиш
Real musician 😍😍😍🔥
Donna Richardson
Donna Richardson 2 months ago
This song, thus far, is my #favorite !!! Cannot wait for Kaleo to re #surface🥰
Cem Wick
Cem Wick 2 months ago
This song is one of the best from kaleo.
Willem Swanepoel
Willem Swanepoel 2 months ago
Great song and kick ass voice !
Олег 2 months ago
Очень неплохо.
Diane Remedies
Diane Remedies 2 months ago
Haunting beautiful!
ofek sharon
ofek sharon 2 months ago
This song is so moving and so intense but in such a subtle way... I can feel the hurting, the pain, the loss. Amazing❤️
abood as
abood as 2 months ago
Man this song hits different 😔
Karol Martin
Karol Martin 3 months ago
Viktória Csuka
Viktória Csuka 3 months ago
Today to love You..love love love...💟💝💗💖 Viktória, Love. .. Morning💋
Aude Stahl
Aude Stahl 3 months ago
This song is so sad. Nearly makes me cry. Julius has an incredible voice, as if he was 60 years old and all a life behind him.
Cat Frozen
Cat Frozen 3 months ago
This song should be a single on falcon and the winter soldier
José Galvão
José Galvão 3 months ago
Kaleo is my favourite band nowadays. I'm very happy for have discovered them.
Mouhamadou Lamine Ndiaye
I think im the only one from 🇸🇳 to listen them, its unfair, but im proud at the same Time 😎 #Senegal
Mouhamadou Lamine Ndiaye
@Awa Ndiaye i was waiting for that moment since 😂 enfin quelqu'un depuis Sénégal qui connaît la bonne musique
Awa Ndiaye
Awa Ndiaye 2 months ago
you're not the only one lol
nazanin emami
nazanin emami 3 months ago
I don't know why they are not more celebrated. Very underrated ! love them.
Ickle Fruity
Ickle Fruity 3 months ago
I need more! When’s the new album coming out?
Amrutha k
Amrutha k 3 months ago
vini sales
vini sales 3 months ago
Your voice is very beautiful
Viktória Csuka
Viktória Csuka 3 months ago
Hello. Pleasure,I love you. Rilly,my son too,Rómeó. From Hungary,Csuka Viki.Zala.💋💋💋💖
Michele BUSHNIK 3 months ago
My heart was aching and loving at the same time. Empathy overload came out from me for this song. Beautiful
olmea 3 months ago
this song is magnificently well written and played I hope I'll have the chance to hear it in live here in France one day keep going guys !
Gfreydis 3 months ago
Get ekki beðið að heyra þetta live🥰
Randy Cunningham
Randy Cunningham 3 months ago
Ребята вы супер кульминация в конце просто убивает! 🤘👌👍✋✌️👋🖐️🤝👏🤪😜🙄😎🤓🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Is-Haq dhe ALBANI
Is-Haq dhe ALBANI 3 months ago
Very nice song i love kaleo 👍❤
MEMEIROS ON 3 months ago
O cara canta viu, amei🙌🙇
PELİN BAYKAL 3 months ago
The Unrefined Vegan
The Unrefined Vegan 3 months ago
Thomas ELAOUNI 3 months ago
I can't wait a live version !!!!
Kirsten Logan
Kirsten Logan 3 months ago
Hold the line, aye Do you fight for pride or glory? Do you hold your scars close to your heart? Fall behind, aye Who will live to tell your story? You were taught to leave no man behind I don't know where you've gone You used to be the heart of this town Now you waste your tears on someone else I don't know where you are now You used to have a heart of gold Only trust yourself and no one else Hold your fire, aye Brave young men will fall before they Ever get to watch their young ones grow Hear me now, aye Carry all my sins and I will Learn to love the flag and nothing more Oh, I don't know where you've gone You used to be the heart of this town Wasted all your tears on someone else I don't know where you are now You used to have a heart of gold Only trust yourself and no one else Oh, no one else Woah Woah Yeah, you've got your back against the wall Say, where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Where's your backbone, brother? Got your back against the wall Say, where's your backbone, brother? Where's your back bone, brother? Where's your back bone, brother? 💙
Lilia Cirlan
Lilia Cirlan 3 months ago
K.P 3 months ago
What's wrong with his voice?it's goooood...
douglas Albuquerque
douglas Albuquerque 3 months ago
Algum BR Sad nessa quarentena procurando um motivo pra não desistir? Pois eu estou......
