K-Pop Stars Vs. Google Translate (Ft. Stray Kids)

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Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) try the Bilingual People vs Google Translate Challenge!
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Google Translate translate.google.com/
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K-Pop Stars Vs. Google Translate (Ft. Stray Kids)


Published on


Feb 26, 2020




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Comments 80
FBE 4 months ago
Feel like you watched this before? We actually released this episode first on our @FBE Instagram! Follow us to see our REACT series on IGTV! instagram.com/fbe/
Jo Jo The Crazy Clown
Can you react on this video please? *euro2012 holland fans in kharkov. Parade of fanaticisms*
_ MAY _
_ MAY _ 6 days ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEAAASSEEEE do this with another koop group!!!!!
Raine Chellsy
Raine Chellsy 8 days ago
CAn you do seventeen next
Ann Kim
Ann Kim 10 days ago
TWICE too please
Betty Ahmad
Betty Ahmad 28 days ago
I really love this video😍😍 FBE could you please do a video with MONSTA X!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏
Arti 3 hours ago
It’s only been 4 months since this??? What?😭
Hani 3 hours ago
Is everyone in stray kids an english speaker or what
ten is amazing dont you think so too
Hyunjin is so beautiful
Gina The Fox / Cat
Gina The Fox / Cat 7 hours ago
It would be funny to kop react to funny videos
Stray kids..idk them..I only know Baby Photo😌😌
God's Menu
God's Menu 13 hours ago
i've watched this numerous times and still can't get over how cute they all look :(
Exvoia 16 hours ago
13,800th comment :)
Maylss 16 hours ago
Why do I feel like they have a British accent...
Little Andy
Little Andy 17 hours ago
this video is what i first watched when i first got into stray kids
Qu dy
Qu dy 18 hours ago
Han at 8:00 is so adorable
Joudi .3
Joudi .3 18 hours ago
I love them so much🥺🥺💜
fernanda isadora naranjo
8:36 **latinas entrando al chat**
Rizka Mayang
Rizka Mayang Day ago
8:18 hyunjin actually said “agi” at first and quickly changed it to “baby” i think he kinda ambarrassed so he suddenly look to the left🤣
thursday friday
Rizka Mayang
Rizka Mayang Day ago
Hyunjin in here has the same energy with hyunjin in seventeen channel, when they have to do boyband lyrics challenge, and he looked disgusted for 6 minutes and 5 second straight, . 𝘾𝙪𝙯 𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙘𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙮 𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙡𝙮𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙨 𝙖𝙨 𝙚𝙣𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙝 𝙩𝙚𝙨𝙩 . . And he refused to contribute🤣 #hyunjinBESTBOI
Mayyv7_ Day ago
They are honestly the most cutest bbys 🥺😩
Michelle Dai
Michelle Dai Day ago
"We're not a team, this is competition" were they quoting the Jessi meme ahAHAHAHA
Talialily 05
Talialily 05 Day ago
Ok but why were jisung and seungmin actually the cutest things ever 🥺👉👈
minho's lines
lee know is the confusion of decade
minho's lines
lexa gon
lexa gon Day ago
Norina_ 97
Norina_ 97 Day ago
Han Jisung: I'm really bad at grammar Excuse me, is there anything you're bad at?? I can't believe it
Olivia B
Olivia B Day ago
Baby photo...haha
dont lie this isnt your first time watching this
Shioza Tekki
Shioza Tekki Day ago
No one: Seungmin: *presses bell and yells BEEP at the same*
Danielė K
Danielė K Day ago
Lithuanian?! 4:58 yayy🇱🇹🤗
peachy kim
peachy kim Day ago
stray kids : wat de fuc,is this english test for school graduation?
Sunshines_ Army
7:21 Felix had me gone😂😂
Deandra Fica
Deandra Fica Day ago
Felix :( marry me huhu :(
Deandra Fica
Deandra Fica Day ago
I'm fallin' in love with han... Again and again...
Deandra Fica
Deandra Fica Day ago
Deandra Fica
Deandra Fica Day ago
Seungmin: speak in English Han : speak in korean :)))
atheeka haleem
atheeka haleem 2 days ago
han has a small aussie accent uwu
It’s Minnie Playz
At 4:20 jisung is straight up that meme that say WHAT WHAT WTF
felix; kids? KIDS REACT
The Blue Pineapple Phoenix
jisung facial expressions r priceless
Dominika Zasada
Dominika Zasada 2 days ago
Yeah stray kids 😎❤️
Gabby Park
Gabby Park 2 days ago
Felix” oh yeah sure “ was so cute 🥺and Han reaction when he finally got something right 😂
X D 2 days ago
baby ? *baby, baby, baby, ooh~* edit: ( 7:08 :)) )
Raizel Bea Castor
Me:do you have points
Raizel Bea Castor
Raizel Bea Castor
Raizel Bea Castor
Lee know doesn’t have any points do you know why cause he doesn’t speak English good
Raizel Bea Castor
That was so weird how Han and oh idk who that was cause I don’t watch stray kids a lot of times how Han said that see that I get the point ahhhhh
thatgirlaj 2 days ago
who was waiting for them to say "don't drop the cake"
Nicki Persellin
Nicki Persellin 2 days ago
*felix beating the literal crap out of the buzzer* iTs BaYbEe FoEtOe
Fernanda Martinez
Saw this video 4 months ago and I really liked it and laughed so much but I wasn’t into kpop. 1 moth ago (during quarantine, one of their song appears in my RUvid suggestions and guess what, Now I’m a STAY, I couldn’t stop watching their videos and listen their music . SKZ ARE PURE ART PERIOD.
