Justin Bieber Sued by Paparazzo

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Justin Bieber is being sued by a paparazzo he accidentally drove over as he was leaving church. Find out what Wendy thinks Justin should do.
Then, last night on "Tiny and T.I", their son King insisted on being home schooled so he can jumpstart his own music career.
Plus, Dina Lohan called it quits with her online boyfriend of five years and Suzanne Somers is being slammed for posting a photo of herself in a bathtub.
Find out Wendy's take in Hot Topics.
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Apr 17, 2019

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Comments 1 324
then benagcz
then benagcz 9 days ago
You not get run over you just get on the way in purpose to get hit
Ryan's Fun Days
Ryan's Fun Days 2 months ago
“Slow news days “ 😂😂😂#dead
Canisha-ann Walker
Canisha-ann Walker 2 months ago
This is old like years old wth
Carmen Melwcio
Carmen Melwcio 2 months ago
Harry and Megan are two Beautiful ❤️ human , a Beautiful couple is what I see them and for thier BEAUTYFUL Precious little 👼 Angel (BABY) IS WHAT I SEE AND ALL OF YOU DHOULD TO!!!!!!!!!!!!
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 2 months ago
That truck is NOT that big. I’ve driven trucks bigger... I’m 5’7” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ We had provisions for disabled kids and pregnant girls weren’t shamed. I went to school in the 90s and pregnancy was kinda a norm, but the babies didn’t come to school. Family stepped in and helped out. Back then that’s what you did. And you’re right about the bullying. Everyone was called names back then, and bullied for our looks or weight or likes and dislikes and we all made it. And are strong adults for it.
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 2 months ago
If you stand in front of a moving car, you deserve to get hit.
Ryab Fennell
Ryab Fennell 2 months ago
I can't take it. She is so specific with her words 😂 Like she can say it all!!!
Stephanie Achane
Stephanie Achane 2 months ago
What a Blessing to be 72, and been married over 40 years!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊👍👌 She looks GREAT!!!! And Hi Ms. Wendy!!!!!😊
Anastacia Louise
Anastacia Louise 2 months ago
I dont care if your 40 or 100 years old, if you wanna show off ya body on social media or otherwise you do it!! All women, all ages are relevant not just the young, and dang these women are snatched af!
Mary 2 months ago
No bullying is not a rite of passage it is demeaning and debilitating not to mention deadly
Roxy Slay
Roxy Slay 2 months ago
Wendy you are soooo wrong and out of touch when it comes to school. It might have been name calling and fighting in school back in the day but now you go to school with sex offenders(and I mean the children, their records are not made privy to the schools), they are filming pornos, they run not only drugs but guns through the schools, you get jumped verses fighting or get stabbed, pistols whipped or shot. I have been working as a social worker in and out of schools for nearly 15 years and it’s scary and this is across the economic spectrum. Then you got kids doing suicide packs and etc. This ain’t about being “soft” it’s about being alive. Even teachers say “homeschool”. I would only do a Montessori school for out of home school.
Phoenix Ashes
Phoenix Ashes 2 months ago
See “that last part sounds like the money grab” how ! He said the boy was a good kid tf , hopefully his foot is okay ! Like she never sees black people innocent
Phoenix Ashes
Phoenix Ashes 2 months ago
Idk Justin is a young driver like he probably WASNT DRIVING SLOW, she always makes things that white people do seem so harmless
Katie Finn
Katie Finn 2 months ago
It was the guys fault he was too close Bieber should win
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits 2 months ago
Travon Redmond
Travon Redmond 2 months ago
14 is 8th grade and Freshman lmao
ibmsst 2 months ago
That paparazzi shouldn’t have been in the damn way. Anybody will tell you to stay away from a big moving vehicle.
TheGirlLikesMovies 2 months ago
I'm not a Justin Bieber fan but if you're gonna stand that close to a moving vehicle flashing lights at the the driver then you are held accountable for any injury you receive.
Normandy F
Normandy F 2 months ago
No!!! That men should not get not one penny from Justin Bieber. Paparazzi need to get the hell out of the damn way. He knew and saw Justin Bieber driving out.
a l l i s f u l l o f l o v e
A Freshman in Highschool is typically 14/15 years old.
uphold the Laws
uphold the Laws 2 months ago
Bullying is ignorance and if wendy thinks it's a right of passage then is also a right of passage for the sometimes deadly response to that bullying,
Truths Love
Truths Love 2 months ago
I'm sorry but all of the "older women" mentioned and posing naked looked amazing! I don't care about the age so long as its tasteful, it doesn't embarrass your kids, and you actually look good! All three look 20 times better than Madonna!
