Justin Bieber ft. Quavo: Intentions

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Music guest Justin Bieber performs "Intentions" with Quavo for the Tonight Show audience.
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Justin Bieber ft. Quavo: Intentions




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Comments 80
lokesh kolli
lokesh kolli 59 minutes ago
Justin is very good hearted person... Love u Beiber...
Like@Boss Hour ago
Sometimes it looks like he isn not actually singing...
Andreia Chagas
Andreia Chagas 2 hours ago
Affeee esse menino é meu amor todinho❤
Meh le
Meh le 13 hours ago
Selena made him depressed, hailey brought back the happiness in him ❣️
AWQ YT 14 hours ago
Quavo" lit af
clear skins
clear skins 17 hours ago
King Of Pop is back 🔥🔥🔥
Lucas Alves
Lucas Alves 19 hours ago
Muito doido! Tá parecendo um esquizofrênico rs
Orlando Perez
Orlando Perez 19 hours ago
Quavo's part was fire
Briliyantio Herza
The audience are super annoying
Desmayenti Gultom
Loveeeee 😘😘😘😘
bibfeb0212 Day ago
This is way better than Yummy in my opinion. I think he should've hyped his intentions first, later told people his sex life's yummy.
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Day ago
Justin Bieber has won the battle between Hate and Love. LOVE Won!! He’s a great dancer, singer and musician. Justin Bieber is great!
Love Coffee
Love Coffee Day ago
Love Justin Bieber 😘😘
Wendy Gonzalez
Adriana Florido Monteiro
João Paulo
João Paulo Day ago
O cara dançando de Nike Shox R4, aí sim
Mohini Pareek
All HAIL Justin Beiber!
Reighn Caranguian
Lipsync hays
m Day ago
If there's a stylist, are they trolling him?
dErPy iNkLiNg
dErPy iNkLiNg 2 days ago
he’s perfect💕 he doesn’t deserve any hate he receives🥺
Damian ENRIQUEZ 2 days ago
Tanel Tinnuri
Tanel Tinnuri 2 days ago
Geetha V
Geetha V 2 days ago
So overrated
Eliviea 2 days ago
Haha fuck I love Justin Bieber.. always have always will. 😅😫❤️
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 2 days ago
Everybody just likes every comment
Elizabeth Lallawmkimi
Like it.. love u frm mizoram..😘😘😘😘😘
Janella Ducayag
Janella Ducayag 3 days ago
I love him simce 2012😍 all the way in 2020😍. You are spectacular in many ways. Don't listen to negative people just always be yourself. Everyone loves you❤️
El Futuro Studio
El Futuro Studio 3 days ago
Justin Bieber 💿intentions 👇 ruvid.net/video/video-b_n94E_ZzaU.html
Gary Allison
Gary Allison 3 days ago
Justin voice always awesome
Chuối TiVi
Chuối TiVi 3 days ago
Idol vẫn đẹp trai
maryam surayam
maryam surayam 3 days ago
we love you justin bieber from malay
James Maxson
James Maxson 3 days ago
First song I’ve ever loved by JB
jingirl illahi
jingirl illahi 3 days ago
wow amazing....
Michelle Ayala
Michelle Ayala 3 days ago
He looks so happy. I’m proud of him ❤️
Diễm Quỳnh
Diễm Quỳnh 3 days ago
I love youuu
Johnmark White
Johnmark White 3 days ago
My only intensions Arnie my Habbit evrything
Tseten Mizoguchi
Tseten Mizoguchi 3 days ago
Take care of yourself! You're good guy no matter what others say!
JimmyDoes YT
JimmyDoes YT 4 days ago
Quavo sounds like his head is underwater while he’s singing
Lyrical Lyfe
Lyrical Lyfe 4 days ago
Hey! If you can check out my lyric video for this song, I would really appreciate it and it’d help me out a lot if you subscribed and liked as well! Justin Bieber is an inspiration!! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Have a good day/night. :)
We are over 35 years old and this track has made are weekend so happy that please everybody make some mother fucker noise for Justin 😁 Quavo and the all team involved in this project much love from Mexico and Finland 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️
mk jeon
mk jeon 4 days ago
Jungkook must be watching this.