Natasha Astia
Natasha Astia 2 days ago
omg same. i never into kpop but stray kids change my mind
Kat Makiramdam
Kat Makiramdam 2 days ago
Sameee, except that it happened last year, I wasn’t really into kpop but I somehow came across their mv and now I love these talented and hardworking kids
Lubis Tasya
Lubis Tasya 2 days ago
Setelah Stay melihat video ini, dan mendengar apa yang dikatakan Han Jisung (I love you google) Stay be like:"Bagaimana cara menjadi google agar dicintai oleh Han Jisung? " You can feel it girl 😂😂😂
Hannah Ferdon
Hannah Ferdon 2 days ago
When they're listening to the rules for the game, why does Felix seem fidgety? Is it because he said he's watched these videos before, so he wanted to breeze through the instructions, or is that his way of taking in the info/ directions? Not hating, I just think its kinda funny.
daniea francis
daniea francis 2 days ago
Damian Jake
Damian Jake 2 days ago
i like it when they referenced jessi's "this is not a team, it's a competition" in unpretty rapstar
Anastasia Arina
Anastasia Arina 2 days ago
Pls made a video of got7 try not to sing/dance challenge somedayyy💚🙏🙏
Crystal Kristine
Crystal Kristine 2 days ago
haha..they're so charming! I haven't listened to their songs, but I see lots of cute pix on TWT stan from multis I follow. I should check them out. A lot of appeal of a group is not only a group's music, but their personalities as well.
3RACHA SAUCE 2 days ago
They have amazing personalities. They’re incredibly genuine and humble, funny and there’s this special bond they have with their fandom. Like they communicate with us so much that the fandom feels like a family? It sounds cheesy lol but the music they create talks a lot about real world problems like suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, identity, milestones in life, believing in yourself, etc. Recently when COVID really impacted the world globally and everyone was in quarantine they worried about their fans and came out with Special Videos as gifts to the fans during quarantine so we didn’t feel bored. A lot of their vlives help comfort Stays, if we’re having bad days they try to cheer us up or they read fan mail and give us advice if the fan confesses their hardships and reminding Stays that they’re always there for us. Aside from the fact that they’re multitalented all members rap, sing, dance, visuals, and also aside from the fact that they have amazing music, they themselves as people are the whole package. If you ever stan them, i promise you won’t regret it!
yunki is a whole ass meal
5:28 what did he even say? ahahha
yunki is a whole ass meal
Z Oh thank you!!
Z 2 days ago
He said " District 9 unlock "
Lily Flowers
Lily Flowers 3 days ago
Daniela Ayala
Daniela Ayala 3 days ago
Hyunjin no hace nada jajaja
OLga i
OLga i 3 days ago
Я так рада что есть русские субтитры
A_crackeadkpop STAN
Felix: *buzzez his buzzer* Changbin: *also buzzes it* Felix: *gets the answer wrong* Changbin: *gets the answer right* Felix: *internal screaming*
Srijal Shukla
Srijal Shukla 3 days ago
Hi I was an army and moa . I was new to stray kids and I'm grateful for your love stays . Stray kids is so good
anass xv
anass xv 3 days ago
google traduction : why i am her
Kira Wills
Kira Wills 3 days ago
I am a new Stan to stray kids and I’m trying to learn the members can someone help me name them.
Kat Makiramdam
Kat Makiramdam 2 days ago
I recommend watching helpful guide to stray kids. There’s new ones made in 2020 so it’s very helpful and updated.
Siena 2 days ago
Kira Wills they show their names in the beginning, the names are in the same order as the way they’re sitting
febey aligway
febey aligway 3 days ago
XxNamjoonie xX
XxNamjoonie xX 3 days ago
dont touch me, im sensitive
Who is the fluent one between them?? Im a new stay😀
3RACHA SAUCE 2 days ago
Pink hair? Felix
whyerin 3 days ago
“baby lee know” “oh yeah sure” “baby changbin”
Daniel Andre
Daniel Andre 3 days ago
well its district 8 now :
han yeona
han yeona 4 days ago
I DONT THINK I CAN BREATHE AFTER THIS- *i love you stray kids*
Elisabeth S
Elisabeth S 4 days ago
O.m.g „Baby Lee Know?“ „Baby Changbin“ I FUCKING DIED I LOVE MINHO OMG
Isha Ds
Isha Ds 4 days ago
7:30 hyunjin actually guessed it.
Priyanka Bara
Priyanka Bara 4 days ago
I am falling into felix blackhole
öylesine bi hesap bro
Tania Chan
Tania Chan 4 days ago
8:06 😍😍😍
Azurine Irvetta
Azurine Irvetta 4 days ago
Han is me on a spiritual and mental level
gibby gabi
gibby gabi 4 days ago
who could ever hate these boys😭
g l o w
g l o w 4 days ago
3:12 olaaa je me suis sentie agressée par leur "french?!" 😭😂
im insfire bcs im trustfated
this is basically like- "Stray Kids making locals and kpop fans ESPECIALLY STAYS (just EVERYONE) simping for them"kajsjks
Park Namyeon
Park Namyeon 4 days ago
Captain Uri
Captain Uri 4 days ago
I'm not a huge K-Pop fan, but their music is very catchy and they're all amazing dancers. I would honestly love to meet them. I kind of want to learn Korean, too.
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