Justin Bieber - Anyone (Live from NYE)

Justin Bieber
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“Anyone” live from T-Mobile Presents: NYE Live with Justin Bieber

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Jan 5, 2021




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Comments 10 759
cyj poppin
cyj poppin 16 hours ago
God bless him
Are you fan jb so like me
Jb is legend
Sanajaoba Sanajaoba
Sanajaoba Sanajaoba 18 hours ago
Justin I like ur voice
Maxim Urrea
Maxim Urrea Day ago
I guess it's autotune
ALl lyrics
ALl lyrics Day ago
Kynsai Ksyiem
Kynsai Ksyiem 2 days ago
This is my favourite song I love it
Cy Beracha
Cy Beracha 5 days ago
A more mature JB, his tone of voice is really up there in quality
Venom Venom
Venom Venom 9 days ago
Justin is my favorite among all singers in this world and i love him so much🤪 and i love his voice too
THE ART ROOM 9 days ago
Other singers - 4 min song Justin's "YOU" - 🥴😲😳
Fun World
Fun World 11 days ago
A song Dedicated to Jesus alone 💕
Ujjawal 11 days ago
Ad sucks
Weigrumlu Pul
Weigrumlu Pul 11 days ago
I wish if this song is for Selena
Dominik 14 days ago
Don’t know why the bridge is Autotune when the rest isn’t… he could do it easily!
Sarah Vega
Sarah Vega 15 days ago
I think this song made for hailey.
Kansans, Nsksk
Kansans, Nsksk 15 days ago
Wow, this song… I love u and hailed sooo much !!!! Ur just the best artist ever!
Jennifer zez Andrade
Jh w. 👑🥰
Esther Rai
Esther Rai 17 days ago
Love from nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵
liswaniso chiyomba
liswaniso chiyomba 17 days ago
Best song 😍
Kshitiz 18 days ago
Please someone make the playlist of the songs that DJ tay jamee was playing before Justin arrived. Those songs he was playing were all 🔥🔥🔥
Tatung Nandini
Tatung Nandini 18 days ago
Every girl deserves this song💗
Pinned by Jungle Inc
Guess what? Justin Bieber is by cousin
Shaney Rose
Shaney Rose 20 days ago
I hope I get the chance to meet him one day!!
Ashutoshxo Gautam
Ashutoshxo Gautam 20 days ago
This video is like back in 90's
Andromeda Mendez Martinez
hermosoooo, te amooooooooooooooooo JB..
burkemark 22 days ago
For those who love this song, check out his song "One Love" from the Believe album. Never went mainstream but that song is as good as this one from a lyrical and melodic perspective.
Akansha Bhandari
Akansha Bhandari 22 days ago
Eileen Craparo
Eileen Craparo 23 days ago
Never let go of me YOU are the only ☝️ I’ll ever love ❤️
Sophie Superstar
Sophie Superstar 23 days ago
Hi Justin Bieber
Sophie Superstar
Sophie Superstar 23 days ago
your incredible
Spray God
Spray God 24 days ago
Actually it,s for selena🥺❤
Lian Lian
Lian Lian 17 days ago
🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Do u live in 2012?
Lian Lian
Lian Lian 17 days ago
He said it's for hailey
최유미 24 days ago
저스틴 비버! 언제나 응원합니다! 당신을 축복합니다.(I bless you.)
FM my life
FM my life 25 days ago
I am crazy for your voice. I like your voice Bieber.
EMILY Wales 25 days ago
I love him so much lovefromemily
EMILY Wales 25 days ago
I am going to say with him for the rest of my life he is fantastic lovefromemily
Agnes Elliott
Agnes Elliott 25 days ago
Justin Bieber your wife would be so proud of you your wife is so beautiful
Sara Soares Rodrigues Costa Oficial ✔️
Isabela Souza made a fit version of this song, here on her RUvid just look for Isabela Souza anyone fit
Ales Novak
Ales Novak 27 days ago
This is mostly playback with a touch of some live playing and singing.
t0xicwastes 27 days ago
if it's not you, it's not anyone i felt it 🥺
Janaina Castro
Janaina Castro 28 days ago
Perfeito 😘
Mira Michaels
Mira Michaels 29 days ago
Watching this rn, this guy sang from his heart...such a beautiful piece
justin Bieber official
Thanks for the support and love ❤️❤💕️ i really appreciate everything you do it really mu opportunity to say thank you to all my lovely fans all over the world ❤️❤️🌹 Kindly drop your message in my hangout @ justinbieberofficial612@gmail.com
Sentish Kamara
Sentish Kamara Month ago
Jikook ❤️💯😍😍
Raquel Flores
Raquel Flores Month ago
É tão bom ouvi lo cantar!!Deus te abençoe grandemente!!!
Jovet Miranda
Jovet Miranda Month ago
I dont want this song to come out in my ears mind heart and soul.
Valeria Morera
Valeria Morera Month ago
The best virtual show in the pandemic !
Diego Jaden Familo
Akeedh Aswath
Akeedh Aswath Month ago
Long live my king. Always belieber.
LISA MARIE Month ago
OMG I NEED TO SING WITH JUSTIN BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madison Sechrest
This is my favorite one song
the yes
the yes Month ago
