jxdn - Angels & Demons (AUTOTUNE VS NO AUTOTUNE)

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jxdn - Angels & Demons (AUTOTUNE VS NO AUTOTUNE)
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Jun 24, 2020




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Наталия Петкова
Idk Colomba
Idk Colomba 13 hours ago
No usa casi nada de autotune a y por cierto soy el único comentario en español
Morena Flores
Morena Flores 13 hours ago
Canta hermoso igual♥️👑
Aril _da
Aril _da 2 days ago
He didn't use AutoTune!!! Maybe in some parts
Maggie Wolff
Maggie Wolff 3 days ago
He sounds the same to me. He's good without auto tune idk why he even uses it!
Addisyn jenkins
Addisyn jenkins 5 days ago
he wasn't trying
Emily_Plays 6 days ago
hes not even tring he can sing
Livia Asmr!
Livia Asmr! 6 days ago
He didn’t want to- ok
Zeina Alhajomar
Zeina Alhajomar 6 days ago
Why does it sound really good to me
violeta duran
violeta duran 7 days ago
Canta bien con o sin autotune
Miranda Colín
Miranda Colín 7 days ago
Hazel Brownnn
Hazel Brownnn 9 days ago
He is not singing it though. If you watch his tiktoks long time ago then you’ll see he is actually rly good at singing 🎤
E.J Mol
E.J Mol 9 days ago
He was bored
Laila Khan
Laila Khan 12 days ago
He wasn’t trying but if he was it would have sounded better and he just needs a little background music
Pedro Spinelli
Pedro Spinelli 14 days ago
Alguém BRASILEIRO 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Silvia Correa
Silvia Correa 14 days ago
Paulo Dybala Fan
Paulo Dybala Fan 15 days ago
Lol im one of his biggest fans ik that he can do that better but here he wasent in a singing mood :smile
Valeria Solano Calderón
Ni necesita esa cosa
he wasn't even singing and it still sounded like heaven.
ainatkd 21
ainatkd 21 17 days ago
Hay se nota q esta recien despertado todos usan un poco de autotun pero en otros firectos esta cantando y canta angels & demons y aunasi canta bien asiq podrias haber puesto partes buenas y no las malas para q parezca q canta peor
Anna Colella
Anna Colella 17 days ago
Jairus Yebra
Jairus Yebra 18 days ago
He look tired maybe thats why he isnt as good?
Brigitte de Luca
Brigitte de Luca 18 days ago
Also the original has music and when he doesn’t it’s sounds different
Кристина Павловская
он наверно волновался
Кристина Павловская
beautiful man
Douglas S.L.
Douglas S.L. 19 days ago
Isnt look Like the same voice ;-;
Makayla Boyd
Makayla Boyd 20 days ago
He didn’t even want to sing but he actually sounds amazing when he wants to sing
Rony Feghali
Rony Feghali 21 day ago
Alycia Bronkhorst
Alycia Bronkhorst 22 days ago
Hes can sing i dont know what ypu talkin1g about
Sophia Moura
Sophia Moura 22 days ago
Jaden always does lives and sings, his voice is amazing with or without autotune
Nathylove14 perez
Nathylove14 perez 22 days ago
no bajes, hay puras personas hablando taka taka
trista martin
trista martin 22 days ago
He sounds so good with Auto-Tune
Кристина Яковлева
I love this boy
Kathryn Powell
Kathryn Powell 22 days ago
He lookeed tired and just not wanting to try he can still sing like an angel he was just tired and bored
Gabriella Luvera
Gabriella Luvera 22 days ago
He clearly doesn’t wanna be there lmao
America Sinahi Lopez Olivares
El comentario en español que estaban esperando
Lauren Schlund
Lauren Schlund 23 days ago
Why they do that to him in the tik Tok now everyone thinks he doesn't actually know how to sing and he uses a lot of auto tune 🤦‍♀️ like no one actually heard him sing on his tik Tok before
slime milk
slime milk 24 days ago
Там и там ахеренно поёт
no te importa
no te importa 24 days ago
Encima ese día dijo que estaba malo de la garganta
quinty maassen
quinty maassen 24 days ago
You can hear he has a cold
Ulyana Malashchenko
both are perfect
Genilly correia
Genilly correia 24 days ago
Com o sem tá perfeito pra min
Lilya Nebbagui
Lilya Nebbagui 25 days ago
Sinon cava dans sa vie
bulldog_21 french
bulldog_21 french 25 days ago
Without sounds like his acoustic version
stephanie stanguine
brasileiros marquem presença
Megan Blake
Megan Blake 25 days ago
shorturl.ca/1ovesscammode1584xxx මට බයයි මගේ මිතුරන් යැයි මා සිතූ ආත්මාර්ථකාමී අවජාතකයන්ගෙන් මා වට වී ඇතමම කියමිජේ අල්ලාගෙන සිටින අතින් මගේ නළලට පහර දී මගේ කොණ්ඩය පාහේ සකසා ගන්න මේක නම් භයානකයි
Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen 25 days ago
Wait he low key kinda good
Роза Мгерян
Во первых: он и не старается как бы на первом видео Во вторых: он охрененно поёт
Camila Kosminina
Camila Kosminina 14 days ago
Да в живую лучше
addison rej
addison rej 17 days ago
Diana Baker
Diana Baker 25 days ago
И чё, меня это особо не волнует
•chᴏᴋᴏʟᴀᴅka •
Нет, ну если честно он может лучше петь в живую,типо мне так кажется
•chᴏᴋᴏʟᴀᴅka •
@hey bby +
hey bby
hey bby 23 days ago
он в видео просто на пофиг поет, сколько раз он пел и было ахиренно
Emily flpr
Emily flpr 26 days ago
In My opinion is the same
••Miss A N I M A T I O N S•
Yo conozco Rock Star por Payton JAJA
Milly Nguyen
Milly Nguyen 26 days ago
And the difference would be??????