Casedee Terize
Casedee Terize 4 days ago
Guys can someone tell me what’s type of vans he’s wearing thanks
Karla Nascimento
Karla Nascimento 4 days ago
HLS Crew
HLS Crew 4 days ago
the fact that he doesnt need auto tune is just mind blowingw8efojesr0ugbahwjrpkf
m Day ago
You do realize he has background vocals though...
hanif sulaiman
hanif sulaiman 4 days ago
Yg jempol bawah pki.
Ken Mallillin
Ken Mallillin 4 days ago
He the best
What Happened Yesterday?
3:27 Just tell me it’s not real!!!
Justin you are best 😍
17 Mobile Legends
The real artist
Toronto YG
Toronto YG 4 days ago
Im a grown ass man and I'm not ashamed to say I am a JB fan.
Wibi Wicaksana
Wibi Wicaksana 4 days ago
cj salvador
jerpin aksan
jerpin aksan 4 days ago
He's now looks very calm person perhaps he's happy with his life now and making a great comeback in music industry where he is belong.
Flickerone 4 days ago
Voice perfect you don’t need no autotune
slob room
slob room 4 days ago
Remember when it was cool to hate Justin Beiber and he just straight showed up everyone he's the real deal.
Calvin Big
Calvin Big 3 days ago
I think jb is gettin more respect when he is performing with people like Quavo
Andy Rmz
Andy Rmz 4 days ago
i've watched this performance like 1000 times.
EmmaTh 5 days ago
damn i missed his smile when performing live, ..
Hans Noe Silva Mina
3:27 Wow! I thought he can't hit those notes anymore, I'm very wrong😂🤧
Jyoti Patel
Jyoti Patel 5 days ago
Justin Bieber Bhai 🙏🏻🙏🏻✨🙏🏻🙏🏻💐💖✨🙏🏻🙏🏻
Beatrixx Monteiro
Eyries Capili
Eyries Capili 5 days ago
please see my cover of this song ♥️ m.ruvid.net/video/video-8dbHvQ9kD0o.html
Saley al Noor
Saley al Noor 5 days ago
He looks like a baker
Muhd asrie
Muhd asrie 5 days ago
Quavo looks like Wiz!! Damn, is it only me noticed bout that??
Fernando 5 days ago
Amoooooo essa musica
Samuel Q.R
Samuel Q.R 5 days ago
The difference of extraordinary is that extra. - Sam
Samuel Q.R
Samuel Q.R 5 days ago
Bieber is stepping it up now congrats man
Barbara West
Barbara West 6 days ago
Love it justin
Luna Bonita
Luna Bonita 6 days ago
I love your songs
Isaiah Worrington
Lyrics: Nahh, to lazy 😁
Ivelin Hristov
Ivelin Hristov 6 days ago
That's why women are special beings. :)))
Adriano Silva
Adriano Silva 6 days ago
The number one 💙
jose alvarex
jose alvarex 6 days ago
Styles and Justin Bieber
jose alvarex
jose alvarex 6 days ago
i love the cheese boy
Justin Bieber may have been an asshole on his younger years but we cannot deny the fact that he was and always has been THE Justin Beiber, you know what i'm talking about.
Phiphat tinked09
Phiphat tinked09 6 days ago
🇹🇭🇺🇸🇨🇦 💟😎💟 love you
Yash Sable
Yash Sable 6 days ago
Nobody : Not even a single soul in this universe : Quavo: Skrt Srkt
Mariam Khan
Mariam Khan 6 days ago
Hes so handsome and this voice is like an angel we all love you #beliber
rex jandale radam
Jb is the best 🔥
Pandanello XX
Pandanello XX 6 days ago
Justin look like freddie mercury 😂 he look old with that mustache
Erica Feliciano
Erica Feliciano 6 days ago
Fuck the haters but JB is doing it fuccking bad. FUCK YOU HATERS.
2:06 Justin : Sing it! Audience : wOoOooOoO! *OoF*
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