jxdn - Angels & Demons Acoustic (Behind The Scenes)

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behind the scenes for angels & demons acoustic

director: alex bordini (@alexbordini on instagram)

listen to angels & demons acoustic jxdn.lnk.to/adacoustic
listen to angels & demons jxdn.lnk.to/angelsdemons
new site jxdnmusic.com


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Jul 9, 2020




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lily. Day ago
The thing that’s so amazing about this is that he legit is singing along to the track bc when singers film music videos they usually lip sync to the track and it’s put over the footage but with him it’s different.its better bc he is showing real talent without hiding behind auto tune bc he doesn’t need it
Sara Pérez
Sara Pérez 2 days ago
No te entendí nada pero te amo xd
Kenedy W
Kenedy W 3 days ago
He's so talented it's unreal... And his tattoos are sick
sabine_the_bean 07
Omg jaden is the cutest human in the world he’s singing is amazing and so talented
Cleiri Lopez
Cleiri Lopez 5 days ago
Luv u jaden
Soman Cheung
Soman Cheung 5 days ago
Jaden Hossler's accent:drug😍😍😍
TT Taylove
TT Taylove 6 days ago
Why are there dislikes again?
Peter Kite
Peter Kite 7 days ago
I bloody love this song mate other people need shit like that
Cláudia Pedro
Cláudia Pedro 7 days ago
Jessica Dickson
Jessica Dickson 8 days ago
My parents:sleeping me:AND ALL THESE ANGELS AND DEMONS
juli castro
juli castro 10 days ago
Eres hermoso
Erika Georgiana Matache
I wish you will mary me but i am 8 years old but i wish bye😭😭😭😭
Sandra Vazquez
Sandra Vazquez 11 days ago
even his voice gives me butterflies bruh
Muna Abdi
Muna Abdi 12 days ago
Sarah Latif
Sarah Latif 13 days ago
i wonder why the swayboys are being cancelled everytime and they are the truthful pple i have ever seen
Sofia Ramírez
Sofia Ramírez 13 days ago
Holaaa 🤗 ¿Eres fan de Grey's Anatomy? ¿te gustaría estar en un grupo?
Hillary Jiron
Hillary Jiron 14 days ago
Edward Staggs
Edward Staggs 16 days ago
I like you ❤️❤️❤️
・ s k y e ・
・ s k y e ・ 16 days ago
soft boy vibes
Ella Berzins
Ella Berzins 16 days ago
She.dripped 17 days ago
I literally feel this song
sabine_the_bean 07
sabine_the_bean 07 19 days ago
He is so talented he handles drama so good and his so sweet like saying his fans are beautiful I love him
Inderjit Sodhi
Inderjit Sodhi 19 days ago
I just love this song
Elenor Winkelmann
Elenor Winkelmann 19 days ago
I think this ist the best Song ever! Love it
Ebbie Izuakor
Ebbie Izuakor 19 days ago
U are so beautiful 🥰🥰 and so talented love uu
Young Naruto
Young Naruto 19 days ago
This was on my birthday odd
Uni Lori
Uni Lori 20 days ago
Ki nézi még úgy hogy közben alig ért valamit mert magyar🤣🤣???
Rosemary 20 days ago
Why do you smoke in the song so what Anthony does in the mini smart why do you smell
Rosemary 20 days ago
You are super high and I love you a lot do you been all my god you’re a great singer ever heard
Yolanda Fajardo
Yolanda Fajardo 20 days ago
Keep it up jaden the legend
Yolanda Fajardo
Yolanda Fajardo 20 days ago
This is fire
Paz belen Hidalgo
Paz belen Hidalgo 20 days ago
Yo esperando un comentaruo en español 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Erika Georgiana Matache
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i am crying i love you jaden hooslor😭😭
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang 21 day ago
I know him on discord, he’s pretty chill.
Janelle Villegas
Janelle Villegas 21 day ago
Make merchandise
o a
o a 21 day ago
Loveee youuuu talented
Marina Bouzaki
Marina Bouzaki 22 days ago
I love these song the video clip it’s just fire I am so proud of him 💖🔥
Spectrumoff 22 days ago
А где русские🗿
Roblox Chandler
Roblox Chandler 22 days ago
I love the song xx
Elisia Stein
Elisia Stein 23 days ago
Wow kkkkkk
Celine Itani
Celine Itani 23 days ago
If u are a fan of jaden like me like this comment
Nayomi Lomboy
Nayomi Lomboy 23 days ago
Finally something not a music viddd
Noor Ali
Noor Ali 23 days ago
U should be at a 1 million subs already
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 24 days ago
“jus kidding im small asf” thats not what mads duet said 👁👄👁
Addixbrycebubbxly Edits
You are talented Like if you agree
Tia Davies
Tia Davies 24 days ago
He’s amazing😍
Dipika Shrestha
Dipika Shrestha 24 days ago
Lina-Yasmine Habes
Lina-Yasmine Habes 24 days ago
Me waiting for so what like : 👁👄👁
ANA JÚLIA SOUZA 24 days ago
Jaden i love you
Vanitha Sayed
Vanitha Sayed 24 days ago
hannah ternet
hannah ternet 24 days ago
This man is prob the most talented, mature and amazing person on tiktok! (sorry Charli and Addison) People do not take time and see what he works on other that tiktok. is music is great and from his heart.
Maria Oliveira
Maria Oliveira 24 days ago
X_Mokka_x 24 days ago
Ali B