Jamie Deeprose
Jamie Deeprose 3 months ago
Keep trying to get my pals to listen to this band and there to brainwashed with what's on the radio don't appreciate good music silly f***s
Matt Hays / We Make Noise
Eduardo Cns
Eduardo Cns 3 months ago
musica linda
Sestak Branko
Sestak Branko 4 months ago
Dis song
Sestak Branko
Sestak Branko 4 months ago
Thenks for did song
dinosaur inspace
dinosaur inspace 4 months ago
The best song in the world
ophelia 2 months ago
@dinosaur inspace lan JAJSJIAJXIAJXA
dinosaur inspace
dinosaur inspace 2 months ago
@ophelia yeah i think so
ophelia 3 months ago
i agree
BUSHRA 4 months ago
Mohamed Shalabi
Mohamed Shalabi 4 months ago
Great song
Methasulem 4 months ago
War ...
Nur Kılıç
Nur Kılıç 4 months ago
I love this song and its meaningful lyrics so much🧡
Kelly Bin
Kelly Bin 4 months ago
O timbre da sua voz é alucinante, me traz paz e encanto, como um cobertor no inverno, como um beijo no momento mais inesperado, a cura tão esperada. Uma paixão envolvente em dias de tanto vazio. Que dom!!! ♥️
Sabrinna Gomes
Sabrinna Gomes 4 months ago
que lenda
EquEvolve - Holly & Ricky Lynch
This is such a beautiful & haunting song... keep them coming guys, you rock our World! 🌟👌🏼
Supermassive black coffee
Can some please recommend similar music? I adore this genre and I'm curently exploring new artists. Thanks!
Rufeil Rahtieh
Rufeil Rahtieh 4 months ago
Rufeil Rahtieh
Rufeil Rahtieh 4 months ago
ComputerGenerated 4 months ago
Ngl I don't really like this one, but then at 2:19 the space opera choir kicks in and it's fire.
T G 4 months ago
Ashura Senju
Ashura Senju 4 months ago
You know it's good, when a song is 5 seconds long *-*
ALPHA - WHISKEY 4 months ago
who's here, keeping refreshing for the new release today?
Cauã Menezes
Cauã Menezes 4 months ago
Linda demais
Brian D. Alvarez
Brian D. Alvarez 4 months ago
Brian D. Alvarez
Brian D. Alvarez 4 months ago
... I wan
Brian D. Alvarez
Brian D. Alvarez 4 months ago
Penny K.
Penny K. 4 months ago
This voice.
Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige
One day I will find you, and thank you eternally for the breath you bring
Filip Lasek
Filip Lasek 4 months ago
Lázaro silva
Lázaro silva 4 months ago
Quem é do brasil deixa um like
David Jackson
David Jackson 4 months ago
Discovered them from watching "Lucifer" ..enjoy them immensely! Here to find this song as I just heard it on "Grey's Anatomy"
Maaz Hamid
Maaz Hamid 4 months ago
Should've won a Grammy 😞
Wize Bear
Wize Bear 4 months ago
this its not undertale? XD
LP 24Hours
LP 24Hours 4 months ago
Moonbeam1 4 months ago
Would love to hear it as backdrop music to an upcoming episode of The Blacklist. That would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!!
Moonbeam1 4 months ago
Love this song...it's so damn good!😎👍
Meggan Laucher
Meggan Laucher 4 months ago
I haven’t listened to anyone like this Since high school. You voice is mesmerizing, you music is seductive and intriguing, and it speaks true feeling. Ty❤️😚❤️
Mind The Gap HJ
Mind The Gap HJ 4 months ago
Damn, what a voice, brilliant!
Kübra Yıldız
Kübra Yıldız 4 months ago
ı'm from turkey. ı hope come turkey because it's amazing
jc148937 5 months ago
just brilliant
I Can't Go On Without You
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