Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around (Director's Cut)

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What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
Now girl, I remember everything that you claimed
You said that you were moving on now
And maybe I should do the same
Funny thing about that is
I was ready to give you my name
Thought it was me and you, babe
And now, it's all just a shame
And I guess I was wrong"


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Jul 22, 2011




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Comments 100
Nunmawia Tochhawng
Кристина К
November 2020
Paolo Andree Drew
Gran canción, gran video!!! Buenos recuerdos
Tailes Marques de Jesus
2020 e essa música nunca fica ruim !!! Que som !!!
Jetstream Kel メ
Best to me only
P M 3 days ago
I dunno why timbaland disappeared from making music. He was the best.
abbey heather
abbey heather 3 days ago
😍😍 can’t believe I’m watching this song again 😂❤️ love Justin
Виола Семина
November 2020?
J4vurmywumccscnm *Werbung*
One year, ten years, but for those 100 years delay you‘ll die to early. #enteringsecondcircle #fromforwhomtheletteris #ilud
noob gaming
noob gaming 4 days ago
This song deserve more viewers
Nelle 4 days ago
Cry me a river was about Britney cheating so this song is about who?
Megan Caro
Megan Caro 5 days ago
Recuerdo cuando era niña y ese video era como porno para mi 🤣😂😍
Mila 777
Mila 777 5 days ago
Пипец классный 2020
Profesora Angie Suárez
Amo esta canción! Es increíble! Y Justin Timberlake bueno...🤤💕
mbai robert
mbai robert 5 days ago
Who is in 2025 and still watching this?
Carla Jandelly
Carla Jandelly 5 days ago
um clipe e uma música que não enjoa. Amoo
Kielan Wade
Kielan Wade 6 days ago
Is that fucking ScarJo?
Gabriela Acosta
Gabriela Acosta 6 days ago
Me terminó de caer mal JT :/
J. Morales
J. Morales 7 days ago
Eriq Buka
Eriq Buka 8 days ago
2020 and I'm still loving it,
ernick nickor
ernick nickor 8 days ago
I love the music videos before ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexis Aguilar Cuell
que canción más machista
Ghérson Fidelis
Ghérson Fidelis 8 days ago
Saudades dessa época aonde se sinta música boa... 😢❤.
Dad And Lilly
Dad And Lilly 9 days ago
Break the cycle bro.
Jarisha Rewald
Jarisha Rewald 9 days ago
Here for the interlude
Andy Ausman
Andy Ausman 10 days ago
2020 kick a$$ music giddy up!
Nathan Mayberry
Nathan Mayberry 11 days ago
That is scarlett johanssen right?
asdasd asdasd
asdasd asdasd 11 days ago
Scarlet Johansson before Avangers!!!
Artem Tank
Artem Tank 11 days ago
по ходу я намотал 26 лямов))))
lobim lobim
lobim lobim 13 days ago
Que show de clip ! Perfeita a combinação de imagens!!!!!
Jaime Früm
Jaime Früm 14 days ago
había reventado la mina en el auto y estaba como nueva en el piso
Russian Mother
Russian Mother 14 days ago
November 2020
Sandra Rogers
Sandra Rogers 15 days ago
Sgt Moura
Sgt Moura 15 days ago
Bomba Patch em 2011 no Edmilson! Nada mais...
박현경 15 days ago
mike tyson highlights
Simou Slimane cheb
Simou Slimane cheb 16 days ago
9/11/2020 from algeria🇩🇿 I love this song🎶🎵💝😭 Never forgetint this shirt film😉😎 the king of R&B musique J. Timberlake 💪💝 and the Quinn Scarlett Johansson👑💝💞
Cristiane Pimenta
Cristiane Pimenta 10 days ago
Paulo Vitor
Paulo Vitor 16 days ago
Malcolm Beache
Malcolm Beache 16 days ago
The year 2020...and JT still lit...
Lange 17 days ago
Is that Chris Pratt??
prithviraj chowdhury
i used to get confused between this song and one republic all the right things
José Chacón
José Chacón 17 days ago
Scarlett Johansson 😍😍😍 que mujer tan hermosa! y tan sexy a la vez!!
diego herrerias
diego herrerias 17 days ago
Que buena música diablos!!! no puedo dejar de escucharla .. noviembre 2020. Argentina Mendoza.
Aleksandra Duś
Aleksandra Duś 17 days ago
Nieśmiertelny kawałek
Noah M.
Noah M. 18 days ago
my ex did the exact same with my best friend 🤷‍♂️
Ærica Armie
Ærica Armie 18 days ago
Шедевр. Навсегда♥️
BÁBIS Bentes
BÁBIS Bentes 18 days ago
Esse caralho me trocou por qualquer merda
Francielle Pereira
Francielle Pereira 19 days ago
Por que só agora eu fui perceber que ela é a Scarlett Johansson? kkkkkkk
IN - INOVA Corporation
Rsrs só 😂 começo de carreira, ela tava novinha...
xlilmiss sunshinex
xlilmiss sunshinex 19 days ago
From 7.04 ❤❤❤❤❤
Ольга Давыдова
Уродливая Скарлетт😑
Lylyane Costa
Lylyane Costa 20 days ago
Homem lindoooo
Flavio 21 day ago
#meucasal #vitao
