Justin Gaethje - Symphony of Violence 2020 [HD]

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* This video is reupload! Original video was uploaded by @Elite Fight Club and it has been taken down by UFC. I will delete this video as soon as @Elite Fight Club upload an updated version.
I edited just last 3 minutes.
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Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje - Highlights (2020)
22 WINS (19 KO/TKO), 2 LOSSES (2 KO/TKO)
* This video was made for entertainment purposes only. All video clips and music belong to their respective owners.
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May 14, 2020




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Comments 100
mma4u 4 months ago
! IMPORTANT ! * This video is reupload! Original video was uploaded by @Elite Fight Club and it has been taken down by UFC. I will delete this video as soon as @Elite Fight Club upload an updated version. I edited just last 3 minutes. Thank you all for over 1700 subscribers and amazing support past few days, I appreciate that.. For more highlights videos like this, leave a like and subscribe to the channel. Thanks :)
RomAn Cantu
RomAn Cantu 26 days ago
Where's the back flipping ..I mean it's for entertainment.. right!! Eddie fuck him up .!!! lol
RomAn Cantu
RomAn Cantu 26 days ago
I really don't like this dude..he has an evil side that hasn't been exposed...a really bad bad sadistic Side.
anthony heinlein
anthony heinlein 27 days ago
Regardless of titles, khabib should fight Conor, Justin, and tony. Doesn’t matter what order. One of those 3 guys is going to be the one to put khabib out.
Elijah Vhibi
Elijah Vhibi Month ago
Elijah Vhibi
Elijah Vhibi Month ago
John Gotti
John Gotti 20 days ago
The best highlights in the UNIVERSE!
Austin Reed
Austin Reed 20 days ago
Man I know Justin won but that Johnson trash talk was hilarious
fairiz zulkepli
fairiz zulkepli 20 days ago
khabib will eat this guy.trust me.
Wayne Lee Ramsden
Wayne Lee Ramsden 20 days ago
i have to admit i did think he was a bit homer simpson-ish when vick said it but boy has he pulled it around that tony fight was excellent..
Phahel7 20 days ago
Wholly shit the sound of his hits when there's no crowd drowning it out...unreal. Never realised how brutal all those hits actually sound
robdee81 20 days ago
How he remains on his feet vs Johnson is insane , thats pure heart keeping him up.
이지승 20 days ago
3:40 Whea da fook is da stoppage🤔
Anthony Kretsch
Anthony Kretsch 20 days ago
The fight with the red pants and corn rows... WTF. The ref said, "I want you to kill him boy."
chad many bullet wounds
3:40 the ref needs to never ref again that fight had been over.
jevand special
jevand special 20 days ago
Khabib will win over Justin
iLoveEbola 20 days ago
There's no way this guy can win against Khabib
Harley Lowerhutt
Harley Lowerhutt 20 days ago
Been working thos hard for so long and still ant got or gonna get a tittle bahahaha
SarcasticSlowking !
"Who has broken me in the UFC?"
Supa Scrub
Supa Scrub 21 day ago
Goddam Ferguson looked like a murder victim
TornadoF60 21 day ago
Justin will destroy Habibi !!!
rodyrick deguitos
This guy just went 2.0 right after taking those 2 losses.
Yung Støry
Yung Støry 21 day ago
I'm the most violent MR EDDIE
s. cheese
s. cheese 21 day ago
@21:20 " im gonna smoke a blunt and youre gonna drink a beer"
Dave Rex
Dave Rex 21 day ago
Justin focuses on his leg kick more which open is defense to attack that’s what made him lose those 2 fights
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 21 day ago
Honestly.. i think id rather fight Khabib myself than ever fight Justin
mukarji 21 day ago
Just like Khabib said, after every win MMA will find another guy and make it sound like that guy is the biggest challenge for khabib. Wait till his locked away with khabib in the cage.
rentalife 21 day ago
Gaetjhe is just a crazy fighter not even use his wrestling skills , except for takedown defense . He just likes that toe to toe trading shots.. I really like the guy and hope he can win vs.Khabib!!!
reza styagraha
reza styagraha 21 day ago
korn musc work on bray wyatt
Simp Squad
Simp Squad 21 day ago
Take 10% off you're shots wtf this why i tell you ufc is just a game not a real fight
Kwispy Kweme
Kwispy Kweme 21 day ago
MMA and koRn..... i like i like
SoYou Know
SoYou Know 21 day ago
Johnson vs Geathje was great tho. Both wanted it.
Father Shrek
Father Shrek 21 day ago
Great video, great fighter, great GUY, but Khabib is going to dismantle him.