Ali B 24 days ago
I love you
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 24 days ago
Remember me when the whole world is listening to his music and just vibing to it
Theodora Korfiati
Theodora Korfiati 24 days ago
I love you jaden
Athena Theophanous
Athena Theophanous 24 days ago
Me sitting here waiting for so what like: 👁️👄👁️
Athena Theophanous
Athena Theophanous 24 days ago
@Leah R well now it's out
Lina-Yasmine Habes
Lina-Yasmine Habes 24 days ago
Leah R
Leah R 24 days ago
Haley Frizzell
Haley Frizzell 24 days ago
Bro so what needs to be hurry up and posted
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 24 days ago
Why is jxdn so cute and funny😂🥰🥴
Paxriis 24 days ago
who’s here waiting for so what?
Jennifer Baughman
Jennifer Baughman 24 days ago
Hey jaden u ok u been upset hey we’re here add me on snap and we can talk I here for u
Carina Larroy
Carina Larroy 24 days ago
Julia Summers
Julia Summers 24 days ago
This is my sad song 🥺😭
Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris 24 days ago
literal chills 😌
Salvatore Roblox
Salvatore Roblox 25 days ago
AHHHH he🥵🥵
Charlotte Beggs
Charlotte Beggs 25 days ago
Y am I crying lmao
Tala Madi
Tala Madi 25 days ago
Who’s here waiting for SO WHAT
Bente Thomassen
Bente Thomassen 25 days ago
Omg i fucking love u🥺❤️
Romaissa Kichouh
Romaissa Kichouh 25 days ago
You have two more video’s angels and demons I love you soooooooooo much
Gresiana Morina
Gresiana Morina 25 days ago
Why are you so hot i wish i was mads
Amber Woods
Amber Woods 25 days ago
So talented 💗
no one important #1
He's hair looks like guy fieri without the spikes Nice
Soundoss Mariana
Soundoss Mariana 25 days ago
Luv you jxdn❤
Ariana Lemos
Ariana Lemos 25 days ago
Why is jxdn so cute and funny😂🥰🥴
Fenna Schulz
Fenna Schulz 25 days ago
Hey Jaden can you pls cover lovey ourself
Nelly Nieves
Nelly Nieves 25 days ago
You need a haircut love u tho❤️❤️
Chichi 25 days ago
I went to go add angels and demons to my playlist but it was already on there
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 25 days ago
Нормально влюбляться в одного и того же человека каждый раз при виде его🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Katie Eva
Katie Eva 25 days ago
Aril _da
Aril _da 25 days ago
There is no need for Jaden to apologise to LGBT because he is a Christian and in the Bible it was written “Men can marry women and women can marry men” and Jaden if you are a real Christian you should do the right thing instead of making the world a better place you’re making it an ugly place and I’m a Christian and it’s so embarrassing to see my favourite singer apologising for something what is wrong and this was one of the reason you’re my favourite singer you believe in God but now it seems like your not believer.....there is so much more for you to learn about God and please remember that you’re not only a RockStar but also a Believer Of God ✨
Noel Levy
Noel Levy 25 days ago
Who checks his channel every minute to see if so what already posted?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 25 days ago
He is artiste not call him just tiktokeurs periodttttt
Zcool Gamer
Zcool Gamer 25 days ago
Welcome to the angels Channel and Demon Channel LOL love you
Yashmitha Veeramachaneni
He is one of the only tiktokers who has actual bomb songs . He can sing
_ Дашик _
_ Дашик _ 25 days ago
Не, ну что сказать красавчик! ❤️ 💕💞
JhopeChickenSprite 25 days ago
He as good as bts he’s like 2 bts he’s really talented
Alicia McGowan
Alicia McGowan 25 days ago
He needs to do a vlog please do
f l o w e r s
f l o w e r s 26 days ago
OMG first when i heard the original song i fall in love and i m still i heard it almost everyday you are suck a good singer and i just love all your music❤️
Ana amelia Dias elero
Ana amelia Dias elero
sofia proo
sofia proo 26 days ago
I love you jaden
C-mcmahon Annalise
C-mcmahon Annalise 26 days ago
I mean the key line f me like a rockstar all the girl including me like yes
Eye_Mirez 26 days ago
Jorge Bruzzo
Jorge Bruzzo 26 days ago
No entiendo nada pero igual lo veo solo para escuchar su vos de Dios Griego
What about comatoes? Idk if i spelled it right
Charli Rae
Charli Rae 26 days ago
Finally a behind the scenes
Tina Anton
Tina Anton 26 days ago
He is artiste not call him just tiktokeurs periodttttt
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 26 days ago
more songs of him
Azhar Kalymbet
Azhar Kalymbet 26 days ago
Привет 👋
Аяулым Орынбекова
как классно сняли.Джеей простоо😻
oxe loey
oxe loey 26 days ago
Enjoying this song😎
Elina Margaryan
Elina Margaryan 26 days ago
You're the best 🌸🌻💞🦋😌✨❤️💗💔
Elina Margaryan
Elina Margaryan 26 days ago
@mikin lirou me too..😌😍😥
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 26 days ago
Ugh 😩 I love him 😤😍😩🥱
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