dustin crone
dustin crone 21 day ago
Just realised that Black Widow is in this video. Me - after all this time? Scarlett - Always.
Fred Kinanga
Fred Kinanga 21 day ago
How is this only on 25M views
Kodirjon Sultanov
Kodirjon Sultanov 22 days ago
3 November still listening,
didou walid
didou walid 22 days ago
شابة 😍
Clay Fraughton
Clay Fraughton 23 days ago
dont care for j t
DÜNYADAN XƏBƏR 23 days ago
love and others.....
Abdulaahi Adam
Abdulaahi Adam 23 days ago
rafik lounis
rafik lounis 23 days ago
02 November 2020,,who still with me ??🥰
Robinho Foreman
Robinho Foreman 23 days ago
I love this song my mom tell me that i shold play a next song and i mind her
Lu Meira
Lu Meira 23 days ago
Realmente o mundo dá voltas excelente música clipe perfeito 😍
X 3
X 3 24 days ago
Well they should play this song during Donald trumps impeachment
Jejelini Sheik
Jejelini Sheik 22 days ago
trump was not impeached. he it might lose the election tomorrow. let´s go biden
Buchi Stein
Buchi Stein 24 days ago
If you're here in 2020 you're a legend
Alejandro Carmona
Alejandro Carmona 24 days ago
I close my eyes and I can see me in front of the TV watching MTV in the 00's
Angela Louise Johnson Fulce
wassajja kenneth
wassajja kenneth 25 days ago
Who else cries while listening to this
Ancelmo LC
Ancelmo LC 25 days ago
en el viedo sale scarlet johanson?
Giorgiane Lopes
Giorgiane Lopes 25 days ago
Não sei quem é mais sortudo, Justin ou Scarlet.
Mauricio 20 days ago
@Giorgiane Lopes hhahahahahahhahah vocês são uma comédia
Giorgiane Lopes
Giorgiane Lopes 21 day ago
@Flavio meu casal.
Flavio 21 day ago
Giorgiane Lopes vitao
Gurveer Singh
Gurveer Singh 26 days ago
Where are you now man? You're Silent as the grave. Act in a film as brilliant as Runner² or come up with a song as excellent as this one. Just return to stage will ya IN TIME TWO.
Beanie Bard
Beanie Bard 26 days ago
This album was fire 🔥
Mundo GRÁFICO 26 days ago
Minha música favorita ❤️
Trice Jovovich
Trice Jovovich 26 days ago
That beat tho, especially last couple of seconds. They got that “ey.., ey.., ey”!!!!!!!
Timberland, Dr. Dre, Swiss Beats & Dog Chow were some of the Best Producers in Hip Hop. They don't produce songs now, and that's why hip hop SUCKS now a days....
Sanuda Jayasinghe
like from 8:23 onwards
Sanuda Jayasinghe
i know right. The last part is amazing
Paolo Andree Drew
Paolo Andree Drew 26 days ago
Primera vez que veo el video, bravazo!!!!
Nuyeman Abdul
Nuyeman Abdul 27 days ago
Love my J.T.❤🔥💣🎆☝️💎🤩😘💋🥰😛
Diana Texta
Diana Texta 27 days ago
The nostalgia hits different with this one
Uthayakumar Subramaniam
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Justiciah✂️non scary
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Einen wunderschönem Tachos an on oll uh
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Hi, du , hahaha🎪
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Libyen π9° ©✓
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Vukanas é44444 broken, yeah
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Vukanas é44444 broken, yeah
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Kroatien 403°^Celsius, wolkig, in the Morning 209 ° °©
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Chargenow al-Güstrow, anti Jemen 102 *c.🗑️
Vanessa Kuschel
Vanessa Kuschel 28 days ago
Chargenow 101 ° C, % Angola, Jemen, Jordanien 2€, 3€, 4€...
Been Angeel
Been Angeel 28 days ago
Scarlett Johansson en su mejor época.... que ganas de tener 15 años y mirarla con la boca abierta, igual que ahora.
Yassine Brahimi
Yassine Brahimi 28 days ago
After 9 years ..a magnificent masterpiece song.. only 24.mollion vues .. wtf
Dumani Mjo
Dumani Mjo 28 days ago
Man is brave jumping into a CGT and driving it like that...
Uthayakumar Subramaniam
#brotherhood #blackwidow
Drew Lins
Drew Lins 28 days ago
GossipGirl 🧡🧡upper este side
Nora Saad
Nora Saad 28 days ago
2020s is any one here
Heather Williams
Heather Williams 29 days ago
That's what's up
Ant_TonyLOL KID 29 days ago
Oh damn, never knew Scarlett Johansson was in this MV
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Month ago
i don't like the video, you don't deserve to die because you kissed someone else.
N0va 28 days ago
okay megan smith
win groo
win groo Month ago
this song should hit a bilion views , icoic song
Wenner Sousa
Wenner Sousa Month ago
meudells eu nunca superei essa musica!
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