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it 21 day ago
Next fight against Khabib is going to be insane
Ri Parker
Ri Parker 21 day ago
Talented, entertaining fighter. Khabib in 3
M CJ 21 day ago
Hope he’s not cursed by the Tiramisu after beating Tony, going to be a war!
808 Kapz
808 Kapz 21 day ago
Bruh that ref at 4:15 shoulda stopped the fight way way earlier
SpyTrac HCS
SpyTrac HCS 21 day ago
This dude wants to entertain the crowd by catching all those punches. Bravo!
gumpfoo65 21 day ago
Actually yes he does seem rather testy.
foot ballholic
foot ballholic 21 day ago
20:55 big respect to Gaethje, already knew Cerrone was out in a daze, rightfully upset with how late the ref stopped it
Nate 21 day ago
"I want to die" MY MAN HAHAH
stokular 21 day ago
Great video!! Thanks for the upload!!
C0YOTEC0J0 21 day ago
gaethje is a master of the stanky leg!
drejjk 21 day ago
7:25 Johnson: "Oh shit this is it, it's going to be do or die. Well i guess i am going to die."
BORN MUSH 22 days ago
damn alverez's face was mangled and somehow he still found a way to beat justin. Crazy
Ryan Thorp
Ryan Thorp 22 days ago
Edddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Edddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -Edieeees wife
somya elshami
somya elshami 22 days ago
To me he's kinda a tryhard but he has some cool kicks
Aaron Vincent
Aaron Vincent 22 days ago
2:24 homie got slumped trying to call timeout lol
Christian Chin Lee
Christian Chin Lee 22 days ago
Same flip same camera man😂
tom4od 22 days ago
I think if he improved his boxing he’d be unstoppable. Just seems to be lacking that head movement at the moment
what’s up 124
what’s up 124 22 days ago
the real question..,, will he be able to beat someone like khabib?
MARIRS Gaming 22 days ago
gaethje reminds me of condit with how much of an absolute concrete chin he has, that absolutely unnatural way he twists back up from near black outs especially in that johnson fight, the dude is an absolute soldier. Edit: Even in the Alvarez fight hes so reluctant to go down and he still continues wrestling while hes nearly out. The dude is a monsteerrrr.
keegan bruce
keegan bruce 22 days ago
guys guys lets stop this talk about justin beating khabib ...... its not happening 100% , there is ZERO counter for khabib unless u train vs khabib
Charle MIJ
Charle MIJ 22 days ago
Alvarez was on PED def
Mathius S
Mathius S 22 days ago
I guess Michael Johnson ate his shit whole! 😂
Vicente Beltran
Vicente Beltran 22 days ago
16:22 the CTE really kicked in
JackSparrow7 22 days ago
gaethje is good but khabib is undefeated beast ! It will be easy win for khabib
Wally Waite
Wally Waite 22 days ago
And New Champion Justin Gaethje
Ihan Jun
Ihan Jun 22 days ago
"im going to smoke a blunt your going to drink a beer"
Scott Crabtree
Scott Crabtree 22 days ago
Its the ones you don't see that get ya. @18:02
Funky Grow
Funky Grow 22 days ago
I've never wince as much as I do hearing Justin connect on Tony's face.
Prime Merlinean
Prime Merlinean 22 days ago
"Justin clearly dominates his opponents but lost for lack of head movement, he has a bit glass of a chin so he needs to work more on it."
Dar Dar
Dar Dar 22 days ago
Bruh if gaethje can take that many punches without moving imagine the longevity of his career if he just worked on footwork and head movements
Rance White
Rance White 22 days ago
That last WSOF/PFL fight he had looked like a murder scene. He legitimately looked like could kill him.
Drew Breezy72412
Drew Breezy72412 22 days ago
JG most definitely a fan favorite
Toyos Carmenates
Toyos Carmenates 22 days ago
Not only did I learn Gaethje is an all around respectable bad ass, but I also learned Johnson has zero class. Bringing Gaethjes family into it was as low as you can go.
Hüseyin Yılmaz
Hüseyin Yılmaz 22 days ago
Gaethje is tough, but he can't box.
mb alfadly
mb alfadly 22 days ago
He deserves a shot against khabib I think khabib gon win cuz of his conditioning and wrestling and he is just in another league Gaethje improved his footwork because his failing footwork was funny af against Alvarez. His boxing and enthusiasm are awesome but he only fight small time guys and wins first round only big guy was mr.sunglasses Ferguson ( props to him a great fight from both ) But dustin after Alvarez... He is not gona cut it against khabib
TORMEISTER 22 days ago
Lmao I get that fighters improve over time. But the fact that he was getting rocked by Michael Johnson, and having a hard time with Eddie Alvarez, makes it pretty safe to say Khabib is whooping that ass. I already had this belief, but this video definitely sealed the deal. Thanks!