When we reincarnate are we close to people that are alive that have been in that location where we begin for years so they can help us get in the door or are we stuck in the woods
fan_boy_ justin
fan_boy_ justin Month ago
64 million subscrib
Jenny Sarmiento
Jenny Sarmiento Month ago
This person from his very young just wind the earth in his love. Love u sooo mach JUSTIN
Ruby Month ago
tan lindo,tan hermosa su voz te amo mucho Justin):
Madelein Du Plessis
Soe mooi liekies
rukuno nienu
rukuno nienu Month ago
Luke 10:27
Adi Pramono
Adi Pramono Month ago
Publik : terima kasih banyak lagunya sangat menghibur banget buat Adi Pramono
Jacob Pascale
Jacob Pascale Month ago
Super fan him justin beiber
CHiLLgAmeR27 Month ago
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Victory Ukpong
Victory Ukpong Month ago
Justin is music himself, he needs no autotune. He even sounds better without it. Give the guy some credit. He has been singing since he was a kid. Nobody can fake it for that long. Let's be appreciative enough to identify real talent. Haaaaaters! You guys aren't being true to urselves. D hate is blinding u guys. 4 Christ sake! Even a deaf man can tell dat he is an excellent singer. I guess some people hate being truthful
deanne bissoon
deanne bissoon Month ago
im just gonna admit that..im obsessed with this song.....i start the day with this song and i end the day with this song....belieber for life
JaMoinsen Month ago
Maybe you like Camila's version too? Look up Camila Cabello - Anyone
Atou Fifille
Atou Fifille Month ago
武藤オサム Month ago
Good iine👍❤️
Tenxin Young
Tenxin Young Month ago
TBH, Camila cabello voices suits this song, wishing to see her sing this song too....
川畑拳太 Month ago
aashika rai
aashika rai Month ago
U r the best
Biaki Pachuau
Biaki Pachuau Month ago
I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️💖👻
Sara Lezajic
Sara Lezajic Month ago
I love him sooo muchhh
It’s me 👍
It’s me 👍 Month ago
😭I do cry for this song only that’s because my love has left me and would sing like him from the bottom of my lungs for her everything I feel about it
dini's land
dini's land Month ago
I Love this song justin.. so sweet..
Cindy Loraine Brusola
Jone Ledua
Jone Ledua Month ago
I love this song ❤😢❤😢❤
Yurrinchon Keishing
Best song of JB so far.... Your voice is so so good
Jianna Jothish
Jianna Jothish Month ago
No one can sing like this..
Jianna Jothish
Jianna Jothish Month ago
Best Singer for ever Justin Biber 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Camrens Fc
Camrens Fc Month ago
just a reminder that camila cabello wrote the song
Camrens Fc
Camrens Fc Month ago
@Lian Lian lmao do your research noob
Lian Lian
Lian Lian Month ago
camila did not write it okay
Sweety Dallu
Sweety Dallu Month ago
Oh god ur voice 🙈🤤🤤 made me very happiness 💋❤️❤️🙈🥰😊
Hasith lakshan fernando
Woooow super✔️🤪👌
Nhyira Bernasko
Nhyira Bernasko Month ago
Yeah yoooooooooou
Azizjon Abdunazarov
Ray Umumaralungu
Ray Umumaralungu 2 months ago
Jin Henok
Jin Henok 2 months ago
Manish Birua
Manish Birua 2 months ago
I had goosebumps while listening to this song 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Wigi 2 months ago
Seems like an angel is singing in the stage🤍
Joanna Cayco
Joanna Cayco 2 months ago
I am not ashamed that i am a belieber since day 1. This guy!!! 🔥
Thai Thai
Thai Thai 2 months ago
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Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf 2 months ago
Why does he not sing in falsetto??
Liliane vitória
Liliane vitória 2 months ago
Te amo muito muito muitoooooo........ Justin ❤️❤️
stacey wilson
stacey wilson 2 months ago
This touches my heart so much ❤️❤️
Andreas Huck
Andreas Huck 2 months ago
Parth Medhi
Parth Medhi 2 months ago
Luv u broda🙅
Sagar Patil
Sagar Patil 2 months ago
King 👑👑👑
Wilson 1014
Wilson 1014 2 months ago
Nice voice
Hola Como Estas
Hola Como Estas 2 months ago
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miho moriuchi
miho moriuchi 2 months ago
ExSaudia 2 months ago
His Voice Never Changed , Incredible 💥
irfan jan
irfan jan 2 months ago
I need to make sure you know
Perfect Stranger
Perfect Stranger 2 months ago
Why every new song of Justin people aleays point out selena name.....Guys we all have first love, even your mom n dad or whatever use to date and btoke up and ebd up wit the other person..Justin n Selena too so stop it ..he's an artist so every song he wrote os not always about his love life ..
Efia Unique
Efia Unique 2 months ago
This particular song makes me so emotional...I got lots of love for this song❤️🌟✨, Justin Bieber has a wonderful voice his voice touches a soul
John Stae
John Stae 2 months ago
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