CMT 2 months ago
Really Wendy? You are pro bullying b/c you feel it toughens kids up? No it doesn't, you know how many fucking kids commit suicide every year b/c of bullying? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. So basically, in your idea, you think your kid is gonna be stronger and stand up and fight those bullies? Yea so they can punch the bully and then get in trouble and the bully gets away with it? That's so stupid, really girl watch what you say to people....
Laurnaè Culmer
Laurnaè Culmer 2 months ago
That’s a nice pajama
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart 2 months ago
Wendy and all her shade with the JB segment. Lol
ROB Jus Me
ROB Jus Me 2 months ago
Major part of public school is teaching kids how to not only interact with kids there age, but all age groups training them for the world, so home school like one of the new programs thats coming out is onne thing for a homework or extra curricular study but for just regular school its not recommended
Shavona Hubbard
Shavona Hubbard 2 months ago
Dont Justin have State Farm or Geico? Just asking
Jessica 2 months ago
I am not a fan of Justin but it’s the camera guys fault for getting in the way. It’s called personal space and called intelligence if you don’t want to get hit by a moving car
MaryJane Parinello
MaryJane Parinello 2 months ago
not to mention , you was in front of a moving vehicle , fool #How you doing ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
movingonandup773 2 months ago
Justin's got more money than God. If I had his cash, that man would have P.I.s video taping his every freakin' move 24/7 and I'd have more footage on him walking normally than they have film with Oprah on it. He's full of it and, even if he's not, he got in the way of a slow moving car. No one over the age of 10, who is being reasonably careful, gets hit by a slow moving car, period. Full stop. Boy, bye.
JDM_VIDS 2 months ago
I don’t like Justin too much but he doesn’t deserve to be sued or to pay
Mor-Gan's 2 months ago
I’m homeschooling my future kids because these kids out here are RUTHLESS!!!
Eartha Watts Hicks
Eartha Watts Hicks 2 months ago
Justin would have car insurance that would cover this, I'm sure.
priscilla roche
priscilla roche 2 months ago
Yep......we were all bullied Wendy. From Carrickfergus N.Ireland. Not to do with race, but religion and if course if Someone didn't like you.
Anna Fleming
Anna Fleming 2 months ago
Put yourself in the celebrity shoes, you wouldn't like all the dam flashes in your face all the time. If they are in their vehicle get out of there way so the can drive safely.
Anna Fleming
Anna Fleming 2 months ago
This is so fake. If he ran over his foot then why the hell is he grabbing his freaking knee?? Papparazi are out of freaking control. When celebrities tell you to back off or back up or even ok you got the photos, can we please have our space?!?!?! Then they need to back the hell up and move on.
kay manning
kay manning 2 months ago
Don’t pay
Erin Fisher
Erin Fisher 2 months ago
I agree completely about the distance from celebrity rule for paparazzi!! Great idea Wendy! Dude needed to move out of the way of a moving vehicle! ugh.
Maygon Bassett
Maygon Bassett 2 months ago
14 is like middle school..lol
RVMJ 2 months ago
Wendy, Homeschooling isn't for everyone. Some people were homeschool and they became Harvard Grads!
Rob The Voice
Rob The Voice 2 months ago
I don't like the way she tried to justify bullying. No one "needs" to experience bullying.
Millie Munoz
Millie Munoz 2 months ago
I love that Wendy is back to her normal self! Praying nothing but blessings for her 🙏🏼
chigasaki06 2 months ago
The young lady at 8:49 in the hijab is stunning!
Amy 2 months ago
Wendy looks so good! Love those pjs
moreofawave 2 months ago
Beiber maybe couldn't see but the man who got hit sure could and could have gotten out of the way, easily. Sounds like he was looking for a birthday payout present, if ya ask me. I hope it goes to trial and there are some common sense jurors up there because I wouldn't give him a dime.
Anne Rodriguez
Anne Rodriguez 2 months ago
I love Wendy more if she’s throwing shade at beiber
Gunner Gunn
Gunner Gunn 2 months ago
King Is a scary kid
Pam M.
Pam M. 2 months ago
But they can test for nerve damage. I know, I've had it done and it's extremely painful.
Rohit Goswami
Rohit Goswami 2 months ago
Dont be scared sweetheart
Ja Nay
Ja Nay 2 months ago
Don't tell me wtf to drive. Coming from an idiot damn near getting on top of my car to take a picture of me. Stupid. That's what you get. I could never be famous. I couldn't deal with paparazzi.
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