Goon MMA
Goon MMA 22 days ago
Goon MMA
Goon MMA 22 days ago
Hmm my vid could use some work..
WooCash 22 days ago
17:00 Limp Bizkit - Livin it up if anyone needs it
Jose luis Bachhofer
Jajajaja Gaethje Camaraden!, Todo excelente, en tu estilo solo me gustaría que agregues a tu itinerario defensivo las técnicas de visteo del boxeador Argentino Nicolino Loche. Primero sos un gran guerrero y tenes aguante al recibir golpes, que el común de los luchadores no soportarían. Segundo tenes tremenda pegada y guias tus patadas al mismo punto de impacto, eso es genial. Lo único critico en los cruces con puños aprende a vistear, cuello, cintura y hombros usa la "w" al repiquetear tus pies. No te desgastaras tanto y habrá guerrero para muchos años. Bien por tu agresividad y continuidad en el asedio al oponente. Fortalecerse tu cuello, espero no ofenderte pero tenes un estilo parecido al de Israel Adesanya. Cuídate y muchos éxitos campeón 🏆
Dan 23 days ago
i think Justin matches up against Khabib better than McGregor, because Justin wrestled in college which will help him against the ground game
Robert Souza
Robert Souza 23 days ago
Alvarez may have won but his face says different jesus Justin throws bombs for a wrestler
Dan 23 days ago
Can't teach wrestle grit. The three wrestles I've known in my life tick differently; they laugh when pain in on the table.
dirk digler
dirk digler 23 days ago
Tony werent right in that fight 2 weghts he werent moving lik he normaly does a fresh tony would of killed justin👊👊
sub chronic
sub chronic 23 days ago
i love seeing james get slept so easily
Andy G
Andy G 23 days ago
It’s crazy his last fight out of his 5 will be for the championship
Norman genta
Norman genta 23 days ago
the worst ref 4;17
Charlie Bowen
Charlie Bowen 23 days ago
What was that Johnson???
PP Gedez
PP Gedez 23 days ago
That win over Johnson was particularly sweet. Gaethje kicks like he has played football (aka soccer) his whole life he just times them so well.✌️🙂
Tony B
Tony B 23 days ago
Man, I want Justin to beat Khabib so bad. Maybe it will get rid of the neck beard look
Straight Pepper
Straight Pepper 23 days ago
Incredibly overrated fighter
Psycho Zombie
Psycho Zombie 23 days ago
Michael Johnson with that big mouth getting ass kicked
REHAN GAMING 23 days ago
Khabib the Ego
Berto A
Berto A 23 days ago
the guy that tried calling time out is classic🤣
Youssef Raiss
Youssef Raiss 23 days ago
Khabib is a different story though!
CankerousBooch Arís
Gaethje v Khabib will be better than Tony v Khabib ever could have been
CankerousBooch Arís
And he's fucking blind lmao
Destroyer Ofhearts
Destroyer Ofhearts 23 days ago
I'm a smoke a blunt you gonna drink a beer " ...best quote ever.
Destroyer Ofhearts
Destroyer Ofhearts 23 days ago
Justin got one of the best hooks on the div.
Neal Däämkjær
Neal Däämkjær 23 days ago
Gaethje is rale Arizonnia gangster.
dragonvirgo76 23 days ago
shiteater Micheal Johnson
Dinu Osborne
Dinu Osborne 23 days ago
Lol this skill can't win khabib... Lol how they comparing
zhee Jin pig
zhee Jin pig 23 days ago
I suggest Justin will be knocked out in the first round
K R 23 days ago
12.33 What the heck was that!!
Red Sands
Red Sands 23 days ago
This is BAD ASS!! Here's a sub!!
Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan 23 days ago
He is the most violent and the most humble guy at the same time.....
SA SPURS 23 days ago
Gaethje throws belt Rogan "why don't you want that on you" Gaethje "I'll wait For the real one" FUCKING SAVAGE
Leandro Antelo
Leandro Antelo 23 days ago
Parental Adivisory 👊🏻☠️
Rangernation46 23 days ago
What if he beats KHABIB on the ground and uses his wrestling to do so the mixed martial arts world you stop holy 💩
ian arcilla
ian arcilla 23 days ago
Cant wait for khabib vs gaethje
Shelby Dunn
Shelby Dunn 23 days ago
This dude is really good at getting punched in the face, maybe even the best.
double bread
double bread 23 days ago
Few more weeks till the earth shakes#justinvskhabib
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