Jaden Hossler Lover Xx
Jaden is fit
Hilda Vrijbloed
Hilda Vrijbloed 26 days ago
He didn't even try to do it good🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lucia lescano
lucia lescano 27 days ago
Canta tan hermoso😍,con o sin autotune
Rena& 27 days ago
Isla Emerson
Isla Emerson 27 days ago
you can tell he clearly didn’t want to do this video. when he wants to he’s an amazing singer
Lenore Smith
Lenore Smith 27 days ago
Whether he was or wasn't trying he stills sounds good
Clarity Johnson
Clarity Johnson 28 days ago
I love his real voice
Edtszyn 28 days ago
is he sick or something because i have listened to him without autoune and its not like this but he still killed
Rio Rocha kersey
Rio Rocha kersey 28 days ago
In the no audotoned one he looks and sounds pissed 😂😂😂😂 until the middle bit where he smiles and brightens up a little 🖤🖤🎸
Madison Macdonald
Madison Macdonald 28 days ago
are we just going to ignore the fact that the lyric video is wrong 😂😂
Serena Rodriguez
Serena Rodriguez 28 days ago
They just made his voice a little high and a little deeper
Maria Amalia Ruggiero
Lo canto sin ganas por eso esta sis
Nhee :1
Nhee :1 28 days ago
he is perfect ❤️
Destiny Dewan
Destiny Dewan 28 days ago
No need to prove no one he can sing ..m whateve I am simp for him🥱🥱🤧
julekha akthar
julekha akthar 28 days ago
I hope you know during that interview he wasn’t feeling well. Hence why he looks tired and so dead. You can clearly see he wasn’t trying by multiple reasons for example his facial expressions. Look how bored he is.
Алина 28 days ago
Рай для ушей🥴🤤
lushxiia 28 days ago
guys he can sing he looks like he doesnt wanna be there and he looks like he just woke up tbh so leave my husband alone please
Maliyah Sanders
Maliyah Sanders 29 days ago
You can tell he was so bored and he never wanted to do it
some random girl online
bro he looks like he doesn’t even wanna do it 🥺 i feel bad for him if you guys wanna listen to angels tiktok so to his singing videos on tiktok
i dropped my croissant
Jaden sings like an angel but he was tired and was explaining the meaning of the song.
Faith Ronan
Faith Ronan 29 days ago
He’s basically saying the lyrics in the “no autotune” so they can’t really class that as it
RS - 06 827302 Ray Lawson PS
it sounds awesome even without autotune and it a fact :)
Gabby Chacon
Gabby Chacon 29 days ago
he was really good
Gissel Salazar
Gissel Salazar 29 days ago
Aún así lo amo 😗
Liz Garcia
Liz Garcia Month ago
He can actually sing tho
Gacha_Sam Month ago
Sounds the sameeee
Nivine Jdaini
Nivine Jdaini Month ago
Roblox And more
Roblox And more Month ago
He so good at singing without autotune
Soset Plays roblox
It was an interview he was obviously not trying smh
Sara Garrison
Sara Garrison Month ago
It’s literally just the added music behind it that makes it sound different. His actual voice sounds the exact same. Lol, dumb.
Chim tae D
Chim tae D Month ago
Jaden hossler ughhhh 😍😍😍
Leah Coughlan
Leah Coughlan Month ago
Don’t forget he doesn’t have the equipment that he had when he recorded the actual song
Іра Стефак
Как всегда прекрасно 😻
Florencia Tik tok
Canta bello igual
just ashleigh
just ashleigh Month ago
Just need to know not to post a song knowing that you will have to sing it with no auto tune
CaroleBia Rangel
Vcs tentam achar defeito onde não tem kkkkk
marjessaro Month ago
He sounds good either way
Delaney Myers
Delaney Myers Month ago
he clearly didnt wanna do this interview he looked so bored half the time
valen godoy
valen godoy Month ago
Canta igual 🥺
Ella Pouter
Ella Pouter Month ago
Its the fact he is doing it w no passion and w no tone and rythem and backing music that he sounds weird if he tryed it would sound better
·Martina moreira·
Con y sin canta hermoso🥺😍
Nadia Selkin
Nadia Selkin Month ago
no es autotune esta cansado y en el otro video original esta mas activo y tiene al sonido de fondo.
Mayka Martin-Lauzon
I think he just woke up
kotrobay. a5
kotrobay. a5 Month ago
Jaden has an amazing voice ALWAYS 😍🤯
Clémentine Naïli
Zahra Bhaiji
Zahra Bhaiji Month ago
he doesnt need auto tune hes so amazing in his looks and singing skills
Lilit Mardoyan
Lilit Mardoyan Month ago
He is an angel❤️❤️❤️
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